Some Tohru Adachi headcanons
  • Adachi was the picture perfect prisoner while in jail, and eventually was let out on parole because it was determined that his actions were not entirely his own (while they didn’t know about the possession of course, they assumed he wasn’t mentally sound at the time of the murders). 
  • Being possessed by Ameno-Sagiri kind of messed with him. Actually, it really messed with him. Reminders of being possessed trigger him quite badly and he can have intense panic attacks from it. He also has nightmares regularly.
  • He actually hates wearing suits. They’re tight and never fit just right. He’d much rather wear sweatpants and a baggy sweater.
  • He eats way too much sometimes and eats barely anything other times, there is no such thing as a healthy diet for him.
  • When he lives alone, his apartment is barely in livable condition. He’s horrible at keeping up with dishes and cleaning. If he’s in a relationship and living with them though, he’s more likely to get stuff done just to impress them.
  • His body is pretty much always way too cold. He likes to mess with his partner by sneaking up behind them and putting his cold hands down their shirt.
  • When Adachi has already seen a movie and is rewatching it, he drives everyone up the wall by quoting lines moments before they’re said.
  • He puts on weight easily and has to work out at least 5 to 6 days a week to avoid getting unhealthy. Even with that he’s a little on the chubby side.
  • His music taste varies, but he always really likes pop music, though he’d never admit it. He listens to the same songs on repeat for hours, if not days.
  • He likes anime, especially gorey, bloody, and action-filled ones.
  • Despite that though, he hates real life gore and blood, and feels ill from it.
  • Adachi never wants children, for several reasons but above all because he just doesn’t think he’d make a good father. At all.
  • He’s got a perpetually bad memory, and always forgets important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. He can’t even remember holiday dates sometimes.
  • He has issues with personal hygeine sometimes. Showering, brushing his teeth, brushing his hair… Everything like that is hard for him.

Callixta Rosella - Somewhere in her 20s, with masses of brown hair that’s usually knotted and full of hay, Calli never really got the hang of adulthood. Terribly shy and with shockingly little confidence in herself, in life, she can be hard work sometimes. As a child she would stay behind her big sister Viia (posted earlier) and always prefers to blend into the background. 

At eighteen she walked quite literally into her first love, the alarmingly tall and confident Harvey. Those close to her saw her transform from a duckling into a swan. Although she still wears oversized baggy sweaters for comfort, she can also be found in hip-hugging jeans that show off the curves and edges she’s built up from over twenty years of horse riding.

Now at the stage in her life where she considers herself mature and grown up, she’s embarking on the next step of her life together with Harvey as they establish their own stable and move in together.