imagine grantaire owning a bunch of dildos and no one really knows why they just assume it’s bc he likes dick and they’re all chill w that.

but then one day enjolras is sad and asks grantaire to help and grantaire comes over in a big baggy long-sleeved t-shirt and he pulls out a dildo and he says “sure honey, i’ve got a few dicks up my sleeve”

and enjolras just walks out of the room to keep himself from crying

so the sleeves are baggy and the cut looks like a men’s suit jacket rather than a woman’s. i could be wrong, but i feel like sherlock’s jacket would be even bigger than that on mary. 

so who else’s could it be? 

what other man do we always see in suits that they could possibly try to visually tie to mary? 

jim moriarty

Puppies! [a Barry Allen imagine]

Request: Can you do a Barry Allen x reader where she brings home a bunch of abandoned puppies & Barry comes home from work & sees all the dogs & he’s just like “oh this s*** is NOT going down today!” but the reader gives him puppy eyes & he caves? Plzzzzzz

a/n: i tried

Only a heartless bitch would leave abandoned puppies on the side of the road. And you are not a heartless bitch. Nuh uh. Not when it comes to puppies. You took them to yours and Barry’s apartment. Surely you’re boyfriend wouldn’t mind. There are only three of them anyway….okay, there’s four - five at most.

They are adorable, of course, and you can’t help but play with them. Smiling, you sit crisscross in your light gray joggers, baggy red hoodie sleeves rolled up your arms, exposing your skin. As you dangle a tug-o-war rope in the air, two of the chocolate labradors hop up, going after the toy at the same time, ending up headbutting each other.

You giggle, picking one of them up by its stomach and falling back, landing on the plush cream carpet. The male labrador cocks his head at you, hot pink tongue sticking out. “You look like a Charlie!” you nod, pouting slightly and putting ‘Charlie’ on your chest, rolling over to face the four other dogs.

The sound of the creaking door catches your, and the dogs, attention, making a couple of them run to the exit. You try stopping them, but it’s already too late. Barry holds his black peacoat on his forearm, blinking down at the three little dark brown puppies in front of him. “Y/N?” he calls, turning his head, eyes focused on the dogs. “Why is there animals?”

You watch as he trudges in, puppies in tow, arms crossed over his disheveled navy sweater. He looks exhausted. A sheepish smile graces your lips. “I found them on the street?” you say in a questioning tone, holding Charlie out towards Barry; a sigh escapes his lips. “Meet Charlie!” you beam, getting up off the carpet, “And that’s Lola, Magnus, Nat, and Alexander Hamilton.” you point to the other puppies proudly.

Barry arches an eyebrow, hoisting one of the puppies off of the floor. “Alexander…Hamilton?” he asks skeptically; you nod, humming as you pick up Nat from your foot. Barry sighs, peering at Alexander in his arms. “You named him after - you know what? Never mind. Y/N, we can’t keep - no. No, don’t you dare give me that face!” he scolds, pointing his index finger at you.

Pouting, you continue to bat your eyelashes, bringing the two puppies to your face. He breathes in deeply through his nose. You both know he can’t take the heat of your puppy dog face. He isn’t that strong. “Please, Barry?” you say in a high voice, raising Nat towards him, “I don’t wanna go to a shelter…” you pout, trying not to giggle as she licks his pale freckled cheek.

With a heavy sigh, Barry glances around at all the puppies, then you, frowning. How will you afford this? You pout more intensely, tilting your head down. That makes the chip in his ego crack. “Okay, they can stay.” he mumbles, cradling Alexander in his chest.

“Yay! Best boyfriend ever!”

Optimizing Clothes For Lifting

This is one thing I haven’t seen so I’m doing it. I am not a roleplay blog and all of these have been personally tested by me!

1. Oversized Underwire Bra: Slip small things into it. Works best with an underwire because the band will hug your torso no matter the cup size, which prevents your items from falling out.

2. Boots: Only really works in winter/fall for obvious reasons. Slip things like sticks of eyeliner, lipstick, or pencils (hah I love lifting art supplies) in there. Pretend there’s a rock in it or something and bend down with the item concealed in your hand.

3. Baggy Sleeves: Preferably elastic-cuffed, or you can slip a hair tie over the sleeve to keep things from falling out. Pick up the item you want, hold it as if inspecting it, then casually slip it into the sleeve.

4. Cargo Pants: If you didn’t know, these are the pants with pockets all up and down the sides. If they have buttons, have all the buttons undone before you enter the store. Pick the item up, bend down as if to tie your shoe or adjust your pant cuffs, and slip it in on the way up. This method also blocks your movement from any cameras.

5. Snug Underpants: So you can hide flattish items there without them falling out.

6. Snack Bag: I don’t think this is a very well-known method but it’s super effective and if you get caught, SAs won’t think to look in it. Carry a bag of chips/Cheetos/Smartfoods/whatever, preferably empty or half-eaten. In a blindspot, shove the merchandise inside. (Note: some stores may not allow food inside, but most do)

7. Scarf: If it’s warm out, you can opt for a lightweight fashion scarf. Pick up the merchandise you want. Start by fiddling with the scarf a bit, acting like you want to pull it off. Remove the scarf and quickly wrap the merchandise in it. Ball the scarf up and place it on your bag.

That’s all I have right now. If anyone has more add them! Happy lifting :)

Matching Outfits

L Lawliet (Ryuzaki)

It’s rather simple. It is basically a baggy white long sleeve shirt and dark wash skinny jeans. Depending on long your hair is, you can do a scrunch look if you have short hair or a messy bun if you have long hair. Bare feet are essential to this look with something sweet at hand. Trust me; it will take L a while to get used to it but he will totally love it! Plus, he will play with your hair.

Sebastian Michaelis (Modern Day)

This is when the girl gets to wear his old shirt. She will pair this shirt up with either a black pencil skirt or black dress pants. This will complement it with the black pointed heels that she got for Christmas with a black fitted blazer with the Phantomhive crest on the left side on the collar. In the end, Sebastian will mimic his girl but he will love the look. He will assess later.

Kyoya Ootori

This is where the girl gets creative. You will wear a light purple lolitia dress with nude heels with some pearl studs to complete the look. There will also be some hipster glasses that are very similar to Kyoya’s glasses. To pull off the aesthetics, she will have a small black notebook with a silver writing pen at hand. Kyoya would love the look, but give him time to love it.

Makoto Tachibana

This is a pretty casual outfit. You will wear a plaid shirt (preferably baggy) with a t-shirt with skinny jeans. Sneakers such as Converses, Vans, or Keds could do the trick as well as Toms or a pair of boots when it’s a little chilly. Pretty simple, but you would wear the homemade necklace that Makoto made for your Christmas present. Of course, Makoto loves your outfit and your adorableness.

Tamaki Suoh

This outfit is going to be so adorable! Pastel color dresses! It is mostly preferred a pastel blue dress with white trim that gives off a Cinderella vibe. To make it so cute, you have plush heels to offset your dress. If your hair is long, you can curl it. If your hair is short, you can put a very cute blush bow in your hair. Tamaki will be very excited to hug you because of your curves and your total adorableness!

Levi Ackerman (Modern Day)

This outfit is going to be rather interesting. You wear a dress that has a built in ascot. This dress is white on the top half and black on the bottom half that has red belt to make the dress pop. This shows a little bit of class with some sass when you wear some black pumps. There is a very good chance that you will feel sexy in that number. Of course, Levi couldn’t take his hands off of you.


It is all about comfort with this outfit. You will wear his harem pants with a loose tank top with a cute bralete underneath. To cover, you wear a black cardigan to match the pants. With this outfit, you wear a long necklace with some rings on your finger and earrings. Black Vans or Toms will go great with this outfit. This outfit is the ultimate comfort and he loves the outfit.

Shuu Tsukiyama

Time to wear designer clothes! You wear your Chanel No. 5 with a pair of Dior skinny jeans with a Givenchy tank top and a Dolce and Gabbana cardigan to complement with the famous Chanel flats. Earrings and a necklace comes from Tiffany’s. The purse and shades came from Coach. You are now styling like a model and Tsukiyama is very proud of his little fashion designer.

Armin Arlert (Modern Day)

Of course, something cute will be in order! A cute skirt with the over the knee socks to match with a pair of cute booties. A cute top with a fitted blazer helps it make you look professional. A cute headband will be complimented with this entire look. This outfit makes you super cute like a high school girl. Of course, Armin will compliment you all day on your cute look.

  • Richard Gansey III: No, of course I don’t love Glendower more than you, Blue. Don’t be redicul-(trips) (hundreds of thousands of photos of Glendower, the dead Welsh King, spill out of the baggy sleeves of his ugly yellow sweater) OH-um... I mean these are, of course, for researc- (gathering them up frantically, trying to act unfazed and almost getting away with it until he knocks his glasses askew and takes an unnecessarily long time to adjust them) It is, as you know, my life's quest to find the sleeping King- (thousands of photos of Glendower scatter across the floor of Monmouth) Don't look at me like that! I've already told you they're for reasear- (slips on photos) Look, just- just forget you saw this and I'll buy you a lifetime's worth of yogurt, deal?

Daily Doodle 11/365 - January 11, 2017

It may not be a lot for you up to the north, but 60F is VERY COLD for a tropical person!! I have all fans off, I have long sleeve shirt, baggy sweatpants and socks on.. Man, and to think I’m usually fine with shorts, sandals and no shirt when I’m home, this change in temperature is a lot

I like cold nights, don’t get me wrong, I prefer them a LOT more over hot summer nights, which hot nights are actually rare in the mountains even in summer, but they can happen even when the sun doesn’t directly hear the air up here, but the house stays hot.. but this is TOO cold, I’m not sleeping very comfortable, my feet are freezing and I have to sleep with my fan on low because if I don’t I get sweaty and if I do, I have to find a comfortable spot that isn’t too cold

It’s to the point that any breeze coming in through a door or open window hurts my skin, not to mention my bones! .. I HAVE TO WEAR GLOVES!!

just imagine tho

  • after several months of dating in the crew, ray finally ends up sleeping w/ ryan (he doesn’t wanna keep rye up with his insomnia) but ends up falling asleep & waking up at a reasonable hour
  • he can hear everyone’s up and they’re all eating breakfast loudly in the kitchen
  • but it’s fucking freezing in the penthouse and all he slept in were his boxers since ryan kept him p warm
  • he ends up coming out of the hallway and the crew all turn to him to say like “finally sleeping beauty’s up” or something
  • fucking ray’s in this baggy ass long sleeve t-shirt and he kinda just ignores everyone though they’re fucking surprised and dying of laughter
  • ray walks over to ryan who’s currently blushing and trying to muster up words to ask him wtf he’s doing
  • he flops his sleeves since they’re too long until ryan steps back from the counter where he’s eating with a huge innocent sleepy smile on his face
  • and then wraps his arms around ryan’s torso and in one foul swoop slide his hands out of the sleeves and underneath the sweater just so he can fucking tie the sleeves together behind ryan’s fucking back
  • and ryan tries to ask everyone to untie them, but ray’s smugly pinning him against something, towing him around, or the rest of the crew’s dying in laughter
  • ryan ends up like lounging around the penthouse because of his restriction and every time he gets cozy somewhere, ray ends up in his lap and falls asleep 
  • finally, after like the sixth time of ray falling asleep on ryan even while playing video games, jack takes pity and while he’s asleep, unties them for the sake of ryan’s sanity
Every morning it would rebuild itself, caking thick muck and slime into the cavernous gaps of its skull, sculpting human-like features, and using false teeth to cover the squirming, poison-filled tendrils that lined its mouth.

Then its leathery, membranous wings would fold on themselves and wriggle into baggy sleeves, a dozen claws would bind together to slide into five fingered gloves, and with the donning of a bright orange wig and red ball nose, it would be ready once again to entertain the kiddies.

Credits to: epperinkart

All it takes is one look to the vial containing something that squirms and screams for release from it’s containment. Sometimes there is mercy from the clown, wither that be from free thoughts to do so or there’s malicious intent backing it up. For now, it’s none of them. 

Picking up the vial with the something strange inside of it that’s bringing up their tiny fists to bang against the glass with screams soon becoming muffled. 

It wasn’t for what’s inside that the clown makes the face over but more so what is holding them. There’s a great urge to crush the vial in their hand as dark Shadows creep from beneath of their white baggy sleeve. 

Joseph was it? Looks like you forgot something here…. ~  “


“Cosette was not very timid by nature. There flowed in her veins some of the blood of the bohemian and the adventuress who runs barefoot. It will be remembered that she was more of a lark than a dove. There was a foundation of wildness and bravery in her”  – Les Misérables

Cosette | Photography

{Lotor has various weapons on him.

The most obvious one is the sword by his hip. It’s always there and there is no mistaking it.

There is a dagger in his boot and another one strapped to his arm, underneath the baggy sleeve of his outfit.

There is also a small knife attached to his sash, situated at his back. This is the weapon he always goes for when stuck in a pinch so you might want to use that to your advantage}

Finn and Rey subtly - and oftentimes not so subtly - flirting with each other, exchanging goofy, sly grins, winks, and not-so-accidental shoulder or hand brushes.

Rey casually propping her hand or elbow on Finn’s shoulder - giving him a big cheeky grin when he looks at her.

Finn in turn responding by tugging gently at one of her buns when she’s not paying attention or nudging her with his elbow and smirking.

Them leaning in way too close when they talk, voices lowered to an almost murmur, eye contact steady and unwavering.

Both of them not quite understanding the depths of the butterflies in their stomachs and the pounding of their hearts when they touch but absolutely loving it anyways -

Rey stealing Finn’s jacket and wearing it around the base because she knows what Finn’s reaction will be - she absolutely loves the look on his face when he sees her, especially when she rolls up the baggy sleeves (maybe she’s showing off….just a little bit). He’s not subtle about it whatsoever and turns his face to hide his sudden blush, leaving Rey to smirk victoriously.

Just being goofy flirtatious nerds who - in Poe and Jess’s opinion, as well as pretty much the rest of the Resistance’s, just need to kiss already.