Whether it’s a bad dysphoria day or you just wanna dude out here are some little things you can do to feel more masculine.

• Grow your leg hair out | Grow out your armpit hair

• Use Men’s body wash, deodorant and/or shampoo (Dove Men, Axe, Old Spice)

• Fill in your eyebrows with a little mascara to make them darker and thicker.

• Wear a beanie or hat and tuck your hair into it

• Buy some mens clothes ( A shirt, button up, flannel, some baggy dude jeans)

• Wear Boxers or Briefs

• Picture yourself as who you truly are

• Talk to other trans men

• Do a quick workout 

• Use a men’s razor

• If you haven’t already, ask your friends to use your preferred pronoun

• Buy a new hoodie 

• Practice voice training techniques and speaking in a lower voice

• Cut your hair

- Kyle

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What type of woman do you think Yoosung and Zen likes? appearance wise?


he still has preferences.

he loves longgggg hair that he can braid and style ((and pull)) and baggy t shirts and amazing fashion sense!!!! he will do fashion shows with you in your house every day and you will dress up in faux fur coats and dresses and heels together and !! omg !!! he will love you to put your makeup on him !!. he prefers simple and glowy makeup.

he is ok about tattoos, like, he knows it’s your choice


and he likes nose piercings. GIRLS W/ BIG BOOBS and big bums and curvy waists he loves it but omg he just,,,,, fuck,,,

yoosung likes pretty girls with curly short hair and a fringe. he thinks curly hair is adorable and ffffff lots of pink and pastel colours (not like “kawaii!!!1!!11!!1” or fuckin “daddy kink aesthetic!!!1!1”, but just pretty nude and pink colours)

he doesn’t like tattoos, i imagine that his mother probably told him not to get tattoos, so thats rubbed off on him :0

his preference is chubby girls (because i think he might be a bit chubby himself) with small boobs and a nice bum but he’s not even rly fussy abt it !!! wide eyes and neutral glossy makeup and freckles aaaaaaaa

(don’t wear a bra. it kills him. goodbye yoosung.)

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"that’s got to a really roomy sweater reborn’s got there though…….." what if it started out as a pretty stretchy sweater, but after tsuna's new habit of just burrowing in there, he stretches it out a little more? :u

i just imagined a before and after montage like..

before tsuna: perfectly pristine sweater, albeit one of the ugly christmas ones. collar fits snug around its proper place. Dashing.

after tsuna: loose, baggy, collar now stretches down to obscene levels when worn without a shirt underneath. Very Fetching.


30 questions tag!! i was tagged by @smalleevee ilu thank u bby!! 💄

1. How tall are you?: 5′3″

2. What color and style is your hair?: ooh my hair is rlly curly nd short (to my shoulders) but it used to be super long until i had my gay phase nd chopped it all off LMAo

3. What color are your eyes?: green!!

4. Do you wear glasses?: not yet rip

5. Do you wear braces?: not anymore 😛

6. What is your fashion style?: i love wearing crop tops nd high waisted jeans or really big baggy shirts w the sleeves rolled w ripped jeans nd basically anything red !!!

7. Any freckles/moles/beauty marks?: i have random freckles all over my body nd a mole on my neck nd two birthmarks on my tummy :^)

8. When were you born?: feb 17th 1998

9. How old are you?: 18 #legal

10. Where do you live?: louisiana lmfao

11. Do you have siblings?: yep!!

12. Do you go to school?: sadly yes :(

13. What kind of student are you?: im such a try hard like i go all out for homework nd studying but im also a rlly bad procrastinator on some things so??? im a weird mix of good nd terrible 

14. What are you favorite TV shows?: stranger things, criminal minds, chopped, cutthroat kitchen, nd yo-kai watch (bye)

15. Favorite passtime?: writing or reading or photography or editing

16. What is your dream job?: psych nurse or novelist!!

17. Would you like to get married one day? ive said no literally my entire life but idk !!!! anything could happen!!!!!! 

18. Would you like kids one day?: not my own lmao but i’d like to adopt one day!!

19. Girly girl or tomboy?: BOTH

20. Do you like shopping?: yesyesyesyes.

21. What countries have you visited?: just the us fucwoediwdoe

22. What’s the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had?: i had a nightmare last night nd i woke up crying but idk what it was about so that’s it 

23. Do you have enemies?: yeah my dog’s mean to me sometimes nd also my ex bio professor that threw chalk at me :’)

24. Do you have a s/o?: nah

25. If not, do you want one?: not rlly i like being single rn

26. Are you open about your feelings?: im a brick wall srry

27. What’s your family like?: annoying nd judgey 

28. Would you date someone your family didn’t approve of?: i date girls nd they wouldnt/dont approve of that so Yes

29. Any pet peeves?: i hate when ppl sit next to me in class when there’s a thousand other seats available >:((((((((

30. Do you believe in astrology?: yes bc im an idiot

tagging @gyuswife @pumpkunspice @godvxq @skeletaeyongs @teewhytrack @snowbird-mingyu if u guys want to!!! 💌

Vanessa Hudgens leaving Alfred’s {Coffee + Kitchen} in Melrose Place - October 27th, 2016

Alexander Wang Gabi Boots - $650

worn with: Jacquie Aiche Pave Arrowhead Necklace / Faithfull the brand ‘Alice’ Shirt - $149.00 / Longchamp Le Pliage Small Handbag, Black - $95 / One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies Jeans - $170 

Also worn: February 26, 2016 / March 24, 2016 / April 2, 2016 / July 12, 2016 / September 29, 2016

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To switch it up a bit because I know you prefer Dylan to Eric: what do you like about Eric, and what do you dislike about Dylan? If anything?

Eric had a nice set of cheekbones.  and hmm..Dylan’s pants got too baggy, saggy as he lost too much weight.  How’s that?  ;) 

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I read a fanfic that Tom own blue hoodie is so long and baggy that it long enough to his lap. just imaging it would look without pants and underwear, he look like those sexy girls half naked -Vkdrive

Gaha onggg

just found a baggie of some of my old stuff from when I worked at the lab

the notebook I carried to make not of mice found dead, cages that needed to be cleaned outside of schedule, new litters born, etc; the mostly-empty bottle of ibuprofen that I downed like candy to try and combat my worsening tendinitis; etc

into the garbage with you

get out of my room, get out of my life

with all of the power I have in my hand, with all of the power I have to my name, I damn you, C/harle/s R/ive/r L/aboratorie/s, I damn you and condemn you and spit upon your name, specifically the name and the employees of your Bayview location

may they rot, may they be tormented as they tormented me, may their bitter hearts ache and their venom-spitting tongues wither

may their sorrow and misery be equal to my joy and delight

Vanessa Hudgens leaving Alfred’s {Coffee + Kitchen} in Melrose Place - October 27th, 2016

One Teaspoon Awesome Baggies Jeans - $170

worn with: Alexander Wang Gabi Boots - $650 /  Jacquie Aiche Pave Arrowhead Necklace / Faithfull the brand ‘Alice’ Shirt - $149.00 / Longchamp Le Pliage Small Handbag, Black - $95

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halloween special! \(^o^)/ can i request a scenario where saeran (unknown, tho i'm sure you know that lol) is a vampire and you know his secret, so he has no choice but to confess. (please don't make it a sappy twilight kind of confession)

OH MY GOSH, YES! I live for vampires, so I was hoping somebody would send in a vampire request—especially with Saeran! I think he’d be so hot as a vampire, no joke, and trust me, I wasn’t planning on making this really sappy and cheesy! It’s supposed to be dark, ‘feels-y’ and creepy! c:

[Warnings: slight detail of gore]

Saeran looked at you carefully, with his bright eyes shining out from the heavily dark room. His entire bedroom was nearly pitch black. The only light embedded in it was the lit candle on the floor and the two lamps that had bulbs starting to flicker.

Drenched in his baggy jeans and black coat, he blinked at you cautiously. “It’s so dark in here,” you noted, taking in the entire room since it was completely empty and all that remained was a large blanket and a sleeping bag. Along with an unfinished puzzle on the floor and a ruined leather journal.

“I like it dark.” Saeran stated, not minding his odd use of words as he looked away. He never really knew how to make many friends until you came in, and ever since Saeyoung decided to go out more often to help with his brother’s… condition, he was very lonely. “I don’t mind it dark. I prefer there to be no sunlight.”

“I didn’t mean to scratch myself yesterday,” you spoke abruptly, thinking about the past incident where you had fallen on the ground.

Saeran had to double check if you were alright, and once he saw the glimpse of red oozing out from your wrist, he fell back. Instantly, you knew something was wrong with him when he reacted like that. And what haunted you the most was when he pushed you away, running towards an innocent woman and attacking her neck. All that splattered was red across the snow and an uncomfortable feeling of horror and disgust.

So here you were, realizing why Saeran was constantly cold whenever you had tried to hold his hand along with his ignorance to go outside in the mornings and afternoons. After what happened the other night, he practically devoured that woman—and it was clear that he wasn’t human.

“I don’t want to talk about that,” he tried not to snarl as he looked away.

“But I want to,” you spoke sternly. “I need to know the truth. I don’t understand what you are. And it doesn’t make sense that someone like you can actually… I don’t want to say it.”

“I need blood to live.”

“Are you a vampire?”

“It sounds so childish and pathetic to respond to that question with a ‘yes’,” Saeran groaned, ducking his face into his palms. He fell to the floor, clearly unsatisfied and he huffed, not bothering to look up at you. “I am a dangerous person. I will suck your blood until you are bone dry, and I will not hesitate to hurt anybody. But I can’t… imagine hurting you.”

You tightened your lips. “And Saeyoung?”

“He knows, but he isn’t… what I am. He comes and fetches me food for each night. It’s gross, but the animal blood he gets me is somewhat edible,” Saeran explained quietly. “Though, I will always have a breakdown where I need something that’s more…”

“Say no more,” you slowly interrupted. “I just can’t imagine that this is who you are.”

Shaking his head, he closed his eyes and fought back a cry. “Neither can I.”