probably the stupidest pet peeve is people categorically assuming i do not smoke, because there are a whole host of other assumptions implied beyind the initial one, and it is usually the singling-out in a crowd of me as someone who Absolutely Positively Does Not Consume Nicotine (e.g. the man at the bus stop soliciting A Light asking everyone else with interrogative intonation then coming to me and saying “you don’t smoke” as a statement rather than a question, or our teacher in russian school asking everyone in our class if they smoked then coming to me and saying “raya, konechno, ne kurit”), there is always a hint of condescension and sandra dee dot mp3 in it and it makes me want to scream “I DID [HARD DRUG] IN A PUBLIC RESTROOM IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY, FUCK YOU” which is ALSO STUPID because that is not something to brag about but my entire organism wants to push back violently against being perceived as olivia newton john at the beginning of grease 

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it's weird to think that Harry wanted to be a lawyer before he got famous, I'm training to be a lawyer just now in a university near him like, we could've been at the same law school, if only!!!

it is a bit weird yeah like his life changed so much in such little time!

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is there any way to look a bit more masculine/androgynous while wearing a skirt do you think? Or any tips on how to do that?

wearing big boots, wear trousers underneath the skirt, baggy hoodies on top

any other suggestions?

- Robin

wanting to wear baggy men’s clothes is a really understandable response to spending your life having others force femininity onto you. when you’re able to stop dressing for men, either in an effort to please or resemble a target group of men, it makes sense that traumatized women might genuinely want to hide, feel secure, obscure their bodies because they experience them as a sign of vulnerability, for a while or permanently. looking “mannish” or frumpy is seen as a result of giving up, but it can be a result of finally letting yourself claim boundaries, and finding that your walls are high now because of how badly you’ve been hurt. it’s not wrong to feel this way. it’s fine to dress like you don’t give a shit what men think of you when the reality is that you don’t give a shit what men think of you. it’s a coping mechanism, and it takes a certain amount of strength to use

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I just read that message that you asserted about jeans and how bdg have a baggy crotch and I thought I was the only one who had that problem!! Like the pant for perfectly except that area and it makes it look like I have a camel toe >:(

Yessss thats why I dont buy my jeans there anymore

my favorite thing ive been seeing about the new ghostbusters is that they didnt try to make them pretty. they didnt hire supermodels, they didnt give them skintight jumpsuits with strategic colorblocking, they got people they thought looked like ghostbusters, put them in baggy ass ugly jumpsuits, and said go bust some ghosts. they didnt hire models for the original, and they didnt hire models for the new one. amazing

I would actually like responses to this post if at all possible.

I kind of always feel to some degree that im being watched, even when im alone and ive been like this ever since i was little. I worry about hidden cameras in vents when im in public bathrooms and at home. I feel like people are looking at me through their windows when i’m outside and near apartments, houses and busineses, basically any windows at all. I worry that people can see me through the cameras on my phone. Occasionally i think that some anonymous person is trying to trick me like with that baggy that was out on the ground behind our apartment that i couldnt pick up cause i thought someone put it there as some kind of trap..

Is this a kind of paranoia? Would it be okay for me to call it that? Its been like this for so long i cant accurately gauge whats normal and whats not.

[Daveed Diggs] is rocking a ridiculous body. But because he wears very baggy clothes and he’s such a laid back dude, you would have no idea. But I shared a dressing room with him Off-Broadway and I was like, “Daveed, if I had the eight-pack that you have, I would be literally walking around shirtless every day.” Anyway, he did this photoshoot that I sort of orchestrated, for this magazine where he was shirtless. I got the people to send me the JPEG image of shirtless Daveed and I printed it as my opening night card. It’s just shirtless Daveed on the cover and then on the inside it says, “I came from afar just to say bonsoir. Happy opening. Love, Jonathan.” I made 100 of those and gave them to everyone in the building.
Hollstein Calvin & Hobbes AU

@takemetolurch: but just imagine. Carmilla Karnstein as a little girl before 1698, racing through the castle with her version of  Hobbes, making up her own adventures and generally having a ball.

Me: Aaaaaaaaaaah Yeah but imagine. She stumbles upon lonely tiny Laura after she has lost her mother. And she decides to be her imaginary friend, just like she had one when she was a kid. So she turns into her panther form and plays with Laura when no one is around. And she disappears when Laura finally starts laughing and making friends again.

T: Omfg

M: So imagine her surprise when Laura is her roomate. And Laura doesn’t know Carmilla, because she was always in her panther form. But then, the fight with the Dean happens and Laura recognizes her panther


T: Imagine panther Carmilla bringing Laura the yellow pillow when she was a child, to help her sleep at night

M: OMG. And Carmilla steals it from her when they’re roommates when she feels nostalgic of Laura’s childhood or when she’s torn about telling her or not?

T: And even though Laura hates her at first, Carmilla sees her clutching the pillow every night and it makes her smile.

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