(Really quick headshot doodles, I got kind of lazy so I’ll probably redo more detailed 

I did go ahead and give most of them hair because it’s more fun- but tried to make it so they all have shaved sides, hope it’s not too hard to tell who’s who!)


so @velvethoseok tagged me for the bias selfie tag n i have so many biases but i love him so yeah. i’m awkward looking n he’s you go lmao

i’ll tag @blood-sweat-and-sin, @johnnyspuns, @jikooties, n @hobisbuttcheeks so you guys can do this if you haven’t or want to

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Concept: KARKAT IN A FLUFFY BEAR SWEATER WITH A LIL NUB TAIL ON THE BACK AND EARS ON THE HOOD Also: Dave stealing and wearing said fluffy bear sweater and taking lots of selfies in it being proud of his theft It's ok tho bc kk thinks Dave looks adorable in it since it's so big on his lil noodle body

This is good and canon. When dave wears kks shirts they either look rly baggy on his noodley form or expose a Tasteful Midriff because he’s long and KK is compact

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headcanon that guzma is super scrawny (he wears baggy clothes to hide this) or he has a lot of unbalanced muscle

“Actually I have a lot of chub under my shirt.”

He lifts his shirt to reveal a well-built torso with a little bit of a tummy, it looks squishy and soft but still quite tough and there is obviously a lot of muscle underneath.

“Just means there’s more ta love. I’ll admit I’m a lazy sack of shit and I love carbs, but I get a lotta exercise. Y'know. Bein’ in a gang and all that.”

((Dream body type tbfh 👌👌👌))

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~join me~ @rayne-ing

Handsome, undoubtedly. Surely capable to hold his own.

There was a mischievous expression to the whore’s features this day, one which effortlessly masked her concentration. She was watching the man, his mannerisms, his general attitude in passing of other people, plotting just how she would take advantage of him and his presumed general approachable persona.

Surely carrying loose jewels. Sense apparently jingling with loose change is just so unheard of for these noble type…

In an instant she was upon him, ignoring the dirty looks of those loitering the streets, her heavily painted features contorting into that of confusion and feigned discomfort, her voice masked with a shy, small voice in which would give her this air of submission: “Pardon me, sir,” her fingers would tangle into the cloths of her baggy, worn tunic, tousled brown hair falling into frightened hazel eyes.

What man could turn down aiding a scared, younger woman?

She’d done her best to mask her Stormwindian accent with that awkward Elwynn drawl similar to the whores of her brothel- an accent which in itself exposed one to be low born, inferior. And by the Gods, she hated the very sound of it - even if it leaked from her pretty mouth.

“I believe I am a little lost… Is this the Mage Quarter? Have you a clue where the Blue Recluse is? I was meant to meet with a friend, and… And I fear I may be turned around- This city is a labyrinth!” 


Link to Design on Poly Vore

Venus DeMilo // 001

This design or really outfit aesthetic set was created with my @oroku-venus-demilo in mind as you can see. Her main colors are a Dark Magenta to Pink and Turquoise to Teal. Venus is very color coordinated and can’t stand when things clash, I see her wearing black to help with stealth and tie together the two colors so she doesn’t become an eyesore. Her clothes are going to be loose but not baggy and any pants will need to be skin tight and very flexible. She would be more likely to wear sneakers and boots for their functionality. She is a trinket collected and I could see her owning a collection of bottle cap earrings, and even if she didn’t wear them she’d probably display them on the walls of her room.

Requests Are Currently OPEN!
Send in a character, an episode and character, a character and occasion, theme, or color and I will do my best to create a custom outfit! OC’s are acceptable and Price Ranged Requests!

11 Things

@mllekaren tagged me for the 11 things about me post

1) I’m nearly drunk. Which is about the only way you’ll get me to divulge what I consider to be personal knowledge. Thank the lord for spell check. 

2) I have a baggie tucked away with the claw leavings and dropped whiskers of my dear kitty friend, Brigit, just in case cloning actually becomes affordable in my lifetime, and we can maybe zap out the physical deformations that led to her early death, so me and her sister clone can have the long life she never got. 

3) My absolute greatest fear is pregnancy and labor. I just can’t accept what amounts to a parasite inside me. I have huge control issues. A thing inside me I can not control? No fucking thank you. And labor? I will show weakness. Again. No fucking thank you. 

4) I was a part of the influx of heroin in my town ages ago. It hasn’t gotten better since my time. Someone I introduced to it got arrested and hung himself in jail. That soul is on me. 

5) I’ve said for years and years there is something broken inside me. I don’t understand “happy”. I do not do it well. I wish I did but I don’t get it. The other day while driving the thought hit me. “I am relentlessly and perpetually dissatisfied”. 

6) I could probably live off of sushi, nachos and mutter paneer until the end of time. 

7) I wrote a book when I was 8. It did not get published but it did get some encouraging rejection letters. 

8) Jesus fuck! 11! 

9)  I have no idea what my sexuality is. There are so many terms today. Where the hell do I fit in? I like men. I like boobs. I love girl kisses. I like rock hard shoulders and full alert dicks. I am weirded right the fuck out by vaginas, including my own.  So …  ??  I dunno. Wanna make out? 

10) Duuuuuuude, Rub my feet and I am yours forever. 

11) I had a pony when I was 4. Once, I was a princess. 

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Can you help/provide some advice? I knit a KitKat hat but it turned out huge! It's 96 stitches (size 8 then 9 needles), maybe 5-10 rows too long, and kind of baggy but not extremely loose. I'm not really willing to frog the whole thing, just tink some rows, but is it possible to drop some columns of stitches and reknit them to have cables on each of the ear sides? Will this help pull the hat in a bit? Is this a thing? I have more yarn and can make another, but I'm willing to experiment with this

Oooh, good question.  I would think that should tighten things up but I’ve never knit this hat.  Can anyone who has please advise Nonny?  Thanks!

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3