luvbird28 on said: Hi, I am a fan of your sherlolly works! Love every bit of them! I have an idea - if you like it please write one on it. Sherlock is suffering from insomnia while staying at Molly’s. Molly is there as always to help him. ;)

“Sherlock, you do know it’s after midnight, right?”

He brushed past her and into the sitting room of her flat. “Yes, of course I do, Molly. That’s why I’m here.”

Molly yawned and shut the door. “Right, of course it’s why you’re here.” He could practically hear her rolling her eyes.

He turned and looked at her as he shed his coat and toed off his shoes. She was wearing a hideous, oversized football jersey in garish blue and yellow with the number eight on it, and a pair of baggy green-and-yellow plaid sleep shorts that came just to her knees.

In other words, an eye-watering sight in the very best of ways. Yes, coming here when he had insomnia was the best idea he’d had in ages.

She started to shuffle past him, stretching and yawning again before mumbling, “I suppose you’ll be wanting my bed?”

He reached out and caught her arm, swinging her round to face him. She stumbled a bit over one of his loafers, and he held her upright with a hum of approval. Lowering his head so that his lips were just over hers, he murmured, “Only if you promise to join me.”

The kiss she gave him was all the answer he needed.


I wasn’t gonna make this and let it pass.
But I can’t stand lies and I couldn’t calm the fuck down. 😂 Okay, Dave Cullen (yes I know how you’re feeling just by reading his name) is spreading too much LIES about Eric Harris. To the point that keeps saying bullshit and it looks like bullying. I read his book, and he says on the second chapter: “Rebels”.

“Eric was a brain, but an uncommon subcategory: cool brain. He smoked, he drank, he dated. He worked his look hard: Military chic hair (ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS DAVE? Are you really making fun of him?) short and spiked with plenty of products plus black t-shirts (yeah because someone who wears black all the time is a satanic little shit 😒 oh stereotypes) and baggy cargo pants. He blashed hard-core german industrial rock from his Honda (what the fuck? hard-core german industrial rock is a new genre 😂). He enjoyed firing off bottle rockets and and road tripping to Wyoming to replenish the stash. He broke the rules (I give him a point in that one, yes he did broke the rules) tagged himself with the nickname “reb” but did his homework and earned himself a slew of A’s. He shot cool videos and got them airplay on the closed-circuit at school. (Here’s comes the part guys) and he got chicks. Lots and lots of chicks”

From Harris journal:

“The fact that I have practically no self-esteem, especially concerning girls and looks and such. Therefore people make fun of me… constantly… therefore I get no respect and therefore I get fucking PISSED.”

Dave.. “10 years” of research and you didn’t analyzed that part? Are you fucking blind or what? Didn’t you watch the video of him inside the cafeteria and getting rejected by girls?

Chapter 40 of Dave’s fairy tale: “Psychopath”.

“I will choose to kill” Eric wrote. Why? His explanations didn’t add up.“

Although he explained many times his motives on his journal. This part got my attention:

“My doctor wants to put me on medication to stop thinking about so many things and to stop getting angry. Well, I think that anyone who doesn’t think like me is just bullshitting themselves. Try it sometime if you think you are worthy, which you probably will you little shits drop all your beliefs and views and ideas that have been burned into your head and try to think about why your here. But I bet most of you fuckers can’t even think that deep, so that is why you must die. How dare you think that I and you are part of the same species when we are sooooooo different. You aren’t human. You are a robot.”

This clearly explains Eric wasn’t thinking straight. Same goes for Dylan. Their struggles made them believe they were “God” or something. They ended up ill.

Eric wasn’t the mastermind and the one who got the idea of going to massacre everyone. It was Dylan’s. But if you keep analyzing his journal ignoring the anger and focusing more on words like “I don’t have self esteem” and things like that. You will see he had emotions and was very fucking sad. And Psychopaths don’t feel a single thing. They have no remorse. They don’t care. They just pretend to care.

From Harris journal:

“I wish I was sociopath, so I wouldn’t feel any remorse. But I do”

Dave I don’t know how you graduated from college, if you’re intelligent you will see these flags.

*Filthy Frank’s voice” Stop with the bs Dave, stop! Is time to stop! 😂

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I currently don't have a binder and it makes things really hard. I usually just wear baggy hoodies to hide but I'm sick of it. I want to wear tighter things and feel comfortable with myself. I want to wear flannels and ties. I just don't know what to do cause my mom controls my bank account so I can't get one and it's just really frustrating.

Multiple places have binder giveaways, so maybe you have a chance at getting one from there. Or if you know someone who can send you an old one, you can get one that way. ~Celeste

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Even though all of the gen 2 and before Dromes are the EXACT SAME as the three Greats from Tri and onward just under a different name… I cant actually tell if you’re joking or not but if you are, its really not funny. Its just making yourself look bad. (Also paralysis isn’t that original for a drome anyway… just saying)

I believe you’re misinterpreting everything I’m saying; the Gen 3 ‘Greats’ were meant to replace the Dromes when Capcom did the soft reset of the series in Tri. Jaggi replaced Velociprey, while the Baggi were meant to replace the Giaprey, although Giaprey spit ice, not sleep. Wroggi was added in P3rd as a better iteration of Ioprey. The idea of adding a 4th 'Great’ that uses paralysis puts the final nail in the prey/drome coffin by replacing Genprey/drome. Then, all of the Greats will represent all the 'vanilla’ status elements; Poison, Sleep, and Paralysis; with Jaggi just representing raw damage, just as Velociprey does.

Also the Brainstorming ideas weren’t meant as a joke, with the exception of the Giaprey snippet.

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==> Roxy: Approach. Hesitantly, of course. You may live with him but you’ve never really said a thing to him except for a few hellos and asking for toilet paper now and then, and going to his room and hotboxing sounded like a good and bad idea. Weighing the pros and cons, you realize that truly the worst thing that could happen was probably you freaking out, and you took a deep breath, pushing the bread underneath your arm and moving the piece and baggy to your right hand, knocking on his door with your left.

You were nervous. Ain’t no way you’d deny that. But it’d be fun, and it would be a nice bonding experience for you two. You had a lot you needed to catch up on, after all.

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((imbackbabe)) "You're so.. cute? I wanna say cute. I mean.. Look at you're socks. They're so nerdy. So nerdy that its actually cute."

“You’re so..” finish it in my ask.


Rhys looked down at his feet and then back up at Jack. The man had caught him on one of his days off so he was in his Handsome Jack boxers, a baggy t-shirt and his fancy socks. And this apparently caused the man to call him cute. “Are you feeling ok…? You…uhm…You never compliment me…”

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listen man but ok little!josh and daddy!tyler is what i live for

its so cute joshs adorable in his big poofy t-shirts n baggy swears clutchin his stuffies n drinkin out of his princess bottle as he cozies in tys lap n he sleepily giggles “dada, restart th’ show?” n they rewatch frozen a few times

I thought I saw Avril Lavigne at the laundromat. It was 1 am. She was absentmindedly snacking from a small plastic baggie of chex mix and flipping through a magazine. I thought I heard her whisper something about “volcanic ash” but I could be wrong. Her shoes were green

My baby sister, 14, has been going to school. She use to be homeschooled but she decided to go to public school a few weeks ago. She’s super self conscious and has low self esteem- she doesn’t eat infront of people, she doesn’t like to wear shorts even in 80 degree weather because she hates her legs.
So the past few weeks her outfits are basic and as cute as she can make them. Tee shirts or tank tops, jeans or shorts with leggings under them and always a hoodie.
Now tell me WHY another 14 year old boy has ANY right making her so uncomfortable she spent all night crying at the thought of going into school. Whispering during class about all “the ways [he] could do [her]” and how great her ass looks and how he could do her there, ect.
It doesn’t matter what you wear- girls cannot escape harassment even during class trying to learn. Shorts? Jeans? Baggy pants? Doesn’t matter.

“Tell someone” she did. The teacher sent her to the office. Now they want to have her sit there with the boy saying this nasty shit in the room and say everything he said word for word. Infront of him. And what happens after? She feels unsafe.
I’m fuming.