baggy denim

Single dad!Michael who is so protective over his little girl. He’s always got an eye on her as he pulls her little beanie back on her head and giggles at her baggy denim jacket and tiny studded boots as she claims she wants to look just like daddy!

He’s placing the earplugs over her tiny ears as the crowd starts to fill in the stadium. She’s giggling and smiling so wide as she sits on daddy’s shoulders to watch her uncles from All Time Low dance all over the stage and sing funny songs. Her tiny hands grip onto his recently dyed hair a little to hard at points but he just rolls his eyes at her excitement knowing she’ll sleep happy tonight.

For @alreadymissings and @prmntvacations and their singledad!5sos night. :3

why did 90s fashion make a strong comeback for girls but not for guys like crop tops and high waists and combat boots are back but where are the ankle length baggy denim shorts ?????? HWERE ARE THEY