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christinegrrl replied to your post “Okay, it wasn’t just me that saw the similarities between Jess and…”

Pretty much all of that, but also the body language/facial expressions seemed really similar to me and some points. Not to say that Milo isn’t a good actor that can’t separate the different characters he’s played, because he totally can, and those differences are evident in some of the subtleties of his acting, but especially the scene with his father just screamed Jess to me. And the flashback looked like something that could have happened at some point with Jess, Liz, and one of her boyfriends

yeah i totally agree! and even some of the scenes with rebecca really reminded me of jess too

Single dad!Michael who is so protective over his little girl. He’s always got an eye on her as he pulls her little beanie back on her head and giggles at her baggy denim jacket and tiny studded boots as she claims she wants to look just like daddy!

He’s placing the earplugs over her tiny ears as the crowd starts to fill in the stadium. She’s giggling and smiling so wide as she sits on daddy’s shoulders to watch her uncles from All Time Low dance all over the stage and sing funny songs. Her tiny hands grip onto his recently dyed hair a little to hard at points but he just rolls his eyes at her excitement knowing she’ll sleep happy tonight.

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Beat The Heat

A Lesson In Avoiding “Beach Bum” Syndrome

Just last week I found myself vacationing beachside at Maderas Village on the sunny shores of Nicaragua. While I admit that I was definitely excited to get out of the unseasonably cold NYC weather, one quick look at the temps in Nicaragua left me a little anxious when it came to packing. What exactly does one wear for a weeklong climate of 98 degrees and 50% humidity without falling victim to the “beach bum” syndrome. In other words, can I manage to stay cool and look stylish in anything other than a bathing suit all week? The solution, I found, relied on lightweight fabrics and relaxed fit, breathable pieces. This outfit here combines both those principles in an effortless summer travel look. A loose-fitting, thin cotton popover makes the perfect top. Just leave a few buttons undone to add to that laidback vacation feel. The baggy distressed denim pants also gives your legs some room to breathe, so leave your city skinnies at home. I finished the outfit with a sun-shielding wide brim fedora and a light leather espadrille so I can easily slip them on and off from the beach to the bedroom. If you ask me, now that’s how you beat the heat while still showcasing some city style.


Hugh & Crye Popover Shirt // Denim & Supply Jeans // UGG Australia Espadrilles // The Kooples Hat