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if you had to describe the contrast between jungkook and jimin in terms of clothing, how would you do it? (without white shirt and timbs for jk and fluffy sweaters for jm hihi)

hmmmm,  jimin has changed a lot when it comes to clothing. during their debut days he used snapbacks and basketball shorts a lot and now he’s more….sophisticated? elegant? now he uses tight jeans/dark pants, slacks, dressing shoes, button up shirts… it’s like he has taken a liking to dress up a little bit more. 


Jungkook, though, has kinda remained the same. he’s been seen wearing dress-up clothes too, but most of the time he’s wearing beanies, baggy pants and over-sized tees. he has that aura of bad boy, kinda?? idk, he’s more casual with his style.

x x

this is taking in what i see from the pics at the airports or when they go at music stations. idk, if i’m honest with you i like the contrast between them (specially at the latest v app broadcast)




10.2.16 | 4:26 PM

my projectile/relative motion test was 2 days ago and we are moving on to dynamics. not particularly confident about the test though, because it had such a small denominator (not much room for little mistakes) and I’m not fully clear with relative motion so I only have my fingers to cross.

in other news, hurray that it’s officially fall season (even though it’s going to snow next week) I’m ready for the beanies, baggy sweaters, and black boots.

I hope you’ve all been feeling well, treating yo selves, and loving yo selves, and if you’re not then it’s okay because I think you’re pretty rad ♡

Goldilocks || 01

Rated T (language and suggestive themes)

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Link to: Goldilocks Masterlist | Next Part 

not my photograph, credit to owner


“Yah!” Jimin roars, glaring up at the remote on top of the bookshelf. “Taehyung, get your sorry ass over here NOW.”

“He left twenty minutes ago for snacks,” you inform him from the couch, staring at the blank television screen like it’s the ever so dramatically referenced void, the mid-winter cold that’s permeated through the apartment not allowing you to do much else.

“____, this isn’t fair,” Jimin grunts, jumping in a futile attempt to reach it. “Why does he always do this?”

With a heavy sigh, you lament with a laugh, “Because he knows we can’t reach it.”

“Well what if you get on my shoulders?”

“Jiminnie, that would require actual effort,” you tease, sinking into the comforting embrace of the cushions. “We should just wait until he gets home.”

Your friend gives a frustrated grunt, looking around the room like a man on a mission, “I’m not gonna give him the satisfaction…”

“Suit yourself,” you watch with mild curiosity and too much amusement as Jimin loudly drags a chair over from the kitchen, its legs scraping on the wood flooring, sounding like an animal with indigestion.

“I’m gonna kill him,” Jimin pouts, climbing and wobbling up to his full height. Even then, he can barely reach the remote. “I’m gonna poison his tea or- or choke him while he’s sleeping.”

“Kinky,” you drop one eyelid in a wink, causing Jimin to flush.

“Not like that,” he hurls the remote in your direction, clearly aiming for the couch.

You don’t even make the effort to flinch, laughing again, “Sure.”

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Person A writes poetry at a small café they work at, often about the strange people that come and go in the coffeehouse. One day, B comes in, wearing baggy clothes and a beanie and looking exhausted. A gets them a coffee/scone on the house and they observe B, noticing the way they tug at the beanie almost painfully and the way B would sniffle and cringe as if smelling something rancid.

This goes on for about a month, and A’s composed several poems and little stories about B. B is a monster. Specifically a werewolf, a city-born wolf who’s still trying to adjust. The sights and sounds scare them but they get by. A supernatural being among mortal humans.

They get closer after a few more weeks and A might’ve fallen in love, with the way B grins widely when they see A, like an excited puppy wagging their tail and pointed ears perked. A still has so much to learn about B, but they’re more than willing to spend the rest of their life learning.


Those eyes!!! Sexy Grunge boy with long hair.


Hair @sintiklia, Eyebrows @karzalee, Skin detail @ephemera69, Eyelashes @kijiko-sims. Facial hair and Eyecolor @pralinesims


Shirt and Baggy jeans @kijiko-sims, Beanie - justine77_7 TSR, Wristband- Toksik TSR, Skull tag - Dragon Queen - TSR

CAS background and Graffiti walls - Annett’s sims 4.

Pose @karzalee

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omg if we're talking soumako dance stuff just imagine a ballet x hip-hop AU. Sousuke as a ballet dancer and Makoto as a hip-hop dancer. They attend the same school of arts and meet through a rivalry between their two groups. Makoto is enthralled with Sousuke's elegant dancing and Sousuke's in serious danger of getting a nosebleed when he sees Makoto in hip-hop garb


okay I’m not huge into KPop but you know those cute KPop singers who are really are really good dancers??? Like there was that exo k practice video for Growl?? Makoto’s like the cutesy smiley one of a group, with a beanie, baggy shirt, and tight pants. He’s super good at hip hop dancing but really clumsy everywhere that isn’t a stage. Whenever he’s not performing he’s messing around with new moves with his other dancers and he’ll often do weird moves and laugh at himself because he knows that for every ten weird ones he’ll find one that’s cool? Oh BONUS POINTS Kisumi is one of his fellow dancers because I’ve always imagined that Kisumi can do modern dance and he’d be so cocky and great

Anyways okay I want to imagine that Haru is also a ballet dancer alongside Sousuke and even though there’s a general tensions between the ballet and hip hop groups Haru and Makoto don’t care cuz they’re besties and Sousuke and Haru have a high key rivalry that turns into a ridiculous friendship hell yeah and because of this Sousuke ends up noticing Makoto in particular when he’s goofing off with the hip hop people and ohhhhhh shit he’s smitten, he’s lost, he’s out for the count and Haru is just like “:| leave him alone you giant loser who just got on my good side”

And when Makoto actually gets to talk to Sousuke he’s so impressed that a guy whose similar built and height is able to be so graceful because Makoto feels like his moves are always a little messy and inside Sousuke’s like “nah everything you do is perfect” and then Makoto’s like “you should show me your dance sometimes, maybe you can teach me to be more graceful” and Sousuke’s like “oh no”

Cue private dance lessons oh my goddddd I’m talking white room with giant mirrors Sousuke behind Makoto with a hand on his waist another loosely holding Makoto’s wrist, Sousuke trying to be cool and mumbling directions to Makoto and Makoto looks up to see their reflection and that’s when Makoto thinks “oh, this guy’s really handsome” oh MY GODDD

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do you have any lesbian!jason headcanons bc yes

it’s Time, some of these are repeat but i might as well stick ‘em all here

  • she’s so tall, she’s so tall, like seriously she’s like 6′1″ and she’s really insecure about it dysphoria though like @ myself shut the fuck up this isn’t supposed to be sad :(
  • she mostly jokes about it, she’d change it if she could but for the most part she can laugh and get over it. she used to measure herself against reyna and pout whenver she realized she’d grown
  • she also has broad shoulders and she has very Very bad posture because of it, she’s always slouching and leaning and hunching
  • she wears glasses for the whole series not just the random ass last book like she wakes up on that bus with a beanie and a pair of hipster glasses like fight me
  • she is so #lesbian like plaid flannel baggy jeans beanie hipster glasses lesbian and i absolutely love it
  • her hair is just a little past her shoulders, painfully straight and dishwater blonde and she cannot do absolutely anything with it except keep it in a braid over her shoulder and even then it’s too fine that it slips out
  • mmmm okay okay so the mist is definitely heteronormative because people are, so nobody thinks jason and piper are a couple except for piper al;sdkfja;fdjk;aj
  • like that first interaction on the bus leo cracks a joke about them being gal pals and piper opens her mouth to tell him off but then she’s like… wait… wait what the fuck…. i thought we were??????? but?? i can’t really remember ???!?!?!?
  • piper is just silently panicking throughout the whole book pretty much and everyone else is totally oblivious
  • she has wanted to change her name for years but she can’t find anything that feels right, her and reyna used to try testing them out but she’s still jason when she gets kidnapped
  • it’s a running gag through the story that she’ll toss out a name in a total crisis moment like *kicks monster in the face* “so what do you think about jessica”
  • she tried jane for awhile but then leo said she was the absolute plainest, whitest plain jane ever to exist and that no one will ever say “jane grace” with a straight face it’s almost as bad as john smith
  • thalia pounding her lil sister on the back when she finds out she’s a lesbian gives me Life
  • also like thalia is Punk Rock Lesbian and jason is Plaid Glasses Lesbian like i cry
  • i am making piper shorter in this au than i actually think she is solely for the purpose of Tol Gf and Smol Gf
  • she is way too much of a dork to be scary but she is pants shitting terrifying when she decides she needs to Get Stuff Done
  • her hair grows out over the course of the series so it gets thin and wispy at the tips and she likes it like that
  • one time some beautiful soul told her that she reminds them of 2009-era taylor swift and she had no idea what they were talking about but she looked it up later and cried because it was like the most heartfelt and unique compliment she’d ever received
  • like her and nico except instead of being the dorky dad she’s the Dorky Lesbian Mom and like it’s just so much more Pure like that i swear it
  • she drops her glasses velma style like way too often
  • she’s slightly pigeon toed
  • she uses scrunchies what a cutie
  • SHE GETS SO FLUSTERED AROUND GIRLS like. so so flustered around pretty girls. she blushes a lot and then after it’s over she claps her hands over her face and groans
  • she can’t swear like she’s so bad at swearing she avoids doing it and if she ever tries it just sound awkward like she’s a twelve year old who knows she isn’t allowed to be saying it
  • lesbian jason announcing that piper is a knockout like rip me i have died, i’m now dead
  • the unkiLLABLE GAYS TROPE LIKE PIPER LITERALLY BRINGS HER BACK TO LIFE THROUGH THE POWER OF GAY LOVE (like u know when u can draw johnlock parallels that means something’s Really Fucking Gay)
why i'm shitting on wonder woman already.  a fat rant.

The whole point of wonder woman is that shes hench as fuck.

I don’t mean toned I’m talking about Serena Williams, female body builders, women in the army.


 I don’t want another female superhero who looks dainty with a bit of muscle. You can have smaller built  superheroes like RDJ and Ant Man  then HENCH like all of the Chris’. but for women…they all look pretty much the same..

BEFORE I START I LOVE THE LOOK OF HER, GADOT SEEMS TO HAVE THE “you really think this impresses me, me? An amazon?!* look down.  I just wanted her more .. .bigger.

The point of Wonder Woman is that she is able to look imposing. Not stealthy deadly like Black Widow or Wasp. I mean you look at her and you shit yourself.

And she doesn’t.

To me.

I wanted her muscles to be a part of her beauty.

But you know DC fanboys need something to wank over..

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Cat Play

Summary: Phil’s a neko and is nervous about telling Dan.

Warning: neko!Phil, bottom!Phil, top!Dan, Language, Smut

Word Count: 1,690

A/N: I’m defining neko as a human with cat tail and ears.


Fanfic Masterlist

Phil is harboring a secret. He takes great precaution to make sure his secret is safe. He wears baggy clothes and a beanie whenever he has to leave the house. That way he can ensure that his tail and ears stay hidden.

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Aomine and Kise being cute at bed ( or in the couch ) with their s/o luv ur blog :)

Aomine: You and Aomine are currently in an almost two year relationship, so you guys liked to spend time with each other whenever possible, considering Aomine’s always busy with basketball. You were extremely tired and had been testing all day. You quickly changed in to lose, comfy but cute clothes and snuggled in the sheets to put on Netflix. You yawned and held your blankets closer to you. You heard the door open and out came Aomine . 

You continued surfing through the movies and Aomine came in and looked like the worlds most fluffiest cuddle boyfriend. He was wearing a baggy sweater, and a beanie. Aomine in a beanie can we take a moment. Your stomach filled with butterflies and Aomine smiled as he saw your face flush. “Cuddle with me, Aomine, please.” You asked like a puppy.

Aomine nodded his head and smirked. “I know you’re tired ______, but you don’t have to beg. I’m always up for cuddling when it comes to you.” He immediately laid down beside you and you rested your head on his chest, feeling his steady heart beat. You closed your eyes, feeling so comforted. He placed his arm around you and rested his head on yours and kissed your temple.  

Kise: It’s storming outside, but that doesn’t change Kise’s good mood. He won an important basketball game the day before and he’s with you, so he couldn’t be happier. Unlike Kise, your week hasn’t been going nearly as well. You have a feeling that you flunked your chemistry test and you’re starting to catch a cold.     

Kise’s freshly showered and you can smell his shampoo. That’s one of your favorite things about Kise, he always smells amazing. His arm slowly wraps over your waist and he nuzzles your shoulder. “Did you have a bad day, _______-cchi?” You nod. “It’s okay, I’ll do my best to make you feel better.

Half an hour later, you’re both giggling. You keep trying to get on top of Kise, but his strength keeps that from happening. Kise’s fingers dance along your chin while watching a bunch of old Disney movies. Kise tells you to close your eyes, and you do. He presses his lips on yours and you feel his tongue suddenly enter your mouth. You both start giggling and laughing even more. and you both fall in love the end

Name: Minwoo (real name Seo Minwoo)

Age: 19 (May 10, 1997)

Unit: performance

Height/weight: 178cm, 61kg

Talents: has some variety and MC sense, can whistle really loudly, good at most sports, capable of remembering the characters and plotlines of 6 kdramas at once, optimistic and can bring other people’s mood up

Likes: spicy food, roller coasters, cute babies, kdramas, beanies, loose/baggy clothing or open collared shirts

Dislikes: big dogs (has a fear of them), too sweet or too cold food, horror movies, awkward atmospheres, turtlenecks, the winter season

Backstory: He’s a very athletic boy who can’t sit still and likes running and doing sports. He eventually started taking dance lessons to help with his balance and coordination and liked it enough to keep doing it. Was part of a dancing team in middle and high school.

How/why he decided to become an idol: His grades were average and he had no motivation to pursue any career. When he accompanied his friend to an audition for Flare, he ended up passing. Despite the tough training, he fell in love with the feeling of performing and being on bigger and bigger stages. He can’t think of anything else he’d rather do now than be an idol. He was a trainee for 3 years.

Other info:

  • Nicknames: Minmin, Charming Mole Guy, Mister Sriracha Sauce (because he likes putting hot sriracha sauce on everything)
  • has two moles on his face: one underneath his right eye, the other on the left side of his neck
  • has three earrings: one on the right and two on the left
  • has an older sister he is very close to
  • one of the members who cooks and cleans around the dorm
  • likes to joke around but is very serious when practicing
  • the kind of person who’s very genuine and open with his emotions, has to work on maintaining a professional persona (especially in front of the camera)
  • when he gets too excited he sometimes stutters or forgets to speak formally
  • wants to make choreography, but his real talent is in learning the steps quickly and then helping teach them to others
  • an okay rapper and a slightly-less-than-okay singer, will do either one depending on the song and is currently working hard on improving both
  • he doesn’t have a lot of lines in their songs, but he has a good stage presence so he often dances near the front 
Suga X Reader Imagine (Pt. 3)

OHMYGOSH tumblr has been so annoying. I’m posting this for like the 3rd time because weird stuff keep happening smh. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Part 3!

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: A gang of delinquents go to your school. Since your first encounter, things have been a crazy ride.

Word count: 2000+

Warning: Swearing, alcohol, drugs.

Wind racing through your hair and slapping onto your face. The feeling of the chase was shooting through your entire body. Adrenaline, along with the feeling of panic. You were screwed.

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Love Contract >> Suga, You (Part 10) -The End!

PART 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5  | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

First of all let me welcome my new 100 followers I reached 2.5K followers! Thank you so much <3 

Now enjoy reading the last Part!

You gulped as another door opened for you. It was another metal door, but this one was twice the size of the other. Suga dragged you with him two or three floors under the building, the basement and he coolly opened the door as if it was his other home.

The music was loud and changing a lot. There was at the end of the basement a stage with a few groups of people over it. Three or four men and a girl. And they were singing. Rap. Dissing too. The style which impressed you when you saw Suga doing on the stage.

A DJ was standing high behind them, mixing up the music and the beat, and you were impressed whenever the music changed, those rappers still managed to find the lyrics and the beat of the song, easily. You wonder how long it took for them to come out with the whole show.

Can Yoongi also do that? You wondered, glancing at him. He was smiling, enjoying the music. His head was dancing with the song as he clapped his hands when the group on the stage finished their performance. He yelled a cheer too. He was totally enjoying this. He loved this.

You smiled too, heart hammering hard from the loud music. You thought it could come out of your chest.    

In here, they were wearing a fancy clothes. A lot of accessories– huge necklaces and rings. Sunglasses even though it was the basement and there was no sun–and baggy clothes, hoodie or a sleeveless baggy shirt and caps, beanies. Some also wore oversized shirts and shorts.

You noticed that most of their clothes were black. Some wore things in a stylish way and the other just found it cool to wear anything over anything but they weren’t stylish at all. Just messy.  

Suga was right. You would be the lamb here. Even though you took Suga’s leather Jacket, it still looked damn hot with your white tight pants and your hair that was over your shoulders now. You found yourself pinching Suga’s t-shirt’s hem, holding for him.

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254. You’re trans/genderfluid (requested)

Dan: You were incredibly grateful that Dan was supportive during all of this. When you had first told him that you were transitioning from female to male, you honestly expected him to end the relationship right there. Instead, he made sure you took your pills everyday and attended doctor’s appointments with you. After taking your pills for a while, it was finally time to get rid of your binder for good and get a double mastectomy. You were beyond terrified as this was no simple procedure, but you felt relieved once the surgery was over and you woke up to Dan sitting next to your bed. “You’re all done,” he said quietly as you opened your eyes. You smiled. “Thank you for supporting me through all of this. I couldn’t have done this without you.” He kissed you lightly on the lips.

Phil: Some days you wanted to wear frilly dresses and makeup, some days you opted for a t-shirt and skinny jeans, and other days you wanted to wear baggy pants, hoodies, and beanies. Your hair was already short, which made styling it easier depending on how you were feeling that day. Even before you began dating, Phil had known you for a while, and he remembered all of the debates you had with yourself on which gender you related to more. But then he reminded you that you didn’t need to fit in any sort of category, and that you should do what felt right. So, Phil went from using she/her pronouns to they/their pronouns. Although he sometimes slipped, he was trying, and that was all that mattered to you.

I did some research for this one, so I hope everything is accurate. The last thing I want to do is misrepresent a group of people.

Remus in baggy sweaters and beanies and socks waaaayyyy too big for him and corduroys that make Sirius cringe and ratty old sneakers that the other Marauders swear are from two decades ago. Sirius all in black, from his leather jacket and fading v-neck tee to his ripped skinny jeans and boots with three inch heels - Remus tells anyone who’ll listen that he fears for his boyfriend’s safety when he’s in those absurd excuses for shoes