Disney song! OTP
  • <p><b>Person A:</b> LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!<p/><b>Person B:</b> *starts to take off clothes*<p/><b>Person A:</b> <p/><b>Person A:</b> What are you doing?<p/><b>Person B:</b> Getting down to business. *wink wink*<p/><b>Person A:</b> <p/><b>Person A:</b> <p/><b>Person A:</b> uh<p/></p>

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by yeaka

New to pet grooming, Bilbo greets a new customer.

Words: 937, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2dHLvPD

Useful posts on how to write comments for fanfics - [here] & [here]

On a personal note. I’ve met wonderful people throughout fandoms and by leaving comments. I’ve made great friends, some even on comment sections, as we shared our enthusiasm for the same story. 

People who like the same ships often hold similar character traits and life experiences; they’re people who would get you. The bonds in fandoms only strengthen when people meet other people as humans - and there are fantastic humans waiting to meet you. 

Leave a comment. :)

((Methodology For Data Collected

For this, I’ve used AO3, currently the most popular fanfiction website. 

I’ve taken the first ranked story in each ship, completed, rated by kudos - since bookmarks on AO3 can be set to private so the counters don’t reflect the real numbers - to reflect the stories that had the most positive feedback in their category.

For the comments, I’ve (falsely and intentionally) assumed the numbers represented are singular comments from singular, different users (tipping the scales in favor of the commenters). For Destiel, Johnlock and Spirk I had to pick the second story by kudos, since for the first the deviation error (assuming the author haven’t replied and there aren’t discussion threads included in the comments) was far too high for the ratio to be accurate, and my initial assumption couldn’t be applied. My apologies to the authors. 

The data was collected on May 2nd , 2016.))

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what the fuck bagginshield was..sO REAL?! i just rewatched all the movies and dammit they were so in love. they protected each other so much and it literally breaks my heart and soul to think about how damaged and broken was after thorin died and how he never really moved on. like what the fuck. the grief bilbo must have felt??? i mean. What. the fuck. bagginshield was so fucking real and i will never, ever get over how beautiful and sad and tragic it was. oh my god.

i ghostwrote this!!!!!

  • Someone:*Threatens person A, harms them physically*
  • Person A:*smirking* LOL, is that the best you've got? *spits blood* Weak
  • Someone:*Vaguely implies they'll talk to person B someday*
  • Person A:*barely restraining themselves* Get near them and I'll. END. YOU

#and I swear to god it was the gayest thing I’ve done in my life

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