baggin it

@kaavyawriting​ dared me to write 100 words of rottingly sweet fluff

Thorin smiles softly at Bilbo, watching the crown that his mother wore slip off Bilbo’s curls once more. “It just doesn’t fit you, my love. We’ll have to have a new one made.”

Bilbo pushes the crown back into place, then gives up and reaches for Thorin’s hand, his cheeks warming. “I wanted to try,” he mutters, but Thorin only shakes his head.

“Something with oak leaves, perhaps,” he muses. Gold and mithril and sapphires, perfectly framing Bilbo’s face…

“You’re imagining something sappy, aren’t you,” Bilbo accuses mildly, and Thorin distracts him with a kiss.

“Only for you, my love.”

  • Aragorn: I never understood why people cared so much about their dumb hobbits until I got dumb hobbits myself. I've only had Frodo and Sam for a day and a half, but if anything happened to them, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

relatable things in lotr/the hobbit

  • bilbo hiding and whispering he’s not home when someone knocks on his door
  • bilbo hoarding his food 
  • bilbo dipping out on his own birthday party 
  • bilbo basically telling gandalf “don’t cash me outside, howbow dah”
  • bilbo wanting to leave his house but not leave his house at the same exact time 
  • bilbo thinking that the quest was gonna be like glamping 
  • i realize these are all bilbo
  • bilbo baggins is the most relatable character