bagged infiniti

team-archangel  asked:

Hey, Luci! How is my favorite Angel today? Your brothers aren't driving you crazy are they?

Lucifer: Hey girrrl, oh you know. Same old-same old. ;)

As for my siblings; when are they not driving me crazy? They’re not too bad today though, hon. That might have something to do with me sending Gabe on a wild goose chase, though. He’s currently under the impression that I may-or-may-not have sold his horn at an auction for two-thirds of a virgin and Sam Winchester’s left shoe.

[whispers] I just put it in his infinity bag, where it’s supposed to go. He’ll never find it. Serves him right for filling my favourite hot spring with pink dye and glitter.

Enough about me and my shenanigans though… how are you? You’ve got wings now, I see, that’s fun.