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Title: Breathless

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Smut, fluff

Warnings: Morning sex, sinful acts involving oranges, Byun Baekhyun, thin white shorts, not-so-timid erections

A/N: Inspired by the song by Shayne Ward (You should listen to it!).

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Byun Baekhyun awoke with what felt like eyes leaded with dust and a head full of sand. He stretched comfortably against the sheets, his soft skin melting deeper into the cotton. His tongue was laden with a tangy, unfamiliar taste. He blinked, staring past a long, pale arm to the sight of his beloved beside him, sleeping soundlessly.

He watched as your chest gently rose and fell beneath the duvet, your breasts and shoulders hidden beneath the pale sheets. Sunlight slanted through the thin curtains, giving the room an amorous, white glow. Your cheeks were warm and pink against the pillow, soft from the tranquil herbs of sleep.
Gently moving as not to wake you, Baekhyun slowly slipped from beneath the covers. His morning erection rocked expectantly against his thigh, but he ignored it, snaking across the floor with the gentle treads of a butterfly. He bent to the floor, replacing his naked legs with the familiar, silky cloth of his white pajama shorts, and listlessly shrugged on a white dress shirt, not bothering to button it closed. He escaped quickly to the bathroom where he carefully cleaned up, brushing his teeth until they gleamed a blinding, pearly white, and washed his face. When he was done, he shifted down the hall and towards the kitchen where he gathered a clean, wooden tray, a sturdy pitcher of orange juice and a food hamper from the cupboard. After pouring two glasses of orange juice and a cold jug of milk, he placed the food hamper on the counter and carefully ripped it open, removing a wrapped set of toasted muffins, four plain bagels, six slices of bread, a fresh wedge of cheese, two handfuls of grape and apples and a round, bumpy orange. He placed a sturdy, china plate in the middle and carefully glazed it with the food, keeping the orange locked in his hand. When he was done, he turned to regard it sturdily.
It was cold and stone in his hand, yet felt like it could easily melt into a pool of runny, warm juice if pinned under his gaze long enough. Shaking away any further thoughts of perplexity on trivial, piddling fruits, he fixed it calmly next to the stash of cheese and turned to pluck the slices of bread into the toaster.
While he waited, he gently garnished two of the bagels with some sweet cinnamon spread and sliced the cheese into limp, even pieces. When the toast was ready, he tossed them readily onto the tray, which he took steadily into his hands, and started out of the kitchen and back along the hall, starting to recognize the familiar taste lingering on his tongue.
Your taste.
When he returned, the bedroom was still worn with the familiar albescence of waning dawn and his erection was now fitfully jerking against his thigh. He set the tray nicely against the bedside table, careful not to make too much noise with moving things around, and bent down so he was level with your peaceful sleeping figure. Brushing a loose strand of hair from your eyes, he admired the slip of bare shoulder peeking from the heavy coat of duvet. Seeing you like that made him want to hold and protect you even more and he fretfully hoped he’d showed you that last night.
A smile tugged impatiently at his lips as you began to stir, your hair moving to splay across your neck. He knew how much you hated that and moved it slyly, carefully studying your face as you wearily came to consciousness.
You twisted your head, turning to look at him. He was beautiful—the way the white light fluidly fell around his exquisitely lean form, his shirt parted around his nude front, the smooth dips in his stomach and sharp angles of his pectorals greeting you smugly.
“Good morning, princess,” he brushed a strand of dark hair from your eyes, smiling warmly.
You giggled, almost childishly. “Shouldn’t a princess receive a kiss the moment she wakes up?”
“I thought a kiss was what woke a beautiful princess up,” he mused, leaning forward. His nose brushed yours and a blush bloomed in your cheeks. He smiled, eyes flamed with compassion, and closed his lips over yours. It was a warm, sweet kiss and you fretfully bit back a groan as his tongue gave you a wet, warm greeting. The taste of sweet fruit and tea exploded into your mouth—the taste of Byun Baekhyun. You cupped the back of his neck, tugging him closer as his tongue gently lapped against yours.
He shrugged a hand beneath the covers, skimming his fingers across your hip as he pulled from your lips. “Breakfast?”
You furrowed your eyebrows as he gestured soundlessly towards the tray on the bedside table. You smiled, suddenly aware of how unbearably hungry you were as Baekhyun took the tray into his hands and perched next to you on the bed.
“Good sleep?” He grabbed the knife from the tray with one hand, fixing a bagel on the plate with other. You nodded as he began to garnish the bagel with warm cinnamon spread, occasionally licking his thumb and fingers free of it.
He nodded enthusiastically, and you watched as both his eyes and hands fell in concert across the blanket covering your breasts. You emitted a shaky gasp and Baekhyun’s eyes lit above his smug sneer. He gently lowered the duvet, exposing your chest. His eyes glittered as he marveled at your rounded breasts, his fingers reaching to dance over the curved rosebuds tipping the flesh. He brushed your nipples softly with his thumb, the air swirling around them becoming blissfully warm. He quietly hummed and straightened himself again, seemingly in a freshly good mood, and took the handle of the knife once more between his delicate fingers and started the blade along the edge of the orange. A blush bloomed in your cheeks as you remembered how those fingers had sinfully worked you to euphoria.
You quivered as you felt a drop of wetness hit the top of your chest. You looked down to see a strip of orange-colored liquid snaking almost languidly down to your nipple. A chuckle sounded from your right, brimmed with immorality, and you turned your head to look down at him. He was grinning nefariously from the pillow, but you noticed his hands had moved. They were now tipped almost purposefully over your breasts, the juice from the knife seeping freely to your skin. He pulled the knife back and sank the tip between his lips, coaxing the tangy-flavored stickiness into his mouth. You remembered how he’d poised his lips just like that when he’d been in between your legs the night before, his eyes and tongue flickering wickedly.
He divested his mouth of the knife, driving it deep into the orange until the hilt was perfectly damp with yellow-orange liquid. His eyes roamed over your body, vigilant and watchful, and he gently plucked the knife from the base of the fruit, moving it so the flat end of the blade suspended just over your right breast. He lowered it slowly and you swallowed a gasp the moment the cold blade touched your skin. The flesh became doused with streams of bright, runny liquid and you watched as several drops swirled around the mounted bud of your nipple.
“Mmm,” he reached to gently cup the underside of your breast, his fingers dipping into the full, soft flesh. “What a mess, I’ve made. Guess I’d better clean it up.
You watched as he dipped his head forward and took your breast into his mouth, humming against you. He drew on it lightly, pulling softly, almost tentatively, at the nipple, measuring your reaction carefully.
"You’re killing me, Byun Baekhyun.” He reached up, tenderly cupping the bottom of your other breast as his lips closed around the nipple, suckling sweetly. When he was done and faintly assured all his “mess” was cleaned up, he looked up at you, flicking an excess strand of hair off your bare shoulder.
“Wouldn’t that be such a sweet death?” he murmured, lower lip grazing your nipple.
You shivered, unable to meet his eye. His breath grazed your neck and you sank your teeth into your lower lip, concealing a moan.
“Don’t be shy with me, sweetheart,” his hand ran up your bare thigh, which softened against his touch. He closed his lips around your nipple again, feeling it peak even further in his mouth. His pride seemed to swell as you finally released a soft, shrill whimper and he moved a hand down beneath the duvet to caress your hip.
“So beautiful,” he gently pecked the other breast, the nipple mounting almost immediately at his touch. He smiled, reaching out a single finger to graze the rosy bud. You shivered, sharply taking your lip between your teeth as his finger ghosted across your nipple, sending tuffs of heat swirling around in the flesh. “So sweet.” He leaned forward, drawing it into his mouth whilst reaching under the duvet to grab your thigh. He gently pulled you from under the sheets and placed you gently on his lap, paying homage to your breast all the while. You cupped the back of his head as he stared up at you, running careful fingers along your skin with one hand. You heaved the tray off his lap and leaned across his legs, planting it firmly on the bedside table. The orange juice quivered with disappointment on the wooden surface.
“Are you sure you just want to discard breakfast like this, sweetheart?” he whispered, feigning concern as he ran a hand across your stomach.
“Oh, I’m sure,” you murmured, reaching below the duvet to slip a hand inside his shorts. His face immediately darkened as your fingers folded tightly around his erection, breath catching against you. You pressed kiss after kiss against the slope of his throat, stroking surely, but hesitantly. The incoherent growls in your ear propelled and coaxed you onward as you splayed your lips against his bare pectorals, nipping gently at the arched flesh. His soft, harsh grunts turned into pants as you quickened your speed, petting him definitely.
He suddenly arched up off the bed, wrist folding tightly around your hand as he wrenched your fingers free of his erection. Perplexed, you tried to study his face to see what was the matter, but he crushed his lips against yours, breathing harshly.
“Not now, baby,” he panted, stretching a hand between your legs. “I don’t want to come yet.” He began to pet you softly, latching the skin of your neck between his lips. He sucked, not to hard, but not gently either and a dark, purplish mark fused in his lips’ wake.
You drew your lip tightly between your teeth, shamelessly beginning to slide against his fingers. A smirk formed on his face again as he watched you, panting and beginning to slightly curve against him with need. His other hand splayed gently across your ass, guiding you forward as he leaned to press an earnest kiss against your heart.
“What happened to being shy?” he breathed against the muscle beating frenetically in your chest.
“I want you too bad to care anymore,” you whispered, reaching to draw the flesh of his neck into your mouth. He stilled, a groan spilling in your ear. You remembered how he’d groaned and quaked for you last night—sex with Baekhyun was absolutely nothing less than fulfilling.
“I can’t take it anymore,” he roused, reaching to grope you by the ass. His erection was sitting expectantly between the crevice of your asscheeks, twitching slightly against your skin. “I need you.” He pressed chaste kisses against the hollow of your throat and the supple skin of your neck. “Now.”
You groaned, feeling as he rocked against you. Driven by need, you took him into your hand, pinning him right up against your entrance. Then, making sure to poise yourself straight to attention, you drew yourself down onto him with a quick, sweeping motion. He groaned, loud and fervent against your throat and you cupped the back of his neck, pressing kisses all along the crown of his head.
“God, I love you,” he whispered against your throat. “I love moving inside of you.” He leaned back against the pillow, blonde hair spilling against snowy cotton. You watched as his erection slipped in and out of you, lined with gleaming licks of wetness.
“Damn,” he rasped, reaching to pet your clit. You gasped, fighting back the urge to grab his wrist. Your stomach flamed with something tight and unbearable and as you fought it back, he began to quicken his movements, rubbing you in time to his thrusts. “Damn, you’re so wet.”
You ran your hands across his chest, mapping the surface, painting the warmth of his nipples with your fingers and coloring the flesh of his hips with your palms. He caught your waist firmly with his hands, edging you onward, bucking to meet every single roll of your hips. He was slow, yet passionate, his face a mask of free euphoria as you moved in blissful concert, his mouth slack with ecstasy, his eyes deep and loving. The twinges of the sensation seemed to swirl and jet around you, catching you in its blissful halo as you rose and dropped against him.
“Look at me,” he grated as your head began to lull back. He cupped a comforting hand around the back of your head, long, delicate fingers bringing you back to eye level. It was too much—too intense—swirling in his eyes was a hazy collection of emotions: love, affection, lust, concern. You bent forward, brushing your lips with his, but you didn’t draw them in completely, just grazing them lightly. He tugged you forward, trying to ease your mouths together, but you remained still, all the while still moving sinfully against him.
Desperation filled his eyes as he pulled at your hips in rebuttal, locking his lips together in earnest.
“Please,” he rasped, his voice hoarse and throaty, his eyes locked on yours. “Please—if anything — let me kiss you.”
You swallowed, feeling your dominant facade slowly crumbling beneath his soft gaze. You drew his lips slowly into yours, savoring the taste of him, the feel of him melting into you. He lifted up and his bare chest slid against yours, his arm folding around you. You watched, mouth aloft, eyes burning with bliss as he heatedly rocked into you, his hips pouncing from the bed with each thrust. Your head fell back, your eyes closing as pleasure wracked every inch of your body, overtaking each particle, twisting it into a tight knot of ecstasy. He held you close, his mouth planting searing spots across every space of skin. You struggled against the strong, overbearing hands of orgasm tugging freely at you, coaxing you forward into its hot, smoky depths; you wanted to hold on—you didn’t want it to end yet, you didn’t want to let Baekhyun go.
“Look at me, love.”
It was like lifting the heftiest load of lead from your eyelids: your forced open your eyes, looking down into the sea of rust-colored oblivion. His eyebrows were narrowed and nudged together, his whole face crinkled with pleasure. You could tell he was close, not just from the sound of his heavy, ragged moan, increasing in volume, but from the sharpness of his movements, the dutiful charge of his hips, the snapping of his pelvis, the tight drawing of lower lip between teeth. You arched against him, reeling and tightening, as he leaned forward, lapping and sucking at your breasts. His hands went to cup your ass, guiding and gently mapping your movements, bringing you closer and closer to the brink of ecstasy.
And then the knot that had been binding you tightly, concealing you from the face of pleasure, had suddenly been set loose. The world seemed to tumble around you, a blinding haze of white, brown, and orange, and at once you felt that time seemed to let go of you. You were suspended in mid-air, poised like a rocket sent to space, frozen in a period of free, scorching lust.
Something tightened again, deep in your stomach, and you finally, gloriously fell.
And then hands were slowly bringing you back to reality, grabbing and pulling you towards a wall of soft skin. Your head fell against a damp, clothed shoulder and the smooth skin of cotton seemed to slowly lull you from your daze. You felt Baekhyun’s hand gently smoothing out the curves of your back, rising and falling rapidly against his fingers. With the other hand, he carefully lifted your face, bringing you up to face him. His hair was a bright, tousled mess, blonde threads falling in loose heaps all along his temples and forehead. A trickle of sweat fell smoothly between each of his pectorals, which were rising and falling rapidly against your own chest.
God, he was beautiful.
“Are you okay?” He reached to cup your chin with the other hand, regarding you peacefully. “Y-You looked like you were about to faint. You were all flushed.”
Instead of responding, you reached forward, breathlessly splaying your lips across his, kissing him with every last ounce of energy you had. You smoothed his face with both hands, mapping your fingers across the angled curves of his cheeks, sailing the point of his chin with your thumb. He groaned against you, pulling you closer and you folded your arms tightly around his neck, never wanting to let go.
Unfortunately, he broke away.
“Gosh, that was amazing.”
You sniggered, a blush blooming in your cheeks. “We really should—have breakfast in bed more—often.”
He squeezed you tightly, smoothing the curve of your chin, drawing sensual patterns along the skin of your hip with his other hand. “Catch your breath first, sweetheart. And yes, we really should.”
You leaned forward again, dragging his lips into yours as he melted into you again, the tip of his erection probing your asscheeks. “Can I at least say one thing?”
He nodded, his hair bobbing wildly against his forehead.
“I love you.”
He smiled, his eyes sparkling with warmth. He kissed you, a nice, light peck as his hands glided along your hips. “I love you too.”
And then you were leaning into him again, drawing him inside, and with a soft, hoarse groan, the cycle started all over again.

BTS as quotes from me

Seokjin: “Let me frost my bagel! Wait. Do i spread a bagel? Ah f*ck it. It doesn’t matter,”

Yoongi: “Yeah id love to hang but my bed is nicer so maybe another time,”

Hoseok: (talking to my dog) “I love you. I don’t tell you that enough,”

Namjoon: “Come on we all know humans have been cloned before! Stop lying to yourself!”

Jimin: “Hey I may be five inches shorter than you, but i can move quicker so who’s the real winner here?

Taehyung: (peeled a lemon like you would an orange) "IT’S NAKEY”

Jungkook: “I’m the youngest one here but the only one with enough common sense to pack extra shirt?”

Toasted bagel with dill cream cheese & avocado
Author: Sara @ Don’t Feed After Midnight     
Serves: 2 bagels


  • 2 plain or sesame seed bagels
  • 2 tbsp of cream cheese
  • 1 tbsp chopped fresh dill
  • 1 medium ripe avocado, sliced
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Prepare the dill cream cheese by mixing the two ingredients in a small bowl and seasoning with freshly ground black pepper.
  2. Toast the bagels then spread the cream cheese on the bottom halves and top with the avocado slices. Season with a pinch of sea salt and more black pepper, top with the remaining halves and enjoy right away!

anonymous asked:


After literal months sitting in my inbox, this is finally getting answered. I have alternate answers to all of these, but I had to pick one (and stop wasting valuable work time googling “ridiculous bagels”), so without further ado:

Bangtan as Bagels

Kim Seokjin - Multigrain Bagel

Wholesome, good for you, stunningly aesthetic, and often overlooked as one of the best kinds of bagels out there. (Not pictured: strawberry cream cheese, for optimum sweetness, whimsy, and pink)

Min Yoongi - Onion Bagel with Chive Cream Cheese

A little prickly on the outside, a little bitter on the inside. But a savory flavor sure to satisfy. And once you’ve picked this one, everyone will be able to tell. ;) Plus, it’s mostly just gooey goodness at the heart of it…

Jung Hoseok - Whole Wheat Bagel Sandwich

There is nothing this bagel does not offer you and freely give. Enjoyed by all who try it, filled with goodness to keep you going through your day, and never fails to bring joy to the world around it.

Kim Namjoon - Sesame Seed Bagel with Lox

An acquired taste for some, this fancy and seemingly pretentious bagel is actually the everyman’s bagel, loved by millions as a good way to start the day. Sophisticated, yet frequently awkward to eat.

Park Jimin - Bagel Bite

Wee but mighty – you can never get enough of this bagel. Frequently saucy AND cheesy, this is one bagel sure to please the masses. And check out those cute little curves! (Notice how hard I’m resisting making the JIMIN IS A BAGEL JOKE?)

Kim Taehyung - Rainbow Bagel with Sugar Crystals

I’m not sure I actually need to explain this one, but here goes: Never fits the mold, stands out proudly, makes everyone smile, and loved by both children and adults. (Paired with the right spread, this bagel can be intense, compelling, and unexpectedly intriguing)

Jeon Jungkook - Everything Bagel with Mac & Cheese and Also a Burger Because Why the Fuck Not

Always so fucking extra, this one. An everything bagel includes all the best parts of all the other bagels (because they raised him on their BACKS, Jungkook. I mean… *ahem*) Always doing the most, sometimes gets stuck in your teeth and bugs you all day (or worse, embarrasses you), gives you heartburn, and probably leaves you with regrets in the morning. But also, really just a kid on the inside, trying to impress everyone. 

the best breakfast u can get at starbucks is a plain bagel with avocado spread, a big ice water, and a baby size double ristretto whole milk iced latte and I know this because I work there

Today, I fucked up... by mistaking cream cheese and Nivea moisturizing cream

I woke up around 6 AM and it was really dark in the house. 

I ran into the kitchen to toast a bagel in the toaster and then I ran into my room to get dressed. I decided to put on shorts and then I realized my legs were kind of ASHY/dry. 

I’m stumbling putting on my shorts and taking the cream cheese out of the fridge. I run to the bathroom grab the Nivea cream. I’m tired and really it’s just a stupid mistake because the containers don’t even look the same. 


(Mmm. Bagel)

I grab a knife and get my beautiful bagel. I spread the cream cheese and then spread the Nivea cream on my legs… (Weird.. it isn’t disappearing…) The second I take a bite out of my bagel, I spot the knife in the Nivea container. I instantly spit everything out and went to go wash my legs and mouth.

Nivea doesn’t taste as good as it smells.

TL;DR Ate a bagel with lotion and spread cream cheese on legs

to the baeger to my baechou erenbaegerr. because baeger sounds like bagel and so i drew this in my study notes. what happens when i’m in a crack mood on twitter, talking to erenbaegerr, milujuamaluju, no-other-words.

“ha…a-aah!” bagel baeger wails when baechou spreads his cream all over him. baechou makes sure to thoroughly cover every inch of him in thick layers, so much so that with just a little push, his hole is overflowing, cream seeping out at the brim.



to the one that loves her next:

if she chose you, you must be special. she’s picky.

if you make her toast or a bagel, make sure the spread goes all the way to the edges. if its a bagel, put some extra cream cheese on the plate. she enjoys dipping the bagel in it.

surprise her with dunkin donuts. she LOVES iced coffee. shot of vanilla, with cream and sugar. if you get her a donut, she HATES cream-filled. get her a jelly one or a strawberry frosted (dont forget her sprinkles. she wont let you live it down)

she may not act like a “girly girl”, but randomly give her a bouquet of flowers. she loves them.

take interest in her art! she LOVES showing you her art and shes amazing at it. please, dont blow it off as if its dust.

remember that the very first thing shell do when she gets home is take off her socks. thats her equivalent of taking off her bra (which she does next).

shes ditzy. and its the cutest fucking thing.

when shes nervous or anxious, her stutter gets really bad. keep watch for that, and calm her down and prevent a possible panic attack.

calm her down by handing her cat to her. her cat is easily her favorite thing.

dont be offended, but she will seriously love her cat more than you.

she gets SUPER heated in debates. its cute and fun, but dont say shes being too emotional. she’ll leave.

she has depressive episodes, and all she will want to do is watch disney movies. watch them with her, and cuddle her.

the most important thing: she feels uncomfortable/awkward in sexual situations, and does not enjoy sex very often. DO NOT take any sexual frustration out on her. it is not her fault, because she will try her best.

if i ever hear that you’re hurting her, taking out those sexual frustrations, or not doing something right, i swear to fucking god i will make your life a living hell, if i even decide youre worthy enough to live.

she is my sun, but i am the moon, and the universe just decided we were not to be together. if i cant be with her, then i will do everything in my power to protect her.

- the guy who vowed to be her guardian angel.

The Boys From 105 Part IV

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

||Prompt|| Reader gets to meet new friends and one of them gets too close causing Bucky to get jealous

||Paring|| Bucky x reader

||Featuring|| Basically everyone, like everyone

||Warning|| Not that I can think of

||Word count|| 1,981

So this probaly needs editing…


The Boys From 105

‘Well that wasn’t the most awkward class ever’ You texted your friend, getting out of class as fast as you could, not bothering to say a sorry when you bumped into someone.

‘What happened?’ You instantly got a text back.

‘I’ll tell you later’ You typed quickly, heading to your next class.

You stopped by the coffee place from earlier and took a bagel. “Can I have the blueberry bagel with the blueberry spreading?” You asked the cashier, who nodded and gave you a napkin with the bagel in it.

You paid the 4 dollars and walked off to your last class of the day, Monday consisted of only 3 classes before you went to lunch and had the rest of the day off.

It was 3 minutes away from the shop so you had a few minutes left when you got to class. The class was pretty empty, there were 7 people when you got there, 4 girls and 3 guys who all seemed to be close friends since they all sat together chatting as if they knew each other for a long time.

You sat relatively close to them as 2 other people arrived, the teacher following suit. “Ah yes, a small class.” The professor smiled, looking at all the young faces in the group.

“So to start off the day, I’m going to do something easy, and since this is your writing class, you’ll pair up” Just by hearing pair up, you were lost in thought. Who could be your partner? You didn’t know anyone, and everyone already seemed to know each other.

The last things you heard from the teacher was, “an essay of 3 pages long.” You mentally faced palmed yourself, that’s what she calls easy?

“Now pick a partner, and get to know them, the essay is due by next Monday. This should give you enough time to get to know them better.” With that she shut her hole and took a seat at her desk, pulling out her tablet.

The last 2 people came in seemed to be friends so they paired up easily, the 4 girls quickly chose one another and since there were 3 guys one was left alone. You noticed he was making his way towards you, “Princess do you want me to come or are you coming?” His thick accent surprised you.

“I’ll go.” You collected your stuff and made your way towards the bunch. “Hey, I’m Wanda.” The long haired brunette waved with a pretty smile splattered on her face. “Natasha but they call me Nat.”

“And I’m the most important of them all,” Some coughed slipping in a ‘bitch’ in between a cough. “Maria Hill.”

And the quiet one finally spoke, “I’m Sharon.”

“Y/n” you waved back.

“The annoying one is Pietro, my brother.” She pointed at the man with the Russian accent.

“I’m Clint.”

“Thor.”  You smiled at the 3 guys, “My brother Loki, should be here in a minute, he had a nose bleed.”

“Oh, what happened?” Wanda asked surprised.

“He ran into a pole,” Thor admitted. “He’s adopted.” Thor looked at you reassuring you he wasn’t as dumb as his brother.

“Yeah he isn’t really the athletic one,” You started liking Loki, he reminded of yourself. “but he’s very smart.” Sharon tried protecting her friend.

Everyone ignored her statement, making you frown but didn’t comment on it. You watched the pairs start gossiping, obviously not needing to do the ‘get to know me’ speech, but you did…

“Pretty face, are you just going to sit there and let me write an essay about your beauty?” Pietro asked lightly placing a hand on top of yours. With that the whole group went to silent, wanting to hear your story. 

“Not that he can’t.” Clint butted in making the group laugh. 

“Well, there’s not much to me…” You trailed off thinking about your childhood. “But there was this time when…” You went on telling them about your childhood to the moment you got into college. 

The class had ended and the whole group was heading to the cafeteria, so as the bunch made way, you quickly texted y/f/n, telling her to find some seats that you’d soon be with her. 

“So Y/n what year are you in?” Pietro asked moving in between you and Maria. 

“Freshman.” You looked up at him noting his hair wasn’t blonde as you thought; it had more of a silver touch.  

“Aww, you’re also a fresh sack of buns too?” Maria laughed. 

“Who else is?” You asked wondering who looked fairly younger than the rest which only lead to Wanda, Pietro. 

“Well, the twins are freshman. Natasha, Sharon and I are sophomores. Loki is a junior which leaves Thor and Clint as seniors.” Maria noted as you nodded not fully comprehending the whole sentence. 

After a few minutes of enjoying the air on your faces and conversating with everyone, the smell of food finally hit your nostrils, making you hungrier. Everyone went up to a large table and left a few personal belongings before going to the cafeteria line. 

“Y/n?” You turned around to the direction your name was being called. From the other line, you saw y/f/n with Steve and Bucky behind them.  You quickly turned around to Sharon, muttering you’d be back and went towards the other line. 

“Hey guys,” You waved at the 3 of them but only got a response from Steve and y/f/n, Bucky pretended to be busy on his phone. “So I’m with these people I met in class, cutest guys ever.” You noted. 

Bucky looked up from his phone, “You’ll like Loki.” You looked at Steve who seemed upset. 

“Y/n, Loki isn’t a good guy.” You looked up at Steve, giving him a questioning look. “He hasn’t been really the healthiest dude.” By healthy, you knew he meant he did some sort of drug. 

“Well that’s sad; I’m actually going to hang out with him tonight. He invited me to a friendly party one of my new friends, Natasha is throwing. I’ll see you in a bit,” You looked to your friend but caught a glimpse of Bucky tightening his jaw. “I told Sharon to keep my place; I’ll catch up in a bit, I still have to tell you about, you-know-what.” 

But before you could even move, a hand was placed at the small of your back. Slightly gasping, you looked up to see Pietro, two lunches on his left hand.  “Princess, are you coming?”

You were surprised by his choice of words, “Yeah” You looked back at Y/f/n who had a surprised look. “I’ll catch up in a bit. Text me when you find a place.” With that, you were gone, following Pietro to the table.

“So who was that?” Pietro asked

“Oh, that’s my best friend, y/f/n. We’ve been best friends since like forever.”

“And what about the other dude?”

“That’s Steve and his friend Bucky behind them, they’re my neighbors.”

“Ahh, so you guys are the girls from the 4th floor.” You nodded in agreement. “No wonder.” You heard him mutter.

“No wonder what?” You asked when you had reached the table.

“Bucky dude was glaring at me.”

“Why would tha-“

“He likes you, Y/n.” Natasha somehow heard the conversation.

Maria butted in, “Trust me, no one messes with John without being gossip. No one has ever won a fight with him, so you can just imagine what gossip Bucky Barnes started.”  

“You know gossip is going around pretty fast, and every girl is going wild over him.” You and Pietro sat down.

“Who couldn’t fall in love with him, his jaw line is carved by God himself,” Sharon said before digging into her hamburger.

“He’s not even that cute.” Loki sat down next to you.

“Do you even know what you’re saying?” Wanda threw a fry at Loki. Loki took advantage and opened his mouth, easily catching the fry.

“Y/n don’t turn around, but Bucky is glaring at you.” You were so close to turning around.

You took a sip of your water, “Let him, lately, he’s been a douche.”

“So he wouldn’t mind me doing this?” Pietro, who was sitting next to you on the long bench chair, used his right hand and placed it on the other side of your waist and pulled you closer to him, squeezing your bum along the way.

“I don’t think so.” You rested your head on his shoulder.

“Whoa, what’s going on?” Wanda asked pointing at the two of you.

“Leave some room for Jesus, kids.” Clint parted the two of you and placed his tray down.

The group laughed as you felt your phone vibrate, ‘Who’s that sexy bom bom?’ You read the message from y/f/n.

‘Where are you?’ You texted back

‘A few tables away from Steve’s.’ You looked behind, searching for your friend and quickly caught a glimpse of her bright pink sweater.

“Got to go guys,” You took the tray with food Pietro had gotten for you, “Thanks for the food, Pietro.” You fair welled them, getting many byes in return, and made your way towards Y/f/n who sat alone, waiting for your arrival. 

“So there’s plenty you need to say. You might as well give me your fries.” And so you did, giving her the fries, you began your rambling, “So when I got to my second class, the whole room was already filled but one seat next to Bucky, and then…” You told her about 2nd period and then about 3rd period. 

“So Bucky officially likes you.” 

“Eh, he’s probably just over protective after John.” You and y/f/n stood up from the table and made your way outside.

 “Sure keep telling yourself that. What about Pietro? Do you think he likes you?” 

“Oh, he does.”  You turned at her throwing her a smirk. “And I like him, so it all works out.”

Once the two of you got outside, you said your goodbyes since she had a class left and you went back to the dorm. 

You quickly got back to the building when you caught a ride with Sharon since she lived in the same building.

Once inside the elevator, you noticed she was on the 7th floor and you pressed the 4th button. “So how’s it like living with a bunch of men?”

“Totally great, you get to hear them banging women, and the best part is when they are going rough and the poor women are begging for their lives. You have your phone in your hand, ready to call 911, but then you remember they are having sex. Oh but the best part is when you open the front door and all you smell are their stinky socks and some good old farts with a mixture of some expensive cologne. But truly the best part is when they try to have their way with you.”  The elevator doors opened and you stepped out, saying your goodbyes, you walked down the hallway.

From dorm 109,108,107,106, 105-you stopped just before your door to pull out the keys. Concentrated, looking through your backpack, you didn’t notice a person had crept behind you, using its hand to cover your mouth so you wouldn’t scream.

The person used its other hand and pulled you back to its chest. Instantly recognizing the cologne by the proximity, you bit down on the hand, “What the hell Bucky?” You finally said when his hand let you go.

Bucky didn’t utter a word when you turned around and faced him, “What’s been up with you latel”

Bucky pushed you against the hallway’s wall and took a hold of your hands, making you drop your bag. Pulling your hands up to your head as he leans his body against yours, making it physically impossible to move. He ghostly placed his lips on top of yours, as he whispers, “You’re mine, only mine.”


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I promise you guys I’m writing part three to the Peter Parker imagine: Thought you were a murder. Read  Part I &  Part 2  :)

your love is worth it

Chapter 11 of Willingly Damned. One.  Two.  Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven.Eight. Nine. Ten.

A kiss with a fist is better than none. Blood, fights, tattoos, and more than a little sexual tension. Or the one where Bellamy is part of an underground fight ring and Clarke is in for more than she bargained for.

Read it on AO3.  Picspam.

Sunday morning. Sleepy, sweet escape. The air is cold but, beneath the sheets, Bellamy’s skin and the soft rise and fall of his chest is all warmth.

Clarke scatters kisses along his throat, across his sternum, and down his stomach until Bellamy finally stirs.

“Morning—” she cuts him off with a greedy kiss.

Their teeth clack, it’s messy—wet. But she doesn’t care because for the first time in a long time she woke up feeling whole. Last night there were no nightmares—there was no fear—just the warmth of Bellamy’s body in bed beside her.

She catches her breath when Bellamy’s warm mouth finds the skin beneath her ear, biting and sucking until he leaves a dark stain.

His hot breath tickles her shoulder and sends shivers down her spine. Her nails scratch lightly down the ridges of his bare stomach. Her mouth finds his again and Bellamy groans against Clarke’s lips when her fingers skim past his hips and slide lower. 

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Driving Lesson ( GOT7 Mark )

* Inspire by driving with my boyfriend ;) - Joy ~

You woke up at 3am in the morning today to get ready, Mark promised you that he would take you out to learn some of the simple task of driving. You were happy but very nervous. Your sister warned you that having a boyfriend or girlfriend teaching you how to drive will be difficult because it can always end up in a fight. But you told yourself that you would do well. Your heart started beating super fast, you were too excited. Your phone vibrate. It’s a text from Mark. 

“ Babe, I’m outside. Please bring me something to eat too ~ ”

You chuckle to yourself, you quickly went downstair. You grabbed a bagel, and spreaded cream cheese on it. You microwave it for 30 second so Mark can eat it while it’s still warm. You quickly put on your jacket and slip on your shoes and headed out.

“ Bagels!! Thanks babeee! ” Mark said happily at the smell of it.

“ I’ll make you something to eat later when we come back . ” You said as you seat belt yourself.

“ French Toast please ” Mark said eating the bagel.

You two drove for an hour trying to look for a parking lot. The parking lots that you guys searched for didn’t have the big of a space you guys wanted. You guys continue to look and finally found one. Mark scoot his chair back to make space for you to sit on his lap.

“ Okay, come sit here. I will help you steer the wheel. ” Mark said as he tap his legs waiting.

You moved to sit on top of him. You took a deep breath, trying to concertrate. 

“ Okay, first you step on the- " 

Before Mark can even finish his sentence; you stepped on the gas super hard and the car felt like it was flying. Mark yelled out ” Step on the break! “ You listened to him and stepped on the break super hard. Mark held onto you to make sure you didn’t get hurt.

” Are you okay ? “ Mark asked in a worry tone.

” Yes…. are you okay? “ You whispered, scared that he is going to yell at you.

” I’m fine.. “ he said, trying to catch his breath.

He gave a small laugh and hugged you tight. 

” I think you just got a little too excited. Don’t feel bad. “ He said smiling.

” Let’s go back to my place.. I’ll make you French Toast to make it up to you. “ You said giving him a peck on the check.

Mark nodded, and you both drove back to your place. You told Mark to watch t.v while you prepare breakfast for him. Although you were quite disappointed in yourself, you were still happy that Mark wasn’t mad at you.

2 weeks later.

” Babe… “ You said as you brushed through Mark’s hair.

” Yes? “ He said, still looking through his instagram picture.

” Can I drive your car again? “ You said as fast as you can.

He tilt his head up to look at you.

” I’m not going to risk my life. “ He said laughing.

You playfully punch him; then hugged him.

Smoked salmon bagels

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: smoked salmon? This is meant to be a blog for cheap food! I can’t afford that! Well, here’s the secret: smoked salmon trimmings. I don’t know if every shop sells these, but if you find one that does, and if you love smoked salmon, they’re a really good way to get some amazing-tasting fish on the cheap.

This isn’t so much a recipe as just a good tip for when you’re bored of sandwiches and other boring lunches.

You will need:

  • A plain bagel
  • Soft cheese (e.g. Philadelphia, or a cheaper brand)
  • Smoked salmon trimmings

You can pretty much guess the next bit: Cut your bagel in half, spread a dollop of soft cheese on each half, and lay some smoked salmon trimmings on top.

I find that a 200g packet of soft cheese will cover 5 bagels, and a 120g packet of smoked salmon trimmings will cover 3 of those bagels, so that’s 3 good lunches and maybe 2 breakfasts with the leftovers (toasted plain bagels with soft cheese are good, too!).

In total, this cost me £3.20.

These trimmings are also great for any other recipe calling for smoked salmon (try mixing some Philadelphia soft cheese into some pasta and adding slices of tomato and smoked salmon trimmings!).