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Sleepy Sam 😍

Reader is Sam’s young daughter.

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“Morning sleeping beauty.” Dean said with a smirk as Sam walked into the view of the kitchen.

“That’s my name Uncle De!” You replied with a pout.

“I thought you wanted to be Punzel?” Dean asked with a look.

“Oh, dat’s right. I’m Punzel!” You said happily before taking a bite out of your bagel.

“How are you so awake?” Sam asked while looking at you as he went to grab himself some much needed coffee.

“Whatcha mean?” Dean questioned, glancing between you and Sam. You simply shrugged your shoulders, dismissing the men before turning your focus back onto your bagel.

“She woke me up at like one am because of a bad dream and didn’t fall back asleep until six.” Sam replied with a yawn.

Dean looked over at you with a furrowed brow, “Shorty woke me up at six thirty. I just had her lay in bed with me watching Netflix until I decided to get up.” Dean told your father.

Both men shared concerned glances before Sam walked over and knelt down to your level. “Y/N, did you ever go back to sleep last night?” He asked you. You quickly nodded your head and took another bite of your bagel, but avoided eye contact with both men, a telltale sign that you were lying to them.

“Y/N.” You uncle said in a stern voice, causing your shoulder to slump.

“Baby, did you go back to sleep when I put you back in bed this morning?” Sam asked again. This time you shook your head ‘no’ while looking at your hands that were on your lap.

“Why not princess?” Dean asked while leaning down on your other side.

“Cause I was scareded the monster was gon get me if I went back to sleep. I tried really hard Daddy but I couldn’t, so stead I went to Uncle De’s room.” You said in a guilty voice.

“It’s okay sweetheart, you know I like our sleepovers.” Dean said, trying to erase the sadness you were feeling, no kid should feel sorry about wanting comfort from their family.

“You can always go to your uncle Y/N there’s nothing wrong with that. You can always come back and get me too, why didn’t you?” Sam asked, worried that you didn’t want his comfort.

“You were sleepy daddy and needed sleep. You kept the monsters away all night so I figured Uncle De could do it in the morning.” You said in a soft tone.

The brothers shared a chuckle at your words, “Can’t beat that logic.” Dean said with a smile on his face.

“No you can’t, but you missy,” Sam began while he swooped you into his arms causing you to giggle, “Need to get more sleep, and so do I.”

“Can I sleep with you daddy?” You asked with a concerned look on your face, scared he’d leave you alone.

“Of course baby.” He replied as he began to walk out of the room.

“Wait!” You shouted, putting both your hands on either side of your dad’s face.

“What?” Sam asked, concerned that he was missing something.

“I need my bagel.”

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prompt: bucky using his memory loss as an excuse to get out of doing things

“So you managed to get three kinds of bagel.” Sam finishes poking through the last grocery bag and fixes Bucky with his least approving stink eye. “But you couldn’t get one bag of Doritos for me.”

“Oh, shit. Sorry.” Bucky’s face creases in embarrassment and Steve glances at him worriedly. Why there needs to be three of them in Sam’s kitchen figuring out the food for an afternoon watching football, he doesn’t know, but this is his goddamn life now. “I, um. I forgot.”

“It’s okay Buck, shit happens.” Steve squeezes his elbow sympathetically as Bucky ducks his head, ashamed of his frequent memory lapses. Sam squints at him and scoffs, because he knows that look. 


Sam.” Steve admonishes quietly, hand sliding up to Bucky’s shoulder in support. “It happens, alright? It’s not his fault.”

Steve is looking at Sam, so he doesn’t notice when Bucky looks up. He smirks and catches Sam’s eye, making sure he’s paying attention before he winks. 


12 Days of Sabriel – Day 9

Title: 12 Days of Sabriel – Day 9
‘Showing up late to class with a Starbucks’ is not Sam’s style at all. Not showing up to class at all because the guy working at Starbucks is confusingly handsome is totally Sam’s style.
Underage Drinking (< 21 years)

Sabriel || Fluff || Height Difference || Coffee Shop AU || College AU || Sam is a Starbucks virgin || OC: Bagel || Advent Calendar Fic

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8

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100 Ways (Part 3)

A/N: This drabble series is inspired by p0ck3tf0x’s list One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Drabble series chronicling your relationship with Bucky, from awkward teammates to friends, to… well, you know.

Word count: 398

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You come stumbling to a halt, panting heavily. You hear Sam skid to a stop behind you and feel his hand on your shoulder. Turning around to look at him, you smile weakly and say, “They don’t really expect us to keep up, do they?”

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Mr. Steve: September

By the time he reached his office, Steve already had paint in his hair. He wasn’t sure if was leftover from yesterday’s after school art club, or something he had picked up on the way out the door, but all he could do was hope no one had noticed. 

“So,” Sam said, leaning gracefully in Steve’s door frame with a glass of orange juice. Steve wasn’t really sure he’d ever seen the man without some kind of breakfast food, but it was pretty helpful, since without those cues Steve would never remember to eat. “Principal Romanoff says she likes your Disney pop star look." 

Sam gestured at the blue and red streaked through Steve’s blond bangs. 

Steve groaned as he tried to find his reflection in the hallway-facing window. "What is this, blue? Green?" 

"Blue and red,” Sam informed him. “Leftover from yesterday?”

“I took a shower,” Steve shot back, picking paint flecks out of his hair. “The paint’s out to get me.”

“Yeah, that pretty much sums up elementary school education.” Sam smiled, surveying the empty hallway. In about a half hour it would be flooded with students, half-assedly attempting to keep their voices and footsteps to a dull roar. “C'mon, I got breakfast." 

"Oh, thanks, Sam, but y'know, pastries are a little too sweet for me.”

“Yeah, that’s what you said yesterday. So I got bagels,” Sam replied, ushering Steve towards his office next-door. “Unless you’re some kinda godless heathen who hates bagels and probably America.”

“Look at my hair, Sam. I’m very committed to this nation." 

(Bucky’s POV)


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Hey, since you are asking for suggestions, can you please do George teasing Sammy about his "bagel kink" and samuel starts getting defensive about it, i know it's bad but idk, do it pls :3

It’s not bad at all, I love it :’) 

I drew this in class and got a lot of odd looks…worth it.

I am so damned tired today so have some fun fact sambucky headcanons:

Bucky becomes a terrible influence with Sam and they end up sleeping in all the time because Bucky refuses to get out of bed and Sam just sighs heavily and joins him. Mostly because Bucky will not let him go.

Bucky has broken five alarm clocks so far.

Steve literally needs to come by and tip the mattress over just to get them up sometimes.

Odd Friendships (Part 19)


A/N: I’m a terrible person and I like to mess up with your feelings. 

I’m having some troubles to reply some of your messages, I don’t know what’s going on  :( 

Steve didn’t need a further explanation. He understood right away and he felt his own heart shrinking. Was he happy about his friend? Yes. But on the other hand, he couldn’t avoid feeling displaced, forgotten, alone.  

“He doesn’t need to be tied” Wanda said. “He needs a good rest, we can keep going tomorrow”. Steve nodded once in approval, he didn’t really listen what Wanda said.

“I’ll get him clothes” was the only thing Steve said before walking away.

“So, do we left him here or what?” Pietro asked his sister.

“Release him” she replied, looking at Steve walking down the hall. Pietro said something about ‘dangerous’ and ‘not a good idea’, but she wasn’t listening, she was busy trying to read Steve’s mind. She promised she would never use her powers with the team, but she was worried and she knew something was wrong.

Wanda?” Bucky called with a low voice, bringing her out of her trance. She walked inside the room and leaned close to him to hear him better, he was already sitting in the edge of the bed. “Please, don’t tell (Y/N)”.

“But –” Wanda says confused.

“It’s better this way” Bucky assures. “She doesn’t need this”.

“Okay” Wanda accepts. “But what if she feels the same?”

“She’ll have to change that”


You started your way back to the infirmary once you’ve changed your clothes, when Tony came from behind and threw an arm on your shoulders.

“Morning” you greet him.

“You know there is something called ‘vigilance cameras’?” he asks to you. When you look at him confused, he laughs and then explains himself. “I saw you two, love-birds, sleeping together. Lucky you it was me who saw it”. he winks.

“Thank you. I guess?” you say, feeling the blush in your cheeks, not sure if you were relieved or more worried.

“We are going to be great friends, (Y/N), making the old man angry is the hobby for people like us” he says tapping your back and making you laugh. “Wanna breakfast, kid?” he asks, leading you to the kitchen. You shook your head.

“Actually, I was going to the infirmary to-”

“Steve’s there with the Maximoffs” he breaks “I heard she can help him with her magic, you should give them some hours. Also Rogers was looking for you, he will be here in any moment”.

He was right, so you took a seat in the kitchen after pouring you a cup of coffee and grabbing a bagel. Sam was already there with a glass of orange juice. Natasha was nowhere to be seen, but she was probably on the training room, like every morning.

“Had a good night, (Y/N)?” He questions with a smirk.

“You told everyone?!” You ask Tony, making Sam laugh.

“Told what?” Steve breaks in “I was looking for you, (Y/N)”

“Well, I’ve been here all the time” you tell him biting the bread. He looks at you, obviously ignoring your lie.

“Can we talk?” he says. You nod and swallow the rest of the bagel you were eating. “In private” he continues, looking at Sam and Tony. Both men rose from their seats and leave the room, but not before pouring themselves some more coffee and taking things from the fridge, no one would stop them to have breakfast.

“What’s up?” you start. “Have you already seen Jam– Bucky?” you ask him. He nods.

“Why do you call him James?” He asks, looking intrigued at you. You shrug.

“That’s the first name I knew of him. And the one he remembered” You answer. Steve sits in front of you and sighs. “Are you ok?” you ask, he looked tired, and, angry? When you try to reach his hand over the table he removes it. “Steve what’s going on?”

“(Y/N), Do you… do you love him?”  he finally inquired. ‘Very subtle, Rogers, very subtle’. Steve thought.

“W-what?” That definitely took you aback. Why was he asking this? “Don’t you think that’s not important now?” You say, regaining your composure, standing up and walking outside the kitchen, but Steve grabs your wrist and pulls you back roughly.

“(Y/N), please. I need to know because I think I- I—” After some tortuous seconds, Steve sighs. “Forget it” he says, releasing his grip and walking to the elevator.

“The hell was that?” you mumble to yourself as you return to your room.


“This is the training room” Wanda says, opening the large doors to show the inside of the room, filled with punching bags and other facilities. “Dressing rooms” she points to another door. Bucky just nodded as Wanda explained. Pietro just rolled his eyes, he didn’t find necessary to show him everything, but Wanda insisted in it, and he would never leave her alone with Bucky. Also it was awkward to be sitting in silence in the infirmary waiting for Steve to return, so Wanda wrapped Bucky in a blanket and guided him through the building.

Bucky liked the girl, she was kind and patient in a way no one had been before with him. Though he felt like she was treating him like a puppy, he found it adorable. Weird word, he hadn’t thought of someone as adorable in a long time.

Wanda on the other hand was terrified, she could still feel his pain, not only physical, but mental, it was constant and unbearable, and somehow, he managed to keep it hidden. She thought it would be a good idea to distract him showing him the place. She feared a relapse and that he could hurt someone, even when he didn’t want to.

“Kitchen” Wanda said when they arrived there. Bucky stopped for a moment looking around. Of course, he hadn’t eaten in days, she realized. And he would never accept he was starving, it would make him look weak.  “I haven’t had breakfast yet. We can eat something” she suggested. Bucky didn’t answer since she was already pouring water in mugs and placing tea bags in them.

“Natasha must be looking for us, it’s training time” Pietro pointed out to her sister.

“She’s out” Wanda replied turning on the stove. “And I’m hungry”.  Bucky could have smiled. He definitely liked that girl, though he was still wary of her brother, there was something cocky in him that Bucky found annoying. “Sit. Do you like eggs?” she asked Bucky. He slightly nodded and took a seat, grabbing in his non-metal hand the mug, feeling the warmth. Pietro sighed and sat on the other corner of the table staring at Bucky.

“Thank you” Bucky whispered, his own words surprising him. Wanda looked at him from over her shoulder and smiled. Pietro rolled his eyes once more.

“What’s with Rogers? He just threw me this shirts and—Aah! Here’s the special guest" Tony exclaimed entering the kitchen and giving Bucky the shirts he was carrying  "Ready to get that arm of yours fixed?”.


You’ve  called Natasha fourth times and she never picked up. You needed to talk with someone. Wanda would be a good choice but you just met her and it would be weird to discuss your feelings with a stranger. The words of Steve remained in your mind, repeating over and over again as you were laying in your bed staring at the ceiling.

Did you loved Bucky? No, of course you didn’t. Or maybe, yes? You have been through alot together, you felt good with him, you enjoyed being with him. He surrendered to protect you. Damn you almost died to save him, and you would do it again.

But what about Steve? You had to accept there was something inside of you that warmed every time you were with him, he made you feel happy, safe, the best version of you emerged when you were with him. Was that love? Did Steve love you? 

Would you really like to know?