Phone battery headcanons

no one asked for this yet I felt I should deliver

Jumin: 95% or higher all the time. Makes Jaehee carry 12 portable chargers for him

Yoosung: literally always on 3% but he has quite an old phone so it holds out for him💪

Zen: lets it get to 1% before he gives a damn. He can’t be bothered charging his phone before that because ?? He’s takin selfies ??? Why would he take out of his selfie time just to find his charger ??

707: purposefully keeps it at 69% 24/7

Jaehee: Jumin never lets her use his portable chargers so her phone’s always struggling at abt 23%

V: he never uses his phone really, so it’s normally at about 80%

Unknown: always either 1% or 100% there’s no in between. No one ever sees it charging tho.