“Small horned face”
Late Cretaceous, 80 million years ago

Bagaceratops was a… small ceratopsian, similar to Protoceratops. Despite it living in the late Cretaceous, however, Bagaceratops displayed a much… a much more primitive body structure. Its name comes from Mongolian baga, meaning “small.” Thus, Bagaceratops means… OH MAN, I’M SORRY. I can’t keep it together. “BAGACERATOPS.” That’s worse than “Gasosaurus.” That poor little guy.

The small horned face, Bagaceratops (1975)

Phylum : Chordata
Class : Reptilia
Order : Ornithischia
Suborder : Ceratopsia
Infraorder : Ceratopsia
Family : Bagaceratopidae
Genus : Bagaceratops
Species : B. rohzdestvenskyi

  • Late Cretaceous (80,6 - 76,4 Ma)
  • 50 cm long and 22 kg (size)
  • Gobi desert, Mongolia (map)

Most of the ceratopsians of the late Cretaceous period were gigantic, multi-ton earth-shakers like Triceratops, but millions of years earlier these dinosaurs were much more petite–witness Bagaceratops, which only measured about three feet long from snout to tail and weighed 50 pounds or so soaking wet. This fairly obscure, minimally ornamented ceratopsian ancestor is known mostly by the partial remains of various skulls; a complete skeleton has yet to be unearthed.


Baba-cera-tops! Drew this up for 20/01/2012 but didn’t post up immediately (I’m a little behind…) I thought of the idea a few weeks back and thought it’d make a nice bit of something different for draw everyday :) 

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