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Magical herbal DIY’s for every part of your precious body.

For the witches (or anyone else) who are into herbs and smelling good.

The magical attributes of the DIY’S according to the herbs used are highlighted in the contents section below in brackets. You can choose one or multiple attributes to focus on while using these products to match your intent. 


1. Floral facial steam: Leaves your face feeling fresh AF, smelling good. (Protection, love, centering and psychic power)

2. Rose & chamomile bath bags: Relaxing AF, smells good, SUPER CLENSING. (Protection, centering and meditation)

3. Clay and Lavender face mask: We all know clay is dope for our skin, and lavender can never go wrong. (Peace, protection, love, purification)

4. Peppermint foot scrub: Leaves your feet feeling and smelling FIIIINEEE. (Travel, money, healing, luck, strength)


1. Floral facial steam

YOU WILL NEED (The ingredients below are per 6 treatments so multiply it for as many treatments as you’d like): 

-3 100ml jars

-2/3 cup of lavender buds, dried

-1/3 cup of rose petals, dried

-2/3 cup chamomile flowers, dried


Mix up the herbs ad divide them into each jar (roughly half a cup each)


• Remove make up or dirt by using a gentle cleanser
• Place herbs in a heatproof bowl (use 4 tablespoons herbs per treatment – each jar is enough for 2 treatments)
• Pour one pint of boiling water into a heat proof bowl (USE MOON WATER FOR EXTRA BENEFITS)
• Place bowl on a sturdy surface (like a table) and lower face over the bowl (it’s usually best to sit in a chair that is pulled up close to a table)
• Place a towel over your head to create a tent over the bowl (the towel helps the steam stay close to the face and not evaporate into the air so quickly)
• Stay here for about 15 to 20 minutes- while you are here start by centring yourself, and then think about your intent and what you wish for the herb to bring to you, imagine the steam cleansing away any negativity. 


2. Rose & chamomile bath bags

YOU WILL NEED (The ingredients below are per 3 treatments so multiply it for as many treatments as you’d like):

-3 Muslin bags

-¾ cup dried rose petals

-¾ cup dried chamomile flowers

-1 ½ cup epsom salts

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl. Place 1 cup of mixture in each muslin bag. Tie the top of each bag to close tightly.


To use bath tea bag, tie bag to faucet so the water runs through it as the bath fills. Once the bath is full of warm water, remove the bag from the faucet and let it float in the bath. Soak for at least 15 minutes - while doing so, remember to relax, centre yourself, remember your intent and what you wish to get out of this treatment and imagine the salts and hot water clensing away any negative energy.


3. Clay and Lavender face mask

YOU WILL NEED (once again makes 3 , adjust to your liking):

-3 100 ml jars

-½ cup lavender flower powder

-1 1/8 cup white cosmetic clay


Mix up and divide into jars, roughly half a cup per jar. 


At time of use, mix 1 tablespoon of lavender-clay mix with 2-3 teaspoons of water, cooled chamomile tea, or hydrosol, until a paste forms. Spread over the face, avoiding the eyes. Leave for 15 minutes. This mask draws out toxins and negative energy so make sure to visualise the clay mask absorbing the negative energy for maximum effect, meanwhile, pour your intent into this procedure and absorb the lavender and mother earth’s clay into your system. Wash off with warm water and a wash cloth. 

BOOOM yo face is untoxic AF super clensed, and smelling damn fineeee.

4. Peppermint foot scrub

What you need (MAKES 3):

-3 250-300(ish)ml jars

-1/3 cup fine sea salt or epsom salt

-¾ cup oil (grapeseed, sweet almond or olive)

-Few drops peppermint essential oil

-¼ cup dried peppermint leaves


Mix ingredients in bowl, divide into jars, roughly 1 cup per jar.


Rub into damp foot in circular motions. Our feet pick up alot of negative energy, and are important because they take us places in the physical world, make sure to focus on your intent and drawing out the negative energy.


Happy witching

~ @indigo-amethyst

This is some bath magick that you can tailor to you. Make sure you have the basic materials but becauss this magick is specifically made to make you feel better, change some herbs up or you know, whatever.

Do your thing.

Rowan’s, “Bathe Me the Fuck Better” Bath Spell

Originally posted by lakritzellaz

You Will Need:

  • As many candles as you want (I chose six, and had red, white and blue ones. Not because I am a mad patriot but because they’re associated with health, love (of self), and cleansing.)
  • Filter paper to make a lil’ bag out of (if you don’t have this to hand, you can chuck the stuff into the bath water as long as it’s safe to do so).
  • A small elastic (rubber) band to tie the bag off with.
  • A bath full of favourably temperatured water.
  • Rose petals.
  • Lavender buds.
  • Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz (you can have some of those, all, or one).
  • Pink Himalayan Salt.

To make this easier, prep your bag before you run and intend on getting into, the bath.

  1. Open your filter paper and place the salt in the centre first - remember that you’re going to seal the bag with a rubber band, so leave room around the edges.
  2. Then add the rose petals and lavender buds into the centre of your little salt pile.
  3. Lastly, add your crystals and then seal the bag by pulling all of the edges upward towards each other, and tying the band tightly around the neck you should have.

Once your bath is run and you’re prepped, you


want to do this

optional step:

  1. To add an extra oomph, pass the baggy through the smoke of your favourite incense. Mine, in this case would be vanilla.

Final bit!

  1. Place your candles around the edge of your bathtub, and as you begin lighting them, repeat this phrase (you can do this aloud or in your head) until each candle is lit and flickering deliciously:

By the warmth of the flame, I am cleansed. By the crackling of the fire, I thrive once more. Et sic factum est, et semper erit.

Now place your bag into the water and climb in. Allow the troubles of the day to melt away as you soak amongst the flames.

Anti-anxiety Shower Spell

Let’s face it. Sometimes our fear of failure and anxiety can get the best of us even when we think we’re prepared for whatever happens. That’s why I created this spell to help stay calm before major events.

This spell is great to do before a large presentation for school or work, a job interview, or any other event where you need to be calm and collected.

What you’ll need:

  • A small cloth bag, empty tea bag, or cheese cloth 
  • Eucalyptus 
  • Citrine 
  • Lavender 
  • Orange zest

What to do:

Gather your ingredients and place them in your bag. If you’re using tea cloth, place the items in the center of the bag and tie it closed with a cord or ribbon of your choice. Once you’ve got all of your herbs in place, charge them with your intent! Hold them in your hands and imagine your energy flowing into them to waken their properties. Eucalyptus to repel negative thoughts and protect against them coming back, citrine to enhance the cleansing, lavender to stay relaxed and tranquil, and orange zest to restore a sense of well-being and joy. 

When you can feel their energy thrumming in your hands, go into the bathroom and tie the bag to your shower head so that the hot water and steam will release the oils into the air. Shower like normal. Wash your hair, scrub down your body, make sure you get yourself squeaky clean, and then let the hot water ground and center you. Feel the water hitting the top of your head and trickling down to the tips of your toes. Imagine your anxiety like a thick, black tar covering your skin and only the water can wash it away. While envisioning this, you can chant or think this:

Flowing waters clean and clear 
Rid me please of all my fears
Wash the dread right down the drain
So calm and steady I’ll remain.
Cleanse my body, cleanse my mind
Leave my anxieties henceforth behind.
This is my will, this is my power
To release trepidation in this shower.

Repeat the chant until you feel ready to conquer whatever the day holds! For an added boost, keep the citrine in your pocket and rub it if those pesky thoughts come back. Hope you all enjoy this!

Sea Witch Bath

Maybe you’re a landlocked sea witch, maybe you’re looking for a setting to commune with your ocean deity, maybe you just feel like pampering yourself like a mermaid. We’ve got the bath spell for you.

First prep the bath mixture. You’ll need:

  • 1 part sea salt
  • 1 part epsom salt
  • 1 part kelp powder
  • ½ part baking soda
  • essential oil of rosemary

Combine all the ingredients in a jar, then charge the mixture under the full moon. Store with a piece of moonstone when not in use.

For the spell you’ll need:

  • the sea witch bath mixture
  • muslin bag or old pantyhose
  • variety of candles
  • sea related trinkets (i.e. seashells, sea glass, mermaid offerings, etc.)
  • jasmine or eucalyptus incense

Arrange your trinkets and candles around the rim of the bathtub, then light the incense and candles. While waiting for the bathtub to fill with warm water, place a cup of the bath mixture into the muslin bag or pantyhose and tie it shut. Make sure theres enough room in the bag for when the kelp expands. Drop it into the bath water, then soak until you feel you’ve absorbed all the energy out of the bath.

Enjoy your soak, all you lovely sea witches~

Under Cover of Night

A Charm for Safe Travel at Night

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft

Originally posted by heartsnmagic


  • Small bottle or bag 
  • Basil 
  • Blackberry 
  • Thorns or brambles 
  • Blue Goldstone 
  • Sea salt 

Charm Construction 

✰ Step 1. The night before spell preparation, leave the blue goldstone outside or in a window; somewhere it will be in moonlight. This both charges the stone and fills it with the properties to cover and protect you during the night. 

✰ Step 2. The next day, fill a small bag or bottle with basil, blackberry leaves and/or seeds, any type of thorns or bits of bramble branch (be sure these are small enough to fit in the container), sea salt, and the charged blue goldstone ~ which looks like the night sky (adding to the spell theme!) and possesses protective properties. 

✰ Step 3. Once everything is in the container, seal it however you see fit ~ If it’s a bottle you can drop wax onto the top, glue it shut, etc. If you used a small bag, you can tie it with a string or ribbon with a color that matches your intent (black would work well), or make it a drawstring bag if you’d like the option to open and close. As you seal your charm, recite the following (or write your own chant in it’s place) as you visualize your intent: 

“Under cover of night 

Stars light guiding my plight, 

I am protected Against danger, 

Against negativity or ill-will, 

Against all harm 

As with me, 

I possess this charm 

Protecting me physically and magickally, 

I will arrive safe at my destination" 

Any time you feel it needs re-charging or if you’d like to give the charm another boost of energy to work with, say this (or your own) chant each night you carry the charm while you travel home while holding it tightly in hand. Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

~ Rainy

Jar curse

You’ll need:

- A jar you never want to use ever again

- A piece of card with their name written on it- fold it a bit to make it nice and strong to stick needles through without hurting your hands. This is your taglock for them

- 9 Sewing needles

- 9 Tacks

- 9 pieces of paper with their name and their bad deeds written on it. Things like their name followed by “Abusive behaviour”, “Know it all”, “Show off”, “Gossiper”, “Disrespect”. etc. 

- Fire proof bowl

- Water in case you accidentally set your altar on fire (believe me if you’re not careful these things happen)

- Chilli powder

- Pepper

- Vinegar

- Your spit

- Cigarette ashes

- Black candle

- 2 plastic bags

The cursing bit:

- Cast a circle and invite your elements and deities if you work with any.

- Grab the taglock and think about how hurt and angry this person makes you feel. Direct the angry energy you are feeling into each of the 9 pins and tacks and stab the paper. Keep the tacks and needles stuck in the taglock.

- Put the taglock into your jar

- Summon all your anger and spit three times on the taglock

- Take the 9 pieces of paper with their name and bullshit behaviours on them and burn them inside your fire proof bowl. Keep the water handy in case the burning gets out of hand. As each paper burns say “I curse you [Insert name]. Your abuse will return back to you 9 fold.”

- Dump the paper ashes into the jar.

- On top of the ashes dump the chilli powder, pepper and vinegar and cigarette ashes. Say I curse you [Insert name] may these substances sting and burn as you have stung and burned me.

- put the lid on and shake the jar up. Focus on your target. Imagine a ball of black energy is forming inside you. Inside that black ball of energy, put all your painful memories of that person, their negative words, their bad attitude, their abuse, all of your hate and tears and pain, your internal screaming, everything about them that makes you angry. Channel that hateful energy out through your hand chakras and into the jar. Take plenty of time to do this and don’t stop focusing on it until you feel there is nothing left you can put in. The jar’s energy should feel really awful. 

- Double bag the jar in the plastic bags and tie them shut. Take the bag outside in your back yard. If you have any left over residual hateful energy, now is the time to get rid of it. Summon any left over anger, scream and yell at the jar if you need to.Swear at it, anything. Then as forcefully as possible throw that jar and smash it. The energy will be released from the jar and find it’s target.

- Close the circle and smudge the hell out of yourself and anywhere in your house that the jar was.

-Leave the bag out overnight and collect the debris the next day inside the sealed plastic bags with no mess to clean up. That persons behaviour deserves a rubbish tip, so in this case I wouldn’t feel bad for throwing it in a bin and having it sent to land fill. Just get that shit out of your life and send it to a disgusting place of no return.

ivegotaheadlineforyou  asked:

Hi Hi! I've been interested in secular witchcraft for a long time, but i'm finally starting to stop just researching, and I want to try and start practicing! I've collected a bunch of resources, but what are some of the first things you'd suggest picking up from the store? Candles, herbs, oils, etc? Also, any beginner posts you could link me to would be wonderful. I'm all ears! Have a wonderful day <3

Hey, congrats on deciding to practice and doing your research! Are you excited? Nervous? Enjoying what you’ve seen so far? Is Tumblr your primary resource? :)

I wanna learn so much from new witches omg. (There’s irony in there.)

Well, it honestly depends on what you wanna do and use yourself. Because personally, I picked up a few of each - I got some tealights from WalMart, bought some cheap incense from somewhere else, picked up some dried herbs from the grocery store that I didn’t already have in the kitchen, and found like five or six crystals I liked from Green Earth. I spent maybe like twenty bucks. That was my beginner’s witch kit.

But, again, it all comes down to what you want to use. Are you more interested in working with candles in magic? Candle magic *is* a really easy but effective method of magic, and candles are everywhere, and really cheap. Most spells use candles in them, not necessarily as the focal point of the spell, but they also do wonders for boosting energies. A bag of 100 tea lights goes a long way in witchcraft. Color correspondences can help, but isn’t necessarily required.

Or maybe crystals are where you wanna go. Crystals have amazing energy, but are a bit more on the pricey side. It can also be hard for people who don’t know a lot about them to tell them apart - the “danger” in this is being swindled by people claiming their crystals are something they’re not. Doesn’t mean they won’t work for their “declared” intent, necessarily, but it means you just dropped a lot of money on something worth a tenth of that. 

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile to work with them, though. Because they’re an amazing tool, really - you just gotta do some more research, and be confident in where you’re buying from. Finding a reliable dealer with decent prices is where it’s at. But then, once you’ve got some crystals, they’re really versatile. They can be used on their own, or in conjunction with other spells, put them in jars and sachets, or in poppets, make grids, use them to charge other things, just stick like ten of them in your pockets - boom, witchcraft. 

Oils aren’t something I necessarily recommend, to be honest. Not because they aren’t useful, because they are, just like any other tool can be (just gotta know how to use them). I just don’t know a lot about essential oils. xD If that is the area you wanna go in, however, it’s worthwhile to know that you’re gonna want to do some more research on the topic, and be wary of any allergies you may have, and for the love of god don’t put a crapton of pure oil straight on your skin.

Herbs is a little bit of a tricky area too, especially when using them as medicine. It requires a lot of research and safety if you plan on ingesting herbs for actual remedial purposes. If you just want to use dried herbs in, like, jars and spell bags, it isn’t nearly as bad, but you still want to keep an eye out for any poisonous / toxic plants and allergies. The stuff you can get pre-dried from grocery stores and dollar stores are honestly enough in most cases, and there’s lots of substitutes for more expensive or exotic plants, depending on intent.

If you wanna grow your own herbs too, that’s an option, but another area I don’t know a lot about, so I can’t give you any more advice on that besides do some more research. (It seriously never ends, so I hope you like studying.)

I guess this sort of answers your questions, but not really in the way you wanted. So, long story short, what you pick up depends on what and how you want to practice. However, I’ll give you a list of items I would recommend, purely based on my own craft, but I feel they’re pretty good staples to have all around.

  • candles - versatile as all hell; can be used on their own or in any other spell; bags of white tea lights are super cheap and easy to find; worry about colors later; scents can be used as correspondences as well but don’t hinder in any way
    • also, if you can’t have open flames for whatever reason, they have LED / battery powered candles in some dollar stores now; not to mention, tech magic?!
  • matches - they smell nice, and can light candles; suuuper cheap, but in bulk; unless you’re allergic to sulphur, then just a lighter will work
  • herbs - dried herbs from the grocery store seriously do the trick just as well as fresh / organic stuff; Bulk Barn / Barrel has a lot of awesome stuff for super cheap too; start off with just a few general / all-purpose ones, and then add to your collection as you go along; it starts to build up over time, trust me
    • sea salt - cleansing and protection; can be used as a base for most herbal mixtures
    • rosemary - considered a substitute for most other herbs
    • basil - has like a shit ton of correspondences
    • cinnamon is useful to have too
    • if you wanna curse, pepper flakes, paprika, or cayanne pepper should do the trick
  • jars - do I even need to explain?; dollar store, man; even thrift stores have some pretty amazing and cool looking bottles and stuff
  • notebooks - not something necessarily overly witchy, but more so to write down what you learn; trust me, you’ll wanna do that, especially with correspondences; also, sigils
    • also, though, keeping a blog can be a great way to have a magical book; can be password detected / kept secret; tags are useful for organiazation; and then you have us assholes in the community to hang out with too xD
    • writing utensils are also kinda required to, you know, write in books; black Sharpies are useful for actually drawing on stuff - candles, sachets, etc.; good for sigil work
  • scrap fabric - but some cool patterns from thrift stores or whatever; useful for making sachets and poppets
    • sealable plastic bags can do in a pinch though, really; also can be drawn on with Sharpie for easy sigil application
  • string / thread - tie up bags, herb bundles; make sachets and poppets; also useful for bindings, and that’s a good skill to know
  • mini sewing kit - super useful to have in general, and all parts of it can be used for something, somewhere
  • tea bags - seriously, tea has magical properties too; super discreet; and easy as hell; play around with different flavors for intents
  • crystals - clear quartz is super cheap and all-purpose; buy like five of them and just use them over and over; again, another thing it might be useful to have like three or four basic ones and then build your collection over time; that’s how most of us get our arsenal of supplies
    • clear quartz - substitutes for any other crystal
    • amethyst - super cheap and easy to find; variant of quartz; good for sleep and peace and divination; also purple
    • tiger’s eye - I’m biased because this is my favorite crystal; good for protection and courage; did I mention it’s awesome to look at?
  • incense - not necessarily required, but I like to have it; smells nice, useful; so many scents; can be found pretty cheap all over too
    • again, if you can’t have open flames in your place, you can try those wax melters; definitely pricier, but versatile for magic as well; and I mean, they just smell, so, good; my mom has one with like sugar cookie wax cubes; and I come home and think she’s baking, and I get super excited; but it’s a lie

So, yeah, that’s my list, and reasons for what I wrote. That’s just some ideas to get you started. If you choose a path that doesn’t need those things in them, obviously don’t bother then. And depending on what “type of magic” you wanna do, your basic supply list might be very different. For instance, a sea witch probably won’t care so much about kitchen herbs, and stock up on sand and seaweed, sea shells and salt water. 

Since you asked for beginner’s posts, too, you can have my whole list:

I did it! I made a post that wasn’t mostly links! :o Anyway, sorry for my smartass mouth, I was having fun with this. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope it gave you some ideas, and helped you out! Good luck! And if you need any more clarification or have more questions, you know where to find me. :D


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How to: Protection/Positivity Charm

This post will teach you how to make a protection/positivity charm! 

You will need:

-Rose quartz 




-Some fabric and string, or a tiny bag/pouch

 The reason I am using Rose quartz is because it is a healing stone. It brings positive energy, self love, and healing. Basically all the positive things you can think of. 

The reason I am using Rosemary is because it is good for protection, exorcisms, purification, and healing. 

The reason I am using Cloves is because it banishes hostility or negative energy.

You will understand what the salt is for when you read Step #1

Now that we have all of that out of the way we can start making the charm.

Step #1

Cleanse your crystals. You can use whatever method you prefer, but for me I like to cleanse mine using moon water and adding a bit of salt for purification. Be careful if you use this method that if you decided to use another kind of crystal instead of rose quartz you need to make sure it is safe to be put in water. But if you use rose quartz then you are fine because it can be put in water. Also you should add a little bit of rosemary and cloves into the water. When you are cleansing the crystals be sure to focus your intent on wanting positivity and protection. 

Step #2

Consecrate your crystals, I like to do this by holding them over some incense and letting the smoke clean them. You can use whatever kind of incense you like, for mine I used lavender but it doesn’t really matter whatever you have works! When you do this be sure to focus your intent again. Remember that magick is all about intent, you have to focus on what you want to achieve. 

Step #3

Now it is time to charge your crystals. Normally when I charge my crystals for regular use I leave them outside on the night of the full moon. Obviously that’s not gonna happen depending on when you are making your charm. So what I do instead is I hold the crystal in the palm of my hand and really focus all of my positive energy on putting it into the crystal. I like to repeat a saying in my head to help me focus, so I say/think something like “Let this crystal protect me and bring me positivity”. If you are making this charm for someone else than you can replace “me” with their name. I do this until I feel the crystal has really soaked up all of my energy and intent.

Step #4

Time to put you charm together! Put your crystal, some rosemary and some cloves into a tiny bag and tie it up. If you don’t have a tiny bag (like me when I did this) you can take a small piece of fabric and place all the ingredients in it bunch it up and then wrap a piece of string around it to keep everything from falling out. Then bam you have a charm, so you can stop here if you feel that is good enough, or you can continue to step #5 (the extra step)

Step #5 (optional)

I still always do this step I feel like it really brings everything together and gives me peace of mine. I take the finished charm are run it through the incense smoke one more time, again focusing my will and intent into the charm. I tell it exactly what I want it to do, and i do this until I feel it is completely ready. Then that’s it!

You can carry this charm on you, you can tie it to your purse or school bag, you can hang it above your door or window, you can give it to a friend. The good thing about this method of making a charm is that you can just change the crystal, herbs and intent and make a similar charm but with a different goal. You can check out a complete list of crystals/stones/herb on my blog. Or you can message me about what crystals/stones and herbs that would be good for whatever you are trying to do and I would be more than happy to answer. I hope you all found this helpful, I wish you all the best and take care

-Tsuki (The gay green witch)