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keith is and always will be, in my entirely biased eyes, The Most Beautiful Human In The Galaxy™  

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(cries in the corner huddled in a pile of empty dorito bags). Your fics are so beautiful... please keep writing because your Gorillaz and Overwatch stories are so greaaaat ;o;

I don’t plan on quitting anymore. I realized that no matter what happens, I love writing. It doesn’t matter if people like me in the fandom or I don’t get the attention I think I deserve. I should remember I do this because I love the characters and love to write stories. Thanks for reading my stuff. I try my hardest for others to enjoy it c:

malec christmas headcanons!!!!

  • so alec is up early right but magnus wakes up a little later. and as he does, he is soft and slow, and he runs a hand through his long hair and stretches and gets out of bed ready to spend christmas morning with alec
  • magnus goes out into the loft, and his eyes get wide and he cant stop grinning
  • because alec has the chairman in one arm and a stupid santa claus hat on, with the most horrifying gross christmas sweater (dark grey of course with holes in the sleeves, snowflakes as stripes and magnus absolutely hates it) and alec hasnt seen magnus yet so he’s smiling lightly and in the middle of putting up mistletoe
  • right over the presents btw because alec thinks hes smart
  • and magnus comes up behind him slowly, his fingers skimming the lines of alec’s waist, and he jumps and mr. meow falls
  • alec turns around and magnus tilts the santa hat back “you look terrible”
  • but alec knows magnus could see him in a trash bag and find beauty so alec just smiles and kisses magnus gently
  • “merry christmas”
  • magnus takes alec’s hand and looks up at the mistletoe “did you think you were clever?” he asked
  • alec shrugs “i am clever.” and he smiles because that’s something jace might say
  • they sit on the floor with their coffee and small muffins
  • they open gifts and alec doesnt feel bad that he doesnt give magnus more extravagant things than magnus does for him
  • magnus unwraps a beautiful scarf from alec and he’s so surprised and suspects isabelle was involved in the choosing (alec neither confirms nor denys this)
  • alec unwraps a lot of things he wont wear, but his favourite thing is a stack of books he has been meaning to read
  • and then alec gives magnus his last gift, which is a picture of them in paris, magnus kissing alec’s jaw, alec in mid laughter
  • magnus gets quiet, and all the laughter leaves him, and he looks at alec across from him and wonders how the hell he had managed to get this lucky
  • alec takes off his christmas sweater while magnus is thinking and puts on one of the ones magnus got him.
  • alec shrugs and says “not so bad i guess”
  • magnus smiles and kisses alec’s nose “youre beautiful”
  • alec points up and laughs. “see, the mistletoe was a good idea.” he takes off his hat and puts it on magnus’ head, gently caressing his face and proceeding to make out with him for a better part of the morning