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9-year-old girl gives care bags to homeless women

After noticing homeless people on her walk to school in Irvine, California, 9-year-old Khloe Thompson decided to start her own charity, dubbed Khloe Kares. She passes out hand-sewn bags filled with life’s little necessities (feminine hygiene products, soap, socks, toothpaste) to homeless women. Thompson’s work doesn’t stop at Kare Bags though, she just led a huge initiative for kids in group homes.


daisy johnson appreciation week | day two • season two 
∟ “ Something bad happens every time I feel settled somewhere. I’m twenty-five and I have never spent more than two years anywhere. The second I made friends at the orphanage; gone. And God forbid I called a foster family home; pack your bags. I got the news on my birthday once, which is a complete farce because I don’t even know when I was born


Carrying a heavy backpack may make you shrink 

The pain starts in middle school. A 2010 study in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which studied a small test group of children around the age of 11, found that the constant weight of the bag was actually causing spinal cords to compress and cause significant back pain. Those bags were on the lighter side of the average: only 26 pounds. It gets a lot worse with the average bag weight.

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can you do a #3 + #53 sehun drabble i was thinking about an angsty with fluff ending kind of mafia AU if you get my point hehe its my first time requesting anything so yeah :) Xx

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3+55 with Sehun Thank you ❤️❤️

“Please, don’t leave.”

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.”

“I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

It happened again. You didn’t know why you were even surprised since it has happened so many times already, that you felt like you should have been used to it a long time ago already.

You knew Sehun had his duties with the Mafia to attend to and that whatever they needed had to take priority over everything else. That is just the way the Mafia worked and the members part of it had no choice but to commit to their duties, even if their wife was giving birth to their first born.

You weren’t at that point though, yet.

You were sat at the table you had decorated beautifully. It was your and Sehun’s first wedding anniversary and he didn’t show because he got called in. You never complained when he had to go and do what was expected of him since you knew that being with Sehun had things you needed to accept.

Even though you knew that it was something he had no choice in, you still couldn’t help but feel a little hurt. You had told him that you had a special surprise for him when he comes home.

It was just a few weeks ago that you found out that you were pregnant, and it took everything in you to keep this little secret from him until tonight. The disappointment grew in you when you received a text message from him saying that he had to go to meet the Don and that you shouldn’t wait up for him because he wasn’t sure what time he would be coming home.

You didn’t even get to see him this morning since he was gone before you even woke up and it seemed like he had forgotten that it was your anniversary because he hadn’t mentioned it at all either.

You sighed when you got up, deciding that you didn’t want to stay in an empty house and that you would rather go and spend the night over at your best friends house. Messaging her to ask her if it was okay that you stay over, you thought of the advice she would give you to help you since she was also in a relationship with one of the other leaders. She always knew exactly what to say to you in these situations.

After packing up the dinner and everything else that you had prepared for the night, you heard a noise from your phone showing a message from your friend saying that it was okay that you come over. Making your way upstairs into your and Sehun’s bedroom to go and pack an overnight bag, thinking of the news that you wanted to reveal tonight. The thoughts just disappointed you further since you wanted to tell him for so long already.

Just as you finished, you heard your husband calling out for you, catching you by surprise since you couldn’t hear the front door open from the bedroom.

“Baby, I’m h-” he stopped mid-sentence upon walking into the bedroom when he saw the bag in your hands, “where are you going?” he asked softly.

“I’m just-” you got cut off by Sehun’s shaky voice.

“You’re leaving?”

“Just for the night,” you said, trying to sound assuring as you could possibly muster.

“Is it because of me not showing up again?”

The look on your face must have given it away completely because Sehun made his way to you in two strides and wrapped his arms around you.

“I’m sorry I always do this to you baby,” he whispered.

“You forgot what today is didn’t you?” you ask him.

“What?” he asked, looking at you in confusion, breaking you even further.

“You really did forget didn’t you?” you asked him, trying to hold back tears, “I’ll be back tomorrow, Sehun.”

“No, please, don’t leave,” he begged, holding onto you even tighter than before, “I didn’t forget. I just didn’t want to say it over the phone. It was supposed to be special, but then I got called out and…” he trailed off.

“That’s your excuse?” you said, trying to get out of his grip. You weren’t thinking straight, missing the hurt look on his face when you pulled away from him.

“Do you… do you hate me?” he asked, looking down.

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. That’s the problem.” you said, unsuccessfully trying to keep the tears from falling down your face. You cursed yourself for being so emotionally unstable.

“I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it tonight, baby. I saw the things packed away in the kitchen and I swear I’ve never felt so bad in my life. I don’t want you to leave me because I can’t always be here, I thought you knew that when you married me and you promised me that everything would be okay. You said you would never leave me and I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

Both of you seemed to be an emotional wreck tonight because now Sehun was biting back tears himself.

“I’m not leaving,” you tell him, letting your bag drop onto the floor, “I know you can’t help it, but there are times, like tonight when I just really needed you to be here.” 

Sehun brought you into his arms again, holding you close, “I know baby. But you have to understand that I don’t want to leave you as much as you don’t want me to go. When I got the call that I was needed, I immediately felt so bad. I was disappointed because I knew you would have something special planned because it’s our first anniversary. I left early this morning because I had to go and fetch your gift, but I couldn’t even bring it home because I was called out in such a rush. I was gonna go back for it, but if I did then I wouldn’t have got to you in time. I’m so sorry, baby. I’m so scared that one day I will come home and find that all your stuff is gone because you can’t handle the pressure anymore.” 

“Sehun, I vowed to you, one year ago today, that I would be with you for life. I wouldn’t go back on my words. I can’t live without you,” you said reassuringly, taking his face in your hands, “you will never have to fear that I will leave and never come back. I have never made you doubt me before, so don’t. I love you.”

“I love you,” he whispers before leaning down and kissing you softly, taking away all the distress from earlier away in a second. You always felt like you were floating on a cloud when you were in Sehun’s arms, but when his lips were gently pressed against yours, you were in heaven.

“What was the surprise that you had for me though?” he asked after the kiss ended.

“Oh that,” you remembered the news that you were so excited about earlier, making you feel excited again, causing a huge grin to form on your face.

“What is it?” Sehun asked curiously, the sudden smile on your face confused him.

“Well,” you started, taking his hand in yours, “I had a different idea on how I was going to tell you, but I guess this is fine as well,” you said, placing his hand on your stomach. You weren’t showing yet, but you figured the gesture was sweet enough for him to get the idea.

“What’s wrong, do you have a tummy ache?” Sehun asked, rubbing his hand across your stomach in hopes of ‘soothing’ the ache that wasn’t there.

“No,” you groaned, “you’re going to be a father!”

“I-Im going to be a what?” he asked, pretty sure that he heard wrong, “I thought I heard you say that I was going to be a f-”

“Father? Yes, you heard correctly, Sehun.”

“So… so that means you’re…” he pointed to you stomach now, not finishing his sentence, but you nodded your head, paired with a little smile on your face, silently confirming his question.

“Are you serious?! I’m going to be a father?!” he exclaimed, a bright smile crossing over his face, eyes twinkling in delight, yet he also looked like he was about to start crying again.

You let out a squeal when Sehun lifted you up and spun you around in sheer delight. After you were set on both feet again, he then lowered himself onto both knees and lifting up your shirt to place a gentle kiss on your stomach.

Running your fingers through his soft hair, you couldn’t stop smiling at Sehun who was now whispering to the little baby growing inside of you.

“Hello, it’s your daddy speaking,” his lips brushing against your stomach, tickling you a bit, but it was one of the best feelings you have ever felt in your life, “I’m so happy that you’re inside your mummy’s tummy right now, I’m even crying a little bit. But don’t worry, daddy is big and strong and will take care of you and mummy. I want you to grow strong and healthy, but also quickly because I can’t wait to meet you and hold you myself. I love you so much already.”

A few tears ran down your face. Even though you were upset not so long ago, you were completely happy. You were happy that no matter what happens, Sehun would always come home, you were happy that you had him, that you had this little gift, made out of love by you and the man you loved most in the world. You would never ask for anything more because even though there were a few bumps in the road with Sehun being in the Mafia, it was perfectly imperfect.


another meme i won’t finish: [5/5] favorite female characters ▷ Daisy Johnson

“Something bad happens every time I feel settled somewhere. I’m twenty-five and I have never spent more than two years anywhere. The second I made friends at the orphanage; gone. And God forbid I called a foster family home; pack your bags. I got the news on my birthday once, which is a complete farce because I don’t even know when I was born.”

preview 3/4: the foster kid!au

i didn’t exactly have a proper name for this one besides “surprise new ambreigns thing” in my documents, so i mean - whoops. i explain a little bit of what’s happening, enough to get the gist, right out the gate, so no need for a preface. enjoy!

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