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(of red wine) at room temperature.

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summary: Dan wanted things to be different. But his bed was too hot and he couldn’t stop remembering and Phil was in the next bedroom.

word count: 3.4k

warnings: sexual references and angst

notes: so this fic took a long time to write (well only a few hours but it was over a few months) and i’m glad it did because a lot of things happened to dan and phil as of late which are perfect fic material. also just a quick shoutout to @ukulelephil for being a lovely person in general and reading my fic which encouraged me to post it in the first place. hope you enjoy!

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Steal my Bin? Hah, Lose your Home!

(warning: long story)


I live in England, and my flat is owned by a Housing Trust, meaning it’s a rented public property (Basically a council flat). I moved in last November and the first thing I did was to go and meet my downstairs neighbour.

Our flats are an old house, converted into flats. We both get a front door and our own front (and back) gardens. I have the upstairs flat, meaning I get a little downstairs storage space and then a nice upstairs flat & a gate into my back garden. Downstairs flat doesn’t have inside storage space, but they get two sheds in the back garden and a back door. My flat is directly atop theirs even though our doors are side by side.

Anyway! I move in and go and say hello to my neighbours. I introduce myself, explain that I have TV/Music on every hour that I’m in (for mental health reasons I can’t sit in silence) and of course I’ll try and keep it quiet, but this is a new flat, noise levels will be different to where I last lived and if it’s too loud, just come bang on my door and I’ll naturally turn it down.

My neighbour [We’ll call her Charlotte from now on] smiled and nodded and assured me that it’s fine, they’re a little loud too and the same goes for if they keep me up.

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