bag for baby things

Bag Essentials (for everyone really)

I know there are a million posts like this, but this is also partially for my own reference.  And also a call for others to add anything that’s missing!  Stay safe!

  • tampons - I mean, you know why.
  • tweezers - not just for stray hairs, but also splinters/dry skin on your face/etc.
  • mirror - to check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  • chapstick - I like to wait until the moment before I arrive to apply lipstick so it’s fresh.  I wear chapstick the whole way there so that my lips are soft when I do apply lipstick.  This is good for days you don’t wear makeup anyway.
  • mascara and eyeliner pencil/an angle brush - you can use the angle brush to tap the end of the mascara wand and apply it as eyeliner, then follow up with mascara.  Fleeky in a pinch.
  • concealer - unless you have amazing skin, which I sure af don’t.
  • napkins/tissues - some countries don’t have toilet paper everywhere.  Also good for spills or a runny nose.
  • hair ties - tie back hair or use to tie your shirt or hold something in place
  • safety pins - wardrobe saviors
  • bobby pins - for flyaways/bangs if they’re being annoying.
  • bill check marker or whatever it’s called I can’t think of it - especially if you don’t know/trust the guy
  • pen - a nice-ish one (I like Paper Mate InkJoy because it looks professional enough and is smooth) that won’t leak or break but also won’t cost you a million dollars to buy and replace as needed.
  • phone charger - you never know.  Doesn’t have to be your turbo charger, something small for emergencies.
  • brush ups - those finger strip toothbrush things in case of bad breath or unexpected overnights
  • gum - optional, I like it in case of bad breath.
  • Plan B - I always have this on hand just in case.  The sooner you take it after unprotected sex, the more effective it is.  The packaging is too big for the pill, so I like to cut around the plastic so it’s just a little square with the pill in it.
  • perfume sample - they sell tiny sample bottles or a lot of times you can get them free at places like Sephora.  These are great for travel.
  • slip of paper/notepad - to write things like your phone number on.  A couple post-it notes will do fine.
  • sunglasses - protect your eyesight and the sensitive skin around your eyes from the sun.
  • nail clippers - get rid of hangnails or trim strings from clothing or even hairs (like eyebrows)
  • Advil - nothing ruins the mood like a headache.  I am super injury-prone, so I take this a lot because having a sore back is NOT sexy.  You can buy cute little pill cases, or they sell travel bottles and little packets with one dose at drug stores.
  • Band-Aids - for cuts or blisters so you don’t have to bleed everywhere or walk in pain
  • water-based lube - they sell small bottles of this.  Make sure you don’t use an oil as this will break down condoms.
  • condoms - like at least 3.  As many as you can fit/feel comfortable with.  But at least 3 per person you plan on seeing.
  • a clean pair of underwear - a thong is fine and usually takes up less space, just something to change into if you need to.
  • (optional) oil-absorbing sheets or blotterazzi by beauty blender - my skin is super oily, and these things absorb oil so you don’t have to apply more makeup and risk caking.

Honestly this stuff could all fit in a clutch bag (maybe not the phone charger and lube depending on the size).  Please feel free to add things!  xoxoxo


“the Big Wonderful Wolf” - “Le Grand Merveilleux Loup” !

If a wolf is following you, it’s maybe just to find an awesome friendship :> !

This little baby pigeon (little red bag) seems to have a lot of things into her red bag and had what many little animals needs to have with them : The dictionary !!!

This wolf was not bad, just really shy and acting strange because of that :’D

“The Big Bad Wolf” in french is “Le Grand Méchant Loup” =D

Friendship is amitié, so “a wonderful friendship” is “ une merveilleuse amitié” ^^

“Merveilleux” changes if you use it for masculine or feminine

A wonderful boy will be “un garçon merveilleux

A wonderful girl will be “une fille merveilleuse” =D

New Man

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A/N: I can’t remember the last time I wrote about Luke, but what I do know is that he needs some love

     You sat inside the car waiting for Luke to show up. The snow falling outside only seemed to grow stronger and you turned the heat on and the radio up just a bit. Your eyes darted towards the clock on the dashboard and you sighed in annoyance. “Typical,” you quietly spat, shaking your head at how late Luke was. You began to chew on your bottom lip and whipped out your phone. There was no sense in calling Luke. He usually showed up on his own time and you somehow found yourself always accepting this fact about him. Though you shouldn’t accept it. Luke never seemed to care when you had things to do or somewhere to be. You continued to mutter under your breath in anger. Luke had been the one to choose the time and the fact that he was late irked you even more. 

After about twenty minutes you were ready to start the car back up and head home, but then you saw Luke’s car pull up next to yours in the lot. You watched with squinted eyes as he turned the car off and quickly got out in a hurry. He jogged to your door and knocked on the window. You inhaled and slowly exhaled before rolling the window down. “You’re late,” you said in monotone. 

“Meeting ran later than expected,” he replied. You rolled your eyes at his words and his head dipped down so he was looking you in the eye. “Hey to you too,” he chuckled. You gave him a look and Luke’s smile faded. “Alright I’m sorry I was late,” he sighed, “I should’ve called.” You nodded in agreement and unlocked the door. Luke opened the door to the backseat and he smiled once more. A bigger smile that he had once held for you. You closely watched him from the review mirror. “Hey princess,” he cooed, unbuckling the one year old baby from her car seat. His finger brushed over her plump cheeks making her stir a bit from sleep. “Did you miss daddy?” he mumbled, pulling the beanie down on her head more so that her ears wouldn’t get cold. 

“You’re not taking the car seat?” you questioned, noticing that he was picking her up. Luke shook his head at your question.

“I bought one so we wouldn’t have to keep trading this one back and forth,” he replied. Your eyebrows rose in surprise. You didn’t expect Luke to buy a car seat of his own. Then again you didn’t expect a lot of things from him. He grabbed the baby bag then stood and shut the door. You unbuckled yourself and got out the car to say goodbye. 

“So I have a date tomorrow,” you told Luke. He became quiet for a second then continued to baby talk to the child. Luke turned his back towards you and walked towards his car to buckle her in. “I just thought you should know and I was thinking I’d let him finally meet Raine,” you said. This caught Luke’s attention and his head flew up and he looked at you as if you were crazy.

“There’s no way in hell that’s happening,” Luke spat, placing the stuffed elephant next to Raine. 

“I wasn’t asking for your permission. I was telling you what was going to happen,” you said. “We’ve been together for two months and I think it’s about time he’s met her.”

“Two months? How am I just now finding out about this!?!” Luke questioned, you watched him blow out air from his nose. The fog of it showing in the air. 

“You don’t need to know what I do in my personal time,” you scoffed, “The only reason I’m telling you now is because I want him to meet her.” Luke shook his head fast, his hands stuffing in his pockets to warm them.

“And I’m telling you there’s no way you’re going to let some other man near my baby,” Luke confidently said. 

“Our baby, but it was okay for your ex-girlfriend to meet her and not alright for my boyfriend to? If things are getting serious it’s bound to happen,” you reminded him.

“My ex meeting Raine was different,” he argued back. The two of you had a stare down for a few seconds. 

“That wasn’t different and you know it… look I didn’t come here to argue. My boyfriend’s meeting her so end of discussion. I’ll see you Tuesday night,” you told him, voice strong as can be. Luke’s jaw clenched and he watched with fire in his eyes as you leaned down to kiss your baby girl goodbye. You whispered something to her before pulling away. “Have fun,” you said to the both of them, giving Luke a small smile before heading back to your own car. Luke waved goodbye and before you knew it he was in his car and driving off.

     The smell of spices wafted around your home and music was blasting through the speakers. You couldn’t help but to feel at ease. With Raine being with Luke for a few days that gave you the opportunity to spend quality time with your boyfriend. You had decided on cooking for your date and just have a night in. It was only to help the two of you put a rest to spending money each time you went out. “Middle of the Night” by The Vamps started to play and you began to dance a bit as you cooked. You shuffled over to the stove to stir the rice and meat mixture. In your haste to cook and clean your home, you had only managed to get your makeup done. The dining table was set with candles resting in the center. All you had left to do was place the mixture in some bell peppers and pop it in the oven.

Just as you were placing the dinner into the oven there was a knock at your door. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion and you glanced at the clock. You hadn’t noticed time going by so fast. “JUST A MINUTE!” you shouted, closing the oven door and running to a mirror to make yourself look a bit presentable. You walked over to the door and opened it. “Hi!” you chirped.

“Hey. Am I early?” Scott asked, looking down at your lazy day attire. You quickly shook your head.

“No, no I’m just running late,” you said, “Come in!” You opened the door even more and Scott walked in. He laughed in amusement at how frazzled you seemed. 

“I brought wine and dessert,” Scott smiled, following you into the kitchen. “It smells great. What are you making?” he hummed. You muttered a thanks and began to look in the cupboards for some glasses. Once they were found you opened the wine bottle and poured the liquid. Handing one over to Scott, you sipped on yours for a second. 

“Stuffed bell peppers and roasted potatoes,” you replied. 

“Oh that sounds like heaven and good too because I’m starving,” he commented. You laughed in response and lifted the glass to drink some more of the wine.  

“I’m gonna get dressed so make yourself at home,” you told him, grabbing your glass and quickly racing to your bedroom. Once inside you began to strip from your clothes and get into the ones you had laid out on the bed. As you were placing on your shoes you noticed an old picture of you and Luke looking happily at each other. It was rested between two other pictures on your nightstand. In one quick movement you had snatched the picture from its spot and dropped it inside the drawer. 

“She’s cute isn’t she?” you smiled. Your words had startled Scott and he jumped in his spot before turning towards you. He had been looking at a picture of you and Raine. 

“Yeah-she looks adorable. How old is she again?” he questioned, walking over to you and giving you a kiss.

“One and for a toddler that barely knows more than ten words she will talk your ear off,” you joked. Your hand slid down to grab Scott’s and you pulled him towards the couch. 

“Well she sounds lovely,” he said, resting his hand on your knee. “How was your day?” Scott questioned, drinking some more of the alcohol. You made a tiny noise that could be considered a whimper and his eyes crinkled in curiosity. “That bad?” he laughed, draping his arm over the couch. 

“More so frustrating. It was like everyone that came in had a stick up their butt or something,” you sighed. You hummed then shook the thoughts from your head. “What about you?” you asked.

“Much better now that I’m seeing you,” Scott said. You smiled at his words and moved closer to him. “You know what’ll take your mind off your bad day?” he said. 

“Hmm what?” you smiled, biting onto your bottom lip. Scott had moved closer to you too and his eyes were flickering from your eyes to your lips. 

“Some kissing and cuddling,” he whispered, dipping his head low to give you two quick pecks. You grinned at his words and pulled him into another kiss. His hand moved to rest at your hip and you moved closer even more as the kiss grew a lot more passionate. The sounds of you two kissing echoed around the living room and the tension in the room became heated. Not too long after you were straddling Scott and the two of you had began an intense make out. Breaths shallow, hands roaming, and lips trailing across your skin. You knew at some point you’d have to pull away to take the food out the oven, but as for now you were enjoying this. Scott pulled away from the kiss and his mouth attached at your neck. You let out a soft moan as he sucked on a sweet spot. Your body going slack against his in pleasure. 

There was a loud knock on the door and the kissing stopped for a second. “Ignore it,” you gasped, leaning down to kiss along Scott’s jaw. You rocked your hips against his and he was the one to moan this time. Another knock sounded out around the apartment, but it was longer this time. 

“I think you should get that,” Scott chuckled. You groaned in response and your head fell into the crook of his neck in defeat. A sigh left your lips and you climbed off of him. 

“Can you take the food out the oven while I answer that,” you softly requested, giving him one more kiss before heading to the door. You straightened out your clothes once you were in front of the door. Once you unlocked the door you opened it, the smile on your face fading as your eyes came in contact with the very familiar blue ones. 

You couldn’t believe your eyes, but there leaning against your door frame with a smirk on his lips was Luke.

Wanna Bet? [Daryl Dixon x Reader]

Word Count: 1,080

Prompt:  “We made a bet, and you lost. Now you have to do it.”

Warnings: Violence. Language. Fluff

a/n: this was supposed to be a drabble… oops

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“Daryl, I think I want to start learning how to use a crossbow. I’m tired of having to use my knife all the time, I’ve been too close to death before because of it.” You approach Daryl. The two of you are on a run together to gather more baby supplies for Judith, since she was only born a couple of weeks ago and she’s already running low on formula.

A few minutes ago, in an attempt to kill a walker that was standing in front of the bottles, it had grabbed your hand before you had the chance to stab it, successfully making you drop your knife. Daryl saved you, thankfully, but all you can think about is how nice it would be to be able to kill walkers without having to actually get near them.

“Learnin’ how ‘ta shoot a bow is hard as shit. It’s gon’ take a while.” Daryl shakes his head, a small smile creeping on to his lips. You two haven’t been together too long, only for a few weeks at most (although you’re not really sure- no one keeps track of time anymore), but you’ve noticed the little things about him, and whenever you take interest in things that he likes is one of them. He knows that he is a loved and valuable member of the group, but you know that he still occasionally struggles with the feeling as if he is unwanted and disliked. So whenever you do things like this, despite it being for a genuine good reason, it always makes him happy.

“You never know, Daryl. I could be a natural.” You shrug your shoulders, grabbing the bottles and formula off the shelf. There are so many different brands and kinds, but since baby Judith can be quite the picky eater at times, you’ve learned that taking everything available is the best option.

“I doubt it. Shootin’ bows don’t come naturally to no one.” Daryl snorts. “Took me years ‘ta get this good.”

“You must have just not been a natural then, huh.” You tease him. “I bet you that I could shoot your bow right now and get a good shot on one of those walkers outside.”

“Whatever.” Daryl shakes his head, finishing filling up his bag. It’s almost over spilling at this point. “I bet ‘ya can’t.”

“Is that a challenge?” You raise your eyebrows at him. “Well, it’s on. Hand me your bow.”

“I’m gonna win this bet, ‘ya know that, right?” Daryl stares at you.

“I’m so confident in my skills that I’m placing a wager on this. If I get a shot on the walker, you have to cook my food for a week. I’m sick and tired of burning my hands on that fire trying to heat up my food.” You tell Daryl. In reality, you’re not confident at all. You know there is a huge chance that you’re going to shoot that bow and miss by a long shot. But, Daryl’s complete and utter non-confidence in you sparked a fire. Your inner competitiveness came out, and here you are, placing a bet over something you know damn well you can’t do.

“That’s easy as hell, couldn’t come up with a harder one?” Daryl lets out an airy laugh. “And if I win, and I know I will, ‘ya have to take my night watch up in the tower tonight.”

“Deal.” You smile. You shake his hand, sealing the bet you just made. You’re so screwed.

Daryl and you walk out of the small grocery store, loading up your bags of baby things into his motorcycle before he hands you his bow. You look at it intimidated before you grab it out of his hands, taking a deep breath.

You look around for a walker, seeing one walking around the side of the building. It hasn’t spotted you two yet, giving you the perfect advantage. You try and attempt to cock the stirrup, but the setting that Daryl has it set on is too weighted, and you can’t pull it back.

“Daryl, this is unfair. I can’t even pull it back.” You pout.

“That’s losing fair and square.” Daryl shrugs. “Can’t pull back the arrow, aint my fault.”

“Daryl,” You glare at him, and he sighs.

“The stakes are goin’ up ‘cause of this…” He grumbles. He takes the bow back from your hands, adjusting the weight so you can pull it back with ease. “Ya gotta sleep in my cell with me for the next week now, too.”

“That’s a punishment?” You raise your eyebrows. “Sounds like a treat to me.”

You lift the crossbow up, closing one eye to get better accuracy to shoot the walker, just as you’ve seen Daryl do in the past. You draw back the stirrup, releasing the trigger once you are satisfied with your aim. Much to your surprise, it actually goes where you were aiming- right in its forehead.

“No fuckin’ way,” Daryl groans out.

“Told you I’d be a natural.” You wink at him and kiss his cheek. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ll still sleep in your cell for the week. I would’ve done that anyways- don’t be shy to ask me stuff. But, you’re totally still cooking my food for me.”

“Nah, that was cheatin’.” Daryl grins at you. “Ya had me lessen the weight.”

“Nope, I won fair and square.” You shake your head. “We made a bet, and you lost. Now you have to do it.”

“You’re a pain in my ass sometimes, ya know that?” Daryl laughs and brings you into a kiss. His lips move against yours at a slow pace, neither one of you had dared to go any further than small, simple kisses. He was already nervous about getting into a relationship in the first place, so you are not rushing him. The kisses he gives you are perfect.

“Alright, alright, ‘ya professional hunter,” Daryl pulls away. “Go get that arrow outta his head, and we can get outta here. We can start lessons tomorrow.”

“Mhm.” You peck his lips one more time. “Can’t wait for my delicious dinner tonight, babe.”

“Ah, whatever.” Daryl laughs, and you pick up the arrow before setting it back into its rightful place. “You’re lucky I like ‘ya.”

“You’re right.” You grin. “I am lucky.”


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Imagine Dean bonding with a baby

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: swearing, so much fluff, Dean Winchester with a baby, some angst

A/N: This is one of my four entries for SPN Family Love and Acceptance Day! I thought that this was a pretty cute idea about spreading the love, so I wrote it. This is also completely unedited, so I apologize for any errors.

“Dean!” you yelled at your boyfriend.

You took the machete in your hand and swung it right through the vamp that almost blindsided him.

“Thanks, Y/N,” Dean said with a lopsided grin as the monster’s head fell to the floor.

Before you had a chance to berate Dean for his stupidity, a loud shriek tore through the air.

Both you and Dean went on high alert. Machete’s raised as the two of your crept towards the noise.

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So my father’s side of the family doesn’t really ‘get’ trans stuff. So I was dreading their reaction to me, Alex, and the fact there’s a baby on the way.

Well, I feel guilty for doubting them - they’ve come to visit and they’ve brought us 3 bags, and a box FULL of baby things! Just about everything we could ever need! Clothes, bottles, a baby ‘grobag’, diapers, a diaper bin, towels, blankets, mittens, booties, hats, bibs…you name it, they gave it us. I’m in awe. And most of it is 1. Gender neutral like we wanted and 2. ADORABLE. They even gave us socks for him that say ‘I love my daddy’ which is??? Incredible.

I’m awed.

Blossom ~ An Avenger’s Story (1/15)

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AU Summary: After the events on Bosnia-Herzegovina, Y/N escapes the explosion and meets an unlikely ally and hides away with him. But it’s only a matter of time before the child with her grows up. Will she go back to being an Avenger?

Notes: I’m really excited for this okay. and im sorry if i suck at book summaries lmao. anyway, here’s the next series. i hope you guys like it. 

Previous book | Part 1 | Part 2


An old couple found them in the woods. She was passed out, almost dead with the child still clutched tightly to her chest. Her bloody skin almost purple from the cold. Had it not been for the baby’s cries, they would have died in the middle of a forest in Serbia. When she woke up, Y/N was wrapped in a thick wool blanket, all her wounds cleaned and dressed, with the old lady holding onto the child, humming it to sleep with a foreign lullabye. The old couple didn’t speak any English but they seem like they understand Y/N’s situation. They fed them, cared for them and let them stay in their small house near the woods until Y/N was strong enough to travel again. The old hunter who found them in the woods took the both of them into town where Y/N continued on her journey. She thanked the old couple for their help and went on her way again. She made sure not to use any of her abilities in fear that it might draw attention to her and the child.

Y/N and the child reached Belgrade, capital of Serbia, carrying a small amount of money, clothes and supplies given to them by the old couple. There, Y/N found a job on a small pub ran by Englishmen, which also offered her lodging. Throughout their stay in Belgrade, Y/N introduced the child as her own. And when the child is reaching it’s first year, Y/N packed their things and traveled east to Romania.

When they reached Craiova, Y/N struggled with hiding their true identities. They lacked papers and documents. There was no way they could identify themselves. So she kept going east. Hopefully, she’ll find something in the capital.

She was wrong.

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You’re Enough - Patrick Kane

Request: None

Word Count: 1,718

Warnings: None

A/N: I just realized that basically all my imagines so far have been Blackhawks players..oops 😂

“Of course i’ll watch Luke this weekend.” I said to my sister over the phone once she asked if I could take him for a few days since her and her husband were going out of town. I haven’t seen their baby since he was first born and that’s honestly what made me want to settle down and have kids with Patrick, but he never liked talking about it much, so I rarely brought it up.

Patrick was still at practice, but i’m sure he wouldn’t mind Luke staying with us for a few days. I was beyond excited and I was secretly hoping that me babysitting would slowly open Patrick up to the idea of it. I cleaned up around the house a little before they came over.


There was a knock on my door and I knew it had to be my sister. I quickly opened the door to reveal the two of them. Luke was busy chewing on his toy and I smiled at the sight of him.

“Thank you so much for doing this Y/N. I know it’s last minute but our baby sitter canceled on us this morning.” She told me with a sigh of relief.

“It’s no problem really. I’m excited to spend some time with him.” I told her as I gently took him from her arms. She explained to me how to go about taking care of him and then handed me a bag full of different baby things such as diapers, formula, and toys. We exchanged goodbyes and I closed the door as she left.

“Well Luke it looks like it’s just you and me for awhile.” I told him, walking towards the living room and gently setting him down on the floor. I went to fetch the bag my sister had given me and I took out a couple toys for him to play with. I sat down on the floor with him and we watched random children’s cartoons together while I waited for Patrick.


Babysitting Luke was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I guess my sister was lucky to give birth to an easy baby. He didn’t whine much, only when he was hungry or getting sleepy like he was now. I gently walked around with him and whisper-sung lullabies into his ear until he eventually fell asleep. I smiled, satisfied with myself before slowly taking him upstairs to sleep on our bed. Just when I set him down the door opened and I could hear Pat call for me. I smiled and quickly came down and enfolded him in a tight hug.

“How was practice babe?” I said and he raised an eyebrow, noticing my obvious happier mood.

“It was alright.” He shrugged with a smile as he hugged me back. “How was your day?” He asked me shortly afterwards.

“It was good, just missed you.” I told him and he gently leaned in to give me a quick kiss. “Also, were babysitting for the weekend.” I added. Pat gave me a concerned look.

“Who are we babysitting for?” He asked me, grabbing a water from the fridge.

“My sister called me this morning and we’re watching her son for the weekend.” I told him, a little hurt that he wasn’t as excited about this as I was.

“I just don’t want you getting attached to him.” He said, coming up to me and wrapping an arm around my waist but I slowly took a step back.

“What do you mean?” I asked a little confused on what Patrick was trying to tell me.

“Well, we agreed on not having kids remember?” He told me like I was suppose to know this.

“What? I never agreed to that. You don’t want to have kids with me Pat?” I asked him, my voice cracking a little as I tried my best to fight away the tears that were quickly forming.

“I just don’t think it would be good for us. I mean, I have hockey and you’re busy with your job too. Plus I never could see myself having kids with anybody.” Pat stated with a simple shrug. A couple tears fell down my cheek and that’s when Pat knew he screwed up.

“Patrick there are plenty of families in the NHL who have kids and still make it work. If I were to ever have a child I wouldn’t work anymore so I could take care of them, but now I don’t even wanna think about it.” I told him as a few more tears fell. I heard Luke begin to cry upstairs and I knew I still had to take care of him regardless. Pat wanted to say something but I turned my back and went upstairs to check up on him.

I sighed to myself and gently grabbed him while sitting on the edge of the bed, slowly rocking him back and forth. His crying soon stopped and now he was looking up at me, his eyes still wet. I gave him a small smile.

“It’s okay, no need to cry. I’m right here.” I whispered to him while he continued to look up at me with wide, curious eyes. He was barley four months old and he has already captured my heart. Even during the first time I met him I always wondered how my children would look like, but now even thinking about kids just reminds me of what Patrick had said.

I let him play with my fingers before I noticed another yawn escape his tiny lips. I smiled and continued to gently rock him until he fell back asleep.

“Y/N..” Pat whispered as he cane further into our room. I jumped and looked up noticing Patrick come into the room.

“How long have you been standing there?” I asked him, still slightly annoyed with him. He sighed, looking down at his feet.

“That doesn’t matter..” He began. “I’m sorry for what I said. I do want kids with you I really do, but i’m scared.” He tells me truthfully and now I began to feel bad.

“Why are you scared Pat?” I asked as I gently laid Luke back down onto my pillow, tucking him in gently.

“I’m scared because what if i’m not there enough for you? Or what if something happens and i’m out of town for a game or at practice? I don’t want to be that husband that can’t take care of his wife.” Pat stated, not removing his eyes from his feet. I sighed and gently came up to him.

“Pat.” I said, lifting his chin up so he looked at me. “You’re already a great husband and I never said we had to have kids now. Whenever we’re both ready for the responsibility. I know hockey consumes most of your time but that’s not gonna make me love you any less. I can take care of myself when you’re gone and I promise everything will be fine if we were to ever have a child.” I told him gently. He smiled down at me and let out a breath.

“You always say the right things Y/N.” He told me, wrapping his arms around me tightly. I turned around so that my back faced him and he rested his chin on my shoulder.

“Isn’t he the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?” I whispered to Pat, referring to Luke who was now sleeping soundly.

“Maybe for now, but once our baby is born he or she will definitely be the cutest baby.” He whispered to me quietly and I couldn’t help but smile.


three years later

“Papa’s home!!” Our three year old daughter, Scarlett screamed once she saw the door open to reveal none other than her father Patrick Kane. He had almost a two week long road trip with the team and Scarlett always asked when Pat would be home and she was beyond excited to see him.

It only took a few months after Pat told me he wanted to start a family for us to finally start one. He was always there for me and our daughter whenever he wasn’t playing hockey and he’s already transformed into the best father i’ve known. The road trips were never easy for us but I knew it was his job and I would never get upset with him over something he couldn’t control.

“Hey there princess.” Pat said as he dropped his bags to pick her up and spin her around carefully. I leaned against the counter, admiring the sight of my husband and our beautiful little girl. After the two of them shared a moment he looked over at me with a wide smile plastered across his face.

“And hello to you too my queen.” He said as he came up to me with Scarlett still tight in his arms. He wrapped his free arm around my waist and pulled me tightly into his embrace. “I missed my girls.” He said, pecking me gently on the lips.

“We missed you to Pat but I think Scarlett missed you more than anything.” I chuckled, seeing how happy she was that her father was finally home. “Scarlett why don’t you go into the living room and daddy will tell you all the stories about his road trip.” She nodded excitedly as Pat gently set her back down onto the floor so she could run to the living room.

“Did you miss me?” Pat asked me softly once Scarlett was in the other room.

“I did miss you. You know how much I hate those long road trips you guys have.” I whispered, leaning my body against his as he continued to hold me. “We watched every game though and every time you scored or were shown on the tv Scarlett got so happy. It warms my heart.” I chuckled to myself.

“I’ll definitely make it up to you tonight.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows as a smirk formed onto his lips.

“Gross!” I laughed, playfully hitting his chest.

“Shut up!” He groaned before letting out a laugh as he led me towards the living room.

“I guess i’ll have to take you up on that offer.” I smiled to myself.

“Baby Kane number two?” He asked me.

“Possibly.” I smiled.

Not your queen

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thor x reader request where you break up because of him going back to asgard and apparently getting married but he comes back in 2 years midgard time and now reader is with steve

“So this it? You are just going to leave me here?” She screams at me while I’m packing one bag in order to go back to Asgard.

“Baby… you know how this things are. My father needs me inmediatly for me to take the throne. It’s my destiny” I try to make her understand me but she is a mess behind me. As I face her I can see that she is crying, I try to reach her but as soon as I touch her she flinches at me.

“I can go with you Thor” She exclaims with one last straw of hope. I can’t do that, she is a Midgardian. My father will never accept her in Asgard and never for her to be by my side rulling the kingdoms. Also the people would make a rebellion against it so I can’t take her with me now.

“I will come back for you baby. I just need to establish some things and when the time is right I will come back for you, we will marry and you’ll become queen by my side” She moves to the side of my bed where a picture of us is on a frame. Maybe she will give it to me, as I was going to reach it she throws the frame to the window making it break into a million pieces.

“That’s bullshit and you know it. When are you going to come back for me? In a year? Five? When I’m 65 years? You know what, go. I don’t want to see you anymore Thor. Have fun being king without a queen by your side” She leaves the room leaving me with a broken heart. I know that she is sad and angry but I didn’t want to leave her like this. I decide to leave her a note on our bed telling her how sorry I am and promising her that I will be back sooner than she expects. Also I take the photograph of the broken frame, the photo was taken by Natasha as we went shopping one day. (Y/N) was holding a big box of Pop Tarts and I was holding her in my arms excited to see the box and her holding it. Natasha decided that we were too cute and she take us the picture without us realizing it.


Apparently my “sooner than she will realize” transformed in the things she predicted when she was too mad. I have try to contact her but every try has been a negative one. I have been the king of Asgard and the kingdoms for almost 6 months, according Heimdal she is doing okay and in Midgard it have been almost two years of my departure. My thoughts were interrupted by one of my security man’s telling me that Heimdal is asking for my presence.

I make my way to the Bifröst, he only calls me when Midgard is in problems or if (Y/N) is sick or something has happened to her while one of the Avengers mission. Worried I get to him.

“I think that you need to go to Midgard Thor to see your significant one” What? Has something happened to her? “She’s okay but you need to speak with her” I nod as I start preparing everything for my quickly departure.


As I arrive to the Avengers tower I can see that almost everything is the way it used to be, what makes me doubt myself is all the noise as I make my way up in the elevator. Probably it is one of Stark’s parties. As the elevator doors opened everyone turn themselves at my sight and Stark is the first known face that I encounter

“T Boy! What are you doing here?” He gives me a handshake and hug as a welcome.

“I came to see (Y/N). I think that a lot has happened and I have tried to communicate with her but apparently she doesn’t want to speak to me” He starts playing with his hands, a habit of fear and nervous of him. “Is she alright? Hemdal told me that I needed to see her”

“Yeah… she is okay. Actually… Thor I don’t know how to say this but…” As Tony was speaking a round of applauses interrupted him and I can see the Captain Rogers in the stage and everybody is applauding him. He starts thanking everybody for coming and then he asks the presence of (Y/N) in the stage with him.. but why?

(Y/N) hops into the stage, I can’t believe it. She’s even prettier now… She’s wearing a beautiful long black dress that leaves free her beautiful and long legs. Now that I realize the Captain is wearing a black suit, maybe this party that I crashed is a formal one and I’m not even dressed properly.

“Me and (Y/N) have a great announcement for all of you. This is not just another party…actually this is our engagement party!” The room erupts in claps and cheers but my only response is to keep looking at her. Steve takes her in his arms and kiss her passionately. She is with another man… and that man is the Captain. And they are going to marry…

“Sorry T… I tried to tell you but it was too late” Tony tries to cheer me up but there is nothing that could cheer me up… my queen is marrying another man. As a clue she turns around and we lock eyes. She instantly takes Steve by the arm while he supports her. I give her a little smile but she turns her back ignoring me…

“How long they have been together Tony?” I ask him fearing the answer

“Thor I think that’s information that you need to get from her” I say no with my head pleading him with my eyes to answer me “He was the one to help her get out from her room when you leave her… they started to hang out a lot and altought they want to go slow everything happened so fast. Steve fall for her hard, and they started dating six months after your departure, yesterday he propose to her and she say yes” He posionates his hand on my back giving me a little clap

“Is she happy?” He nods and I can only smile a little

“Truly… I think they are made to be. Your departure broke her and he took all the broken pieces and made a masterpiece. I’m so sorry Thor but you are too late” I nod again accepting all the things that Tony is telling me

“Maybe she is not my queen anymore but his… Just tell her that I will always love her and I wish the best for both” This time he is the one who nods as I tell my goodbyes to him and leave the building going back to Asgard, where I will need to learn to have fun being king without my queen by my side…

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… “I do it with a look” Freeman

  • Martin “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I am just in it!” Freeman
  • Martin “not fucking beige” Freeman
  • Martin “fuck you! I won a BAFTA!” Freeman
  • Martin “Dr. Baggings M.D.” Freeman
  • Martin “I crouch to watch insects do their thing” Freeman
  • Martin “Baby Driver premiere with Yacht Club Daddy outfit” Freeman
  • Martin “flipping the bird” Freeman
  • Martin “I swear a lot” Freeman
  • Martin “Freebeard” Freeman
  • Martin “chubby Rembrandt” Freeman
  • Martin “playing the drums” Freeman
  • Martin “goes to Motown” Freeman
  • Martin “dancing like a Latino at a party with regular peeps” Freeman
  • Martin “legless Lego Legolas” Freeman




Before the Crash


This was all she could do for him – besides helping at work of course. Other than that however, all she could do for him was help his mother. Simultaneously, it felt like so much and yet not enough. “Yea, Mom?” Henry had just come out from his room, hair a complete mess and still in his pajamas, but forever her sweet, little boy. “What’s wrong?”

Like her, Henry had become very perceptive of others in times of turmoil. She hated lying to him, but he was eight. He didn’t need this kind of sadness in his life yet, not the full on drowning she felt surrounded by. “Hey, baby. You and me and Michael are gonna go see Grandma Di for a little while today, okay? Can you go get changed?”

“Sure,” he said with a tightened smile. He had something else to say. Turning around, he walked toward his room, but halfway in between her and the innocence inside those four walls, he stopped in his tracks. “Mom?” 

“Yea, baby?”

“How much longer will Uncle Spencer be in jail?” Her heart immediately broke for him. She hadn’t lied to him in that regard. Wanting to be upfront, she told her son where his Uncle was, but that he hadn’t done anything wrong. A bad man framed him. “I love going to see Grandma Di, but I know she really wants to see Uncle Spencer. He didn’t do anything wrong, right?” 

Kneeling down next to him, JJ pulled Henry into her embrace and caressed his face, still basically soft and untouched by the horrors of adulthood. She didn’t want to get into too much detail, but he constantly asked when his Uncle would be able to take him to the park again. “Come here, baby. Uncle Spencer didn’t do anything wrong. He was framed while going to find medication for Grandma Di – to keep her brain healthy for longer.” The idea of explaining Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia to a boy that young felt like too much right now; for her as much as him. Striking a balance between being honest and preserving childhood was a difficult decision every parent had to face. All she could hope was that she and Will were doing the right thing for Henry and Michael in the moment. “Someone took advantage of him and framed for hurting someone that he didn’t hurt.” 

“Why?” His innocence was almost refreshing; bringing the smallest amount of comfort to the tumultuousness that had enveloped her life. “Why would someone want to hurt Uncle Spencer?”

As a parent, one wanted to have all the answers. Letting one’s kids in on the secret – that one actually didn’t know everything – was another difficult decision one had to make on the journey of parenthood. “That’s what me and your aunts and uncles are trying to figure out,” she said honestly. “We don’t know. All we know is that someone wants to hurt him. Some people get more hurt physically and others get hurt up here.” She caressed his head, sneakily using the opportunity to fix his mussed-up hair. “This person knows that Uncle Spencer would be more hurt up here than he would if he got hit or punched, and that’s why they’re doing it. But I promise you, that I will not stop until Uncle Spencer can come home and take you to the park again, okay?” 

With a slight tear in his eye, Henry nodded his head, asking if his mother wanted him to pack up some of Michael’s things in his baby bag after he got dressed. “Absolutely, sweetheart. Thank you for being such a grown-up. I really appreciate it.” Her voice started to crack toward the end of the sentence, but as a mother, she had mastered the art of swallowing her emotions.

Quickly, Henry walked back across the hardwood floors of the beautiful home they lived in and wrapped his arms around his mother’s neck. “It’s okay, mommy. I’ll be the grown-up for a while.” And without another word, he ran back into his room.

The moment he closed the door, JJ choked out a sob, the tears streaming down her face in droves. It wasn’t fair. She cried and she cried and she cried, but she made a point of stifling the noise and burying her head in her knees as she sat backed up against the wall. She hadn’t realized how long she’d been crying until she felt the little hands of her eldest wrapped silently around her neck once more. “It’s okay, mommy.”

It was over. It was finally over. Actually, it had only just begun, but at least the healing process could begin for Spencer, and everyone he loved that had to stand by basically helpless as he withered away in prison, hurling towards the brink of insanity at breakneck speed.

After sending Spencer and his mother off to the safe house for the night, everyone else was ushered into Emily’s office where Morgan had been waiting. “Blondie,” he said, his voice hugging her like warm chocolate. It was as if in this moment she finally realized why Garcia called him hot chocolate. 

“We miss you,” she said softly, curling herself into him without realizing it.

Morgan hugged her tighter. He’d only just realized what happened to Spencer because he’d begged everyone to keep him in the dark. “I’ve missed you, too. I wish I could celebrate a little longer, but we may have a bigger problem here.” Pulling out his phone, he showed Emily the text from Garcia – it was without a doubt not from her. Someone was trying to set them up and considering Scratch was still out there and Cat Adams had been behind Spencer’s incarceration and not Scratch, this had to be him. 

When JJ looked over toward Garcia, she saw a flash of anger in the analyst’s eyes that she was not used to seeing – none of them were really. They were all tired, but they were all much more used to the depravity of the world than she was.  She was too pure to have to deal with all of this. “Find where this came from,” Emily said, taking Morgan’s phone and handing it to her. “That’s where he’ll be. We find him and then we can all go home and get some much needed and even more deserved rest.”

“Yes, please,” Stephen said, his smooth baritone soothing everyone’s raw and frazzled nerves. After the death of his friend, there was nothing he wanted to do more right now than go home and spend some quality time with his wife and two kids. Granted, he was new to this team, but he wasn’t new to law enforcement and he was so exhausted. But Emily had asked for his help, and in the short while he’d been with the BAU, they’d become extended family. Right now, he was needed here. 

As Garcia left the room with the phone in hand, she ran her hand across Stephen’s arm in a comforting gesture. If she had anything to do with it, this would all be over soon. “I’m just so glad we found Diana alive…I was so scared,” JJ said. “For her. For Spencer.” Once again, as she had too many times in the past year, she found herself overwhelmed with emotions.

“I just love seeing them, Jennifer,” Diana said, cradling the 18-month-old Michael in her arms.

After taking ages getting the boys dressed and ready to go, JJ had kissed Will goodbye and headed out the door. They hadn’t seen Diana in quite a few days, and JJ did her best to keep her visits consistent so that Diana’s fragile mind didn’t have too much time to travel between extremes – thinking that Spencer was either dead or that he would be coming home from the beach soon. Plus, it allowed for JJ to feel like she was doing something positive. They could only help Spencer so much from work, but making sure his mother was okay was something she knew could do, and she knew she could do well. Family had always been a strong suit of hers. “It’s no problem, Diana,” she said softly, placing her hand lovingly on the woman’s shoulders. “They love you so much – and I do too.” 

Henry was sitting across the room, flipping through pages of a photo album of Spencer’s old baby pictures. “You want me to tell you some stories?” Diana asked. Henry smiled wide and brought over the album, handing it over to Diana and sitting in right next to her. “Oh, this one?” She laughed pointing to a picture of a nearly-naked 6-year-old Spencer sitting on his bed. “He refused to get in the bathtub. Honestly, I think it was because I wanted him to get in and he was in a mood where no matter what I said, if I said it, he didn’t want to do it. Even at six, he kept spouting off facts about how bathing every day was actually detrimental to one’s health. Mind you, he hadn’t bathed in two days when I took this picture.”

This was why JJ loved coming to see her. In addition to helping ease Spencer’s mind, it eased hers - especially on the days when Diana was lucid. Like today. “That sounds like Spencer,” JJ laughed, watching as Henry giggled at the mess of pictures of his Uncle refusing to take a bath. “Frankly, it sounds like Henry sometimes too.” 

“I don’t smell, that’s why I shouldn’t have to take baths all the time,” he said, imitating his Uncle’s childhood smirk.

“That’s what Spencer said,” Diana replied. “But believe me, all of you little boys are smelly.” She reached out to tickle him and JJ wished more than anything that she could snap shot this moment and stay in it forever, but alas, that wasn’t to be.

After another hour or so of trading stories about dirty, smelly little boys, Diana started yawning, which JJ knew was her cue to leave her with her nurse. “We’ll see you soon, okay Diana?”

JJ’s eyes shut tight when Diana turned around. The look of confusion had returned. “Okay,” she said, nodding as she looked between JJ and her boys. “When will Spencer be home from the beach?” 

“In a little while,” JJ said sadly, ushering Henry out into the hallway before he could say anything that might upset Diana. “He misses you though. He can’t wait to see you.” 

Talking with Morgan and knowing Diana and Spencer were reunited definitely made her feel better, but this past year had been fraught with so much pain that even now, she was overwhelmed. Apparently, everyone else was as well, because they all went to different corners of the Bureau to decompress while Garcia ran some tests on Morgan’s phone. 

She watched as Stephen pulled out his phone to text his wife that he wouldn’t be home for a while longer. Behind her, Tara was silently kicking her desk. Headstrong and determined, Tara was damn tired of being two steps behind Scratch at all times. Morgan had gone to talk with Garcia, who was more overwhelmed than any of them, and Luke was just staring down the hallway where Spencer had walked away with his mother. Although unspoken, JJ was pretty sure she knew what lay deep inside Luke’s mind. Now that Spencer’s story had been saved instead of snuffed out, maybe he’d finally tell him what he’d been thinking and had been afraid to speak aloud.

Just as she allowed herself to drift off into the happiness that could come after Scratch was captured, she was jolted out of her reverie by a crash in Emily’s office.

For a second, she thought about going to check on her friend. As unit chief, Emily was under even more pressure than the rest of them, but she shook her head and decided to let it go. They all needed time alone.

Finally, Garcia came back with a location and after a short pep talk from Emily, they all headed out to catch this bastard. God, she was so tired. After he was caught, JJ was going to ask Emily about taking a week off to spend with her boys. “We could be walking into a trap,” Emily said, explaining how they were going to approach the house as the cars left the Bureau. SWAT had to go ahead of them and make sure they weren’t walking into a maze of traps.

As the squad car lights blinked in and out of her vision, JJ glanced to the side and placed her hand on Emily’s, giving it a light squeeze. “It’s almost over,” she mouthed, being shocked as the tires blew out from under them, sending the cars into a tailspin.

“We’re good,” she heard Tara call out. It had all happened so fast, JJ couldn’t comprehend all the voices flooding her mind.

A master at putting out fires and placating the afraid, JJ whispered softly to a frantic Garcia that they were okay. Scratch was one crafty bastard. This was all part of his plan, and at this point, exasperated wasn’t a good enough word for how she felt. As she caught her breath, Emily grabbed her phone to request new cars from SWAT, but again, she was caught off guard, bright lights blinding her vision and smashing into the car, sending their car into the one filled with their teammates.

The metal of one car against the other screeched around her, but she couldn’t look around to see what was happening. All she could do was close her eyes, and imagine her three boys, the ones she loved more than anything, and how they would fair if she didn’t make it out of this alive.

Her head was knocked sideways, hitting into Emily’s knee as she cried out for her husband. They’ll be okay, she thought to herself. Will and Henry would figure out how to move on…but would Michael even remember her?

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When I first saw that photoset of tom I thought the bag he had on his chest was one of those baby carrier things and DADDY TOM MY HEART

dad!tom is everything i want in life