bag clutch


Made this little purse over the weekend. I didn’t expect it to be so cute! I really want to figure out how to turn it into more of a purse/messenger bag. I also learned how to sew a bow. They are kind of fiddly to make, but they are awfully adorable in the end.
Now of any good purse or bag tutorials or patterns, let me know. I am really enjoying learning new techniques.


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.24.17

amazing leather goods by hustleandhide

urrrghhhhhhhh i love leather … as a former vegetarian i feel a little bad sometimes the way i’m drawn to buttery cognac-y leather goods like these bad boys from hustleandhide. love the fringe and shape of the clutch, and the specialty design involved in their essential oil folding pouch. ugghhhhh the grain. uggghhhhhhhh the color! i die.