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Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

Warnings: oral (fem!receiving), swearing

A/N: requests are open, feel free to request anything, I’ll try my best to do it. This is a short imagine, but it’s kind of cute I think.

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Imagine being a hacker who discovers vampires and makes a deal with the Volturi.

You’re a hacker who discovers vampires…

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‘when solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking the leaves.’ -Anthony J. D'Angelo

The monitors light illuminated your face as a wide smile grew on your face. You crackled your knuckles in satisfaction. The loud popping your fingers made reminded you it had been at your desk for eight hours straight. You pressed a few keys and swivelled in your chair. You looked at your school bag and snorted. The chemistry homework you had pushed aside was due soon and you had no intention of doing it soon.

Technically you weren’t breaking the rules. Your dad worked for the CIA. He was away every so often leaving you in the care of your step-mother. You were a very impressive hacker and so you were often used- under the responsibility of your dad. Of course your parents wanted you to have a chance in the ‘real world’. Therefore you were given an ultimatum. You could work under your dad’s name as an elite hacker- the best of the best- if you went to school and kept decent grades. You negotiated and they agreed you’d be a part time student. You decided that this was much more important than chemistry, you called your best friend asking if they could cover for you a few days. They reluctantly agreed joking about being arrested when your dad finds out.

Your mother taught you to always save your money. Always leave a bit on the side incase of emergency. She practically drilled it into your head. For once it was actually handy as you purchased a plane ticket.

Being on a plane alone was not in your comfort zone. Therefore you chewed your nail, looking out the window and thinking of the impending doom you’d face if your dad caught you.

Volterra was breathtaking but you didn’t do much sightseeing. You were on a mission. You bounded up to the receptionist.
“Il your non è anchors più tardi.” (The tour isn’t on until later.) The receptionist said.
“Huh? Oh no! I’m not here for a tour in here about the vampires.” You said nonchalantly and the receptionist nearly choked. She looked like a deer in headlights.
“We shall deal with this Bianca.”
You turned to see a small blonde girl walking toward you. “This way.” You glanced at Bianca who nodded in fear.
You stared at the back of the blonde girls head. You weren’t sure what to expect but you knew you’d have to make your argument quickly.

“I’m here as a favour…to you.”
“To us?” The blonde repeated.
“Know of the CIA?”
“Briefly…” The brown haired man on the opposite side drawled.
“Well let’s just say that i’m apart of it and i may have noticed some things.” You grinned smugly. “Lets also just say that perhaps my teenage self is giddy about the existence of vampires to actually report it. So lets make a deal?”
“Go on.” Aro said.
“What if, i destroy all evidence of vampires and cover it up in return for…a few friends? If i ever need a favour? I mean, you can’t really kill me, it’ll go noticed and it just means that someone else will replace my job and have the evidence. So it’ll be a win win!”
“…Very well, friend.” Aro frowned. ”What do you want?”
You grinned. “I’ll be in touch, it was a pleasure.”

Sorry, but no- Jackson Whittemore

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It’d be a lie to claim Jackson wasn’t appealing to the eyes. Hell, he could get whatever he wanted with just a smile. But that’s what scared you, especially sense he was very aware of his advantage. In the end, it’s what came out of his mouth that ultimately ruined anything his charming looks tried to make up for.

You had always kept your distance from him, especially with his constant taunts and threats to your closest friends, Scott and Stiles, but fate obviously was trying to play a cruel joke on you as Jackson began popping up everywhere. He started sitting next to you in your common classes (ending with Stiles having to look for a new desk nearby) and he made frequent stops by the job at a local diner, always being sat in your row. Not to mention how you’ve caught him multiple times staring at you at the lacrosse games. Both Scott and Stiles caught on to something after Jackson would pass by them without trouble when you were around.

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"I'm going to get jealous" and “If you can hear my heart, please come back to me.” with Seungkwan would be really great! Thank you~

64. “I’m going to get jealous.” (Mansae)

91. “If you can hear my heart, please come back to me.” (Don’t Listen Secretly)

A/N: I hope you weren’t expecting angst from these two prompts because……… Apparently my crack disease doesn’t stop at Junhui. I deeply apologize for this mess, Diamond Edge is once again my pitiful excuse.


Genre: say it with me now, C-R-A-C-K
Word count: 993
Warnings: I ask for your forgiveness

A bag of food in hand, you lift your fist and give the door in front of you three hard raps.

The white door swings open, revealing a dishevelled Hansol ruffling his hair.

“Oh, you’re here,” he croaks, looking like he had just awoken from a nap. The television behind him drones a football game, being the only source of light illuminating the living room.

You frown, not too pleased that he’s the one that greets you at the door. Hansol’s eyes shine at the sight of the takeout you are holding, and makes a grab for it. You whip it out of his reach, ignoring the disappointed scowl on his face.

“Where is your roommate, Hansol?”

The male sighs resignedly. “Hasn’t left his room since this morning. Hasn’t eaten either.”

You shake your head as you pull out Hansol’s share of fried chicken out of your bag. He receives the box with a grateful mumble of his thanks, retreating back to his perch on the couch.

“Must be nice to not study for the college entrance exams,” you tell him, kicking off your shoes to step into the studio apartment. “Since you’ve already secured a spot as a idol trainee.”

“Easy for you to say,” Hansol replies, sinking onto the leather with a groan as you twist the doorknob to your boyfriend’s room. “You’re the one with the fully endorsed scholarship out of this miserable island.”

As you expect, your boyfriend is hunched over his study desk, toiling over a book as thick as a dictionary. He looks worse for wear, his non-writing hand forked through his auburn hair and his pen twirls incessantly between his fingers.

“Oh, Hansol?” Seungkwan rasps, not sparing you a glance. You cock an eyebrow, deciding not to correct him at the moment. “I’m still having trouble with this acidic hydrolysis equation. I can’t balance the equation between the anime and hydrogen ions.”

You snort, closing the door behind you. “You have to add H2O into the equation, dummy. And it’s a-MINE, not anime.”

At the sound of your voice, Seungkwan snaps his head up. “Oh! Uh, babe…” he stutters, “I didn’t know you are coming over today.”

“You would if you had checked your phone since last night?” you dryly point out, setting the plastic bag down on the desk. Seungkwan visibly flushes, breaking off eye contact to stare guiltily at his pile of notes.

“I’m here to make sure you get food in your system. Hansol says you’ve hardly ate or slept since yesterday.”

“I did sleep,” Seungkwan protests. “Hansol can’t sleep with the lights on so he threatened to tie me to the bed if I didn’t turn in.”

You laugh at that, taking out the 2 boxes of fried chicken out of the bag. “Enough Chemistry for now, it’s time for dinner.”

To your annoyance, he turns back to his work again. “I just gotta finish this question first.”

You narrow your eyes, “Wanna repeat that?”

He visibly gulps. “Five minutes?” he meekly tries.

“ZERO MINUTES!” You pounce onto your boyfriend with a feral hiss. Seungkwan lets out what sounds like a terrified cry for help as you wrestle the pen out of his grip and throwing it towards his bed. You end up squashing him under your weight, both your bodies crammed into his tiny swivel chair.

“Do you see this shit?!” Seungkwan exclaims in disbelief. Hansol stiffens, his leg raised mid-step,  as two pair of eyes land on him, one pleading, one fiery, and he hobbles out of the door on one foot.

“Why are you studying so hard anyway? It doesn’t suit you at all!” you yell, holding your ground - or seat - as Seungkwan struggle underneath you.

“Because!” he screeches back, “You’re off to Seoul on a scholarship and I will be stuck in a university here in Jeju and I’m going to get jealous of all the elite guys you’ll be with and I’M NOT GOING TO BE THERE WITH YOU!”



“SCREW YOU, BOO SEUNGKWAN!” You whip his textbook and calculator off his desk and throw yourself off his lap, stalking out of the door. You brace your weight against the wood with your newly-acquired items firmly in hand. “I’m doing this for your own good! You’re not getting these back until you eat!”

“Come on, don’t be like this,” Seungkwan whines, pummelling his hands against the door from the other side. Hansol watches you warily, taking a cautious step away from you when you shoot him a glower.

You lean your head back, listening to your boyfriend’s distressed footsteps. “You’re going to leave~!” he abruptly belts in a random, indiscernible melody. “You’re going to leave me alone in Jeju!”

“This is why I’m single,” mutters the half-Korean, shaking his head.

If you can hear my heaaaaart, please come back to me!” You roll your eyes at his overdramatics. Maybe the idol life would suit him, he’s certainly got the pipes for it.

Eventually, he falls silent, prompting you to curiously peer into his room. He’s seated on his desk once again, gnawing on a piece of chicken. “Boo,” you call, pitying him at his state of despondency.

“How am I going to study without my materials?” he mumbles, “and without you?”

At that, your heart crumbles. “I just don’t want you overworking yourself. I love that you’re doing this for me, but sometimes it’s okay to rest a while.”

“I know, I know…” he says, watching you from the top of his eyes. “You’re not mad at me, right?”

You give him a kiss on his forehead. “Never.”

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#54 High School Couple | AU


It’s 2 AM and yes my tears are fucking real. 


Another lighting flashed in the sky as rain was streaming down like a shower. Every time a lighting flashed by, the whole hallway at the school lit up. Luke was standing with his head almost in his locker, trying to find his chemistry book. “Hey loverboy, where’s your bird?” Ashton joked as he opened his locker next to Luke, throwing some books into it. “I don’t know. She didn’t answer me this morning.” Luke shrugged before grabbing out his science book, knotting his eyebrows as he threw it into the locker again. Feeling your sudden presence, Luke smacked his locker a little too loudly before muttering out a “Hey gorgeous.” Both boys let out a little shriek though as they saw your devastated form leaning against the locker, eyes tired with makeup smashed down your face and hair all wet.  “You overslept didn’t you?” Luke asked sympathetically making you nod your head. “I know I look like crap.” You mumbled, grabbing some of your hair before twisting it, letting the water drip out of the locks.  “It’s not that you look like crap.” He smiled before removing some wet hair out of your sticky face. “More like that you’re wearing my t shirt.” He said grabbing onto the wet material. “Oh.” You mumbled looking down at yourself. “See ya later mate. See you too Y/N.” Ashton smiled before giving Luke a squeeze on the shoulder. “I think I have some gym clothes you can borrow instead of walking around like a wet cat.” He suggested as he looked you up and down. “Yea thanks.” You nodded with a tired smile. “Can’t promise that it won’t smell though.” He said with a small laugh before opening his locker again, grabbing a bag taking it out. “Come on. You can go change in the music room, there’s nobody there yet.” He said before reaching his hand out for you to take it. Smiling at him, you grabbed his hand and he intertwined your fingers before you headed over to the music room. Luke let you both in before placing his bag on one of the tables, pulling out a football t shirt. “Catch.” He smiled before throwing it towards your direction. “Hemmo?” You laughed looking at the backside of the t shirt, before taking your wet off, throwing it towards him. “It’s old.” He shrugged before throwing the wet t shirt into his bag. “Lighting struck down in our garden. It knocked out all the power of our house. My alarm went off and then I didn’t catch the bus. Such great start in the morning.” You sighed grabbing your bag from the table you placed it at. “If the weather keeps being like this, I can drive you home?” He suggested as he opened the door for you, letting you walk out before he did. “Can’t say no to that.” You smiled, before your eyes lit up. “You forgot something at my house last night.” You mentioned searching down in your bag. Grabbing Luke’s chemistry book his eyes lit up in relief. “Thank god, I thought I had forgotten it at home. Mrs. Wond would kill me if I had forgotten it yet again. “It’s good you have me right.” You smiled. “And vice versa.” He replied before giving you a peck on the forehead. 


”Ms. Y/L/N.” The sound of your name made you raise your head up from your doodling note, all the other students around in the class looking over at the teacher standing against the doorframe. Placing your pencil on the table you sat up straight in your seat before muttering out a small “Yes.”. “The principal wants to speak with you.” All the other students’ heads snapped towards your frame – all eyes on you now. “Like.. Now?” You mumbled, already packing your stuff away. “Yes.” She answered with a straight line before walking over to your desk, placing a note on your table. Taking the note in your hands, the teacher left the room, and you hesitated to stand up, not knowing what in the world you had done wrong. Shaking your head, you pushed your chair away before grabbing your bag now heading towards the door. As you opened it and went out, you let out a hysteric small scream as someone pulled you back from behind. “Calum?!” You said angrily seeing his smiley face whilst he was holding his arms around your waist pulling the both of you backwards. “What are you doing, I’m supposed to be at the principal’s office?” You asked as he opened the door to the field outside. “No you’re not.” He smiled as he walked you over to the usual tree you always hang out at. He grabbed your bag from your hand before throwing it to the ground next to his. You were still standing with the note in your hand and he noticed before taking it. “Notice the handwriting?” He said with a cheeky smile as he was holding the note in front of your face making your eyes wide in surprise. “You got me out of class?” You almost whispered, fearing that one of the teachers would catch you, making you look around. “How did you even..?” You mumbled as you both sat down, you leaning up against the tree as he placed his head in your lap. “I’ve got my skills.” He winked up at you making you shake your head as your hand was running through his soft dark locks. “Didn’t you say that as well when we had chemistry and you almost burned off some of my hair as we were burning metals?” You teased making him open his eyes. “Hey, we’ve talked about this; you know I didn’t do it on purpose.” He pouted making you laugh. “We were Freshmans at that point. My skills have ranked to a whole new level.” He winked, making you scoff with a laugh. “Whatever you say.” You shrugged making him form his lips. “Kiss me like you wanna be loved” He sang quietly making you shake your head again before diving down to his lips, giving him a soft peck to his joy. “Hood? Y/L/N?” The sound of your P.E teacher sounded faith yet close making both your eyes wide in surprise. “Holy shit.” Calum mumbled before standing up from your lap in less than 2 seconds, grabbing your bags and your arm before pulling you away from the trees and over behind one of the walls. “You and your damn skills.” You panted lightly as you stood up against the wall. “You won’t love me less.” He winked with an apologizing look. 


Reading the words over and over again, you knotted your eyebrows as you tried to concentrate about the context in the book in front of you. The library was basically empty, the only person besides you being the librarian who was nuzzling around the books as they were her babies. Letting out a deep sigh you tried to turn your attention back to your book, but somehow you ended up reading the same words over and over again. The final exams were close, making you more nervous than necessary. Finally the book caught your attention, you being totally caught up to not notice the sudden presence behind you. “Hey Y/N.” A sudden voice said as the person grabbed your shoulder making you jolt in your seat, throwing your book onto the table. You took a deep breath as you closed your eyes before you turned around seeing Michael’s smiley face staring down at you. “Hey babe.” He waved with profits giving you small puffs on your shoulder for you to remove forward on the chair. “What do you want?” You mumbled moving forward, seeing him place his leg on the other side of the chair before sitting behind you, pulling you back again so you could lean against his chest. “I wanna see what you’re reading.” He smiled before grabbing your book, holding it for you. “Michaaael.” You whined looking up at him with a pout. “What?” He asked with an amused look, knowing that he was already getting on your nerves. “I can’t concentrate when you’re here and you know that.” You mumbled looking up at him with an annoyed look. “Come on you’ve been down here for almost 2 hours. We need some time together.” He said before letting go of your book, sneaking his arms around your waist instead. “Shouldn’t you be at class?” You asked looking up at him. “That may or may not be correct.” He laughed giving you a small wink before he kissed your nose. “You know just because you’re skipping class doesn’t mean you’re badass.” You commented making him give you a fake hate glare. “It’s P.E.. Not important.” He shrugged kissing your nose yet again. “Wow such stubble you’ve grown.” You commented sarcastically, letting your fingers run up and down his jaw. “I know you think the punkish look is sexy.” He said letting his eyebrows wiggle. “Not on you.” You smiled giving him a wink before you grabbed your book again. “Oh so now the book is more important than me?” “You were kind of disturbing our intimate moment.” You fired back making him fake scoff. “You looked like you were bored. I just thought I would save you.” He said before knocking the book out of your hands again. “There’s not gonna be any study today I guess.” You said with a sigh looking up at him to see him shaking his head happily. “You know what could be ten times funnier than studying?” He asked, giving you pokes on the hips for you to stand up. “No.” You answered him with a smile before you both stood up. “Yogurt. Frozen. It would be lovely for this weather.” He suggested as you placed your book back in your bag. “Fine. You win.” You laughed before he grabbed your hand, swinging it back and forth as you went out from the school library.


“Y/N you just gotta suffer through the pain ok, the nurse is on her way.” Your friend tried to comfort you, but you wouldn’t have any of it, just burying your face into the not so clean gym floor. “Did someone call Ashton?” You mumbled through the floor. “Did anybody call Ashton?” Your friend asked out loud to the other cheerleaders. “Who’s Ashton?” One of the other cheerleaders asked making at least half of the team stare at her in shock. “Ashton as in Ashton Irwin? Leader of the football team, drummer, and not to mention smoking fucking hot?” A blonde cheerleader answered, the other ones nodding. “Can we please not talk about my boyfriend right now.” You almost moaned squeezing your eyes in pain. A sudden fall from trying to do a pyramid had made you hit your knee joints. It was a throbbing blue mess, the pain so bad it was hard to describe. “Y/N can you at least turn around so we can get a better look at it?” “No.” You said sternly without hesitation, the pain making you more stubborn than necessary. Your friend narrowed her eyes at you but they lit up as the doors to the gym opened, Ashton coming into view with Calum and Luke behind him. “She’s yours now. Good luck. I’ll go find the nurse.” Your friend warned Ash as he kneeled down beside you, letting his hand rest on your back. “Y/N?” He asked quietly trying to search for your eyes, seeing you holding tightly onto your knee. “Can you at least turn around on your back for me?” He mumbled in your ear making you nod your head slowly before trying your best to turn around, him and Calum supporting you. Ashton removed himself so he sat with spread legs for you to sit between. “This is worse than period cramps.” You mumbled, removing your hands from your knee to place them in front of your eyes.  “Please don’t touch it.” You mumbled as Calum took a look at your knee, studying it. “I’m not a doctor but this definitely needs ice.” He informed and as he finished his sentence, the nurse came in through the door with your friend next to her. She placed a bag next to you and your friend sat next to her. “So Y/N here we are yet again, don’t you think you should find a new hobby?” She joked as she took a bag of ice out of her bag before placing it slowly on your knee. The others laughed at her joke but you just narrowed your eyes. “Lighten up babe.” Ashton smiled before giving you a peck at your temple. “It’s not really comfortable giving you a check here, can we get her up from the floor and over to my office?” The nurse asked Ashton and he didn’t hesitate to nod. “We’ll carry her.” Luke said before him and Calum raised them from the floor. “Ashton removed himself from you before placing his football jumper over your shoulders, all 3 ready to lift you up. “Please don’t hurt me.” You mumbled as you placed your arms around Ashton’s shoulders, him grabbing you by the waist as Calum and Luke took your legs. “Not in a million years.” He replied before giving you a kiss, the 3 walking you out from the gym. 

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Companions react to finding out the SS has a serious Chem addiction (Maybe Psycho but thats up to you)

Dogmeat: Sole slumped on a couch tipping back a bottle of whiskey. Dogmeat hopped up and started pulling on their sleeve. Sole pushed Dogmeat off, then threw their boot at him, who growled at Sole, jumped on their lap and nudged the bottle out of their hand. Dogmeat curled on their lap as Sole started to cry, mentally berating themselves that they should never raise their hand to Dogmeat and that they were going to have to make some changes.

Codsworth: “I know you played some sports back in high school Sir/Mum…but this is ridiculous.” Sole popped a handful of Buffout into their mouths, held up their Swatter, and waited for a good time to bash some raider skull in. After the small camp was dead and looted, Sole suddenly felt the lack of Buffout in their body and felt…weak. They were carrying too much and they couldn’t run. The only way to keep going was to keep..taking more.. They reached for their pocket when Codsworth said in a grave voice “If you reach for that bottle Mum/Sir I will incinerate it out of your hand.”

Preston: “Having more people on our side isn’t worth you killing yourself over!” Sole’s eyes glazed over as the Grape Mentats set in. They smiled and waved it off, telling Preston it was nothing, they were fine. He berated them: “No, you’re not smooth talking me now. Give me the tin.” Sole waved their hand at him, and he seemed to give up. Later that night, Sole lay in bed, feeling disgusting and unwanted. No one was really coming to talk to them either. They rolled themselves in their blanket, sweating and breathing hard, when they heard someone pull up a chair next to their bed. They turned to see Preston with a bowl of water, a rag, and a small stack of comics. He breathed in deep, “Alright, let’s do this together.”

Piper: “Whatcha doing with all of that fertilizer, Blue?” Sole willfully ignored Piper and carried the bag over to their chemistry sink. Piper scowled at Sole, who unloaded a large handful of Jet inhalers onto the table as well. They patted their pockets frantically, then found their stack of bloodleaves. They knew Piper would be mad and just hoped if they stuck their head in the sand, she’d leave them alone. “Blue!” She yelled. Sole just concentrated harder. “BLUE!” Sole was almost done. They went to reach for the fertilizer when Piper knocked the open bag onto the floor. She stepped in the substrate. Sole just fell to their knees, looking at the fertilizer, then up at her. Tears started to well up, when she grabbed their face and kissed their forehead. “I heard the Bobrov’s have a good recipe for a pretty refreshing beverage. Why don’t we go get you a bottle?”

Nick: “Really kid? You couldn’t have gone for Buffout, or Jet? You had to go with Buffjet, which is an almost useless combination of the two?” Sole scowled and said it wasn’t useless, that the few seconds of high were enough go get most jobs done. Nick shook his head, lighting a cigarette. Sole shakily poured out a handful, counting the pills. 5 left. There was the bang of a mini nuke in the distance, and Sole jumped, dropping a handful on the floor of the agency. They swore under their breath and bent to pick them up. Two had rolled behind filing cabinets, out of reach. They swore a little louder this time, on their knees pushing their head to the floor in frustration. “Maybe we should get you to a doc kid,” Nick said, a soft robotic hand finding its way to Sole’s back.

Hancock: If anyone was going to be okay with excessive drug use, it was Hancock. At least that’s what Sole thought. Hancock sat them down on the couch of the Old State House and told them that their addiction wasn’t cute, it was sloppy. As Hancock was trying to give his lecture, Sole popped another handful of Daytripper into their mouth. Hancock turned just in time to see them slump in their seat, a lazy smile on their face. He held out his hand to them for the bottle, “You could at least share.” Sole presented it to him and he laughed. “Thought you could out-charm me, huh?” He sat down next to Sole, throwing a few in his mouth, kicking his legs up, and leaning back. “Ignore what I said, sister/brother. There’s some Addictol in the drawer over there.”

Macready: “You know, in sniping, taking that garbage is cheating.” Macready snapped, setting up next to Sole who already was lying on their stomach and had just finished swallowing a few Bufftats. They figured taking out the Super Mutants before running into the hospital would be a better idea. The whole time, Macready berated them about “that crap.” But as Sole sat with their rifle, shaking so hard they were hardly effective, they suddenly regretted taking so many. How many did they even take today? The tin still had a couple more doses to go. Sole anxiously picked off three Super Mutants in a row, but then suddenly the high was over. They couldn’t concentrate or take aim on anything. Macready shot a Suicider in the arm which promptly took down the rest of the group and brought Sole back out of their daze. “You could have done it if you weren’t having your stupid withdrawals.” He snapped.

Cait: (Post-Benign Intervention) “Did you learn nothing from me?!” She yelled. “You’re almost as dumb as that damn Super Mutant you hang around with! Should we drag you back down to that Vault?!” She said it sarcastically but Sole knew she wasn’t kidding. Sole chewed their lip in frustration, hearing this speech one too many times. They drowned Cait out as they dug a syringe of Fury out of their pocket. “How about we play it your way then,” Cait finally said. “Load yourself up with that shite, then let’s go. If I win, we take you to the Vault. If you win, you won’t hear another word out of me on the subject.” She put up her fists, and Sole hit the plunger.

Curie: “I have plenty of data on addiction and I do not need any further study, thank you.” Curie said feebly as she noticed Sole shooting up with a Med-X. Sole scoffed. This wasn’t an addiction. They were about to run into a Gunner base, they needed to be able to get shot and shake it off a little easier! Med-X just made sense. Sometimes if Sole had a headache they’d use it. And sometimes they’d use it if any old wounds started aching..and sometimes just to not feel anything at all. As Sole sat, stupefied by Curie’s comment and their own realization, Curie came to sit next to them. She wrapped her arms around Sole and pulled them in to lean on her. “I think zey sell ze Addictol in Goodneighbor. We could visit your Mayor friend. He could help.”

Danse: “I’m not sure why you’re polluting your body with those disgusting chemicals. It’s not like we administered an intelligence test before you join the Brotherhood.” Danse was scowling at Sole who had just popped a few Mentats and was sitting and looking down at the tin in their hands. They said softly that they wanted to go on a patrol for Quinlan and thought it would help. Danse snapped back with “Maybe you should see Neriah so she can clean you of your addiction.” Sole could feel his frustration. Maybe they would pay a visit to the doctor.

Deacon: Sole sat down, the effects of X-Cell wearing off. Deacon sat down next to Sole. “Let me carry something,” he said. “I’m sure everything’s going to be a lot heavier for you.” Sole handed over a bag of grenades. Deacon sighed. “You know, I used to use Chems too. It wasn’t until I OD’d in front of the old hide out that anyone in HQ knew. PAM told everyone I was too much of a wildcard. But Des and Glory believed in me, so they helped me out. I think they’d help you out too.” Sole smiled for they had never seen Deacon so serious.

Strong: They were about to run into a Super Mutant base, a junk yard or something. Sole fumbled in their pockets for some Chems. All they had left was a syringe of Daddy-O. They had stock piled as many of these they could find, and today was the day to be using them apparently. This was their third hit of the day of Daddy-O and Strong just huffed. “Super Mutants don’t need that junk,” he said. However out of the corner of his eye he watch Sole fall to the floor, eyes rolling in the back of their head, their mouth foaming. He stomped over, told them to stop messing with him. He picked them up, holding them between his outstretched hands. Sole’s head limply fell backwards. Strong panicked, only knowing they needed to find a human doctor.

X6-88: “So you’re just another one of those junkies, huh?” X6 drawled as Sole shot up under gunfire. “FUCK YOU!” Sole yelled, punching X6 in the jaw then running off to punch train station raiders. X6 just rubbed his chin, let Sole take care of the problem out of spite. When Sole returned, they sat in a slump next to X6, who was sitting on one of the sleeping subway trains. Their whole body was spent. Their hands felt like goo. X6 sat stoically, a welt forming on his chin. Sole looked at him and burst into tears, realizing they had just hurt their friend. “I’m so sorry,” they sobbed. “There has to be something in the Institute to help with addiction.” X6 just nodded, knowing they’d figure something out. He just liked watching Sole cry in apology.

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BIG FAN. If you're still taking prompts - College AU where Rey unexpectedly ends up homeless and manages to hide it from her friends, only to accidentally get discovered by her hot TA Ben :)

I started off writing this, thinking it would be a comedy, and somewhere along the line it became a bit smutty. Enjoy~



 Rey looked up. “What are you doing here?” Standing several feet from her sleeping bag was her chemistry TA, Ben Solo. Well, crap.

 “What am I doing here? That’s rich coming from the woman sleeping in a library’s basement.”

 Rey rolled her eyes and sat up. Crossing her arms she gave him a dirty look. “I have a reason for being down here. What reason could you possibly have to be here?”

 Ben shifted his weight from side to side uncomfortably. “Well…” He sighed, running a hand through his hair. Rey watched as he went to a cluttered shelf. This particular library’s basement was a storage space. All sorts of random things were kept down here. Books, broken microscopes, a couple globes, basically all the crap a college doesn’t actually need, but doesn’t want to get rid of either.

 From the shelf, Ben pulled out a small, black box. “What’s that?” Rey asked curiously.

 “An engagement ring.”

 Rey raised an eyebrow. “You’re getting married?”

 “No, my friend is, he asked me to hide this for him, and why do you sound so surprised?” He shot her a glare.

 Rey shrugged. “I don’t know.”

 Ben shoved the small box into his pocket. “Enough about me, why are you down here?”

 Rey looked down at her lap, her hands playing absentmindedly with her sleeping bag. “I may or may not be… slightly… homeless.”

 “How can you be slightly homeless?”

 “Fine, I’m homeless, happy?” She glowered at him before continuing. “The college cut my financial aid for room and board. Since I can’t afford to live in a dorm otherwise, I was left homeless.”

 Ben looked surprised. “They just cut your financial aid? Why?”

 Rey turned her head away from him. “I don’t know,” she mumbled. And she didn’t. She had no idea why after two and a half years they had just decided to cut her aid. The email she received several days ago informing her of the cut did nothing to explain why all of this was happening. All she knew was that she was that as of last Tuesday, she couldn’t afford to live in her dorm room anymore.

 “Does anyone know you’re living in a basement? Your family? Friends?” He sounded angry, but not at her so much as for her.

 “I didn’t want my friends to worry about it, so I haven’t told them. Or anyone,” she added to avoid discussing her family situation. If you could even call it that.

 “So instead of asking for help, you’re living in a basement?”

 Rey looked up at him and snapped, “Besides worrying, what could they possibly do to help me? It’s not like they’re particularly wealthy either. Telling them would accomplish next to nothing, so why bother getting them involved? Besides, I’m a grown woman, I can take care of myself.”

 There was a long silence. After what felt like hours, he kneeled beside her on the ground. Rey, too startled to say anything, simply stared. “Rey, come live with me at my apartment.”

 Rey sputtered. “You can’t be serious.”

 “Of course I am,” Ben said evenly, “As a TA, I can’t just ignore the fact that one of my students is homeless.”

 Rey looked at him as if he had sprouted a second and third head. “I can’t live with you. I hardly know you. You could be a serial murderer for all I know.”

 Ben rolled his eyes. “That’s ridiculous.”  

 “This whole situation is ridiculous!” Rey said, exceedingly exasperated. “It’s hardly appropriate for a TA to live with one of their students.”

 “These are extenuating circumstances.”

 “Are you listening to yourself right now?”

 “Look Rey,” he seemed a little frustrated with her, “Sooner or later, Campus Safety is going to find you and while I’m sure they’ll be sympathetic to your situation, they aren’t going to let you stay here. I’m sorry, but you don’t really have much of a choice.” He offered her a hand. “What do you say?”

 Rey looked down at the offered hand and then back at him. Oh good lord, he’s right.


 “You can stay in my room. I’ll take the couch.”

 “I’ll sleep on the couch, I –”

 “You’re my guest,” Ben said in a firm voice, “You’re not sleeping on the couch.”

 “Yes, well, seeing as I might be a ‘guest’ for an extended period of time,” Rey argued, “I can’t in good conscience sleep in your bed that entire time.”

 “We can discuss your stay tomorrow. For now, get some sleep.”

 Rey tentatively sat down on the edge of the bed and watched as he went to his wardrobe. “What are you doing?”

 “Getting pajamas. I’m going to take a shower before I go to bed – er, sleep.”

 Without another word he went into his bathroom. The muffled sound of the shower, despite the closed bathroom door, filled the bedroom. Rey sighed and fell back into the bed. Damn it. What the hell was she going to do? She couldn’t live in Ben’s apartment forever. She didn’t even think she could even make it through the night. In the back of her mind, she couldn’t help but find it ironic that a couple weeks ago, she would have killed to be in this situation.

 “Stop undressing him with your eyes,” Finn had said during lab one day.  

 Rey had punched him in the arm lightly and said, “Shut up.”

 “He does have a nice ass, so I guess I understand.”

 Rey had briefly wondered if his ass was just as nice without pants on before shaking the thoughts away. “Keep your paws off. I saw him first.”

 Rey felt her face go red as she remembered that conversation. She buried her head in a pillow. Jesus, she felt so embarrassed thinking about it now. She didn’t even want to imagine how Ben would react if he knew how often she had lusted over him like a pubescent teenage girl in class. He’d probably laugh, she thought sullenly.

 Rey listened to the shower as she lay in the bed. In image of Ben naked, water dripping down his chiseled muscles popped into her head. She felt a wet warmth build up between her legs. She shoved the image away. This is no time to get hot and bothered, she chided herself. However, the intense throbbing between her legs wouldn’t leave and it was starting to get uncomfortable. Sighing, she reached a hand between her legs and got to work “relieving” herself.

 “Mmmm,” she moaned softly. Her breath came out in short, clipped pants. Rey didn’t masturbate frequently, (she preferred sex, but then again, who doesn’t?) so she wasn’t particularly good at it, but she could get the job done. Another quiet moan escaped her lips, and before she could stop her self, she let out, “Ben.”


 Rey froze. She hadn’t notice the shower turn off. She hadn’t notice the bathroom door open. She certainly hadn’t noticed Ben walk into the room in only pajama pants with stray drops of water rolling down his well-defined abs.

 To be completely honest, even though she knew she should be embarrassed for being caught by her TA masturbating in his bed while moaning his name, she found herself even more turned on. But still horrified.

 “Do you need some help with that?”

 Rey felt her jaw drop. What did he just say? In that moment, Rey’s knowledge of the English language completely failed her and she just stared dumbly at him.

 He chuckled and a small smirk formed on his lips as he joined her on the bed. He hooked a thumb into the waistband of her sweatpants and looked at her as though he was asking her for permission.

 She gave him an almost imperceptible nod.

 Ben pulled off her pants and tossed them to the ground of his otherwise immaculate room. He rubbed Rey through her black, lacy underwear, eliciting a small whimper from her. Damn it, wanted him to take off her underpants now. If he decided to tease her or some bull shit, she was going to scream.

 Perhaps he could tell by her expression the sheer amount of need coursing through her because he quickly tugged off her panties. He gently parted her legs with his hands and peppered kisses on the inside of her thighs. Her breath hitched as his lips came closer and closer to the growing heat of her womanhood. Rey thought she might just explode when his tongue trailed her inner thigh tantalizingly slowly. “Jesus, Ben,” she complained in a breathy voice.

 “Impatient, are we?” She could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

 Before she could respond, she felt his tongue slowly move across her slit. “Fuck.” It became increasingly apparent to her that he was not only very experienced at giving a woman oral, but very good at it too. If he hadn’t been gripping her legs, she might have wrapped them around his head and pulled him closer to her. Her hands clutched at the covers beneath her. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

 His rhythm grew faster and faster and she felt herself and getting closer and closer to coming. “Just fuck me!” she said at one point, her body filled with painful desire.

 Ben pulled his head up and quickly replaced his lips with his fingers, which is how she learned that he was just as good at fingering as he was at giving oral. “You want me to fuck you Rey?” His voice sounded a bit more husky than usual. He’s turned on too, she realized.

 “Yes!” She shouted as she climaxed. Her back arched almost completely off the mattress as her body was raked with an intense orgasm. When it ebbed away, she collapsed back onto the bed, her breath coming out in short gasps. She looked up at him. It was clear that he was very turned on, and not just because of the tent his erection formed with his pants. There was a hunger in his eyes that sent a shiver down her spine. “Well? Are you going to fuck me or not?”

 Ben paused, cocking his head to the side in thought. Then he leaned down and kissed her forehead. It was a shockingly tender gesture that stole all of her words. “Not tonight.” He got off the bed and pulled the covers over her as if she were a kid being tucked into bed.

 “Where are you going?”

 “The couch. I figured you would want some privacy.” That was a stupid thing to think, but she didn’t tell him so. Instead, she grabbed his arm, stopping him from leaving.


 He looked at her curiously. For a moment, she was afraid he would say no. To her relief, however, he slid underneath the covers. She curled into him, resting her head on his bare chest. “Goodnight Ben.”

 “Goodnight Rey.”

 It occurred to her as she drifted comfortably to sleep that they had never actually kissed.

Girls Like You | l.h

*Y/n POV*

I was awakened by the sound of my alarm buzzing beside my head. Sitting up I looked around my room, the sun light was beaming through the curtains. Letting out a small yawn, I smiled to myself. 

“Good Morning, sweetheart.” My mum always knew how to brighten my mornings. Her bright blue eyes sparkled from the light of the sun. Smiling back at her, I hopped out of bed. “Your breakfast is on the table, make sure you eat something before you leave.” “Will do, mum. Thank you.” I hugged her before walking off to the bathroom to get ready. 

*At School* 

Walking through the school hallway, you tried to get to class. You were not once late, you weren’t about to start now. Sliding past the other students, you tried to avoid bumping into them. There were groups of people scattered in the halls, all chatting and laughing. Finally making into class, you took a seat just in the middle, beside the window of course. As you took a seat, you pulled out your books out of your bag and sighed. Chemistry wasn’t one of your favorite subjects, but you failing wasn’t an option. Glancing out of the window you noticed the school bad boy Luke Hemmings stood against the wall with his group of friends. You often wondered what it would be like to be in his group, but you knew you didn’t belong there. You were pretty sure he didn’t even know who you were.

*Luke’s POV*

“Alright, we’ve kept them waiting long enough. Let’s go to class.” I looked up to the window to see that girl watching me again. Too many times have I caught her glancing at me now. What’s her story. I walked up the steps to the 2nd floor and walked into the classroom. Everyone turning their heads to face the door as I closed it. “Late again, Mr Hemmings.” “Please, Mr Hemmings is my father.” “Sarcasm gets you nowhere in life, Luke. Take a seat please.” Sighing I threw my back on the floor and took a seat near the back. Against the wall of course. Much better view from here. I looked around the room, throwing paper at Calum’s head. Chemistry was probably the worst subject we could have. Probably didn’t help that this teacher hated me and was most likely failing me on purpose. Rolling my eyes as I tried to stay focused on the boring lecture we were receiving, I looked over at y/n. How could she be so interested in this bore fest. She always seemed so invested in everything. Shaking my head I looked back to Calum who was poking some girls sat in front of him. Throwing his head back laughing, he enjoyed teasing girls too much. 

The bell rang, which meant class was finally over. “Alright Class, you can leave. Luke. Y/n. Can you two stay behind for a moment please?” 

*y/n POV*

Swinging my head round to look over at Luke, I turned back to face the front. A tight feeling in my stomach, what does he want me and Luke for? I looked back at Luke again who looked just as confused as I did. He patted Calum on the shoulder as he left the room. Leaning against the desk, Luke looked back at me and winked. I blushed and turned my head. This was so embarrassing. Luke actually intimidated me, his bad boy vibe was not something I had stuck around long enough to experience. 

You smiled nervously at your teacher as he sat back down at his desk. “Right, I’ve got you both here because we need to discuss Luke’s grades.” You looked puzzled back at Mr Leigh. What did Luke’s grades have to do with you? It’s not like it affected you. Luke stared blankly at Mr Leigh before moving his eyes to look at you. “Y/n I want you to tutor Luke. He could do with the extra help and seen as you’re already passing this class. You’d be perfect to help him.” Looking back at Luke, he looked at you and furrowed his brows. I swallowed the lump in my throat and nodded. “Sure, Mr Leigh. I’ll be happy to help.” “Great! Okay, Luke. Consider Y/n your new tutor.” He smiled at Luke before letting us leave. Luke chucked his bag on his shoulders and walked out. You slowly followed him out and walked away in the other direction. You got to the bottom of the hall before Luke had called out to you. “What time?” Turning around you tilted your head slightly. “…Time?” “Well, yeah. The time I meet you to…What’s the word. Study?” Swallowing again you laughed slightly. “Right, yeah. Um, I’ll meet you about 4pm at the cafe on the corner of the street from school?” Luke nodded and walked away. Feeling the tight feeling in your stomach again, you knew this was going to be hard work. 

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*At the cafe*

You was sat at a table waiting for Luke to show up, he was already 15 minutes late. You were starting to assume that he wasn’t going to bother showing up. Checking the clock hanging on the wall, you sighed. Luke was never on time to any classes, maybe this is just the same situation. Glancing through the window, you were getting impatient, but you knew you couldn’t let Mr Leigh down. 5 minutes later Luke walked through the door and waved to you. Smiling sheepishly at him, you felt a sudden rush of butterflies swarm your stomach. You watched him as he slumped down in the seat across from you. Pulling out a laptop from his back, you were a little taken back. He genuinely looked like he wanted to learn. But something inside you told you otherwise.

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 “Bet you thought I was a no show huh?” “Er.. Yeah, actually.” Luke leaned back in his chair and motioned for you to talk. He was a little demanding, but doing as you’re told you began to pull out your Chemistry book. “I was thinking we could start of.. Um, easy. So, that you get the jist of it all. Is.. Is that okay?” Luke smiled at you, he could tell you were nervous and he enjoyed it too much. “Do I make you nervous, Y/n?” Feeling your cheeks burn red, you turned the page in your book and ignored his question. You needed to build up your confidence if you wanted to beat him at his own game. “Look, I’m here to teach you Chemistry. That’s what we’re going to do. Nothing more.” You watched as Luke leaned closer to you, looking a little taken back by your sudden boost of confidence. You smiled and sat back, you actually enjoyed this. You were actually starting to enjoy his company. “Alright then. Teach me something.” Once again, you were thrown back by his confidence. Smirking at him, you rolled your eyes. “Have you got a pen? I think you’ll need to take some notes. I don’t want you to hurt yourself thinking so hard. Especially with everything I have to teach you.” “Oh, babe. You might be able to teach me this junk. But, I could teach you more important things.” Your heart was beating fast in your chest as Luke leaned in closer to you, placing his hand on yours. Looking right into your eyes, you was frozen. Shaking your head of all the thoughts rushing through your mind you pulled your hand back. “That’s not going to work on me.” “What do you mean?” “This. All of it. I’m not like the other girls.” 

Luke smirked at you. 

“I know.”

So here is part oneeee! I hope, hope, hope you enjoy it. I’m a little rusty. But I enjoyed writing this one. I’m going to do it in parts, because I’m starting to think I’m making it too long. Let me know what you think. All criticism is appreciated :)
Thank you & have a lovely, beautiful day xo 

chemistry // michael clifford smut 

plot: michael’s failing chemistry because his attention is diverted elsewhere, so when the good girl offers to tutor him, she uses it to prove she’s not what he thinks she is
word count: 2,721
requested?: no, i just have a really cruel brain
warnings: language ish, sub michael (aaaaay lmao) 

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