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I'm not autistic, but I suffer from a sensory disorder- and when I receive too much stimulation, I tend to pick at my skin. It hurts, but it's a stim right at my fingertips, pun intended. Do you know any good silent classroom fidgets? Anything easy to hold in your hand during crowded, loud, bright passing periods? Thank you so much!!

Sweet anon (and everyone, actually), you never, never have to explain that you’re not autistic here. Never. This is a space for all neurodivergent folk and people with any disability, illness or condition who might find stimming helpful for whatever reason. (If you think stimming helps you in some way, you count.) You’re all welcome here, all of you, and I’ll answer any questions you have as best I can. If you want to share your background, by all means, but never feel you have to. This is not an autistic-only or autistic-focused space. It’s a stimming space!

I’ll be honest: this is something I struggle with as well. So I’m trying to find replacement stims for when I feel the need to pick, too.

If you want to go for stealth stims, kneadable erasers. (Art supply stores, office supply stores. I got mine from Officeworks, brand name Faber Castel. I’ve also seen Mont Marte ones in dollar shops and scented ones at Daiso.) You don’t have to explain this to anyone and you can pull, stretch, twist and pick it. Like putty but portable. They cost around $3.50 AUD here, so they’re not very expensive, either.

I also have the most amazing case eraser (Officeworks, $2 AUD) which I’ll photograph because I cannot describe it without an image:

[image description: a rounded plastic eraser module in three parts: a clear red plastic brush cover bearing the word “capsule”; a blue plastic base with a pale blue plastic brush attached to the bottom and a rounded raised thumb rest covered with raised dots with a white round eraser attached the top of the base; and a blue plastic cover for the eraser. Text “Milan” is printed on the cover.]

I have no idea if these are still available: I bought one on clearance, realised how fabulous it was, went back, found none. The brush makes a slight noise when you run a finger over it, but the cover feels like a worry stone and I mostly just run a fingertip over the thumb rest. Milan makes a lot of erasers with unusual covers, all of them pretty fidget-friendly, but this one is the best of the best. I wish I had more of them; they’d be in every bag I own.

Lastly, a chenille pencil case is stealth and super stimmy, and you might find poking/pulling at the chenille fronds offer you an alternative to picking.

As for non-stealth stims: squishies, small plushies, most stress balls (the stretchy squish ball, available from Stimtastic online or Lincraft here in Australia, is fabulous), balloon stress balls, a marble loop, a marble maze, a fluffy or tassel keychain, a worry stone or a prickle fidget are all absolutely silent.

The Hairy Tangle makes a very slight rubbery noise when you stretch the fronds. (People not me probably don’t even notice it.) No clicking, unlike any other Tangle I’ve handled. Plus you can pull/pick at the fronds! And it has no rubbery smell! It’s got texture and movement and offers several different ways to stim with it, so if you don’t mind obviously stimming, I’d recommend trying this one. It’s fabulous and I need to remember to use it more than I do.

Play-Doh is pretty quiet. I’ve noticed my putties and slimes tend to bubble and crackle, though (I’ve got some that bubble so much it’s like playing with never-ending bubble wrap) so I wouldn’t use them in a classroom.

Puffer creatures can be quiet, but mine make noise when I pull the fronds, so they’re probably only useful for poking or running your hands through the fronds. A tassel keychain should be better for absolutely-quiet stimming whilst offering something that can be picked and pulled, if you’re looking for a stim that fills that picking need. You can also attach it to a pencil case, so it’ll be fairly stealth as well!

(A simple alternative to this could be an embroidery thread friendship bracelet, the kind that ties in a knot around your wrist and leaves dangling threads, like a tassel. @threadytogo​ makes them in pride and fan themes!)

Other fidgets that might work, and are surely stealth enough, include fidget jewellery items like telephone cord bracelets and snake necklaces, especially if you want some back-up toys to wear in case you’re like me and lose/forget the toy you mean to bring to class. I don’t get quite the hand-holding fidget experience from some of these, though, so I’d probably have them as back-up fidgets.

Standard stim toys like Tangles and puzzles all make some noise, and if you’re like me, that noise makes you feel self-conscious about making noise, even if it actually doesn’t bother anyone else.

If my followers have something in their collections they can attest is silent and suitable for our anon, please add them! I know a super common toy rec is a spinner ring, but I don’t own one myself and can’t confirm how completely silent they are when used gently/slowly. If someone can confirm, I’d be grateful.

I hope this gives you somewhere to begin!

A Spell To Ward Off Negative/Intrusive Thoughts

I’ve been having some problems with intrusive thoughts lately so I thought I would try and put together a little spell to ward them off, using only ingredients I had readily available in my dorm room.

What You Need:

  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Coffee
  • Chamomile
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Crushed Eggshells

What To Do:

  • Ground them all up together! That’s it! You can then put them in a small bottle/bag/pill capsule (this is what I used) so you can carry it with you.
  •  I charged mine through meditation.



My OTP: Filling Pieces Low Top Sneakers

Zayn: Low Top Ghost Sneakers   (NYC, Jun 18 ‘17)
Liam: Filling Pieces x BNY Low Top Sneakers (NYC, Jun 21, ‘17)

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Do you have any headcanons for your favorite boys (They're my favorites too!! Good taste)


mmm.. Headcanons


- You know that smart popcorn shit or whatever? The fake not junk-foody popcorn? He loves that shit.

- Sometimes, but only if he is STRUGGLING, he will doodle on his notes, so that way he can remember his notes by the picture.

- Some people think he’s super smart because he knows basic Microsoft Excel.

- One day he found Minesweeper. He loves and hates Minesweeper.

- Uses the pre-made messages to talk to people on club penguin. and emojis,


- One time he popped a kid’s gum bubble. He thought he was so evil.

- One time he mixed up an actual rifle with one of Chiaki’s Wii accessories. It was a long day.

- Sometimes he just hangs out at the diner with Souda in shades. He wears the shades so people think he looks gangsta. In actuality hes playing “drinking games” with souda by using coca-cola

- One time he got a test back from school and he erased the number grade but not the letter grade (f) and made it say “Fuckin awesome” and put a 100 in red pen. his mom wasnt fooled but she thought it was hilarious


- Really likes “bagged capsule food”. Or whatever they’re called. Skittles, M&Ms, Peanuts… Etc. easy to carry around with ya.

- He knows basic blacksmith stuff/metalwork stuff because he wanted to make a knife identical to Mukuro’s

- He really likes Syo too! Since he knows Syo’s identity, he now writes. Writing is fun. Not as fun as bloody murders, but fun.

- He’d buy green contacts and come to ur wedding wearing them so he wouldn’t scare people

- He has seen Tsumugi Shirogane online and he FEARS her.


- This boy CANNOT keep his thoughts in his head… He talks to himself. He doesn’t notice until someone tells him tho… Poor kid.

- He cannot tolerate spicy food… Even Wendy’s spicy chicken nuggets… Too spicy.

- He looks so cute in glasses… He doesn’t think he’s cute but Gonta puts them on him one day and everyone is like “woah!!!!”

- hed have a scavenger hunt detective party as a kid and hed always find SOME things but leave the other things so that way his whole 2 friend would not feel dejected by finding nothing


Pocket Monsters EST. 1995 and The Capsule/Pocket Poster are now available on my redbubble!  EST 1995 is for phones, stickers, clothes, tote bags and pillows, while Capsule/Pocket is only for purchase as a type of print! 

 Pocket Monsters EST. 1995                              Capsule/Monster Poster

(Beside it is a picture of the original art work, by Ken Sugimori!)


“Y/n, what’re you doing in here babe? You should be asleep, it'salmost 3 o’clock in the morning and you have work in less than 2 hours."Jungkook hugged your waist tightly from behind and you couldn’t help but shy away from his sudden touch.

"What are you doing a wake huh?” You spun around to face him, only to instantly regret it as he was now standing right in front of your face.You weren’t going to drop your guts. You were going to confront him. Right here. Right now. Even if it was 3 o'clock in the morning.

“I found this, Jungkook. Hiding under a pile of clothes in your drawer” You caught him out and there was no way he could lie to you this time. He would take drugs every now and then and every time you found out, it always lead back to you two arguing. Although you and Jungkook had been together for nearly 2 years now, he was never able to open up to you the way you wished. He was scared and he had trust issues. Not only with you, but also his friends. It was hard but you loved him. You stuck by him.

You were stuck with him. 

“Jungkook, you’ve been taking drugs in our house again!? We have this exact same argument every god damn time Jeon Jungkook! Why do you keep doing this!?” You had his full attention now.

“What the actual f*ck y/n!! You’ve been snooping through my stuff again!? What the f*ck is wrong with you!?” Jungkook reached his arms out to grasp the little capsule and bag full of drugs from your hands but you being much smaller than him dodged out of his way, manoeuvring yourself around him. He was really angry at you now and you knew you screwed up. You should have never went through his things, but your instincts got the better of you. “What’s wrong with me Jungkook!? WHATS WRONG WITH ME!? WHY DO YOU HAVE THESE JUNGKOOK, WHY ARE THESE IN OUR HOUSE!?” You yelled and you started hitting his chest. Jungkook stared at you, sighing out loud obviously annoyed. “I can’t do this right now, I’m f*cking tired alright y/n. I come into the kitchen to come and check up on you and here you are yelling your head off at me. I don’t need this okay. Especially at this ungodly time of the fricken morning” He said clearly pissed off as he tried to get past you.

By now you had tears threatening to leave your eyes but you weren’t going to let them fall. You needed to know why Jungkook was taking drugs again, even though it always resulted to you two fighting and screaming at each other. “Jungkook, please tell me what’s going on? Please baby, why are you doing this to yourself? I’m your girlfriend, you can trust me babe I’m h-” you didn’t get to finish off your sentence as Jungkook punched the wall right next to your head causing you to screech out loud as you slid yourself down the wall, hot tears now falling down your face.

“Let me guess? I’m here for you Babe, you can trust me” he said mocking your voice. You weren’t scared of Jungkook. You knew he would never intentionally hurt you but you just hated when he got like this. When he lost control of himself. “You have no idea what it feels like do you? I do this because it makes me forget!! It makes me calm!! It makes time go faster when I’m with you because every single moment we are together y/n, I feel like I am suffocating!! To go to bed with you every single night to then think of things I shouldn’t be thinking at all and not even being able to TRUST YOU ENOUGH TO TALK ABOUT IT!! I am killing myself being here with you y/n! I tried just THEN to move on from this shit. You know, when I came to check on you? But you threw that back in my face!! Because you’re a b*tch y/n and I NEVER thought I could hate you even more then I do right now” Jungkook yelled, managing to blame all his problem all on you. 

This was how he felt about you though. This whole time. You were the reason why he was doing this to himself. Jungkook kept hitting the wall next to you then proceeded to throw the dinning room chairs and everything and anything that was in his sight.


You were sobbing uncontrollably now as you were finally able to stand on your own two feet. “Jungkook, please just stop. I will leave. I’ll pack my things so I don’t have to come back tomorrow okay. Babe, just please stop now” you managed to say in between your ugly cries.

All of a sudden you felt it. Your emotions turning off. It hit you hard and it made you realise “this is what Jungkook has been going through”. 

You took the capsule full of pills from your back pocket and stared at it for what felt like eternity. You felt guilty for putting Jungkook through this and even though you should have hated him right now, you seemed to have blamed everything on yourself too.

 Unscrewing the cap, you stared into the tiny bottle, thinking of what would happen if you just did it. At this very moment, you stopped caring. This is what it felt like to have your emotions turned off.

Jungkook threw a flower vase at the wall next to you and noticed you didn’t flinch one bit. He watched you  as you brought the capsule to your mouth, swallowing as much pills as you could dry. 

“Y/N NO!!!”

Oh gosh, after proof reading over this so many times and trying to figure out how to write tags, change fonts and pretty much work a laptop because I really only use my phone, I’m finally done!! Its probably really bad, considering this is my first one shot I have ever done!! I hope you all like and if you do I will do a PT.2 to ‘Tomorrow’ and if you don’t… then I will still write a PT.2 to ‘Tomorrow. Shout out to my 95 followers who actually thinks Im alright enough to follow.

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A human wearing a green mask, body pads and a Sewer Lid on her back ran down a back alley as she chased a Kraang van to a rendezvous point with The Shredder… She was armed with a Kyoketse Shoge and a bag of special mutation capsules….

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Not far off a pair of 3 mutant turtles were out on patrol “this is boring, where is all the action” asks a dark blue bandana turtle. “Patience TJ we`ll find anything suspicious around I mean it’s new york after all” said a light blue bandana turtle calmly. The youngest one who wears a yellow bandana was looking around and notice a white van moving too fast “hey bros check this out” he calls “well that’s new” Jason the light blue bandana said “yea probably some idiots thinking it free road run” TJ reply annoyed

She was whizzing about on a pair of wheeled boots as she used her weapon to grapple onto the truck… she knelt down gliding low in a grouching position. She hadn’t seen them yet as she was to occupied with trying to not be seen by the Kraang drivers… She had Redish Brown Hair and Honey colored eyes, a face full of freckles and larger pronounced canines that sat above her teeth giving the illusion of Fangs vs bad OralSpacing.She was fit but chubby and also curvy. @thetmnt2012