bafta 2013!


So close (yet so far away) - Unbeknownst to each other, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman were both on the same red carpet for the BAFTA TV awards on May 12, 2013. But, of course, the two had yet to even meet at this point in time. It wasn’t until later in the year (July) that Matt and Jenna were told that Peter had been chosen as the next Doctor and that history would soon be made.

I do wonder, however, if this event was where Steven Moffat first approached Peter about playing the Doctor. Seeing the Daleks, Jenna and Peter roaming the same autograph line may have set Steven’s thoughts in motion. Who knows?

P.S. It’s too bad the paparazzi didn’t catch Peter and Jenna in the same frame. What a picture that would have made.