baes lookin hella fine

Brother/Sister Moment



Aaron: “I hate this so much.” You groaned, gripping your hair in between your hands. Your throat was tight and you knew you were on the brink of tears. Your English teacher absolutely hated your class and had given an almost impossible amount of homework that you were to do in one night, not to mention all of the other homewok from your other classes. Aaron sat across from you, frowning at the thought of you frustrated. “Here, let me help.” He stated, taking your notebook away from you and setting it in front of him. “What’s the first question?” He asked, not waiting for your answer, instead looking over at the text book to get the question and then he started writing down all of the answers.

Cameron: “Y/N, I know you know how to take pictures. You take them all the time.” Cameron sighed, putting his Nikon camera down on his lap. You sighed as well, sitting down next to him in your jeans and blouse. “I know but I’m just… These photoshoots are way different from taking selfies, even though you’re the photographer.” Cameron looked at you, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. “I don’t know why you’re embarrassed. I’ve heard you screaming your lungs out in the shower and on carnival rides. I’ve witnessed you wetting you pants from laughing too hard and vomitting down your shirt. Compared to that, this is so simple. So get up and start posing. If you want to start making Youtube videos on your own, you have to learn how to not get embarrassed.”

Carter: You sighed, walking out of your bathroom with a towel over your hair. You had just gotten out of the shower after a really bad day. The only thing you wanted to do was lay in bed and sleep, maybe even cry yourself to sleep. You entered the kitchen to grab a water bottle before you continued your plans for the night. It was when you had your head in the fridge that you realized the house was oddly quiet. Yeah, your mom was out with your aunt who was in town, but you would’ve thought Carter would be home with some of his friends. Forgetting about him, you backed out of the fridge, closing the door, revealing your brother, who yelled loudly at you. He scared you so much that you actually screamed, dropping the bottle of water on the floor. “I hate you so much!” You screamed at Carter, snatching up your bottle before stomping off to your room.

Dillon: “Dillon, you fucking suck at rapping.” You laughed as Dillon moved his arms around crazily as he tried to freestyle. The two of you were sitting in his room, listening to music. The music style had changed many times, and now it was on the instrumentals of songs. Right now it was the instrumental to All Me by Drake and your brother was freestyling, well trying to. “Shut up. I doubt you could do any better.” He stated. You scoffed at him and took the PS3 controller, changing the song to one that you could use. As the music started, you looked around the room for some inspiration. Finding the water bottles on his dresser, you smiled to yourself and started. “Yeah, Fiji water and you know I got that Voss on deck…” You continued to go at it until Dillon took the controller from you and changed the song. “No need to show off.” He muttered.

Hayes: Hayes was making unbelievably annoying noises. He was clicking his tongue and blowing raspberries and tapping on the coffee table in front of the two of you and you were getting tired of it. “Oh my God, could you be more annoying?” You asked breathlessly. It was a mistake to ask that, because you knew he could be. And he would take it as a personal challenge to annoy the shit out of you. He continued making obnoxious noises, grinning widely at you, knowing you were getting pissed off. “Seriously, Hayes, knock it off!” You exclaimed, standing up and holding a pillow in your hands, threatening to hit him with it. “You aren’t challenging me, are you, Y/N?” Hayes asked, raising an eyebrow. It didn’t take a lot of time until you were both on the ground, play fighting and hitting each other with pillows.

Jack G.: You and Jack were at the beach with some of his friends while he was on tour. There was a bar on the beach that you were all hanging out at, laughing away and enjoying the day. You stood up and made your way over to Johnson, going to tell him a joke, when a man that wasn’t part of your group tapped your ass. “Excuse you.” You looked at him disgustedly before turning around again to go tell your older brother what just happened. Jack stood up immediately, jaw tensed and fists tight at his side. “Did you just touch my sister’s ass?” The man denied. “Why would she lie about something like that? You’re a disrespectful pig and you need to not touch my family members or else I will not hesitate to beat your ass.”

Jack J.: “Damn, bae is lookin hella fine today.” You stated, double tapping the phone screen in front of you. “Who?” Your brother Jack asked, leaning over in his chair to try and see your screen. You tried to turn the phone, but you weren’t fast enough, Jack had already seen that you were talking about his best friend. “Really, Y/N? Gilinsky? You’re into Gilinsky? He’s bae now? Since when?” Jack kept spitting out questions at you, making you blush furiously. The front door opened and none other than Gilinsky walked in, his sunglasses over his eyes and his bright smile on his lips. “Hey man.” He smiled at your brother. “Hey, Jack. You look good today, don’t you think so Y/N?” Jack asked you, a twisted smirk on his face. You groaned mentally, knowing the teasing wouldn’t stop until Gilinsky knew he was bae.

Jacob: Jacob had just gotten home from his tour and was super excited to see your family. you picked him up from the airport, smiling widely at your brother and exchanging hugs. In the car he kept smiling at you and asking questions about you and your friends and school. “Oh my God, my math teacher is a freaking idiot.” You told him. He laughed, “why?” “He has only been teaching for two years, but he’s so freaking dumb! Mom went to the open house last night and asked a simple question and he couldn’t even answer it! And he’s so boring, and he doesn’t teach anything well. I wanna get switched out of that class so badly.” “It’ll be fine. You’ll pass with flying colors like you do every other year.” You smiled and agreed with your brother and then demanded to know every single detail about touring.

Matthew: Matthew had his phone in front of his face as usual, taking a snapchat video. The two of you were on set for your new movie coming out and he was disrupting the peace and quiet that is usually the make up trailer. “I am so proud of my baby sister. She’s growing up and doing something with her life.” Matt told his camera before going silent for a minute to post the video on snapchat. He then started screaming loudly, making both you and your make up artist jump, messing up your eyeliner. “Matthew Espinosa! Knock it off!” You yelled, looking in the mirror to see how badly your make up was messed up. “I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help it! You are Y/N! I’m your biggest fan.” You rolled your eyes at your brother and apologized to your make up artist.

Nash: “Hey guys, I’m back with another video. This time it’s another sibling tag. I know I’ve already done this with Hayes, but Y/N is so much cooler than him so I’m going to do it with her too.” You smiled at the camera and then at Nash, waiting for the questions to start. There were the basic questions, who is the oldest and what nicknames do you have for each other. The video was going well until you got to the thing that annoys you most about each other. It was then that the two of you just started bashing on each other, like real siblings would do. You talked about how he was always gone and how it annoyed you that he was so messy and he talked about how loud you were (amung other things). “You know what, I can’t do this. I just realized that you breathing annoys me.” You stated, laughing lightly before walking out of the room.

Sammy: Sammy stared out of the front window of your house, waiting for you to come home with your boyfriend. As soon as his car pulled up, Sammy was on his feet and walking towards the door so that he could get outside to talk to him before he drove off in fear, or before you could warn him. Unfortunately for you, you had forgotten that Sammy came home today and you and your boyfriend were having a light make out session in his car. That is, before there was a light tapping on your window. The two of you jumped apart, looking out the window to see Sammy shaking his head disappointedly. “I am so sorry.” You muttered to your boyfriend. “For what?” He questioned suspiciously. “For the interrogation that is about to come.” You were right, Sammy sat in your boyfriend’s car, making you sit in the backseat and making him drive all over town so that he could ask useless questions. When you got back to your house, after your boyfriend left, Sammy declared that he didn’t like him. But you figured he wouldn’t.

Shawn: You stared at the side of his face in awe as he strummed his guitar and hummed a few lines of a familiar song. The two of you had been sitting like this for a few hours and he knew you were staring at him, but he didn’t say anything. Just figured you were giving him attention since he was doing something to be the center of it. But finally he laughed out a, “what are you looking at?” You smiled, “you, baby brother! You’re so talented and you’re going to be so successful! I’m so proud of you!”

Taylor: The bass in your new car vibrated through your whole body, making you laugh loudly. It wasn’t audible, due to the volume, but you didn’t care. You were too happy to care. You had just gotten your driver’s license and you had gotten a nice car to go with it. Taylor sat in the passenger seat, phone in his hand as he positioned it so that it could catch both you and him on camera. The windows were down and the traffic was heavy, but that didn’t stop the two of you from dancing in your seats, laughing histerically at each other. There were few moments like this between the two of you since you were always fighting, but you cherished each and every one.