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“Summer Aesthetic: Fellatio Mignon” by @whoisandrejones

Important fact: The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Be sure to give him lots to eat.

A bunch of Malec Headcanons

Some Malec headcanons that I usually think about at night, hope tou like it <3

• Alec lets Magnus do his makeup when he’s bored, bc he likes how his boyfriend concentrated face looks.

• Magnus usually quotes books and movies, and Alec’s confused face reveals that he has never read or seen a single one of them, so Magnus gives him books and spends whole evenings watching several movies with Alec.

• They like to talk about their sex life.

• Magnus loves Alec’s leadership spirit, specially in bed.

• Magnus lets Alec paint his nails. He loves how cute Alec looks when he gets pissed for making mistakes.

• Sometime when they’re around people, they communicate with their eyes.

• Past sometime, Alec gets used to public demonstrations of love, so when Magnus is at the Institute for a mission or something, they walk around holding hands, they have quickies in Alec’s office and everyone knows, etc.

• Sometimes when Magnus and Alec go out with a group of friends, they close themselves in a little bubble, cuddling, kissing, staring at each other, talking about stuff that only the two of them understand, and everyone just look at them, talking about how cute they are.

• In the few parties they go, someone always tries to flirt with Magnus, so Alec gets between and kisses Magnus in front of the person. Magnus loves it.

• Magnus sometimes refers to Alec as “my Alexander”.

• They say “I love you” everyday, and Magnus teaches Alec how to say it in other languages. “Aku Cinta Kamu, darling”.

• Magnus knows all the runes of Alec’s body, because every time he saw his boyfriend naked, he asked the name and the function on each rune.

• Magnus wears his boyfriend’s clothes. Specially when Alec is out for a mission, Magnus sleeps in the boy’s sweatpants and his black t-shirts.

• They love to read to each other.

• They love to role play Mr Lightwood and Mr Bane in bed.

• Alec still blushes when Magnus makes a compliment about him.

• Their heartbeats still get faster when they see each other.


hq-hq-headcanons  asked:

Happy Birthday!!! Can I request (can be drabbles or headcanons) on how Oikawa, Akaashi, and Kagami would make it up to their s/o if they had a match on their birthday?

Thank you so much! I hope you like these. 😊


  • Constant texting throughout the day before the match, like selfies with the team (getting punched by Iwa-chan for not paying attention) but it’s worth it to him to let you know you’re on his mind.
  • Wins NO MATTER WHAT because he had to miss your birthday and he’ll be damned if he goes home a loser and a boyfriend who missed your birthday.
  • Immediately after he’s cleaned up he rushes to you (because of course you made sure to be there) and gives you a big birthday kiss, takes you to dinner and gives you a photo-book of all the fun selfies and adventures you’ve taken together.


  • Sends flowers to your classroom with a note telling you happy birthday and he loves you.
  • The next day he takes off from practice so he can spend the entire day with you uninterrupted and plans as many of your favorite things to do that he can.
  • At night, back in the privacy of his or your bedroom, he’s very affectionate, giving lots of hugs, cuddles and kisses.


  • Thankful his coach reminded him to call you (boy is so focused on the game he forgets it’s your birthday to be honest) but you don’t care because he’s your sweetie bear.
  • Promises to do whatever you want the next day, even if it involves dogs.
  • Cooks you a fabulous meal at the end of your day together then cuddles on the couch watching your favorite movie or show.

I just have this feeling that when May finally gets the story out of Coulson she’ll stop a minute and stay silent as she considers him. He’ll get really squirmy, and want to leave, but he respects her too much, so he stays to take his punishment.


Though her expression doesn’t change, May just walks right up and kisses the hell out of him. We see a moment of surprise before Coulson internally thanks his lucky stars and engages with enthusiasm.

When they pull apart, they just observe each other up close for a second, May cool as a cucumber like always, Coulson a bit dazed and goofy.

Then May says, “Better?”

And Coulson, making one of those satisfied sounds deep in his throat, say, “Oh, yeah. Definitely better.”


Some brotherly eye to eye, nose to nose, eye to lips, chest to chest and what not for my bae @fenrirrises