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Storybrooke UK: Colin O’Donoghue - Stage Talk 2
  • “Don’t listen to a single word from Sean Maguire” (x)
  • “Snowing have accepted Emma and Hook together” “Colin thinks that if Hook were to ask for the Charmings blessing to marry Emma they would be ok with it” (x) (x) (x)
  • “If there was nothing happening in Storybrooke, Hook would be asleep or spending some time with Emma and relaxing” (x)
  • “Colin, Josh and MRJ had a challenge who would make each other laugh the most and Josh lost” (x)
  • “Hook and Emma deserve a break. They never have a bloody moment to themselves!” (x)
  • “Working with Anthony Hopkins was one of the most amazing things Colin did” (x)
  • “Colin needs a banana costume for another lost bet with Sam Heughan (Outlander). He’s not sure how it came to this” (x)
  • “I like the relationship between the Evil Queen and Captain Hook. Lots of witty banter!” “I’m sure there’ll be a little bit more of that” “Hooked Queen has a lot of chemistry” “Colin has a lot of fun with Lana” (x) (x) (x) (x)


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