@captainswanmama I know! Baelfire was such a cute character. And, oh my god, that scene in 1x19 (? I think?) when he screams out “don’t break our deal!”… yeah, that breaks my heart every time.

And the season 2 finale was just so good. Dylan Schmid was amazing. His scenes with Colin were the highlights for me in that episode.

You Know You’re A Oncer When

You think of Jamie Dornan as Graham the Huntsman instead of the guy from Fifty Shades.

You know Bae is not your significant other but the son of Rumplestiltskin

You know Little Red Riding Hood is a werewolf

You’re the only one among your friends who thinks Captain Hook is hot

You start saying Dearie instead of Dear

You hear the word swan and don’t think of the bird

You suddenly have a desire to visit the state of Maine

You giggle at the words tacos and coffee

You insist on having cinnamon with your hot cocoa

I just realized something that broke my heart

So, I thought back to this scene with Neal and Henry

I’m not really familiar with kids, but at first I thought this was a weird way to pick up a child.
Than I realized that picking up your child like this, you still have a hand that’s completely free.
Like, free to grab a staff if you need one to walk.

Neal was probably holding Henry the same way Rumple did with him.

We All Know What Would Have Happened if Neal was the Dark One instead of Hook
  • Emma:I turned you into a Dark One.
  • Neal:Okay I'm really pissed but hold that thought.
  • Neal:*poofs*
  • Rumpelstiltskin:Finally a minute of quie-HOLY CRAP BAE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM??
  • Neal:Hi Dad. So I'm a Dark One now and I'm having these really strong urges to kill a bunch of people. Advice?
  • Rumpelstiltskin:First things first, eat a Snickers. You're not you when you're hungry.

-Anon request

Dating Killian would involve…

  • Heated, passionate kisses
  • Him teaching you how to sail his ship
  • Becoming close friends with Emma- who’s glad to have another badass female around and thinks you’re pretty damn awesome
  • Being taught how to read the stars
  • Telling him you love the leather and guyliner
  • Rough, dominant sex
  • Hating Mr Gold for doing what he did to Hook
  • Calling him ‘Hook’ whenever you’re trying to seduce him ('Oh, come on…Hook…’)
  • Becoming close friends with Baelfire (Nick)- who you originally met in Neverland while on the Jolly Roger and grew close to. He’s always looked up to you and when he meets you again in Storybrooke, the two of you hug tightly
  • Dates on his ship, alone, with a picnic