Sooyoung & Kyungho (6 years of gap, he is older)

Yoona & Seunggi (4 years of gap, he is older)

Lee Minho & Suzy (7 years of gap, he is older)

Choiza & Sulli (14 FREAKING YEARS OF GAP, he is older)

No one says a thing.

And then there’s BaekYeon with their cute lil 3 yo gap

But because she is the older one, there are dumb pieces of shit raging that ‘she’s too old for him’, like WHAT.THE.FUCK.

Sexism much?

Baekyeon mini drama.

This is so sad, can you imagine Baekhyune and Taengo having a conversation like this? That’s make me feel so bad, I can’t imagine my babies crying, fighting or something.., people can’t imagine my Tae crying, I mean she looks strong sometimes, but you should know that Taeyeon is so sensible too.., she’s not the monster that you think, she’s amazing♡.

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EXO: The Swindle

Sehun discovers that fans will buy shit for him if he likes it on instagram. Dramatic shit ensues. 


Number 3.

We’re so close of the number 1, omggg :(, I put this moment in the number 3, because I love how Baekhyun always tried to sneakily glance at Taeyeon but always get caught. I feel sad for them cause they are trying so hard to stay away from each other but Baekhyun’s eyes always fails to betrays his heart cause his eyes always ended up on Taeyeon. His love for Taeyeon is truly genuine I bet everyone can tell it too, too bad the fans love for Baekhyun is not genuine enough cause they can’t accept him with the girl he loves..

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EXO in drag performing SNSD's Gee. Which member will dress up as which SNSD member?

We’ll say Lay and Tao are busy with projects in China so there will be only 8 EXO members to fill the current 8 SNSD spots

Xiumin will be Yuri

Suho will be Yoona (those classically stunning faces)

Baekhyun will be Tiffany (it will be so delightfully confusing for Taeyeon)

Chen will be Seohyun

Chanyeol will be Sunny (that height difference tho)

D.O will be Taeyeon (it will be so delightfully confusing for Baekhyun)

Kai will be Hyoyeon

Sehun will be Sooyoung


Call me crazy but this is what i think, Taeyeon posted that instavid one day before Baek posted a pic in his ig with his dog. The person in Taeyeon’s instavid could possibly be Baek.Although people said its tiffany i see a man’s body proportion. Then on the pic baek posted he was wearing a white shirt and is also with his dog. So i was thinking they all met up with their dogs and hang out.Maybe they posted it with a day difference so its not that obvious.


It’s been going on for sooo long, but I still see it now today so I decided to finally speak about it!.

Every website or something she does there’s always hate, even people saying it’s karma, when she fell on the stage

  • I know she’s hated for various reasons:
  • Dating Baekhyun
  • She is blamed over Jessica’s departure
  • Some things she says

But really, None of this makes sense, So she dates  Baekhyun big deal, Celebrities date other celebrities, That’s love, And I’m sure if you were a celebrity and loved someone famous too, you would be with them(That’s part of life, being in relationships). 

Also Taeyeon doesn’t even try to make anyone jealous, She mostly doesn’t go near Baekhyun’s side at shows, this is sad considering both of them are in a relationship but can’t even show be together in public. & the fact that she felt she had to apologized for dating is just horrible, Why? why does a person have to apologize for dating.

People say she was horrible to Jessica, How do you physically know?, because of her face expressions towards her?, People fight, and plus I also seem unfriendly at times, just because she has a camera on her all the time, it’s exaggerated more, How do you even know she’s making a face at her?, It could be anything, something she thought of, or something in a studio/place she was in

My problem with this “hate.” is it’s cyber-bullying, Taeyeon has already been known to get super depressed and hate herself, I’m afraid that if she keeps getting hated on like this, She’s either going to give up, or start hurting herself.

Even if she won’t express her feelings, you can see everything through her eyes or when she’s singing, She’s someone who may smile but inside these hate comments on her are circling her thoughts, People hate on her for the smallest things, or exaggerate something she’s done. 

I guess what I want to say is to all the haters:if you weren’t there then you can’t hate her unless you saw what happened or experienced it yourself.

Hating on someone who has already had years of hate towards her, you’re bringing down that person’s self esteem and any confidence they have, That may seem funny to haters but at the end of the day, You’re killing that person slowly.

I personally love Taeyeon, Her smile is so precious, Seeing her happy, Is all I want to do, She cares for sones&for her members, And everyone else in her life, Yet she still gets hated on~

I love all those who support Girls Generation and Taeyeon, As they really need it, being a leader is a huge responsibility and the hate won’t help taeyeon a bit, so come on, let’s show Taeyeon and the girls our support.! Fighting~

Also the song girls and the ballad of into the new world, Made me cry, All of them surely sang their hearts out,~

(Any rude comments will be deleted, Also I do support Jessica, I do not hate her either, Before anyone thinks this. I hope that our good support for Taeyeon and the girls overtakes the horrible hate they get))

HAPPY TAEYEON >Sad taeyeon 



I’m going to do a top 5 of my favorites “Baekyeon moments”.

Number 5. 

This Baekyeon moment is one of my favorites, because Baekhyun is next to tae, and that’s very cute, because he always wants to be next to her, and if you have seen this interview you will see that Baek is always looking at her and laughing at everything that she says, and that’s so sweet♡, and super casual that Baekhyun is the only who say something, he says “Everyone has fainted”, everyone? really Baekhyun? I think only you is in love with her, lol, the others probably just have a crush on her.

I feel sad because I don’t think Baekhyun do this kind of things anymore.., and the only thing that Baekyeon shippers (like me) can do is just watch the videos of Baekyeon in Youtube and enjoy :’((..(or wait for the awards, concerts and things of Nature republic to see if they do something..Baekyeon shippers always hope and wait for a Baekyeon

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i think u should ship baekyeon, at least they are real, not like baekyeol,kaisoo,hunhan n taoris.. guy with guy come one.. and people should accept if kyungsoo want to date sojin from girlsday.. its nothing wrong.. gay shipper like u n ur followers is wrong.. stop it, baekyeon ftw okay?


Omggg, They are so cute, this Baekyeon moment is perfection!, He’s so cute and his smile is everything..and she’s so fucking beautiful, can you imagine Baekyeon in a moment like this? I love them so much..they are my favorite couple, and I think we don’t have more real Baekyeon moments, because the fans are so stupid eee!, they need to grow up. 

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