With the Baekyeon 'romance', there are 5 kinds of fans:
  • 1. "OMG NO! Why is this happneing? I just can't...he was my bias...she was my bias...my poor TAENY...not my BAEKYEOL...it hurts!"
  • 2. "I don't care if SM says they're dating, something is suspicious..."
  • 3. "You people all need to STHU and support them! #staystrongBaekyeon!"
  • 4. "Did you hear? Baek is dating Taceyon of 2pm...no, it's Taeyang of BIG BANG...nope, it was Taehyung of BTS...wait wasn't it Taemin of SHINee?"
  • 5. "Durex condoms had to apologize for congratulating them! Best day ever! What a riot!"
Today Taeyeon was looking for someone at the airport

Credit goes to: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1s28vpg

"Today, Taeyeon was looking for someone at the airport who could speak Korean, and I must have looked Korean to her and she asked me to pass on a message. That she was so sorry to her fans… she kept telling me that she was sorry and sorry* and to pass it on. I thought I should pass it on exactly as I heard to everyone so I am writing this. #SONE

오늘 공항에서 태연이가 한국말하는 분을 찾다가 제가 한국사람으로 보였는지 잠시 얘기를 전해달라고 하였습니다. 팬분들한테 많이 미안하다고..계속 많이 미안하고 죄송하다고 전해달라고 했습니다. 들었던 그대로 전해드려야할것 같아서 글을 씁니다. #SONE

*She uses two different forms of the word “sorry”. The second is more respectful than the other, which kinda hits both people younger than her and older than her.
(Translation requested by @waeyeon)

(Be sure to drag the photo into another tab to make the photo bigger so you can actually see the tears in her eyes) ಠ_ಠ