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I’m new to Chanbaek and I just wanted to know what you thought the most iconic moment of theirs is❤️


and anonie.. 

If you ask ME what their MOST iconic moment is ——-

ITS THIS..!”!!!!!! KYAAAAA..!!!!!


I can never get over this tho T_T They really did THAT on LIVE TV..!! OMG.. 

So yeah anonie.. In my opinion, THIS is the most recent and yet the most iconic moment Chanbaek had.. 


this and some other moments.. like –

That one day when Chanyeol saw a GIGANTIC Chanbaek banner at concert he HAVE to show it to Baekhyun and say “Chanbaek” with his own mouth.. That smile on Baekhyun’s face tho T_T


That one time in THAT year when Baekhyun broke down to tears at their concert and Chanyeol HAD to walk pass every other members and check on him.. When he saw that tears, his face changed and see how other members just back away letting Chanyeol do the coaxing… T_T I love this moment.. Eventho it broke my heart seeing our happy puppy Baek crying like this T_T 

(if you don’t know, 2014 was a shitty year for Chanbaek and EXO in general - don’t look it up if you wanna spare yourself a heartbreak

My other fav moment is 

should i call it MY fav moment or EVERY Chanbaek shippers’ favourite moment..?? hehehehe.. 

This is during Roommate Season 1 when Baekhyun visited the Roommate house and they are all learning to dance to Overdose.. When everyone’s attention were on Seho, there is Baekhyun, sneakily stealing a skinship with Chanyeol.. 

When I said “sneakily stealing” its because the skinship only lasted for few seconds.. Thats definitely impromptu.. and done very cautiously.. T_T 

“Why can’t I hold you in the streets  [Uncover: Zara Larsson]”

I don’t know if you know about this but TEL Shanghai memorable to me.. 

After the dark event - FINALLY chanbaek did this at the concert T_T I don’t know what happened, but somehow, after this concert, they are back to normal again.. I’m so thankful T_T

Last but NOT the least, is THIS ..!!


This footsie would be a totally different moment if Chanyeol reacted differently to it.. If he JUST move his leg so that it won’t be touching with Baekhyun anymore, this will be totally different.. but he DID THAT.!! WTF IS THAT…!?!??! 

omg.! how can i forgot this one moment.!!


This is ONE other moment NO FIRELIGHTS should forget.. The 1st day of The Exo’luxion Concert in Manila - Oh Sehun, The president of Chanbaek Land - made Chanbaek do THAT on stage.! kyaaaaaa..!!! You should go to youtube and see the 100s of fancams on this moment.. kyaaaaa.!!! hehehehe… 

so anonnie..

Those are my fav and in my opinion the most iconic Chanbaek moment there are.. I bet there are  A LOT MORE that these, but its getting late here.. hehehehe.. 

once again - WELCOME to the Firelights family and always believe in Chanbaek ^_^

love -Ai-

Happy Chanbaek Day!

since today is chanbaek day i decided to share some of my favorite chanbaek moments..


skinship… chanbaek is known for not having much skinship… but once they have it.. it renders us all speechless …

see what i’m talking about?

another thing that i love about chanbaek is how they share their love on instagram.. baek’s update for yeol’s b-day and yeol’s updates for baek’s b-day say it all…

A kiss! Yes byun baekhyun is so fucking obvious that  he posted a pic of his lips kissing!

Chanyeol, however, tried to be less obvious taking a photo with a thirdwheel and saying that he wants bbh to celebrate his bday with him as well 

But.. that was after posting a vid of him wishing bbh’s standee -that he took from that nature republic event or whatever- a happy b-day.. if this ain’t love idk what is

Something else i love about chanyeol is how he seems to be baek’s knight in a shining armor.. always taking care of him 

Here you can see that he stopped clapping just to make sure baekhyun lands safely even tho kai -im not sure if he was kai plz correct me if i was wrong- was clapping ..

And since i love caring!yeol so much here is another one

So it was chanyeol’s off-day and and instead of resting or having fun he drove baek to his schedule place like the perfect bf he is .. this is really cute T^T

Enough talking about chanyeol now..lets talk about baekhyu…and how he wants to be with his cute bf all the time

Chanyeol was in the show roommate and i guess baekhyun missed him a lot thst he went to see him.. they look so awkward i feel like cy wanted to do more than hold bbh hand but then he realized that they are not alone and people will be seeing this so..

also cy being the caring bf he is asked baek how did he come and baek said by bus and tgfklgjfgf

And since we are talking about baek.. dont you find it a little bit  weird how he goes and bites someone’s ass.. unzips someone’s pants.. being touchy touchy with all members and all… but when it comes to cy he becomes so awkward and flushes and stuff?

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And the list goes on..~~

Another caring!yeol cuz why not

Massaging baek’s leg so tenderly i can’t really T.T

And i must say that i love jealous!baek just as much as i love caring!yeol

Soo cute T.T

You know whats cute too? Cb in v app

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But the cutest  thing ever is cb datttees

chanbaek feeding each other is cute too

and finally,, chanbaek just being chanbaek,

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soooo that’s basically it.. totally unorganized and stuff -cuz i’ve been using tumblr for 2 years and i still can’t figure out how does it really work- and yeah… happy cb day…

non of the pics/gifs are mine cuz i’m a stupid ass of shit that can’t make gifs


why not🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m still loyal to Sebaek tho ❤️ okay but like look at them.. they are so cute. How could I not .. 😭👌🏼❤️

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