Baekyeol– “They don't know about us”

Sneaky glances, brief touches, suggestive phrasing, longing hearts– it’s all that Baekhyun and Chanyeol could express to one another.

It is daylight, and Chanyeol is already outside of the recording room five minutes earlier than usual. This past month has been filled with rigorous work and an endless amount of commitments. He hasn’t only been performing almost every single day of each week, but has been learning new choreographies and lyrics for his group’s next comeback. Which he honestly thinks is way too much, considering that they just had a comeback no less than a month ago. And to top it all off, he’s only been able to have his cold bedsheets as his source of ‘comfort.’

The door opens from his side and knocks him out of his revere. Jongdae and Kyungsoo, two of the four or so vocalists in the group, come out of the room first. Chanyeol bows slightly in their direction as they walk past him, and right when another short individual in particular walks out, Chanyeol doesn’t hesitate to pull him by his waist and press him against the frigid wall in a heartbeat.

He dips his head and captures his lips before any words can be uttered– he has been waiting for far too long. Their entangled lips move in sync as they take each other in with all that they’ve got. Baekhyun wraps his arms around Chanyeol’s neck and pulls him in even closer, if possible, swallowing and savoring the taste of fresh peppermint.

They barely have the power to release one another, but when oxygen becomes a problem, Chanyeol must slide his lips slowly and sensationally away, resting his forehead against Baekhyun’s and inhaling the enchanting smell of sandalwood and cologne that he has been craving since who-knows-when.

The shorter man raises his head up slightly to take a look at ebony eyes and a pale complexion. He lifts his hand on skinny cheeks and brushes the skin gingerly. “You look tired, have you been sleeping well?” His low voice makes something spark inside of Chanyeol’s chest, and it’s all that he needs to power him through the rest of the day. He’s thought about his voice everyday, replayed it back whenever he would feel stressed, but it’s incomparable to the sweet melody coming towards him face to face.

He lays his head in between Baekhyun’s neck and shoulder, speaking while kissing his earlobes. “I can’t sleep without you besides me.”

Baekhyun strokes his back and admits the truth himself. “Me neither…” He moves his lips closer to Chanyeol’s neck and places a kiss on his lifeline, staying that way for a few seconds as the latter feels himself grow hotter. Baekhyun lays his head in the midst of his brown locks subtly, nudging him affectionately.

“I hate how I have to treat you like everyone else.” Chanyeol speaks the words that have been irking him since over a year ago, squeezing his hold around Baekhyun’s waist and pulling his head back to look down at his beloved. “I love you, and I don’t care if the world doesn’t accept us. I hate keeping it in the dark– I’m not ashamed of us.”

Baekhyun understands completely, it’s all he ever thinks about. But he also thinks about the consequences, the headaches, and the eyes that will pry into them and wedge a wall in between their latched hearts. “I know that it’s hard, trust me, but we just have to hold on.” He touches his hand against Chanyeol’s chest and frolics with the fabric of his shirt, absorbing the warmth he so desperately needs. “As long as I have you by my side, then I’m willing to stay like this. I just want you.” His sentiments make the ends of the taller man’s lips curve up– they’re always in this form whenever he’s with him.

Bringing in his lips to place a chaste kiss onto Baekhyun’s temple, he wraps his arms around his shoulders and envelopes him into his broad embrace. “I love you.”

Baekhyun buries himself deeper in the crook of Chanyeol’s neck, knowing well that he has been dying to say the phrase since ever himself. “I love you too.”


Authors Note:
I’ve got midterms stacked on top of me this week and next week, so all I can manage are short writings and snippets of scenarios, sorry. When my time is more free, I’ll try to write more lengthy entries^^