Psh late? What’s that?


What I love most is that Baekhyun just tagged along even though he wasn’t going with ;-; he was being a caring boyfriend and seeing his husband friend off. Oh yes, and Kasper. Of course, Kasper is a very good man

Hey hey, for those that watch anime, you know that in official art of otps, there’ll always be one of the having a ‘date’ with the claw thingy~~

gotta get those cute asian toys doe

  • baekhyun: bro
  • chanyeol: what bro?
  • baekhyun: what is your goal in life?
  • chanyeol: to be kissed by someone in the rain
  • chanyeol: how about you bro
  • baekhyun: to be that someone
  • chanyeol: bro
  • baekhyun: bro