Guys this is getting out of hands, as an ExoLs I hope there’s korean exols here that can help, not only Koreans but international as well.

We promised to protect our boys smiles, so let’s keep this promise.

We are one. Exo Saranghaja!!

My Pink Notebook (One shot collection)

Hey guys, this is my one shot collection of my favourite ships that I have started writing last week on aff.

Genres: mpreg, wolf au, vampire au, teacherxstudent, fluff, romance, cross dressing, mafia au, hybrid au, arrange marriage, age gap, incest…basically everything except smut

Ships that I write:

From Exo: Baekyeol, Kaisoo, Hunhan

From BTS: Jikook

From Seventeen: Meanie, Jeongcheol

From Got7: Markson

You guys can make requests, even as many time as you want (and as much sentence you write, it’s more likely that I will chose your request).

Also, I write only stories with happy end.