▲Baeksoo Fanfic

Title: You’ve found me

Author: lockyeol

Pairing: baekhyun/kyungsoo

Rating: pg-13

Genre: soulmate!au, romance, fluff

Length: one-shot (3.3k)

Description: Kyungsoo has always dreamed of meeting his soulmate but when his red string appears on his 25th birthday, he doesn’t do anything about it due to some deeply ingrained fears that are keeping him from running after his fate.It’s a good thing that Baekhyun doesn’t mind doing all of the running.

- Admin Vic

anonymous asked:

Hi. I love your blog. You guys are doing an amazing job. We appreciate all your hard work. I recently read a fic: "math notes and discarded clothes" by hobash . It's a girlxgirl fic about hyorin and bora and I was wondering if there are any kyungsoo centered fics like that out there. You know where someone uses the other purely for sex in a cool emotionally-detached way. The other one knows they are being used for just sex but don't really mind. Kaisoo is the preferred pairing but others ok. Ty

Enjoy! - Admin Bia