baekhyunstolemyeyeliner  asked:

Monster or Lucky One?

here i was saying no one will ask ;A; you should have let me keep the record 

LUCKY ONE!!!! the choreo and that part before the chorus JONGIN SAYING I DONT MIND SEDUCTIVELY????SIGN ME UP I DONT MIND EITHER and the flute music (its actually a spell im telling you) i love monster but then exo seems so into it when dancing to lucky one the hyper thrusts and the head bobbing and also baeksmiles and also the jumps and omg ;A; that song deserved more performances 

and let me also mention the mv the BEAUTIFUL AESTHETIC MV all weirdass alien experiment concept with clean no speck of dirt sheer white hospital wow also neon lights in the hallways i’LL BREak a leg to BE in that disco hospital and the iconic ‘let’s dance to get out of here’ im dlsldlkdksf ALSO LAY BEING BEAUTIFUL THAN ALL OF US COMBINED WOW and that highlighter brighter than my exam results and sdjkjjklllsl

yeah i love lucky one