Wild wild west - 1TYM, Wheesung & Se7en

Can I see them in the stage again?


miss these guys so much!

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Over the past few days since that match between Japan and Korea, Dongwookie has been criticised by many netizens. The reason is that during the match, there was much tension going on between fans of the 2 countries due to the things which Japan was using to cheer on their country and also at the celebration ceremony of one of the Korean players after Korea scored the equaliser. After the match when Korean lost, both Baekkyung and Dongwookie tweeted something along the lines of  ‘Go Japan’, now represent Asia and win the Cup. However, korean netizens picked this up and heavily criticised both of them for supporting Japan. Both of them have explained on twitter that they have been misunderstand and they were strongly rooting for Korea (as we can see from his previous tweets). But just that they were cheering for Japan as part of Asia after Korea had lost (Japan plays Australia tonight). This incident has created much negativity for both of them. Dongwookie has since deleted all the ‘problem’ tweets (therefore I have not translated them in detail) and rumour is that Baekkyung is planning to quit twitter.

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