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You Comfort Them After A Tough Day At Work - EXO - Baekhyun

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Requested by @warmlikesunshine Thank you ♥ My first ever scenario request for all members, so please bear with me. To make this easier, I’m going to do one post for each member separately. It just makes things easier for me. I hope that’s okay with everyone~ I hope you all enjoy reading this! And I would love to know your thoughts on this too and whether I should do more requests like this^^ Some of these may be quite long, whereas others may be quite short. It was not done intentionally; it depended more on the member I wrote for and what I was writing about for each member.

Note: All of these will be 600 words or over.  Chen’s, Chanyeol’s, D.O’s, Kai’s and Sehun’s scenarios will be written and posted tomorrow. Please bear with me~♥ Thank you for being so patient <3

Xiumin | Suho | Lay | Baekhyun | Chen | Chanyeol | D.O| Kai| Sehun

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You and Baekhyun had been growing increasingly more distant as of late. You would have been a fool not to have noticed his sudden coldness towards you. Recently, the two of you had decided to go public with your relationship. It was something the two of you had discussed for a long time now. Baekhyun had told you that once it was out there, there was no going back. However, you were rigid in your decision. You could handle the hate, the slander. It wasn’t anything new to you. But at the end of the day, you wanted Baekhyun to be sure if he wanted to go public with your relationship.

He wasn’t embarrassed of you. You knew that he was far from being so. The man loved you more than anything; he had shown and told you that many times, always reassuring you in his own way that there was no one he could ever love more than you. If anything, he was scared of what would happen to you. The last thing he would ever want is for you to be hurt because of him; he couldn’t lie to himself and say that it wasn’t one of his biggest fears. Nevertheless, he wanted to overcome this hurdle with you. He knew that there  were going to be some fans who just couldn’t accept the fact that he had found happiness with you, but he supposed that with you by his side, he would be willing to oversee all of that. You were strong, much stronger than you let on and he was proud to have a partner such as you.  

When the both of you had first come out public with your relationship, the reactions were just as anticipated: harsh and cruel. Many fans were angered at the fact that Baekhyun was dating someone and were far from kind with their words. Though some were hurtful, (you couldn’t deny that) you were comforted by the fact that there was at least some people out who offered you nothing but support and love for the both you and you couldn’t be more thankful towards them. It was because of those fans that you were still left with the lingering hope that someday, most fans would come to accept the two of you together.

You knew that this was especially hard on Baekhyun. You knew he didn’t want to have a repeat of what happened last time and he would never ever want to bring EXO down. He was supportive to you at first, but it was around a week ago, when you had noticed his growing distance towards you. No longer did he end up calling you late at night, no longer did he come to your apartment to pleasantly surprise you and whisk you off the ground, into his arms.

Perhaps, the most obvious notice though, was that the once energetic spark in Baekhyun’s eyes, were gone. They were dull; almost considered lifeless. All the members had noticed this. After all, Baekhyun’s liveliness was one of the things that was common in their days together. To suddenly be like this, must have meant something was terribly off. Already ahead of them, you had planned to visit Baekhyun after work, his favourite dish prepared in your hands as you went to his dorm.

You were greeted by Junmyeon at the door, who only explained to you that he had locked himself in one of the practice room since the morning. What he was doing, he wasn’t sure. Probably practicing endlessly, you guessed. Thanking him, you moved onto the said practice room, bringing one of your hands to knock on the door. You heard a frustrated “Go away” from the other side of the door.

“Baek, open the door. It’s me.” You pried, keeping your tone soft, not wanting to upset him any further. You heard a few grumbles opposite you and a lock being turned, before he opened the door and stepping aside for you to come in. Thanking him, you were greeted with the sight of his frazzled figure, his hair messy and unkempt and his body littered with sweat and as on closer inspection… tears. His eyes were red and puffy.

He had been crying.

Putting the small compartment of food down on the floor, you rushed towards your boyfriend, placing your hands on both sides of his cheeks.

“You’ve been crying… Baek, please talk to me. What’s been going on with you lately?” You pleaded, not wanting him to do this anymore. Whatever this even was. It wasn’t good for him at all and you could tell it was doing a number on his health. Slighting turning away from you, you saw him visibly clench his mouth shut, as he stared to the right with a contemplative gaze before turning back to you and sighing. Leaning forward, he places his forehead atop of your shoulder, taking you by surprise.

“I’m just… I’m just sick of seeing all of this hate towards me, towards you, towards us.” He emphasised, his tone faint. “I know I shouldn’t let it bother me. I know it’s not anything new but it hurts seeing those comments, you know? I hear some people yell out to me sometimes when we go to fan-signs or at our concerts. I’m trying, I’m seriously trying to act like it isn’t affecting me… But it is.” He glumly said, as his lips brushed over your shoulder blade before planting a loving kiss there.

As you stood there hugging him, you couldn’t help but wonder how much this man tried to stay so positive and nonchalant in front of everyone, when in reality, he was on the brink of breaking down. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding before opting to speak.

“Baekhyun… You know that I’m here for you, right? Baby, I know things are hard for us right now but I promise you we’ll get through it together, okay?” You proclaimed, as he pulled himself away to face you.” Now, will you come home with me? I made you your favourite and it just might be cold now.”

Unexpectedly, Baekhyun let out a small chuckle at your words before pulling you into his arms, your face buried in his chest.

“Thank you… I know I don’t say it as much I should. But thank you, (y/n). I love you, babe.”

Nothing More [ I ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 6.8k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world.

Nothing More Masterlist

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The rain fell just loud enough for you to hear, the skies a beautiful but somber grey and the world feeling otherwise silent. The birds weren’t chirping. The neighborhood seemed empty. It was just you. You and your empty apartment and your thoughts. The all consuming thoughts that made the silence seem so loud. His voice just kept replaying in your head, like the soundtrack to the otherwise quiet moment.

“I think she’s the one.”

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Lovesick | Baekhyun

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◇ Genre: Cupid! AU, fluff, n barely there angst tbh

◇ Summary: A certain pink-haired cupid promises to help fix your love-life when he accidentally ruins it thanks to a wretched broken arrow.

◇ Word Count: 12k (rip)

◇ A/N: When Hope messaged me with this idea, I instantly fell in love (get it hehehe). So this one’s for you babe! happy (early) birthday, ily lots @hopefulbyun 😘

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Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 8390

You kinda sorta said you had a boyfriend and you have both been invited to a couples’ only Valentine’s party and oh shit you gotta find a fake boyfriend stat!

“I already have a boyfriend.”

Shit. Why did you say that? Why on earth would you say that? Perhaps it was the unease of having to spend time with a stranger that Hyeri had picked out, and your pride insisted that you didn’t need her help to find a date. Or perhaps it was the fear of jumping into things too quickly. It felt too soon, and you weren’t ready to have your heart broken again.

Either way, you’d just dug yourself into a hole, so may as well keep rolling with it

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Hot Deal [M]


In exchange for a night of pleasure, she agreed to be Baekhyun’s pretend-girlfriend for a day.        

[M] : dirty talk, dry humping, fingering, baekhyun ;) 

   SAD was an underwhelming of a word to describe how I was feeling at the moment. My boyfriend had just broken up with me, no, actually, it was a mutual breakup. We sat down, had a civil conversation, and ended things nicely without a fight.

To be honest, it’s not the breakup that saddened me, but the reason behind it. Minho and I had been dating for a month. We had sex. But. The sex wasn’t fantastic. It wasn’t even near good. We’d discovered we couldn’t orgasm with penetrative sex and I wasn’t sure if it was my short-coming or if it’s just his lacking. Anyhow, it was beating with my self-esteem.

So, right after I left Minho’s apartment, I called the taxi and headed towards Baekhyun’s place.

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I Want To Protect You

||| @ilook-soperfectstandinghere14 asked: could I have a EXO mafia au where they meet the reader who like knows they’re in the mafia but isn’t involved with any of it, please? |||

Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: Mafia AU, fluff

Word count: 930

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You tapped on your chair’s armrest impatiently with your fingers. Why do you have to be here so early everyday, when you know most of the customers come in only at night. You leaned back in your chair, hovering a little bit over the ground and looked outside. It was so early that it was still dark. You started rocking back and fourth when you lost your balance.

“Oh shit.” you thought bracing for an impact when somebody caught you. You looked up and saw a man staring at you.

“Baek!” you didn’t even hear him come in.

“I saved you, again.” he smirked.

“Yeah right.” you scoffed standing up. You eyed him from the bottom up.

“This is not a hospital, you know.There are more things here that can kill you rather than help you.”

“I know but you were the closest, where else was I supposed to go?” he whined.

“You say that all the time while being on the complete opposite side of the city.”

“Come on Y/N! If you don’t hurry I might bleed to death.” he said slumping down on the chair, pretending that he’s about to die. You couldn’t take his terrible acting and just sighed.

“Fine.” you said going out of the room to get the first aid kit. A very genuine smile spread on his face as he followed you out with his eyes. You opened one of the closets and quickly grabbed what you needed, you hated seeing him all beaten up like that. When you came back you noticed him struggling to get his jacket off.

“Let me help you with that.” you said approaching him and he didn’t protest when you undressed him. He flinched when you touched his shoulder.

“Does it hurt? What happened this time?” you asked him seriously concerned.

“Since when do you worry about me this much? Oh could it be, are you falling for me?” he teased. You had to really control yourself not to smack him.

“Like anyone would fall for an annoying child like you.”

“I’m not a child.” he pouted. “Agh Y/N! Are you doing this on purpose?” he shouted when you touched his shoulder again interrupting him. Blood was seeping through his shirt. You started unbuttoning it.

“Whoa! Getting straight to business I see.” he winked.

“Baekhyun, could you stop your yapping, I’m trying to help.”

“Okay okay, I will be quiet.” he said slightly raising his hands in surrender. You took his shirt of, trying to ignore his well toned chest and focused on the shoulder. This looked bad, most definitely a stab wound.

“I will have to stitch it.” you told him and he just looked at you in surprise.

“What?” you asked.

“I didn’t know you know how to do that but go ahead, I can take it. I have had worse.”

“Worse?” you thought but didn’t let this distract you. You had to clean it first and he didn’t let out a sound when the damp cloth made contact with his skin. It must have stung anyway because you noticed how hard he clenched his fist. You got the needle out and began your work.

“Who did this?”

“No one you should worry about, it was taken care of.” he said looking out the window, resting his chin on his healthy hand. You didn’t question him beyond that, you preferred not to delve deeper into the things he does.

“How long do you plan on working here?” he suddenly asked out of the blue.

“What do you mean?.. As long as they don’t kick me out, I will stay here. I need the money.”

“Can’t you find a job elsewhere? This part of the city is dangerous.”

“I know but it was hard finding a place as it is, I’m not about to quit just because it seems dangerous.”

“I can give you the money.”

“What?” you stopped what you were doing and looked at him but he was still watching the street.

“Come work for me.” he told you. You couldn’t believe what he was saying and also sounded kind of suspicious.


“What do you mean why!?” he said. “I’m trying to protect you, you dumbass.” he mumbled.

“What did you say?”

He turned around, his eyes finally locking with yours, his face flushing.

“I said I want to protect you!”

You were dumbstruck for a moment and just continued to stare at him for a few long seconds.

“Protect me? When I’m the one saving your life right now?” you laughed getting back to work. Baekhyun just sighed.

“There. All done. Make sure not to open it up by doing something stupid again.” you told him finishing patching him up. He stood up.

“Thanks.” he said giving you a small smile and putting his shirt back on.

“Thanks won’t be enough. You owe me.” you teased.

“Oh I see how it is, then I will make sure to pay back double.” he told you going to the door.

“Baekhyun!” you shouted after him. He stopped and turned to you.

“Be careful.” you smiled.

“Don’t worry, you can’t get rid of me that easily.” he smirked and went outside. He stood there in front of the entrance, the first rays of sunlight reaching his face.

“Aish, that girl can’t read the atmosphere at all. How dense can she be?” he thought pinching the bridge of his nose. “And it was the perfect moment for my confession. It looked so dramatic.” he chuckled. “But now I have one more reason to go see her again.”

Nothing More [ II ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 11.1k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world.

Nothing More Masterlist

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A broken heart was a nuisance, an annoying leech that sucked the life out of you every moment you paused to think about the pain it was spreading through your limbs. Every second you spent with your mind not occupied you wanted to scream and cry. It felt like your emotions were burning embers and anytime you paused to give it oxygen the fire would grow and consume you til you were nothing but ashes.

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Fool’s Gold | Baekhyun

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◇ Genre: Friends w/ Benefits! AU, Implied Smut, Angst

 Summary: You thought it would be okay, this new arrangement you had with your best friend. Until it started to hurt too much. Until you fell in love.

◇ Word Count: 2.5k

◇ A/N: @byunshim dropped this request and though I’m not officially taking them…I couldn’t help myself! Result: This fairly short scenario (for my standards anyway😜 ) …I hope you enjoy.

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Bruise | pt. i

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Scenario: Boxer!AU
Pairing: Baekhyun/Reader, Suho/Reader
Word Count: 5.4k
Warnings: language, (graphic) violence in later chapters

Summary: You have your life laid out in front of you, everything planned: from the clothes you wear to the man you have to marry. There’s no escape - or so you think. Until he turns your world upside down.

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You looked over yourself in the mirror, appraising your reflection. One of your approved evening dresses, the perfect mix of elegant with a hint of sexy. Just enough jewelry that it didn’t distract from your face. Every inch of you was as planned and polished as ever. Carefully curated to have the proper effect.

I hate this.

You tore your eyes away from the reflection, unable to look at yourself a moment longer. Instead, you leaned onto your desk, taking a deep breath, preparing yourself.

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a god in eden ↪ baekhyun

(gif not mine, credits to the rightul owner)

13.355 words | baekhyun fallen god! au, fluff, smut (virgin sex, semi-public, mentions of fire, kind of) | velvet

Late 1800. People don’t believe in Gods anymore, legends stay legends and the fortresses start to become a confined space for the youngers. You and your friends are especially bored, so one day they decide to dare you into going to the other side of the forest, where lots of legends scare little kids. When you accepted the challenge you would have never thought you would have ended up falling in love with a magic garden and its very own magic owner.

✉ (1) You might want to also read Artificial Love (ZYX) later, which is connected to this story! + this story is very long, i put the read more button, i really hope it works!

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Bitten pt. 11

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Part 1 - Part 2 -  Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Part 19

Description: “Don’t freak out, okay? I’m gonna try to mark you now.”

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Mobile Masterlist | Request

“So how do we do this?” You’re currently sitting across from Baekhyun on the king size bed upstairs. Baekhyun runs his fingers through his hair. “I don’t know? I’ve never done this before.”

You bite your lip. “Okay then lets just do something else until we’re ready?”

Baekhyun raises a brow. “Like what?”

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Nothing More [ III ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 8.7k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world.

Nothing More Masterlist

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Having a secret for so long that suddenly becomes public was uncomfortable and dread inducing. A part of you you’d kept locked away from prying eyes for years had not only been thrown into the spotlight, but shown to the one person you hadn’t wanted to see it. You felt naked, you hadn’t been ready to let the world know you were completely in love with Byun Baekhyun, but at the same time, you couldn’t help but feel a little relieved. The weight of keeping it hidden was gone off your shoulders but they still remained sagged from the pain in your chest.

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Felon | 10

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Baekhyun & Kyungsoo series: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | ?

Genre: Cop! Ksoo, Criminal! Baek, Crime! AU

Summary: As your life takes a dangerous turn when you get caught between a criminal and a cop, you begin to question how thin the line between good and bad really is.

◇ Word Count: 4.6k

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EXO when they hear you sing for the first time.

*I do not own the gif’s*


He’d be amazed by your voice but when you notice him you would stop and blush. ‘’Jagi, you don’t have to be embarrassed. You have an amazing voice.’’ He would pull you on the couch with your legs over his lap and you will continue singing but this time you would sing ‘Colors’ for him. ‘’You’re dripping like a saturated sunrise You’re spilling like an overflowing sink.’’

omg this one is a bit cheesy lol


When he hears you sing ‘Boombayah’ he is surprised. Because you never sing in front of him. ‘’I don’t want a boy. I need a man.’’ He would pause the music and you would look up in surprise. ‘’I may have a bit of a baby face, but I am very manly and you know that.’’ You would walk to him and put your arms around his neck. ‘’Baby, I love your face so shush and yes I know you’re manly.’’ You would peck his lips. ‘’You have an amazing voice by the way.’’ This would make you bury your face in his chest.


He hears you sing while he’s learning his lines for his new movie. He finds you in the kitchen stirring in the pan while singing ‘Not On Drugs’.’’Baby, listen please. I’m not on drugs, I’m not on drugs, I’m just in love.’’ He would wrap his arms around you from behind and would place a kiss on your neck. ‘You have an amazing voice, baby. I hope you’re going to sing more often.’’


While you’re doing chores you sing along with ‘Here’. He would be amazed by your voice. ‘’Excuse me if I seem a little unimpressed with this. An anti-social pessimist but usually I don’t mess with this.’’ You probably wouldn’t notice him until you’re done with the song. So out of nowhere, he would say ‘’Wow, jagi, you have a beautiful voice.’’ You would jump in the air. ‘’Babe, you scared me!’’ he would laugh at you and give you a kiss on your temple.


When he sees you dance to ‘National Anthem’  you already took his interest. But when you even begin to sing - ‘’Tell me I’m your National Anthem. Ooh yeah baby bow down, makin’ me so wild now.’’ - this unicorn wouldn’t even know where to start with complementing you on your skills.  ‘’Omg baobei! You have an amaaaaazing voice.’’ You would blush and he would attack you with hugs.


He would come into your living room when he sees you and your friend with a guitar on the couch and what surprised him was that you were singing. You didn’t notice that he came home so he would just listen to your voice. ‘’Remember those walls I built. Well, baby, they’re tumbling down.’’ Your friend, of course, noticed that he came in but she knows how shy you can be when you sang in front of other people. So you didn’t notice until you were done singing that he was standing at the door opening. ‘’Omg, Baekhyun. How long have you been standing there?’’ you said a little embarrassed. ‘’Long enough so I could hear your beautiful voice.’’ You would hide your face behind your hands so he couldn’t see your red face.


He would watch you sing ‘Fire Meet Gasoline’ with so much passion written over your face he would giggle a little. ‘’Flame you came from me. Fire meet gasoline. Fire meet gasoline. I’m burning alive.’’ Don’t get me wrong he would find your voice amazing. Now that he knows that you can sing like that, he would want to play games like ‘Who could reach the highest notes’. ‘’We should definitely check out who can sing the highest note.’’ He would say out of nowhere. You would turn around quick. ‘’How long have you been standing there?’’  ‘’Since you began to use the broom as your mic.’’ He would say smiling.


You were inspired by Chanyeol’s cover of ‘All of me’ so you sat behind Chanyeol’s keyboard and searched a video of the chords of the song so you could learn them and maybe show it to Chanyeol when he comes home. You were a quick learner so you learned the chords and began to sing. Little did you know Chanyeol came home a little earlier and saw you behind his keyboard. ‘’Give me all of you. Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts’’ ‘’Wow, I didn’t know I had such a talented girlfriend.’’ he would say and you would turn around a little shocked because you didn’t know that he had been watching ‘’Thanks, babe’’ you would say smiling. Now that he knows that you could sing, he would want to sing more with you. Maybe even record a song with you.


He would come home from practicing with EXO and he would hear some distant singing coming from the bedroom. He slowly opened the door and you were folding your clothes with ‘Dear No One’ coming through your Bluetooth box. ‘’I like my space, yeah. But I’d love to have a soul mate.’’ He would film you and send it in the group chat of EXO. ‘’Look how talented my baby is 😏’’


(just imagine for this reaction that he is still in EXO *sobs in a corner*)

He would hear you sing along to ‘Monster’ and when you sing along with the part of Nicki Minaj without any mistakes he actually would find it sexy that you could rap so good. ‘’You could be the king but watch the queen conquer’’ he would film you and send it to the group chat of EXO. ‘’Look how badass my girl is ;)’’

Chanyeol: Wow, we should totally get together to rap sometimes.

Tao: Okay, sure if it’s for rapping. Don’t get crazy ideas, boi. She’s my girl.


While you were making chicken for the two of you to eat that evening you started humming. But what once was humming was now singing your lungs out. ‘’WHO RUN THE WORLD? GIRLS!’’ he would stand at the door opening smiling. He would wrap his arms around you after you put the chicken in the oven and you would turn around in his arms. ‘’Welcome home, babe’’ you would say ‘’Hi, my talented jagi.’’ he would say and give you a quick peck on your lips. ‘’Oh my god… Did you just-‘’ ‘’Yeah, I did, and you should sing more.’’


You thought you were home alone with your friends, so you pulled your clothes like boas and big sunglasses out of the closet. You were doing karaoke with your friends. Once the melody of ’Me too’ started playing, Sehun walked in but you didn’t notice him yet. ‘’Who’s that sexy thing I see over there? That’s me, standin’ in the mirror.’’ ‘’You sure are sexy with that boa and your big sunglasses.’’ He would say while he recorded you with his phone. ‘’Sehun! Don’t you dare to send-‘’ but you already heard the sound of a message being sent. ‘’You didn’t just send that to all the members.’’ ‘’I sure did’’ he would say smirking.


Byun Baekhyun rejected you all those years ago.  He didn’t see you that way.  You were just friends.  So why did it feel like he might have been lying?  And why couldn’t you just understand him?

Warnings: Language & Smut

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this!!!

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Your eyes widened and your heart thudded angrily against your chest.


That’s who he came here with.

What had you done?

“You can pick it up,” You breathed, eyes glued onto the ringing phone, “I’ll uh… I’ll wait outside.”

Baekhyun’s brow creased in confusion, “You don’t have to do that-”

“No really.” Your heart felt like it was going to fall out of your chest, “Pick it up.”

You threw the passenger door open without another glance at Baekhyun, stepping outside as you heard his breathy, “hello,” and slamming the door shut after your departure.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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Imagine feeling like someone is staring at you, then turning around to see this…

(Gif not mine)

Bruise | pt. ii

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Scenario: Boxer!AU
Pairing: Baekhyun/Reader, Suho/Reader
Word Count: 5591
Rating: T-ish (warning for language)

Summary: You have your life laid out in front of you, everything planned: from the clothes you wear to the man you have to marry. There’s no escape - or so you think. Until he turns your world upside down.

<< previous part next part >>

You weren’t surprised at all with the bags under your eyes the next morning. A steady knocking on the door roused you - Yunseo signaling your parents were waiting for you at breakfast. With a groan, you sat up in bed, blinking the sleep out of your eyes as the memories from the previous night rushed back. The Underground. The betting. Baekhyun.

You felt the anger rush back at just the thought of him. There had to be some way to get the money back; you couldn’t let him win this.

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Nothing More [ IV ] [ Final ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 3k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world.

Nothing More Masterlist

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It was terrifying how much could change in a year. To think that just a few short weeks could change everything about you was daunting, but true. When you had left life felt like torture, like everywhere you looked there was something waiting to mock you. You were broken, your heart all but ashes when you boarded the first flight away, but you knew it was what you needed to do. You needed time away from it all to figure out what you wanted, to figure out who you were without all of the things you’d grown so used to. It was hard, leaving it all behind, like you just gave away a piece of yourself with no plans of ever getting it back.

Loving Byun Baekhyun was hard, but letting that love go, was harder.

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