baekhyun kawaii


ChanBaek got no chill. I repeat. NO CHILL.

1) Baekhyun is pouting looking at his bae having fun with Chen and ignoring his existence.

2) Fed up, Baekhyun turns his back towards CY and gestures Kai to hold the mic up for him to sing along with the music. CY senses something’s up and looks in Baek’s direction.

3) CY holds up his mic to Baek’s face desperately trying to get his attention but either Baek is a professional at ignoring CY when he is mad or Baek just has no clue of CY’s efforts and is engrossed in singing.

4) After a few seconds, CY gives up and slowly raises his head to glare at Kai with murderous instincts, flaring his nostrils.

These two. 💞


160608 EXO’s 3rd Album, EX’ACT Press Conference (☁️)
Baekhyun being considerate to Suho yet humorous answer to the members.

How Exo Members are Portayed in a Fanfic
  • Lay: The dumbest fuck on the planet. Doesn't even remember his own name.
  • Baekhyun: A kawaii pervert who sticks to Chanyeol like super glue.
  • Chanyeol: Surprisingly sexy and not portrayed as dumb. Has a party of fangirls following him around most of the time in a school.
  • Chen: Trolling 24/7.
  • Suho: Rich mama who owns a mansion and throws frat parties on weekdays.
  • Tao: Sass queen wearing Gucci.
  • Sehun: A cocky and lazy and bastard. The only thing he does well is aegyo, aegyo, and girls.
  • Kai: The sex god; the kingka; the manwhore.
  • Kyungsoo: Doe-eyed, cute-faced Satan
  • Xiumin: The forgotten side character. He's not important. The writer will include him on the first few chapters then eventually forget there was someone called Xiumin in Exo.