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Hehe, thanks for blanket forts!! I'm sending you hugs! And I hope you really really like writing Baekhyun because I think I'm going to request him again since he's ruining my life lately. So can I please have moving in with Baekhyun? ❤️ Thank you!


byun baekhyun (exo)


This is the last of your stuff that needs to be taken upstairs, to your new apartment. The box is filled with little trinkets and decorations you’ve gathered up from the last week. You can say that a part of you is so excited to have your own space but the other part dreads the idea that you have to share it with him.

You scowl as you picture his smug smile, always teasing and full of mischief.

You expect it to be an unpleasant situation to live under the same roof as him but it is the only option you had. There were no spaces available that’s closest to university except his. Because his previous housemate left to live with his girlfriend.

Byun Baekhyun isn’t entirely a stranger to you. In fact, when you first met him, he was too comfortable and a tad too friendly with you. You liked the attention, at first, he made it easy for you to talk to him but you realized you weren’t the only one who received such treatment from him. You branded him as trouble since then.

Due to his boyish face, and playful nature, many girls are drawn to him. So, you pushed away that little attraction you felt, and promised yourself to not fall for his tricks. He seems to be the type who could easily break your heart and feel little to no remorse about it. And in the end, there will be no one else to blame but yourself.

But, fate seems to hate you and makes sure you walk right into her trap. Which you did, and you had no choice but to move in with him.

It’s just until this school year ends. And then, you’ll make sure to look for a different place. But you just know this is about to be the longest year of your life.

With tired arms and legs, you use up the last of your energy to take the box up two flights of stairs. You make a mental note to send a request to the management to fix broken elevator in your building. 

When you step inside the apartment, you close the door shut with your foot and set the box on top of two others. And then, you plop yourself down on the leather couch, trying to catch your breath.

The front door clicks open, and Baekhyun, who is sweaty from his trip to the gym, steps into the room. You see his fingers reaching for the hem of his shirt, seemingly unaware of your presence.

You freeze at the sight of little skin, closing your eyes and pretending you have fallen asleep.

In and out. You even out your breathing to convince him you really are asleep. The whole apartment is quiet so you hear his light steps on the carpeted floor.

You force one of your eyes to open, to take a peek if he’s gone somewhere else and out of your line of vision. But you jump when you find that he’s staring right back at you, your faces only inches apart.

“Yah!” You use enough force with your hands to push him away from you.

He laughs, high-pitched and loudㅡannoying, you addㅡcovering his torso with his shirt. He’s not even bothered by the fact that there’s a girl  in the room and he’s half-naked. Of course not. He’s shameless, that’s exactly what he is.

“Did you see it?” With one hand, Baekhyun pushes back his damp hair away from his forehead. His bare skin is glistening with some sweat. “Did you like it?”

You let out a huff, crossing your arms in front of your middle. With all your might, you look him straight in the eye, trying to appear unfazed by him. But, all you can think of is how pretty his eyes are, the way they droop at the cornersㅡespecially with the glint of mischief dancing in his brown orbs.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You’re a liar.”

“And you’re insufferable.” You plant your feet down and push yourself off the couch.

Despite your words, he remains still, eyes watching you, while a sly grin crosses his lips. “Admit it, you can’t resist me.”

You scoff. This is not something you’re backing down on. And you’ll never be used as tool to inflate his already big ego. “Just who do you think you are? For your information, you’re not my type.”

He quiets down for a moment, as if in a contemplative state. He hangs his shirt over one shoulder and you peel your gaze away as soon as you got a glance of more skin.

He sits on top of the coffee table, bending down to pick a book from one of your boxes. “Ah, that’s right. You’re type is quiet, shy Do Kyungsoo. He’s in one of my music classes and to be honest, he’s too cute that girls can’t help but coo at him. It makes him dangerous, really. He doesn’t even know how he affects the females surrounding him.”

First of all, how does he even know you had a crush on Kyungsoo? Chanyeol. Second of all, “You seem to pay attention to him. You must like him, too.”

“Definitely.” Baekhyun smiles up at you innocently, but you know his thoughts are anything but that. “Kyungsoo and I get along very well. He’s charming. But, I heard I’m a lot more fun.”

Whatever he’s trying to insinuate, you aren’t falling for it. “Really? I guess gossips don’t reach very far.”

“You’re honestly lucky to be here. With me. Some girls would kill to be you right now.”

“I should tell them that all of that,” You motion a hand up and down between the two of you. He’s not as built as some other guys but his lean frame is just right. Though, you’ll never tell him that. “Isn’t worth going to jail for.”

He slowly stands up, towering over you with a couple inches to his advantage. There’s something unrecognizable that flashes in his eyes that makes you slightly shiver. “You’re one to talk when you haven’t even seen all of it.”

“Trust me, I don’t want to.”

“Are you sure about that?” Baekhyun takes a step closer towards you until the back of your knees hit the couch.

Byun Baekhyun is cocky, but he might have a good reason to be. He’s good looking, a fact you refuse to admit to yourself. Because he, himself, already knows it.

Your head is already screaming, your heart pounding as he leans forward, his face dangerously close to yours. “I’m not…”

He moves a strand of hair to the back of your ear, his eyes grazing all over your features until they land on your lips. You watch his and wonder how soft they’d feel. “What, sweetheart?”  

You snap out of your distracted thoughts, just right on the brink of slowly getting wrapped around his fingers.

“I’m not falling for any of this.” You tell him with an unwavering look into his eyes, despite how frail your voice sounded. You know you’re stronger than this, and he’ll never get to you. “I’m not falling for you.”

All of the playfulness disappears from his features that he now looks serious, quietly threatening. He moves away from you before he speaks with a silent promise, “We’ll see about that.”

Then, he turns on his heels to walk to his room and you’re left trying to ease your wildly beating heart and wondering just how long you have before he ruins all the walls you’ve put up against him.

ji: you said he’s ruining your life so… it’s okay, he ruins mine, too, everyday. but i love him anyway~ (.づσ▿σ)づ. i take your hugs now!

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