baekhyun giving me the creeps haha

Who would be your best friend from EXO if you’re with _____.

lmrsziggler said: Can I have an EXO reaction (sort of)? Who would be your best friend in the group if you are dating a certain member? Ex( if your dating kai your best friend would be D.O IDK) Thanks! Hope this isn’t too hard.

Super excited to make this! I hope I understood you correctly, and also, wtf is that title xD Haha, I didn’t know what to call it!


Baekhyun: If you’re with baekhyun, your best friend would probably be chanyeol tbh. They are together very often, and they are also quite similar personality wise, so I’m sure you would also like chanyeol!

Chanyeol: You would be best friends with Baekhyun. Same reasons as with Baekhyun! They are together often - e.g in roommate (where chanyeol was in) Baekhyun came to visit. In Law of the jungle (also Chanyeol), Baekhyun had packed some extra food for them if they needed it. And then in Return of superman, they went together. + Many more ;) So of course you would naturally grow closer to baekhyun too.

But maybe you would also grow close to D.O since Chanyeol seems to think he’s fun to annoy xD

Chen: Maybe I’m just biased, and thinks that everyone would be friends with Baekhyun, but I seriously think that you would get close with Baekhyun! 

But if I have to pick different people for all of them, I feel like Chen and Xiumin have a connection, so Xiumin would maybe become a good friend of yours!

D.O: Kyungsoo, is obviously very quiet, so if you like him and has chosen him to be your boyfriend, I see you also liking Lay. Quiet, but quirky! I don’t know guys, this is really hard xD

Kai: Kai and Sehun go hand in hand for me! They dance a lot together, and are both brats. If you’re shopping with Kai, Sehun might just automatically be there. So naturally, you would grow close to Sehun.

Kris: I’m gonna cheat, and say Suho! (I wrote Suho’s first so that’s why I say I’m “cheating” xD But you would like their manliness and love how Suho would take care of you, when Kris didn’t. You would get close to Suho quickly, though would would love Kris the most!  

Lay: Of course, it’s Luhan. They know/knew (;-;) each other so well so you would definitely like the contrast from Lay to Luhan!

Luhan: Haha I don’t know why, but Luhan and Tao is a thing for me xD 

When you’re with Luhan, I feel like a Tao might just also creep in.

Sehun: This one is really hard. I wanna say Luhan or Kai, but I already said Kai and Sehun, but I also already picked Tao with Luhan, and since I’m going for the “Only once” thing then I can’t chose neither of those. Right now there’s Kai, Kris, Chen, Suho and Baekhyun left, But Kai is also not an option.

So I’m gonna go with Chen. Those two would give you lots to laugh about, and even though you’re with Sehun, you still love Chen. Just in another way.

Suho: Suho and Kris are both leaders, but so different. You would love Suho’s romantic mind and his love for you, but you would also really like Kris’ coldness’! Therefore I’m gonna say that if you’re with Suho, you’re also gonna love Kris.

haha look at Kris xD So done

Tao: If you love this dumb ass brat, then you would also love the whiny Kai. xD They also just have something special tbh. Kai often annoys Tao, but they love each other. At least that’s how I see it …

Xiumin: Even though there is only baekhyun left, I do feel like it fits pretty well! On one hand you would love Xiumin and his way of being quit, but loveable, and then on the other hand you would love Baekhyun, and his loudness.


It was really much harder than I thought this would be! - Matching them without choosing the same for two and stuff xD I hope you liked it!