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Chanyeol/Baekhyun Collection albums ✨

I finally got my ass into place and sorted out my Baekhyun album.If you are interested in either Chanyeol or Baekhyun singing, not just proffesionally produced stuff but their livestream singing,self composed songs ect) then click the links where i have created a zip file for each collection i’ve created. 

✨Chanyeol Collection zip here

✨Baekhyun Collection zip here

I hope everyone likes it. Some audios are from videos and i give full credit to the people who filmed the clips that i have taken the audio from <3

Baekhyun & the duckies

During the ending ment of Exoluxion in Nanjing, a fan threw 7 yellow duckies on the stage. Baekhyun went and collect them all and arrange them according to height. That fan was a Baekhyun stan. She threw the duckies on stage not expecting Baekhyun to pick it up (because what are the probabilities lol), but she figured it’d be good enough if any other members picked it up so she did it anyway. :)

That fan actually wrote down a hidden message for Baekhyun on the duckies. That was why Baekhyun was arranging the duckies, to read the message. (’ ㅅ ’)

OP’s weibo update:

Dang dang dang! Now is finally the time to reveal the mystery of the yellow duckies of the the century! Previously, a lot of you were discussing what’s the actual positions of the duckies, but none of you actually realize that there are words written on their heads, so i thought to myself “alright then. let this be a little secret between me and Baekhyun”. However, somebody realized that Baekhyun’s name was written on one of the ducky’s head, so i decided to just tell you the whole story.

The 7 duckies, if arranged from the biggest to the smallest, will spell out “I like you ah, Baekhyun”. 

I’ve not taken picture of them after i wrote down the message, because i’ve never once expected that Baekhyun would pick it up. BUT! HE! DID! ACTUALLY! PICKED! IT! UP! AND HE ARRANGED IT FROM THE BIGGEST TO THE SMALLEST TOO!!! I was so excited at that moment, i nearly passed out in that crowded B2 rock zone, but that’s not important. What’s important is that he saw the love confession from Aeris to him. I was actually worried that he might not be able to arrange the duckies in the right order, so i numbered them. But our Baekhyun managed to arrange the duckies in the right order without even looking at the numbers, his heart is aligned with Aeris. 

I like you ah, Baekhyun. Always. Forever. ♡

The fan was worried that the duckies will injure Baekhyun if she threw it directly at him. That’s why she threw the bigger duckies at the side stage and the smaller duckies on the center stage. But Baekhyun still went around the stages to collect them all. ㅠㅠ  

Baekhyun gave out the other duckies to Yixing and Kai but he kept the last two for himself - the one that has his name written on it. ㅠㅠ This is the boy that we stan. Baekhyun who is so warm and loving. Baekhyun who cherishes the hearts of Aeris. 

Byun Baekhyun and his ‘collection’ of hair colours 


Baekhyun - 160629 M2 EXO Parts Collection - Baekhyun

Credit: Mnet. (M2 엑소맘의 시선 - 최애 백현)

EXO’s Birthday gifts to Sehun

Xiumin: A well thought out, stylish new pair of shoes. 

Suho: An expensive watch and a lecture on posting revealing pictures of your parents on your instagram.

Lay: A hand knitted scarf and a baby animal from his collection. 

Baekhyun: Framed pictures of them making out on EXO Next Door. And a shoutout on his instagram. 

Chanyeol: A high five, honey butter potato chips and a post on instagram. 

Chen: A gift card for bubble tea.

D.O: A birthday cake with the words “Still here, I see.”

Kai: A “goodie gift bag” from 7/11. (Kai’s not even entirely sure what’s in it since he was half asleep when he bought it 10 minutes ago.)

Tao: A gift certificate for extra play time with Candy. And a new Cartier bracelet. 

Imported gifts:

Kris: A self portrait.

Luhan; A fuzzy pink kitty hat that probably wont fit Sehun’s head. 


baekhyun collecting the duckies from the stage and arranging them in height order

just when i thought he couldn’t get any cuter than he already is, he go do something like this ; A ; there’s no limit to the adorableness that is byun baekhyun