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I just want to say that Byun Baekhyun is actually one of the most heartfelt and sensitive people on the planet. You can see from the way he acts with each indiviuadual member of EXO, and other people that he interacts with, that he truely cares about how they’re feeling and making sure they’re comfortable. He’s amazing at picking up on how others show affection and adapting to them so they know how much he cares about them. You can literally see in his eyes when he’s with people that he wants to make sure all of them feel included and loved and I just love how gentle and intuitive he is even if he does cover it all with mishcevious smiles and jokes. Byun Baekhyun is fantastic.

Chanyeol/Baekhyun Collection albums ✨

I finally got my ass into place and sorted out my Baekhyun album.If you are interested in either Chanyeol or Baekhyun singing, not just proffesionally produced stuff but their livestream singing,self composed songs ect) then click the links where i have created a zip file for each collection i’ve created. 

✨Chanyeol Collection zip here

✨Baekhyun Collection zip here

I hope everyone likes it. Some audios are from videos and i give full credit to the people who filmed the clips that i have taken the audio from <3

Baekhyun & the duckies

During the ending ment of Exoluxion in Nanjing, a fan threw 7 yellow duckies on the stage. Baekhyun went and collect them all and arrange them according to height. That fan was a Baekhyun stan. She threw the duckies on stage not expecting Baekhyun to pick it up (because what are the probabilities lol), but she figured it’d be good enough if any other members picked it up so she did it anyway. :)

That fan actually wrote down a hidden message for Baekhyun on the duckies. That was why Baekhyun was arranging the duckies, to read the message. (’ ㅅ ’)

OP’s weibo update:

Dang dang dang! Now is finally the time to reveal the mystery of the yellow duckies of the the century! Previously, a lot of you were discussing what’s the actual positions of the duckies, but none of you actually realize that there are words written on their heads, so i thought to myself “alright then. let this be a little secret between me and Baekhyun”. However, somebody realized that Baekhyun’s name was written on one of the ducky’s head, so i decided to just tell you the whole story.

The 7 duckies, if arranged from the biggest to the smallest, will spell out “I like you ah, Baekhyun”. 

I’ve not taken picture of them after i wrote down the message, because i’ve never once expected that Baekhyun would pick it up. BUT! HE! DID! ACTUALLY! PICKED! IT! UP! AND HE ARRANGED IT FROM THE BIGGEST TO THE SMALLEST TOO!!! I was so excited at that moment, i nearly passed out in that crowded B2 rock zone, but that’s not important. What’s important is that he saw the love confession from Aeris to him. I was actually worried that he might not be able to arrange the duckies in the right order, so i numbered them. But our Baekhyun managed to arrange the duckies in the right order without even looking at the numbers, his heart is aligned with Aeris. 

I like you ah, Baekhyun. Always. Forever. ♡

The fan was worried that the duckies will injure Baekhyun if she threw it directly at him. That’s why she threw the bigger duckies at the side stage and the smaller duckies on the center stage. But Baekhyun still went around the stages to collect them all. ㅠㅠ  

Baekhyun gave out the other duckies to Yixing and Kai but he kept the last two for himself - the one that has his name written on it. ㅠㅠ This is the boy that we stan. Baekhyun who is so warm and loving. Baekhyun who cherishes the hearts of Aeris. 

Birthday (pt.2)

Jongdae: OKAY. Listen here, it’s my birthday and we’ll do as I say
Chanyeol: Says who?
Kyungsoo: Chanyeol, sit your petty ass down and listen
Baekhyun: pretty* ass
Chanyeol: Baekie…
Baekhyun: Channie…
Sehun: Vivi…
Jongdae: Let’s just play confessions
Kyungsoo: How do you play?
Jongdae: Just say something you would never think of saying out loud to anyone, no consequences.
Baekhyun: Like saying I like to bite Sehun’s peachy butt?
Chanyeol: Sehun’s???
Sehun: Peachy???
Minseok: isn’t that something you normally say out loud though?
Baekhyun: Oh yeah, you right.
Jongdae: Anyway, I’ll start: I think red hair suited me way better than Sehun.
Sehun: EXCUSE Me, but, bitch who?
Junmyeon: Sehunnie…
Sehun: EXCUSE Me, but, female dog who?
Jongin: I think Kyungsoo nailed that look, to be honest.
Minseok: Baekhyun didn’t look half bad.
Chanyeol: boy, i gLOWED.
Junmyeon: Maybe we should stop—
Sehun: you’re always whining and screaming, it’s annoying for everyone around
Jongdae: Well, one can only have so many charms, I can’t be perfect, no one can.
Chanyeol: heY, IT’S YO BOY—
Baekhyun: Except Xing Xing.
EXO, collectively: Except Xing Xing.
Yixing: I…What?
Junmyeon: Nothing, Xing, nothing at all.
Yixing: Oh okay… OH! I almost forgot, omggg, happy birthday brother! I LOVE YOU.
Minseok: That’s sweet.. but, this whole discussion has been brought up by Jongdae’s birthday, you know that, right?

Yixing: What discussion?
Jongdae: That I’m the true visual of EXO.
Sehun, Chanyeol: EXCUSE ME, FEMALE DOG, WHO?
Kyungsoo: Oh boy

EXO react to being your first kiss

Here you go anon! This is so cute aah :3

Sehun: *After he gently pressed his lips to yours, he felt you stumble into his arms. He steadied you, smiling into the kiss and understanding how you felt - he wanted to do the same and was just as nervous as you were, not being the most experienced kisser. However this new swoony side of Sehun ended with the kiss, you receiving a bratty comment immediately after you pulled away. Although you were in a way grateful as it prevented the awkwardness after your first kiss!*

“Your breath smells….just kidding!”

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Kai: *It was supposed to be a beautifully clear sky one night, and Jongin, knowing how much you loved stars, sat out on the doorstep with you in the early hours of the morning just to see the awe on your face, and he noticed how your eyes sparkled like the constellations in the moonlight. Being a sweetheart, he respected that you didn’t want to rush anything, romance not exactly being your forte. But he felt a longing to grow closer to you that night in particular, and was too full of desire to stop himself from intertwining his fingers in your hair and gently pulling you to his lips. The sudden gesture certainly took you by surprise, but nevertheless it was pleasurable and sweet. By the end of the kiss you were shaking with the intensity of the moment, and he steadied you in his arms. He apologised quickly, but you responded with a second small peck on his lips. He smiled shyly, and settled you in his arms to watch for shooting stars - although his wish had already come true*

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what am I doing with this fluff I just made myself throw up

Tao: *You’d popped by the studio after work to see Tao briefly but the boys were in the middle of practise when you arrived, so you sat outside for a few minutes. Tao eventually appeared, slightly sweaty which made him all the more attractive. You talked for a while, until Tao reached out and held your hand. He pulled you closer until your foreheads touched, and just when the moment felt right, he touched his lips with yours. It was all over too quick, so when he pulled away, a blush threatening his cheeks, you grabbed the back of his neck and tugged him back to the kiss, tilting your head this time to deepen it. Your hold on his neck weakened as you body shook from this new sensation, and he brought his arms around your waist to steady you. Suddenly you both heard a door open and the chatter from the boys  flowed out of the dance studio. You both sprang apart, and no one,not even the witty Chen, saw you two in an embrace (thankfully!). You greeted the members, smiled at Tao and hurriedly left, leaving a smiling, overjoyed panda behind you*

D.O: *Being sweet and a gentleman, Kyungsoo hadn’t attempted anything more than embraces and hand-holding. He knew you were what some would call inexperienced, and he didn’t want to push you. Still, you wished he would make the first move, but realising it wasn’t going to come from him, it was your job to make your intentions clear. You were nervous as you leaned up towards him and brought your hand to the back of his neck, and you eventually pressed your lips against his. They were luscious and velvety, and he slid his arms around your waist hesitantly. When you pulled away, knees trembling with agitation, he opened his eyes and smiled sweetly at you. He was more than happy that you felt comfortable with him (and now you get these cute lips all to yourself!)*

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Chanyeol: *Since he’s a cute, playful dork, what better place to take you on a date then a games arcade! You were on the claw machines, trying to win a Rilakumma plushy, and when the claws did clutch onto a plush you were both cheering - him yelling and going crazy, barely noticing or caring about the looks the both of you were getting. He pulled you to his side with one of his long arms and leaned down and kissed you, lost in the excitement and desire of the moment. You were surprised, and, considering it was your first kiss, you were at a complete loss of what to do. Do you lean to the left or the right? Where do your hands go? Should your knees be wobbling like that? Once Chanyeol regained control of his actions, he pulled away hurriedly, leaving you to stumble forward. He balanced you WITH THOSE MUSCULAR ARMS  and immediately apologised. When you assured him that it was all right, and actually very enjoyable, he got a bit cheeky*

“I’m sorry Y/N, I got excited! … . How good was it though?”

Chen: *Ever since you told him you’d never been kissed before, you’d heard no end of it from him. One day he’d taken you out  to see that new mushy romance movie you liked the look of, and every damned time the characters kissed on screen you heard cheesy kiss noises come from Jongdae beside you. After the fourth time, you’d had enough and so you grabbed his t-shirt and leaned in to give him his long-awaited smooch. You may have seemed confident, but the moment your lips touched you felt weak and lost, until Jongdae obliged and lead the kiss, smirking at how nervous he made you. When you both pulled away, you fully expected muffled laughter to come from him in the hushed cinema, but you’d kissed his laughs away and left him flustered and smiling sheepishly at the sudden intimacy, before he turned his attention back to the screen, planning on how to get more kisses later*

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Baekhyun: *Standing on your front doorstep after the date, Baekhyun had collected you in an embrace, feeling it the right moment to do so. He knew it was going to be your first kiss, and was determined you wouldn’t forget it any time soon! He leaned in slowly, his rectangular smile twitching at the corners of his lips and he closed his eyes and kissed you. His lips were soft and pleasant, and the sensation made your legs turn to jelly. He was shocked when he felt you drop slightly in his arms, and once you found your footing you both giggled until he finally let you go inside your building*

Lay: *It had been a fantastic night going to see the street carnival with him, and he walked you to a taxi pick-up point to take you home. There was already a cab waiting for you, but before you both said goodbye, he’d sweetly asked if he could kiss you. Flustered, you giggled and said yes, and suddenly a warm tingle was running down your spine as you felt Yixing’s plush lips on yours. You shivered at the strong emotions the kiss had given you. His hand embraced the small of your back firmly in an attempt to stop the shivering, and you brought your own arm across his shoulder, careful not to touch his sensitive neck! Your kiss was ended by the old cab driver, who reminded you that he had a job to do and could you please hurry up - but there was a twinkle in his eye, as he had once been young and in love at some point too. Yixing and you giggled and said your goodbyes before you entered the cab. All the way home you had a shy smile stuck on your face as you remembered how perfect the night had gone*

Suho: *After taking you out for a classic dinner-and-a-movie date, he drove you home and you both talked and giggled for the entire drive. You never ran out of things to say with this giant meme, and conversation was always easy to keep up between you two. He pulled up into your drive, and, being the gentleman he is, he rushed over to open your door and assist you. He took your hand and helped you steady yourself as you hopped out of the car, and he found himself staring at your pink, smooth lips. You looked up at him to say goodbye, but instead received a tender kiss. Entangling your hand in his hair and leaning into the kiss, you realised how much you had longed for this moment. It was nerve-racking considering he was your first kiss, but you were overwhelmed and more than happy that he had initiated it. You shook in his arms from the delight, and he pulled away to see if you were okay. Before he could finish his sentence you hushed him and pressed another kiss onto his lips and neither of you broke away until you were both breathless*

Kris: *Feeling a burst of confidence, he stopped you both in the middle of the park and cupped your face. Looking into your eyes first, as if asking for permission, he leaned down (cause he so damn tall) and you tiptoed up to meet his lips. It was sweet and lingering, and your mind clouded over. Lost in the thrill, you barely noticed his arm swiftly clutching your back and you then realised the way your knees shook, as much with nervousness as with bliss. You giggled, embarrassed, until he smirked and got cocky, then you gave him a playful push*

“I really drive you that crazy, Y/N?”

Luhan: *He had decided to take you to a beautiful flower park for a date, simple but romantic. You’d already embarrassedly told him that you hadn’t had your first kiss, so this little deer was intent on you receiving your first that afternoon. After strolling through the park, you both sat on the grass and you teased him by threading small daisies into his hair. He caught your arm and gently leaned in to peck your lips. Although soft, it was passionate and had you quivering like a leaf in his arms. He laughed at your innocence and tucked an out of place hair back behind your ear. When he returned to the dorm after dropping you back home, Baekhyun pointed out a lone daisy that had managed to stay entangled in his hair. He barely noticed the hoots and teasing from the others as he toyed with the flower inbetween his fingers, a smile forcing itself onto his face*

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Xiumin: *Knowing that Xiumin is a coffee fanatic, you’d quickly said yes when he asked to meet up in a coffeeshop one afternoon. When you walked in, he was sitting in a concealed booth in the corner and you rushed over to join him by his side. He ordered coffee and you both chatted easily, never skipping a beat in the conversation. Eventually, two drained coffee cups were left on the table and Xiumin’s arm had situated itself around your waist. He softly said your name and when you looked up to see what he wanted he placed a small kiss on your lips. It was short and sweet, and made your own lips quiver. He saw this and giggled as he cupped your chin to stop the shaking. He leaned back in to steal another kiss, but you stopped him, worried that people would see you. He managed to persuade you that nobody could see the booth in the corner of the shop, and you caved in, already craving his kisses. The kisses now were passionate and rendered you both breathless, until the waitress came to clean your cups away which sadly ended the little affair*

“Why did you think I chose this booth, Y/N?”

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low-key daddy

I don’t own these gifs, full credit to the respective owners

Byun Baekhyun and his ‘collection’ of hair colours 

Save Hyung!! || EXO

Requested: Yes 

Word Count: 1,997 (longest one I’ve written so far)

Exo Members + Fluff & Humor 

A/N: Obviously this is for entertainment purpose only. They are not that dumb in real life. 

—Junmyeon caught a fever and the members are planning on how to take care of him. It probably won’t end well.. 

The wooden door that hid Junmyeon’s room suddenly creaked open, revealing a shy Baekhyun peeking from the small crack. Above Baekhyun came Chanyeol, mouth forming a small ‘O’ as he watched their leader wrap himself tightly in his duvet before slowly laying down on his bed.

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• junmyeon is straight up boyfriend goals
• the best boyfriend you could ever hope for
• is a perfect gentleman at all times
• prepare to feel completely loved and taken care of 24/7
• because he’s convinced that if you don’t, he’s doing something wrong
• is overall very sweet, loves doting on you
• you can 100% see the love he has for you in his eyes whenever he looks your way
• (the other exo members joke that it’s gross)
• ((they’re happy he’s happy, though))
• definitely is more traditional in his sense of romance
• the type to bring you a bunch flowers on the first date
• and stand in your doorway looking nervous
• (also the type to not know whether or not to give you a kiss at the end of the date, so gives you a handshake instead)
• ((will never live it down))

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Exceptional Love

 Born with exceptional powers, from descendants that escaped their dying home planet thousands of years ago, they are aliens who are not aliens anymore, yet are not entirely mortal.  They work and walk among us. Powers that they themselves struggle to control.  Each has their own tale of woe and misery, yet triumph to live in the world hiding who they are in fear of the unknown enemy.  Fortunately for them a light of happiness is in store for our heroes before the dark days come.  Love is in their near future, but it is unknown whether they will survive the coming war.

*All love interests are not based on any female celebrity.  Same names are simply coincidence

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Watching their MuBank stage today makes me feel like all of them have been holding with their dancing, or just never had the chance to display it. I know they were good. Just wasn’t ready for what they delivered.

It’s not logical for them to have improved so much from Kokobop (which was already pretty good). Yet they amped their performance WAY UP THROUGH THE ROOF. It wasn’t their most complex choreo but it was sharp, and very precise. I feel like I’m just witnessing them showing that yes, not only can they sing live, they can REALLY dance as both individuals, and as a group.