Baekhyun - 150902 ‘KBS King of Masked Singers’ panelist and music producer Kim Hyeongseok’s Instagram update: “빈말이 아니다.EXO 백현 이친구는 왜 또 노래를 이렇게 잘해?두번 부르고 녹음 끝냈음.허허… ”

Translation: “I’m not simply saying this for no reason. Why is this Baekhyun friend from EXO so talented at singing? He only sang twice and the recording was complete. Huhu…”

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Exo as fans edition

Sehun: the “ I play cool but secret I fangirl about my fav group” kind of fan

Kai: the type of fan that would always upload on his youtube channel dance covers of his fav group

Tao: the cry a river for my bias kind of fan

Kyungsoo: the normal fan (??)

Chanyeol: the INTENSE blogger fan that has a whole blog dedicated to his bias

Chen: the source of all funny post about his bias on tumblr/twitter

Baekhyun: the “ I will defend my bias even if I have to fight with you” kind of fan

Lay: the high on life fan that finds cute and adorable everything his bias is doing

Suho: the “president” of the first fanclub for his fav group 

Kris: the “artistic” kind of fan that spams people on tumblr/twitter with his horrible fan art

Luhan: the over obsessed fan (we all know he would be over xiumin) 

Xiumin: the pervert fan (all the dirty fan fics come from him)


Aww man Yeollie

EXO Reaction to you giving them a BJ (Smut)

So here’s some smut here for all those lovelies who love it :D Xoxo, Admin A~

(Please listen to Me & U by Cassie, gosh it’s so good :D

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Chanyeol: You grab him and lick it really slowly. Your hands rub his balls as you look into his eyes. You tease him a little by biting and sucking his tip frustrating him, making him want it all to be inside your mouth. 
“Just do it Y/N… don’t make me wait!” *Licks and bites his lips*

Kris: As you suck him hard and let it all in, he starts to gasp and moan softly but tries to control his feelings. He was already losing it before you even grabbed his dick, and right now he is in the seventh heaven.

Sehun: You choke a little as he thrusts really hard into your mouth. “Your tongue is heaven baby” He grabs your hair as he pulls your head closer, getting even deeper. You tear up a little because of how big he is but continue without it bothering you. You love giving him pleasure and seeing him lose it.

Tao: He would be all excited when you start rubbing him but never expecting your lips to touch him. He would be surprised, excited and transform into a really naughty panda. Before you can stop him, he is already thrusting in your mouth, it’s impossible to breath and you let out some frustrated but suffocated moans. This would turn him more later and give you pleasure as a reward. 

Kai: He wouldn’t mind your gagging. He would find it like a turn on and thrust more and more into your mouth. You would grab his butt and squeeze him as you have him all. “Girl~ You make me feel complete… you are so good., don’t stop~aahh..!”

Xiumin: Forget about it. He is the one eating you out. You can’t say no. The way he plays with his fingers and uses his tongue.. oh baby you are done.

Baekhyun: Moaning uncontrollably… waving his thighs and getting deepr in your throat. Pulling your hair and not letting you stop for a second. He can’t with your mouth, he loves how good he feels being inside. He loves the suking sounds and how he manages to me you lose it try to moan too.

Luhan: He would get a boner just by thinking of it, even when you are not around. He would remember how soft your hair was when he grabbed it and made you get closer. He would still feel your lips sucking him and your tongue licking every inch of him. Your hands rubbing what you couldn’t get inside and the little gags you coming our from your throat.

Chen: “Come here baby… I want to be inside now”. You would do as he says, pleasure him in every possible way. Sometimes ride him sometimes blow him. You would love it. How gently he would be, running his hands through your hair as you take him all in. How he would wait for you when you have to take a breath and how he would moan loudly when you manage him to get deeper while gagging a little.

Kyungsoo: He would be frustrated. Defenseless. You would give him all the pleasure he can get and make him moan with all the air in his lungs. He would want more and more until he can’t take it and come in you. As you lick it all he would go insane, want to be inside of you again but in many different ways. Not just using your mouth.

Lay: All the feelings would drive him crazy. He would feel like millions of explosions inside of him and wouldn’t be able to contain himself and moan loudly without even hearing you. He is so lost in his orgasm that the world surrounding him is just simply gone.

Suho: He would check on you from time to time trying not to take it too far but the truth is that he enjoys it so much that nothing would stop him. It feels so good and do this all day.

EXO react to having makeup sex with you

Xiumin: After a quick and rough makeup session backstage, he has to go back out, sweat still glistening on his skin and out of breath before even performing, thoughts still on you. “Let’s get this going, huh? I have some catching up to do.”

Luhan: “I feel like I should still be at least a little angry, but I can’t remember why.” He actually does, but he’d drop the subject completely to stay in bed with you, already thinking up plans for the next round, fingers teasing your inner thigh.

Kris: After you’ve both been completely exhausted by the long night of ‘making amends’, he softly strokes his fingers through your hair. “The morning. We’ll shower in the morning.” He sleepily kisses you once more before you fall asleep.

Suho: “You’re going to have to do quite a bit more before we can call this matter settled, jagi.” He’d arch an eyebrow, tugging your thigh high over his hip and rolling his hips against yours again as he pins you to the bed.

Lay: Relaxing and trying to regain his breath, he turns his head to stare at you, lying next to him also still breathing heavily. “I hate fighting with you because I love you so much.” He pulls you close, protectively holding you.

Baekhyun: “Why on earth did I never suspect that arguments would turn you on? That’s just so you.” He’d laugh, pulling you into his arms and smirking teasingly, completely forgetting about the argument before he kisses you deeply.

Chen: “If this is what happens when we get in a fight, we need to come up with some more arguments for the future.” He’d playfully slap your ass as he rolls onto his side, smirking. “I dunno, something about how you say the word ‘aluminum’?”

Chanyeol: Grinding up against you and clenching his teeth tightly as you tighten around him, his fingers dig into your hips to pull you back down hard, groaning out. “Don’t think this means that we won’t finish talking about the issue later.”

D.O: Frustratedly groaning as you nip at his throat, he lets you tug his clothes off while his hands are busy slipping under your clothes and fingertips teasing at your core, still seething underneath, he’d be rougher than usual.

Tao: He’s at first startled when you throw yourself at him when you were just arguing a moment ago. but he hesitantly rests his hands on your hips, “Are you trying to make me forget all about the argument? Not that I’m complaining…”

Kai: “We should do this without fighting first. Next time maybe we can try something with handcuffs…” Completely sated, he’d be cuddling next to you, just kissing over your bare skin, content to be close to you and not fighting anymore.

Sehun: Smirking as he stalls your tryst to tease you, he sits back, thinking out loud and watching your reactions get more hurried and frustrated. “Now, this is a real conundrum. See, the more frustrated you get, the rougher we play later.”

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