You know, as a new Baby I can only say that I am actually so proud and happy for the Babys that stayed with B.A.P during their hiatus. I get lonely and sad when they don’t update SNS for weeks or even days and when they go quiet for a bit I get unusually upset, like I’m missing a part of my family. 

Babys that stayed dedicated with B.A.P through their hiatus I feel like kept B.A.P alive. They hyped them up for their return and worked really hard to get them back up there. Without some of you guys blowing up my tumblr feed when I was in another fandom I would have never fallen into this group and never realized how amazing beautiful worthy precious they were and without B.A.P I don’t think I’d be as happy as I am now. 

Like hella thanks to the Dedicated guys that stayed with the kings for so long, yall are the real reason B.A.P is still B.A.P and I’m sure without you guys we wouldn’t be were we are today, I wouldn’t be this carefree and excited about life and honestly just bless.

People need to stop calling Himchan fat. People need to stop saying that Himchan needs to lose weight. People need to stop saying that Himchan needs diet. People need to understand that this makes Himchan sick.

Himchan is a singer, his weight is not important to me or to you. Stop making him feel bad, stop belittling him.

Himchan is a great artist in every way, but people are closing their eyes to him, almost all comments on his instagram is about weight and diet (even the comments with good intentions), and never about how amazing and special he is.

Can you think for a minute?

His weight is none of our business. What he eats is none of our business.

Jokes about weight are not funny. These jokes made Himchan have excessive weight loss and go to the hospital. Have people forgotten that?

Let’s be realistic and don’t fantasize or romanticize any situation here. People will continue doing this with Himchan until his situation is irreversible? Until he gets very sick?

This is a great psychological preassure. And psychological pressure is aggression, violence.

For God’s sake, leave Himchan alone. He is a adult man who takes care of his own life.

And please stop defending and supporting “jokes” about Himchan’s weight (even if the one who made the “joke” was a friend of his, or even a BAP member). 

What Really Happened During B.A.P “Rose” Comeback

In case you missed the video a while back when Rose first came out, this is a REAL summary of what happened during the comeback vlive.

(Basically when I was looking through all my screenshots I was like wait a minute some of these tell a story and through some convoluted twists and turns and reordering of screenshots this happened and I never took the time to post it until now. It’s funnier if you load them all first. Enjoy.)

Kinda makes sense huh?

Real talk tho I need to follow more B.A.P blogs cause my dash is dying and it’s really sad 

so like if you post B.A.P reblog/like this post and I’ll sure to check it out :D 

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Can people stop talking about Himchan’s weight for one moment? The guy already had a stress fracture because of his rapid weight loss. Even his own firend tells him to lose wieght. I’m fucking mad. I’m fucking sad. And I won’t ever shut up about this until the case is close.

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Watching a horror movie

You wake them up with a blow job

There best friend/crush walk in on them masturbating

They catch you staring at their bulge

You faint during an argument

You want a long hug after a bad day