baek pout

Exo reactions to their gf asking them to buy tampons for her

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Chanyeol: *whines*
“Do I have to?”

Chen: *goes to the store and grabs the tampons and runs*

Kai: *when you ask him*
“I will, if you give me a kiss first!”

Tao: *hesitates but sees that you’re in pain and agrees but really doesn’t want to*

Luhan: *mentally prepares himself*

D.O: *super sweet and caring while you’re on your period*
“Okay Y/N, do you need anything else?”

Suho: *doesn’t want to make you mad*

“Okay honey, anything for you”

Baekhyun: *pouts*
Baek: “But I don’t want to…”

“Okay babe”

Sehun: *gif*

Kris: *you get upset when he doesn’t want to, so he agrees but complains the whole time*

Lay: *he’s super caring whilst you’re on your period and will get you anything you need*

“Sure honey.”

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