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Baekhyun: Baek, Goodnight [Mini Scenario; Request]

Your eyes scanned over the lines on the page you were reading before you flipped to the next page calmly – it was night time, reading time for you, to be exact. You were on the bed, your back against the bed rest where as your legs were propped out nicely with the blanket over your legs to keep yourself warm as the blanket pooled around your waist with a pillow in between the bed rest and you. It was such a relaxing moment for you after a long day at work but even though you had come back merely two hours ago, Baekhyun had just got back not too long ago.

He was now in the shower, trying to feel at least freshened up before he went to bed with you.

As for now, you know that he’s had a tough day. Boss has been nudging him, bugging him about the upcoming projects he hasn’t sealed in yet, his colleagues messing around with his documents even though it was unintentional – it was all nerve wrecking for him.

Of course, you had your troubles as well as a waitress but it wasn’t as stressful as Baekhyun’s – you understood that. However, Baekhyun never compares. He understands that being a waitress is tough, too but certain days like these, he’d like you to be there for him as he would occasionally lean on you.

And that meant everything to you knowing he loves and trusts you enough to be this open with you, you liked it, too.

The moment the bathroom door opened, he came out with his sleeping clothes; an oversized shirt along with a pair of sweats. He tossed the towel to the rack a distance away before switching off the lights in the bathroom, closing the door. He took small steps, towards the bed where he curled up beside you, his head buried on your lap whereas his arms tried to hug your waist the best way he could.

You tilted your book down where you peeked at him as he hummed delightfully as he got to feel that radiating warmth you had, this scent he smelled that he called ‘home’ – it kept him sane. You closed your book, putting it aside where your hands proceeded to play with his hair as you stroked his head delicately, he sighed in appreciation.

“Tough day at work?” You whispered in the silence and clarity that enveloped the two of you pleasingly.

He nodded in your lap, lifting his chin where he looked at you tiredly, “I swear, if I didn’t get back to you sooner, I’d start killing people.”

You chuckled, bringing him to lie his head properly on your lap as he had his back on the mattress, his legs dangling off the bed but he didn’t care – he liked this a lot…

Your hands continued playing with his hair as you looked down on him, the tip of your hair tickling his nose where it made him chuckle quietly whereas you giggled heartily, bringing a smile to his face as he had his hand up to tuck your hair back behind your ear, “You’re so beautiful, honeybee…” He whispered and even though his voice was soft, you could notice how strained it was; he must be working so hard…

“Baek,” You called him out, one of your hands still stroking his head whereas the other held onto his hand that had tucked strands of your hair behind your ear earlier.

“Yes, honeybee?”

You sighed, frowning at him, “You really need to get some rest now, you look so tired…”

He lifted his head from your lap to glance at the clock before he laid his head down again, shaking his head as he laced his fingers with yours, “Tomorrow is a Saturday, so… I could sleep all day if I wanted to. I just want to spend some time with you now, honeybee…”

You managed to smile, loving the fact that he adores you so much to the point where he’d strain himself just a little bit more with you to keep you happy – Baekhyun was one of a kind.

And to him, you were the same as well.

You let go of his hand, lifting his head up where you made him lie down properly beside you. He frowned, eyes focused on you, “H-Honeybee, what are you…?” He didn’t need to finish his sentence when he saw how you got up, quickly pacing over to switch off the lights, closing your bedroom door before you joined him back in bed, pulling the blanket up to cover him and you took the rightful spot beside him as to cuddle with him – he could only smile at your actions that would mean so little to others but so much to him.

“Sleep, Baek. I’m here.” You whispered, lightly kissing his clothed chest before he wrapped his arms around you with a sigh, his lips kissing the side of your head, “How did I get so lucky?”

You chuckled, shrugging, “I should ask myself that, too.”

“If only someone could give me an answer…” He cheekily replied, making you hush him as you pressed your cheek against his chest, “Sleep, Baek. You really need the rest.”

He smiled again, dipping down to kiss your forehead, “Goodnight, honeybee…”

You looked up to him, shifting up to give him a light kiss on the lips before you whispered in a hushed voice, “Sweet dreams, Baek.”

What does Baekhyun do at a baseball match?

Critic the match like a coach

Celebrating the win

Acting like a professional baseballer

Plays with his hair

Tries 10000 different ways to wear a cap

Checking himself out in the reflection


Still Eating

Drinking Cola

Telling fans to stop staring at him and watch the game lol