baek bully!!


Nam joohyuk bullying ji soo at the interview HEHEHE

Question: How do you think you rank in terms of body figure out of all the male cast members?

Joohyuk: Per my standards, around 4th place?

Question: If you are 4th, then who is 5th?

Joohyuk: (Without thinking) Ji soo hyung!

(Everyone bursts into laughter)

Kang Ha Neul: Because ji soo is easy to bully?!

Baekhyun: He said it immediately without thinking.


Trio handsome around one beauty ~
They were really bullied baek here not with anything harm only with their height 😂 poor our baekhyunee 😘💕
But this look like ff 😝
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To Be Better

Anon request: a baek scenario where he bullies you because you like his friend Chanyeol but all he wants is your attention?

Apparently shy meant being a nerd. Apparently having a crush on his best friend made you an easy bully target. Baekhyun was your seemingly average bully, and you were his one and only victim. 

The one time he catches you staring at Chanyeol was the end of your school life. Bumping into you on purpose, knocking down your books, throwing paper at you in class, all part of his bully routine that you were sadly used to. And you hadn’t even said two words to Chanyeol. 

It was like your little crush on him was incentive enough to make a laughing stock out of you, purely for Baekhyun’s entertainment. You knew that Chanyeol didn’t even know you before Baekhyun’s harassment, but you also knew that even after the fact, he would probably never like you back. 

Still, the concept of staring at an incredibly cute guy in your class gave you a nice feeling, even though you weren’t quite sure what exactly it was. You simply labeled it a crush. 

You just never expected a crush to turn your life into a bully victim. Sure, it could have been worse, but the way Baekhyun pestered you made you even more shy. It made you scared that if you were to try to talk to anyone, they’d treat you the way he did. 

You also didn’t expect Baekhyun to take any of his actions too far. You were used to walking by yourself to class, seeing as you didn’t have any friends, but today just seemed a little different than the others. 

People were bumping into you like they couldn’t see you, you almost dropped your books multiple times; basically chaotic in the hallways. You had a knack of being early to class, so that people wouldn’t stare you down as they walked in, but you were surprised when your heard people already inside the classroom. One very recognizable voice. 

“Too bad, Yeol. The one girl that crushes on you is super ugly.” 

That was Baekhyun, you were positive of it. And it seemed like the only person he knew who had a crush on Chanyeol was you. The one he just called ugly. 

It’s not like you were a confident girl who knew she looked good. You were an average girl who questioned what other people though about you, all the time. And since you had never gotten a compliment about your looks, you figured that Baekhyun was probably right. 

A tight pang formed deep in your chest, your eyes started glazing over as tears brimmed your eyes. You let your head fall down and your hair cover your face. There was no going to class now. 

You went in the opposite direction, going to a safe place for you on campus: the library. You had a little nook in the back of your school library, somewhere not even the librarian checked. 

You sat with your head down on the desk of a little table in the very back of the library, occasionally choking out a sob. You started wondering if you were really that ugly for Baekhyun to say something out loud. It was the first time after all, that he made a verbal jab about you. 

You accidentally cried yourself to sleep, only to wake up in complete darkness. Panic ran through your system, jumping out of your chair immediately to see if anyone was still there. 

Unfortunately for you, all the lights were shut off, the doors locked from the outside, and you were stuck alone. You rattled the front door a few times and called out, hoping that someone, maybe the janitor, was still at school. 

You felt tears welling up in your eyes again, this time out of fear. You hated being in the dark, and what was worse was in a giant library by yourself. 

Before a tear could fall out, you heard your name being frantically called out multiple times, and footsteps rapidly coming closer. You called back, not quite sure who the muffled voice was. 

“Are you ok?!” He called behind the door. The closer his voice was, the more you were able to recognize him. 


“Yeah? Are you ok?” 

You stayed quiet, realizing that on the other side of the door was the reason why you were locked in the library in the first place. You saw the door handle jiggle, but to avail just like you did. 

“Don’t you have a bobby pin or something?” 

He said, trying to move the door with frustration. You were still quiet, however, and that worried him. A lot more than you thought it would. 

“Is something wrong? Are you hurt? Why are you being so quiet?” 

You bit down on your bottom lip, his voice was reminding you of what he had said earlier, and you couldn’t help but bring it up. 

“Am I really that ugly?” 

This time he was the one who remained quiet. In a low, what sounded saddened voice, he said, “Where did you hear that?” 

Somehow, confronting your bully when he was by himself wasn’t that hard; in addition he was behind the door and you couldn’t see him. It was like weight was being lifted off of your shoulder as you built up courage. 

“From you…”  Another minute of silence went by before he spoke in the same low tone as before. 

“Can you…stand back for a second?” 

You shuffled away from the door, heart pounding at what you knew he was about to do. The door flung open with a rough kick from Baekhyun. 

A wave of relief hit him as he saw that you were all right, but that didn’t mean you forgot about the problem at hand. He sighed when you avoided eye contact, and rubbed the back of his neck. 

“I…I can explain. I didn’t mean what I said.” 

Though his voice sounded sincere, you weren’t sure. With all of the things he had put you through, it was hard to believe him. He chuckled, as if to lighten a dark situation. 

“You know people mean the opposite of what they say, right?” 

What he was implying was when he said you were ugly, he actually meant…The thought made you uncontrollably blush. He must have been lying, but a little tint of color on his face told you otherwise. 

He walked you out to the front of the school, beginning a sort of confession on his part. “I…got worried when you didn’t show up to class anymore.” 

You walked in silence, not sure how to respond at all. Baekhyun was filled with immediate regret. Regret for how he chose to go about things in the first place. 

“Look…I’m really sorry. I panicked when I saw that the adorable girl in my class liked my friend instead of me. I didn’t mean to say that you were ugly…I just wanted Chanyeol to back off…” 

The last sentence he practically mumbled, but because of the deathly quiet hallways you walked through. But nothing rang through your ears more than the word ‘adorable’. 

What he had previously said was ugly was now replaced with adorable. You reached outside of school, relieved that you were finally outside. When Baekhyun offered to take you home is when you started to really blush. 

You forgot about the bully in him the moment you heard his worried voice. It was a 180-degree turn for him, and you silently admitted there was a part that you liked about it. 

You were blushing the whole walk home, keeping your eyes firm on the ground. You were outside the gate and as much as you wanted to scurry inside your house, Baekhyun had one more thing. 

He softly called out your name, with a care that you had never heard in your life. Your name rolled off his tongue, like it was a precious jewel. With a gentle pull on your wrist, he delicately placed his lips on your cheek, as light as a feather but still leaving a lingering a tingly feeling. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” And he silently promised to be much better.

*gets carried away with request because NO MORE FREAKING MIDDLE SCHOOLERS. No more camp. No.

Hope you liked it anon!