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Baekhyun the mochi

So @littlebyuns mentioned how Baekhyun is like a mochi dalkki (?) which is a traditional mochi with strawberry inside. It’s called a mochi ichigo (strawberry) daifuku in Japanese or a dafu in Mandarin which basically means “big fortune/luck” and I was just thinking about how on point that comparison is.

Like mochi is made from a lot of hard work – I’ve tried to make it before and it takes a lot of muscle and perseverance to smash all the rice to make it into smooth mochi skin. It just reminded me of how much effort and work Baekhyun has put into EXO and to himself to present the best side to us and to constantly improve. Also, mochi skin is super stretchy, just like how Baekhyun stretches over various skills like Hapkido to being this lightbulb and this wonderful appa for aeris and a fabulous soul-reaching singing and actor and a fantastic musician basically. 

Then inside the mochi, you have the filling. There are so many flavors…like today do you get the strawberry where Baek gets into his teasing mood and his “honhonhon i see you” stare or is he the traditional red bean where the filling is thick and ultra sweet? Maybe he’s the more subdued and serious matcha where the quirkiness and silly Baekhyunness comes in through the aftertaste. 

Sometimes he’s the mochi in the hot red bean soups you drink during winter where he warms up your heart, and the mochi compliments the soup just like Baekhyun is part of EXO and he’s part of what makes EXO great but he’s also so special on his own. 

There’s a lot more I could say but brb lemme go dry my heart’s emotional tears. 

(Also don’t you just want to pinch his cheeks like you would a mochi because it’s so soft and stretchy and cute and yeah –)

@baekhyunlipchain: oh, um basically Lay asked china line to help him with one of his songs but they got overly excited and started planning his whole album. In the end he just wanted more words that rhyme with baby, since “baby” is something he puts in ALL his songs.(like literally ALL OF THEM) Sorry I didn’t make it clear enough  (>_<)

@arisamcclain:  ( ̄▽ ̄) don’t make me think about lay singing daddy, pls

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Xiumin’s always ready to fight Baekhyun