We start the weekly update! Toby is a hero :O

Poor Papyrus, for one puzzle that should work, and the dog has been biting the switch device. Now it’s broken :P

I know some people expected the trap to work… sorry? xD

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music core prerecording ♡ 161021

@kimkeyy: they stuffed so many shawols into the recording today. people were standing in every corner and sitting on all the stairs. shinee gasped when they saw it. the members kept talking about how many shawols got in and, at the end, jonghyun took a bunch of pictures with them. so cute. jonghyun also took a picture of the menu sign with their birthdays on it. he said multiple times: “that’s such a good idea …, that’s really neat …, so cute.

@shinelikeoxygen: the set was set up like a cafe with a menu board and the members’ names on another board at the side. each name was lined up with food.

■ onew: you’re a cupcake / cupcake for you.
■ jonghyun: oh, is that so?
■ key: it suits you well. minho is totally french fries.
■ onew / jonghyun: taem …., burger.
■ onew: i’m a hot dog. (@bumjinki)

when jonghyun took a picture of the shawols at the end of the recording with his phone, the lights turned off so he could see all of their lightsticks and he said: “whoa, thank you.

Papyrus dashes away!! He said he wants a fair fight… because, of course, he doesn’t need to use cheap tricks to win! He’s the GREAT Papyrus!!

We’re so close to Snowdin Town, I’m so excited aaaaaaa

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