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what happened in 2014? what was that post about?? (Btw I only now just noticed ur url is "goth"chanbaek not "got"chanbaek...)

L O L don’t worry about the url… I haven’t changed it since summer 2016 (when Monster came out and my mutuals made “goth” urls falsdk;jfaldsf)

So 2014 basically got hit by a huge shitstorm. The Sewol Ferry sinking of course was a national tragedy and left many idols devastated; some kids on the ship were very much fans of different idol groups and relatives / friends reached out to the idols to tell them so. I cried during the whole fiasco and I wasn’t even in the country …. the debacle just made my heart ache.

Related to the actual kpop industry itself, Kris did leave EXO in May of 2014 and opened the flood gates for the biggest SM scandal since the breakup of DB5K into 2VXQ and JYJ. (DBSK had the largest fandom to date, called Cassiopeia, and it had fans in China, Korea, Japan…. they were especially known for how big they were in Japan. Breakout and steady success in what was considered Asia’s largest music market, by foreign and non-American artists was absolutely amazing. For the record, it has names specific to each language: Tong Vfan Xien Qi = TVXQ, the Mandarin name; DBSK = Dong Bang Shing Ki, Korean name; and Tohoshinki is the Japanese name. They technically debuted as a Japanese act and not a Korean act releasing things in Japanese which adds some nuance important for considering record breaking and setting, money, etc which are not important for our purposes here.) Kris’s sudden departure opened wounds older kpop fans had considered closed since the breakup of Kpop’s largest act (BigBang wasn’t shit in comparison for quite some time and even LeeSooMan apparently considered SJ throwaways from DBSK) and cast yet another huge, negative, ugly spotlight on the abuses of SM Entertainment in the past. The sticky part is how people started to analyze why this departure was not so sudden, and I will return to that in a bit.

This departure itself was ugly because Kris left in the middle of Overdose promotions and a few weeks before EXO’s first tour would commence. For context, Overdose came as a follow up to EXO’s smashing 2013 success with Growl Repackage and Miracles in December. They became the first artists to become million-album sellers in years with Growl and they won Album of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, when G Dragon had won pretty much every thing else that night (lmao) and SHINee was also up for the award. So they, a rookie group less than 2 years old, managed to win that award despite the STIFF sunbae competition on top of becoming million sellers… All eyes were on them no doubt and the public and fans were looking forward to their next promotions and their first concert tour… … SO you can imagine the laser focus this drew to the group and to the company. I will tell you right now: Not. A. Pleasant. Experience. The fandom was l i t e r a l l y imploding and people were taking pro-Kris and anti-Kris stances everywhere and calling him a traitor and calling fans fake and — and there was the part where only Suho was on stage to receive EXO’s award right after the news came out and my soul broke in half and the days you could tell EXO had been crying before coming onstage and and and – THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH SAD AND ANGRY IN THE FANDOM I hated it.

There are many bloggers who were around, who I followed during that time who aren’t around anymore. T_T

If I tell and explain everything wrong that happened in 2014 I could be here quite a while, so I’ll keep it short and jump to Baek’s instagram post. He made that post (xx) and one or two others I think, in response to the vicious and heinous reactions he and Taeyeon received after Dispatch revealed they were dating. Yes, this happened even in the aftermath of Kris’ departure. Yes, this only made things worse. Why? Well to add fuel to the fire, Baek had made a sort of cheeky promise that he wouldn’t date until EXO had made it, weren’t rookies anymore… basically he “promised” not to date until around 5 years after EXO debuted. That would be this year… so you know …. those deluded fans who took him seriously flipped out. Add on to that the fact that Taeyeon is many years his sunbae in terms of activity in the industry and the leader of the Nation’s Girl Group ™ and both jealousy of her and resentment of the fact he was in a relationship caused fans to make vicious posts and comments on Instagram–BOTH of their Instagrams, though his was far worse–and many other social media sites and forums. (Twitter comes to mind too.) THEN to top it all off, Baek was an MC on a music show (Inkigayo maybe?) and YOU COULD SEE HE HAD BEEN STRESSED, SLEEP DEPRIVED AND CRYING on many days and so-called “””fans””” had the nerve to shout and call him a traitor–among other things–ON LIVE BROADCAST like h o l y  s h i t this was bad. Baek should not have had to ~apologize~ for dating Taeyeon, as he did in the post.

Okay now winding back to what I mentioned earlier: rumor theories. Theories about every damn thing started floating around. There was a big theory about how Kris had wanted out of EXO since before Wolf (Wolf preceded Growl, but both were in 2013) and that Kris fabricated his visa issue. I have that on my blog and can hunt it down for you if you want to read the full body of “Evidence ™” but it’s actually plausible. Another theory was that Taeyeon and Baek were not actually dating–and this has many strains. One strain indicates that the entire relationship was fabricated as a distraction from the Kris departure and lawsuit , while the other states that they did date at one time but broke up way before any of the drama started–SM just used them since they had been together before as an easy cover up. These kinds of theories did not help a damn thing and just seeded further distrust and resentment within fandoms. Like seriously you had SONEs and EXOL screeching at other over this relationship, and even though they were not majority or mainstream fandom members / opinions, they still became pretty vocal. Many bad egg EXOL attacked both Baek and Taeyeon, and fewer SONEs attacked one or both. The theories that surrounded their relationship, including that they gave “hints” with couple items and that Taeyeon gave Baek a fan gift just . It was so ugly. Kpop fans showed their ugliest side. There were venomous comments for weeks. Baek and Tae even left Instagram for a while and Baek stopped being energetic and talkative when with EXO. I hated it so. fucking . much.

Let me tell you. Within SM? It only gets worse. Outside of SM? It gets much worse.

Within SM… Luhan also leaves EXO in October of that year. That’s TWO members, both Chinese, leaving the SAME up-and-coming and ~spectacular~ group, in the SAME year. Boy did that get media attention. Oh, and SM’s stocks took a much bigger dip after Luhan left than when Kris left. Oh, and Luhan’s deteriorating condition was much more visible than Kris’s and just stoked the flames of hatred against SM all over again.  Oh, and Luhan was EXO’s biggest China connection and most popular member in China … hence the stock drop. A few months later, Luhan was making literally millions on his own, which reinforced the premise that the dude was worth wayyyy too valuable for SM to give up willingly. Which of course they didn’t , which is why the main lawsuit lasted for about 2 years. But yeah now the forever-12 group with 4 Chinese members was down to 10 and only 2 Chinese members (bad for connecting to the Chinese music market which is full of $$$$) and media was losing its mind ! So was the fandom! Now the definition of traitor had shifted and you were a traitor and YOU were a traitor and we’re all traitors !!!! 

And JESSICA LEFT SNSD TOO !!! The only way I can characterize everyone’s emotions at the time is: WHAT  T HE F UC K ??? Luhan and Jessica’s respective departures literally happened within two weeks of each other !!! What were we supposed to d o ??? Between all three departures, you felt like you were getting punched in the gut, then the face, then the genitalia, then kicked on the ground. SNSD was forever nine man, nation’s girl group, biggest Kpop girl group ever and suddenly a main vocalist is gone ??? B O Y !

Oh, I forgot to mention how Tao posted on his Instagram very …. resentful things when Kris left . Mmmmm yeah it was bad, not gonna elaborate too hard but … he took it back later in 2015. You probably know that he, too, is now a former EXO member by now.

2014 was good in that you had groups GOT7, Mamamoo, RedVelvet, WINNER, Akdong Musician, Lovelyz, JJCC, etc debut that year. But it was bad due to circumstances surrounding some of  those debuts. 

Notably, Red Velvet was accused of having their debut rushed because SM wanted to cover up the ongoing lawsuit news. Now I know this sounds ridiculous: a dating scandal AND debuting an entire group early just to cover up some bad publicity about an idol leaving your company? Well given how persistent the press was and how bad the lawsuit and allegations made SM look … it’s not that difficult to believe and it most definitely was not hard to gobble up as reliable gossip at the time. At the time, it was considered the norm that SM covers up bad news by Any Means Necessary, and to generate positive publicity. The BaekYeon thing backfired tremendously in that it gave hatred to artists instead of positivity but it sure as hell kept folks’ minds off the lawsuit for a bit. (Also there’s the whole strain of thinking corporations and business control and influence the media, which is something many of us can relate to and why this can appeal so strongly.)

I believe the fact that Yeri joined RV later and was going to be a permanent addition, and the only addition, only helped this theory. After all, apparently she was intended to be with the group from the start, but she was too young when RV debuted. This seems to imply that RV debuted sooner than they were supposed to. ~X files music plays in the background~

WINNER also got shafted pretty hard. They won the big reality idol-elimination show WIN: Who’s Next? hence the title WINNER (formerly Team A) and then YG highkey neglected them because  …well honestly YG wanted the Next Big Bang ™ and WINNER’s ballad style wasn’t going to do that–no matter how much Mino you throw in the song. Plus he demonstrated obvious favoritism to Mino, Bobby and B.I. in general and once WINNER highkey disappeared after they dropped their release (as rookies you are supposed to do follow up promotions the same year and within a decent time frame – EXO did not do this like they were supposed to, again because of Kris visa issue [hey that theory’s looking mighty Fresh again]) it became clear that YG wanted the next group out of the WIN cycle to get the spotlight–that group became iKon (formerly known as Team B). 

Lovelyz had an issue with one of their to-be-debuted members name Jisoo. Jisoo was accused of … well have you heard of the things the boy trainees under Produce 101 are being accused of ? If so, think along those lines. If not: suffice to say it involved manipulation, lesbianism and abuse within the relationship…. bad stuff to be accused of in South Korea lmao so the group was involved in scandal before even debuting! In the end, Jisoo did not debut on account that the allegations were being investigated and taken seriously–in addition to claims that she was ill due to the drama on the internet and within her live as a result of the accusations, and that she needed to recover.

I will end with those three examples of debut issues. Let’s go back to a group that debuted the same year as EXO: B.A.P. 2014 was the year B.A.P sued over “slave contracts” with TS Entertainment.  According to the suit, since debuting in 2012, B.A.P had earned over 9 million dollars, yet the company had only given each member $16,000 on top of forcing members to perform to the point of hospitalization and fainting.

ZE:A, which debuted in 2010, also revealed issues with their company (shocking!!! at this point) and the group leader Junyoung (Lee Hoo) took to Twitter  to criticise his managing company’s, Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joo Hak for allegedly mistreating idol groups and their unfair contracts. He also alleged that CEO Shin Joo Hak both abused him and lost the company money. So there were accusations of financial and human capital abuses. He even posted income receipts on Twitter. You can read through (reliable!) translations of the events here: xx.

I want you to imagine hearing about all this shit throughout the year and thinking things are “over” and then just getting whacked whacked whacked whacked all about because you care about all these groups at the same time . J US T . :~)))))) I was fine : ^) everything : ^) was fine : ^) Nothing bad :~) was happening at all :~)

Oh and let’s add to this list, another thing that got negativity and didn’t deserve it: Super Junior’s Sungmin marrying Kim Sa-eun in 2014. ELF (SJ fandom name) were f u r i o u s at him for marrying so suddenly. ELF were trending #SungminOUT on Twitter because they wanted him kicked out of SJ for marrying. I was a pretty big SJ fan at the time so between everything !!! I WAS SCREAMING what the hell was wrong with people ???? Mad about a marriage ! They weren’t even mad at the lady (which doesn’t make it better), but purely the fact that he was getting married and didn’t give … idk some kind of prior notice? I knew he was enlisting soon after, but that wasn’t the source of the anger… anyway, other ELF counter-trended the #SungminOUT thing with a positive tag instead, and sent him lots of love, so it worked out…. but still many ELF were mad at him. If memory serves correctly, it was primarily K-ELF (korean SJ fans) who felt this sort of entitlement to him that led to the anger and it was …. yikes.

What else is there to say about that year? Of course people re-examined previous abuses by companies, including SM Entertainment’s maltreatment of DBSK, Hangeng of SJ (SJ’s former Chinese member who sued, won, and left the  group and the company due to mistreatment), disbandment of H.O.T., Shinhwa’s departure from SM, etc etc etc so you had layers of SM stan pain. SHINee and f(x) became known as SM’s only groups to not lose a member or disband … and then f(x) lost Sulli in 2015 … :| 

This is the most I remember or came to light when I looked up different issues I had thought of. If anyone wants to add to this list of catastrophe then please, go ahead. .-. I’m not even proofreading or else I’ll just get emotional for the umpteenth time. Hope this answers your (and 3 other folks’) question well! 

Junjin, 'Radio Star' again ... This time as the special MC

Shinhwa’s Junjin to MBC’s Radio Star MC.

As a result of OSEN’s coverage, Junjin is selected as Special MC of ‘Radio Star’ and is going to be shooting soon. The shooting where he will join as Special MC will be going on this week (12th).

Junjin has already received a lot of love with a gentle gesture on “Radio Star” when he appeared on the broadcast on June 28, and paved the perfect match with Song Baek Kyoung.

He and MC Gook Jin, Yoon Jong Shin and Kim Gura have a good chemistry. Because Junjin’s appearances on the show has always been well received, the attention is concentrated more on his special MC activity.

'Radio Star’, with Junjin as special MC, is scheduled to be broadcast in July. 

Translation by shcjfrance

Junjin rejoindra le temps d’un épisode l’équipe de RADIO STAR. Le tournage de l’épisode se fera cette semaine (le 12) et la diffusion sera pour ce mois également.

EXO after being idols (analysis)

Aww, thanks so much for your support bae bae! Glad you enjoy my work! <3

Kris: Quite honestly, I see Yifan being married/a father once his run nears it’s cessation. I’ve said this numerous times: Yifan just strikes me as someone whose ultimate dream is to enter the realm of parenthood. And once he is out of the limelight, I think he may end up doing just that. At that point, he would be wholly focused on his family and would take a prolonged break from the public’s watchful eye. 

Kai: I still see Jongin dancing his heart out even once his days in EXO become numbered. Jongin is someone with immense passion for their craft and as a result, I don’t see him wanting to relinquish or discontinue that passion. I think (hope) Kai may end up becoming a backup dancer for some really prominent artists over here in The States or just overseas in general, if he has the right management. He’ll be traveling a lot, showcasing his talent for the world on a broader scale, akin to what he did in EXO.

Suho: I see Joonmyun pursuing a full on career in the acting world once his run in EXO terminates. In fact, if Suho weren’t an idol right now, I can see him being an actor. I think it’s kind of a reverie of sorts for him to be an actor. So, if he doesn’t already have an established acting career, once his idol days are over, I can see him wanting to commence in inaugurating this newfound career choice. I can also see Joonmyun settling down and marrying in the future and just keeping a secluded life. But, I’m leaning towards him becoming a full time actor more, just to note. 

Sehun: Similar to Suho, I see Sehun starting a career as an actor once his time as an idol begins to diminish. Now, with Suho, I see him wanting to remain in Korea with his acting career, or just in Asia in general. With Sehun, I see him wanting to extend his acting career overseas; in the west. He would start off with some minor roles in paramount films eventually making his way to the most prestigious films amongst the most eminent actors of the west. Alternatively, I hope see Sehun as a model. He definitely has the image of one, so he would be able to make his way into the modeling world of the west with relative ease. 

Chen: Ah, Chenchen. While I would love it if he ended up performing in musicals once his days in EXO expire, I cannot envision it. Although this may just be my hunch, compared to members like Kyungsoo or Kai or Chanyeol, I don’t quite get the same level of passion from Chen when it comes down to his craft. Not to say he doesn’t enjoy what he’s doing now, but I think his passion is in smaller doses compared to some of the other members. I can see Jongdae probably settling for mentoring some of the trainees in SM on being an idol. Jongdae is someone who I can tell enjoys giving back and has a compassionate heart. He would love being the good humored mentor to the aspiring idols of tomorrow. 

Chanyeol: Chanyeol, as mentioned above, is a member whose passion is easy to detect. In this case, passion for music. As a result, despite the days of EXO being a mere memory, Yeol will still pursue a career within the music department. I can see him branching off into establishing a solo career for himself, making beats and instrumentals while he raps/sings over it, distributing singles in the process. Or, perhaps his music will consist of him strumming a few guitar rifts and singing softly against the soothing melodies. Alternatively, I can also Chanyeol in the acting world. I didn’t realize until recently, now that he’s being casted in all these films, that Chanyeol seems to have a sort of knack for acting. 

Lay: Again, Lay is a member whose passion for their craft is palpable and tangible even through the eyes of a mere novice such as I. Even when the days of EXO discontinue, Yixing will still be dancing. Like Kai, he may end up working overseas being a backup dancer of sorts. Yixing may also end up being an actor, though only part-time. I can also see him opening up a dancing studio, training aspiring dancers. Alternatively, Lay may end up working solo as a dancer but also settling down with a partner and marrying, possibly raising a family in the process. 

Luhan: I read in a recent interview with Luhan that ultimately, his desire is to settle down and marry and start a family. Which is fitting, considering Luhan is someone with a predominately traditional mindset and ideals. So, within due time, we could be seeing this from Luhan. With a family in tow, I can also see Luhan focusing on expanding his acting career from what it is currently. Although the thought is slim, I can see Luhan wanting to be in sports like soccer. He has stated before that if he weren’t an idol, that is what he would be doing. 

Baekhyun: I can see (really hope ) Baekhyun with a show of his own, along the lines of ‘Weekly Idol.’ He’s a lively person, who loves talking and conversing with others, so it would be most befitting if Baek was the MC of his own show or just a show in general. I can envision him playfully interviewing the younger idols of that time, constantly referencing back to his days in EXO with those idols. Not only would he joke and jest with the young idols, but would also give them some genuine advice on being in limelight. 

Xiumin: Wow, this is somewhat tough to decipher. Even though Minseok is one of my bias’ he can be hard to write about with how quiet he tends to be. Since he is older, he is at the age or approaching that ‘ideal’ age to marry and have a family, so Xiumin might just end up selecting that path. If not, he may end up doing a brief run in the acting world. Just to give him something to do, but, I’m leaning towards him wanting a family to start. 

D.O: Kyungsoo, assuming he doesn’t have a solo album/career as a singer, would end up pursuing that goal. His passion for singing is evident, so I can see him going for that goal. However, this may just be me, but I see Kyungsoo also pursuing a career in acting, and being most successful in that. I don’t know why but I can see Kyungsoo in more movies/dramas than producing a congruous amount of singles/albums. Even while he’s still in EXO, I get that feeling. Alternatively, Kyungsoo may end up marrying and raising a family in utmost confidentiality. 

Tao: Shame on me for not realizing this earlier, but Tao really loves doing music. More than just “a job” but almost like a way of life. Once he broke away from EXO and began doing songs on his own, I realized this. With the way “Crown” was filmed and sung, it struck me that Tao’s true passion lies within music; he really is an artist. So, I don’t see much differing from what Tao is doing now, to what he may end up pursuing in the future. He’ll continue to produce albums and music for the public, maybe even expanding his music overseas. I’ll be highly surprised if my prediction for Tao is amiss. 

I hope you lovelies enjoyed. <3


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Some EXO fans have conveniently forgot about EXO-M, and that EXO began as a Korean-Chinese group taking on two countries. How hypocritical could the fans get? Most of the Korean members have solo schedules; they don't have to miss group promo because the group mostly stays in Korea. Chinese fans could very well ask where their oppas at. But let's blame Lay for missing Korean promo, when 1) SM debuted him for China, and 2) he's done more Korean promo than any Korean member has done Chinese

this!!! exactly omfg. It always bugged me how sm brought exo-m to korea, i guess it was the best decision to promote them as 12 than 6 and 6 in two countries because they will get lot more attention as a group. But i never thought promoting as 12 members in both countries meant exo12 staying in korea, most of the schedules in korea, as for chinese promotion once in a while they’ll go to china to perform on some sort of award show or film happy camp and thats about it. It might have favoured most of the members  *cough* korean members *cough* it was not really convenient for the chinese members. I’m sure they wondered what the fuck they were doing in Korea, when they supposedly debuted in china for chinese audience. SM didnt really try for exo-m since wolf era, kfans were delighted that all 12 of them were promoting in korea, spending most of their time in korea because what could be more important than korean fans right? which is true but they took it for granted. Exo-m, esp the chinese members could have been promoting in china, expanding their fanbase over there, getting their names out there in chinese market but nahh they were rotting in korea in order to please koreans. The fanbase they have in china is the one they built in short amount of time they were in china during MAMA era, it could have lot bigger if sm made them promote over there, giving them as much opportunities as the korean members in korea. While the 12 of them were in korea, most of the time they had group schedules but when it comes to individual schedules only few korean members get to be on varieties, radio shows, mc-ing  dj-ing and stuff, the only time i saw yx doing individual schedule was 2 radio shows with kris and minseok. Same goes with other chinese members, and you wonder how and why there was mistreatment for chinese members. Exo-m not only was slept on by their own company, but also by korean industry, and their own fans. No wonder Krishan left. for health reasons or not it was the best decision they could have made for themselves because sm totally wasn’t making it for them, look where they are now. Don’t get me wrong im not one of those people who blame sm for everything but i gotta admit that sm fucked up pretty bad for exo-m.They could be easily selling chinese versions of the albums more than the korean versions if only they had the same fucking opportunities in china as the k members were getting in korea. People gotta stop acting like Yixing alone is getting lot of attention now, he’s got so many solo schedules its not good for the group etc i dont see you all complaining about how chanyeol pretty much representing exo in every goddamn korean variety. The individual schedule isnt even a new thing for exo members, kyungsoo started acting since last year, baekhyun had musical last year, suho&baek started mc-ing last year, chanyeol was in variety last yr. what was yx doing in 2014 tho? he was not getting half of what the other k members were getting in korea but he persevered, he worked hard so he could show his worth. Yixing is getting these opportunities a year after everyone else but somehow it’s unfair because he’s not spending 100% of his time for exo and korean fans. News flash: Kfans aren’t the only fans he has and needs to please. Some koreans have serious superiority complex, like they’re the only fans that matter, like yx is supposed be in korea all the time to please them. Some intl fans adapt this from kfans and start demanding yx to be present at their korean schedules. You’re right yixing is debuted for china, thats why his studio is in china not in korea. He also said himself that even tho he debuted in korean-chinese band, spends most of his time in korea, he’s a chinese person. He wants to be close to home too. His future is in china and he’s already started building it in china. It’s time people wake up and realize,not all of exo members are gonna walk down the same path. Yes exo is their priority but not their everything. It happens in every group, 3 4 years after debuting, everyone starts focusing on their individual goals, be it acting, variety, solo debut or anything else. It also makes them realize that they are capable of so many things, they don’t have to limit themselves to be just a member of an idol group, but they also can be an actor, solo artist, a radio dj, mc, producer, composer, restaurant owner or whatever the fuck they want to be. This is only the beginning. This is not a bad thing. They are growing up and its time fans grow up too.