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member: bae jinyoung
genre: angsty/fluffy
summary: school au! enemies to lovers au! you and jinyoung constantly tease each other, when a series of events makes jinyoung suddenly nicer to you, will you fall for him?
requested: yes
enemies to lovers series: bae jinyoung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon | kim jaehwan | lai guanlin | ha sungwoon | hwang minhyun | yoon jisung

  • you’ve been in elementary school all the way to high school with bae jinyoung
  • even talking about him makes you want to puke
  • the thing is EVERYONE loved jinyoung
  • apparently he was such a nice and sweet guy
  • but to you he was an absolute prick all he ever did was tease you, fight with you and just generally made your life a living hell
  • it all started in high school
  • you both used to be just classmates to each other not really caring about each other’s existence
  • but suddenly high school came along and BAM!
  • he teased you as much as possible
  • like it wasn’t super bad or anything he was just the only person who could rile you up that badly
  • you were both known to be super sweet and kind
  • but you turned into basically demons when you were around each other
  • and the thing is you ALWAYS had to hear about him which made everything so much worse
  • “oh did you hear that jinyoung is going out with this model?”
  • “didn’t jinyoung win an award for being the nicest guy in the grade?”
  • “the goal jinyoung made in the basketball game was legendary”
  • “gosh jinyoung is so handsome if i could only get one date with him”
  • well you kinda did but you’d never admit that not over your dead body
  • anyways the teasing was constant
  • “y/n haven’t you put in any effort into dressing yourself, you literally look like you’ve died and came back to life?” he’d say as you pass his desk
  • you’d just tell him to fuck off
  • whenever he did better in a test than you
  • “wow aren’t you an idiot, really 75/100? i got 92/100” he’d say while shoving the test paper in front of you
  • “mhmm and aren’t you the one who got a C in your history essay? and i’m the one who an A+” you’d say smugly while raising an eyebrow enjoying his slight blush and a quiet groan sitting back into his seat
  • you heard him mutter “it was one bloody time”
  • you’d giggle under your breath
  • and when he heard it he’d smile slightly hoping no one noticed he smiled
  • he’s such a cute innocent baby i cannot
  • you fell once in the corridor luckily no one saw but of course jinyoung did (cause he was staring at you)
  • “you’re so clumsy, you trip over your own feet”
  • he’d say smirking while walking off with his hands in his pockets
  • leaving you with your books and pens everywhere
  • you glared daggers at him as he walked off but a bit of you was hurting you thought he might at least help you up
  • you didn’t know why you were upset tho
  • you got over it quickly, you always did
  • but the one incident that made the harmless teasing into just plain hatred for him was when his fan club went after you
  • you were bad mouthing jinyoung because he kept on teasing you about you getting your period in class and you leaking everywhere
  • you really didn’t want to think about it, it was super embarrassing
  • but basically his fan club was a few girls who were completely obsessed with him
  • you always got a little bit bullied by them writing things on your locker, books going missing not huge stuff
  • because of how much attention jinyoung gave you even though it was only teasing
  • it wasn’t a big deal to you but none of your friends knew about it
  • they went up to you as you were getting stuff out of your locker and the main girl basically said to you
  • “don’t talk to jinyoung ever again, don’t talk shit about him, if he teases you stay silent, if you don’t follow our instructions we will make sure your life is a living hell” she threatens while sneering down on you
  • “what the fuck? he’s the one that always teases me, he hates me and if he teases me i will retaliate because i don’t wan to take his bullshit” you say disgusted at the words coming out of her mouth
  • “stop getting ahead of yourself, you attention seeking whore, don’t talk to him ever, got that?”
  • one of the other girls say super harshly
  • they kept on threatening you and during the middle of it you saw a figure near the group and your breath hitched and your heart stopped
  • it was jinyoung
  • your heart hardened he was there the whole time and he didn’t stop it
  • he really hated you
  • and for some weird reason your heart felt like it completely broke as the realisation set in that he really did hate you
  • the girls didn’t realise he was there and they kept threatening you and you just got to the point where
  • you didn’t care anymore about their bullshit so you just nodded and agreed
  • “okay good don’t fucking test us” the main girl says
  • then two of the other girls wrote in red marker right in front of your face onto the locker
  • whore bitch slut in super big letters
  • they all glared or smirked at you and left 
  • you noticed jinyoung was still there, still watching you get bullied because of him
  • and all you wanted to do was breakdown and cry
  • you wanted him to come over and ask if you were okay but he didn’t he just stood there emotionless
  • or that was what you thought
  • you couldn’t see his facial expression
  • you couldn’t see how shocked, how hurt, and how guilty and bad he felt
  • how much he wanted to go over there wrap his arms around you and apologise for every single thing he said to you
  • how much he wanted to hurt the girls who could say that to you
  • but he didn’t because he couldn’t look at you in the eye and see the hatred in them
  • the girl he’s liked for years to look at him in disgust
  • and before he knew it he turned away from you and as he walked away
  • both of your hearts shattered into a million pieces
  • you shut your locker quickly not bothered to clean it up and went straight home
  • you watched the titanic and ate ben and jerry’s to cheer yourself up
  • you cried yourself to sleep and the most surprising thing to you was it wasn’t because the girls bullied you but because jinyoung didn’t do anything and you absolutely hated yourself for being so affected by him
  • jinyoung on the other hand had to go to the game congratulatory dinner
  • (if you’ve read guanlin’s: he’s both my bestfriend and my boyfriend, it’s during that period of time, it’s the same dinner and universe)
  • there he saw your best friend (since they were on the same team, aka you in guanlin scenario) and he felt so guilty all over again
  • daehwi noticed how upset he looked and asked him 
  • “jinyoung-ah are you okay you look terrible” daehwi asked concerned
  • “i’m fine don’t worry about me” jinyoung said giving daehwi a weak smile
  • daehwi still worried about him talked to a few of the members
  • “jihoon-ah, woojin-ah, jinyoung looks so down do you know why?”
  • “no he never said anything to me” woojin said shaking his head
  • “hmmm, it might be because y/n?” jihoon suggested
  • “why her?” daniel said puzzled butting into the conversation
  • “cause he likes her you dumbass what else do you think?” seongwoo said rolling his eyes
  • “HEY! i’m not a dumbass, nobody ever told me!” daniel protested
  • “wait, so jinyoung likes y/n but he always teases her?” guanlin interrupted
  • “what type of logic is that?” daniel said perplexed
  • “the one where he doesn’t know how to express his feelings” woojin said trying to reason jinyoung’s actions
  • “that’s what you would do too woojin, or you’d just run away from her every time you see her” seongwoo said with a teasing smile
  • “HYUNG! i’m not that bad” woojin protested
  • “you really are” everyone chorused
  • woojin just groaned it’s okay we all still love you and would probs chase you if you ran away from us lmao (but not in a creepy way of course)
  • “but guys just don’t give jinyoung a hard time okay? he looks so upset, ah guanlin-ah! if it’s about y/n that means ask her best friend if she can talk to him and help him if it’s about y/n” daehwi said 
  • (to everyone who didn’t read my other guanlin fic, guanlin and your best friend are best friends who end up dating)
  • “yeah sure, i’ll talk to her right now” guanlin said with a reassuring smile
  • basically guanlin told your best friend everything and she was always suspicious about you liking jinyoung and today you left without saying anything to her so she agreed into talking to jinyoung
  • she basically went over and like nicely threatened him to tell him if anything happened between you two
  • he spilled everything about what happened 
  • your best friend wanted to strangle him first for not doing anything, then wanted to strangle you for not telling her about the bullying and then couldn’t be mad at either of you
  • because jinyoung looked like he was going to cry and you knew you were probably crying yourself to sleep
  • your best friend with the help of daehwi made a plan for him to be nice to you and apologise CONSTANTLY like 24/7 and make sure his fan club never goes after you
  • the most important thing was he would have to win you over
  • she told him to act how he actually wants to be around you
  • if he couldn’t do that, your best friend harshly said to give up now because you weren’t a person who would forgive someone without the other person giving in effort
  • he agreed wholeheartedly, super happy at the fact that there is a possibility you liked him
  • but also super guilty and upset about what happened and how much pain he caused you 
  • anyways the dinner ended and he was already planning what he would do the next day
  • it was the day after the dinner
  • everyone was still talking about the game
  • luckily it was mostly people talking about your best friend scoring the winning goal
  • you’d gush over her constantly being soooo proud of her
  • but people were also talking about jinyoung and how great he was in defence
  • you’d just not say anything and be super still
  • as you were talking about the game with your classmates
  • you entered the classroom
  • and on your desk there was a cup of your favourite coffee and a note
  • “be happy and sweet like you always are!”
  • you smiled, at the cup of coffee, heart slightly fluttering at the thought of a secret admirer
  • then jinyoung entered the classroom with his fan club tailing him
  • your heart sank when you saw him but then he was coming towards you with his fan club and you didn’t know what to expect
  • to your biggest shock the girls who bullied you yesterday chorused
  • “we’re sorry about yesterday, we promise not to ever bother you again, i hope you forgive us”
  • you look at jinyoung incredulously knowing he’s the reason why they’re apologising
  • he looks at you with a sheepish smile
  • and your heart as much as you didn’t want it to fluttered just a tiny bit
  • but you sent him a cold glare because he still didn’t do anything yesterday and was a complete asshole the past few years
  • you look at the girls and scoff “fine whatever just don’t bother me again”
  • and they quickly leave
  • you see jinyoung opening his mouth and before you know it the anger you have bursts and you lash out 
  • “don’t you dare talk to me after yesterday, i don’t care what you did to make these girls apologise, you’re still a heartless asshole in my eyes” you say your voice dangerously low and filled with the hurt 
  • he looks down extremely upset and walks to his desk without another word
  • you let out a sigh and a bit of you is screaming why were you so mean
  • but you ignored that bit of you trying to convince yourself all he’s doing is being selfish and trying to make himself better by apologising
  • after class you heard people saying that jinyoung was cleaning one of the lockers in the morning 
  • and instantly you knew it was yours, your heart warmed but only slightly 
  • the whole day both of you looked so upset and both of you wouldn’t tell anyone why
  • the next few days jinyoung always was nice to you
  • giving you encouragements, saying nice things, constantly saying sorry
  • “i’m sorry y/n, i really am” he’d say as he’d pass you in the corridor
  • and when you saw his gorgeous brown warm eyes you know he was saying the truth
  • “you’re gonna do really well on the test don’t worry!” he’d say sweetly to you before a maths test
    “you look pretty today y/n! not that you don’t always look pretty but-you get what i mean” he’d say flustered when he stopped at your desk in the morning before he’d rush to go to his being super embarrassed
  • and you couldn’t help yourself but you warmed up to him
  • the first days you gave him the silent treatment
  • but the silent treatment became small smiles
  • and small smiles became “thank you, jinyoung”
  • the first time you said thank you his face lit up with happiness 
  • and you could’t help but giggle softly to yourself 
  • and his expression of happiness became pure adoration as he heard your cute giggle
  • then thank you’s became conversations
  • and you guys ended up being friends to the surprise of yourself 
  • when you finally had a proper conversation 
  • jinyoung was soooo happy
  • sorry this bit was so rushed forgive me
  • all the wanna one members teased him for looking so love struck but he didn’t care and he always blushed or smiled when your name came into the conversation
  • anyways
  • there was always a cup of your favourite coffee on your table with a cute little note
  • after a week of the coffees saying nice things it became a compliment + a small confession
  • “i like you”, “i wish i could confess”, “one day i hope you’ll like me too”
  • everyone thought the coffees were super cute
  • but the thing is you were torn 
  • the guy with the coffees seems super sweet and always made you blush
  • but you couldn’t help your heart beating super fast when jinyoung ever smiled at you or talked to you
  • you didn’t believe that you were falling for jinyoung but you couldn’t help yourself 
  • he really became a different person in the past two weeks
  • he always made you feel all warm and fuzzy
  • making silly faces in class making you giggle
  • to complimenting you
  • and with light teasing banter in the morning
  • and you could even say now that you were friends with him
  • you loved being around with him he made you feel special
  • to finally get rid of your indecisiveness 
  • you ended up going to school earlier than usual to see who your secret admirer
  • as you walk into the corridor you see a guy entering your classroom with a cup of coffee
  • but he had his back to you on so you couldn’t see his face
  • your heart sped up so much you thought you were going to have a heart attack
  • you entered the classroom
  • and you saw him
  • and your heart completely stopped
  • with his perfect uniform, blazer and tie, with his eyes that could melt you into a puddle of goo, his slightly messed up hair and his pink lips
  • he was standing right in front of you with an expression of shock
  • Bae Jinyoung
  • “uuhhhh-y/n-n what are you doing here so early?” he said nervously rubbing the back of his neck
  • you didn’t answer the question and shyly asked
  • “you’re the one who’s been giving me coffees aren’t you?”
  • he looked down not meeting your eyes and said in a hesitant tone but super sweetly
  • “yes, i like you y/n, i’ve liked you since the start of high school, i’m so sorry for teasing you that was the only way i could think of getting you attention and when those girls bullied you. I didn’t know what to do but i felt so guilty which is why i did everything possible for you to forgive me and thankfully you did. i completely understand if you don’t return my feelings especially after everything i did to you but i promise to wait for you” 
  • your heart melted as he confessed and before you knew it
  • you ran into his arms and hugged him tight instantly he hugged you back
  • and you felt everything you were supposed to 
  • safe, loved and cared for
  • “i like you too, jinyoung, how could i not and i forgive you for everything that happened before. But also you chose a really shitty way to get my attention.” you chuckled softly still wrapped in his arms
  • “i know i did” he replied with a light laugh
  • you broke apart as the bell rang
  • you ended up sitting next to each other whispering jokes and laughing softly as the teacher droned on
  • jinyoung insisted into taking you to every class and carrying your bag
  • you protested but you only ended up with him walking to you to every class but you got to wear your bag
  • he always had his arm around you or held your hand
  • and you felt so loved and happy when he did and he’d always smile at you 
  • lunch came
  • and you entered the cafeteria and literally 10 seconds after you did
  • seongwoo literally got up on the table where the members and your best friend was sitting on and screamed to the whole entire cafeteria
  • jinyoung groaned embarrassed and you were murderous screaming to seongwoo who was like a big brother to you
  • “ONLY IF YOU CATCH ME” he said and had a nerve to even wink at you
  • you chased him around the cafeteria and ended up tackling him to the ground to everyones amusement and you ended up sitting on him until he apologised which he did
  • you were satisfied and headed towards the table 
  • you didn’t notice jinyoung stood up and as you reached the table and gave you a back hug and a kiss on your head lol i love back hugs sm 
  • and said whispering sweetly into your ear which resulted into you smiling blushing back up at him
  • “that’s my girl”

OKAY THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN TO WRITE CAUSE I LOVE BAEJIN and he’s such a cutie and also making it in the same universe as my guanlin fic made it 2x better. anyways it was so much longer than i expected to be and i feel like its super shitty lmao. anyways about the gif ik its not that great w the story but he looks so cute i cannot and also i make my fics unnecessarily enemies to lovers lmao sorry bout that. ANYWAYS PLEASE SEND THINGS TO MY INBOX OR MESSAGE ME ILL LOVE YOU IF YOU DO, don’t care if its feedback, a question, a request (even tho i have so many rip), or like anything

enemies to lovers series: bae jinyoung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon | kim jaehwan | lai guanlin | ha sungwoon | hwang minhyun | yoon jisung

to wanna one

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to sungwoon who only knew how to continue working hard

to jinyoung who blossomed from an unconfident performer into a successful, charismatic center

to minhyun who struggled for his entire career and finally got the recognition he deserved

to jisung who showed that personality and talent transcends age

to guanlin who passionately learns and grows every day

to woojin who flawlessly performed through sickness and pain

to seongwoo who only wants to make the people around him smile

to jaehwan who thought this was his last chance for the world to hear him sing

to daehwi who carried so much burden and hate but never stopped smiling

to jihoon who lives and breathes with the fans in mind

to daniel who finally was able to perform as himself

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to wanna one:

we, your wannables, know how much you all have worked for this moment, and we’ll be here every step of the way. we love every single one of you and can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish ♥︎

congratulations on your debut, wanna one.

what the pd101 maknae line looks like

Jinyoung - looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you

Daehwi - looks like a cinnamon roll and is a cinnamon roll

Samuel - looks like he can kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll

Euiwoong - looks like a shiny cinnamon roll

Seonho - looks like he could kill himself by eating too many cinnamon rolls

Justin - looks like he could bake cinnamon rolls and burn them

Woojin - looks like he could kill daniel by feeding him too many cinnamon rolls

Guanlin - doesn’t look like anything

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hi mom !! idk if u do wanna one scenarios/au but if u do, can you please please pleasssssse do wanna one as baristas?

sure!! who is excited for their announced debut heh~

Jisung: is the barista that makes coffee puns and thinks they’re ingenious. “Hey Daniel do you have a LATTE on your mind???” and “I like to ESPRESSO myself~”. He’s always joking around with you when you order and makes your day genuinely brighter because he’s always radiating warmth and happiness. He’s the reason everyone else is happy to be at work. Doodles on the cups and no one has the heart to tell him some of them aren’t that cute, but for some reason yours always has the best Jisung has to offer,,,,artistically.

Sungwoon: works really hard, does the things that most people would complain about like cleaning tables and bathrooms. Yet somehow,,,he manages to stay so bright and positive. Is the guy who smiles at everyone, even when they ignore him. Has a cute habit of humming to himself while cleaning which you comment on saying his voice is cute and for the rest of the day Sungwoon can’t stop dancing and grinning and calling Jaehwan cute and everyone is like what’s gotten into him,,,,

Minhyun: is like half the reason why people come to this cafe. Literally to take pictures and videos of him and be like,,,,,,wow,,,,,,,prince. Nicknamed on twitter as ‘the most handsome face in the cafe industry’, probably has fansites even though he’s just a barista. Does the thing where he apologizes for everything he does, i.e. takes more than 5 seconds to get your change? He apologizes. Has to ask twice for your name? He apologizes. Someone says they ordered hot and not iced, he apologizes and then dwells on his mistake for another hour. He’s just too kindhearted, but once you told him he didn’t have to apologize and that you were happy he was taking his time to count your change and get it right and,,,,Minhyun hasn’t forgot you since.

Seongwoo: keeps trying to get the owner to put weird flavored lattes and coffee on the menu. Is convinced mango, blue berry, pumpkin spice mixed together would taste good. Has very specific opinions on everything on the menu so when people ask what’s good he can talk for a good half hour. But his good looks and good natured personality make him popular among regulars. He knows your order by heart and always teases you about trying something new~

Jaehwan: is in charge of music selection and never, ever gives Jihoon the aux cord. Occasionally slips in an acoustic cover he did but no one minds because his voice is gold. Doesn’t like working the register all that much, but is also not too fond of cleaning duties because if he sees a bug he will flip and Sungwoon will have to come to his rescue. You once asked who was singing the song playing in the cafe and Woojin had pointed to Jaehwan and you told him you were a fan now - his voice captured you! Jaehwan had never felt his heart spin faster than in that moment hehe. 

Daniel: is in charge of the cafe’s resident cat ‘mocha’, as he is in charge of talking to tourists as well because no one else wants to do it. Even though he’s good looking, he gets really shy when people mention it and he hides behind Jisung. Sometimes the other baristas will make him do a cute dance or something to cheer everyone up on breaks and he’s like,,,,,I’m not cute but Jisung is like all the customers we have beg to differ. He caught you petting mocha once and you were like sorry!!!!!! and he was just like,,,,n-no it’s ok,,,,,do you also like cats?

Jihoon: always outside giving out free samples because the owner is like go woo everyone on the street like you woo everyone you ever meet. Decorates his apron with cute, bright pins and patches. Always has the cutest outfits and gets compliments on them so instead of promoting the coffee, he ends up promoting the stores he shops at. Comes back inside the cafe holding bags and Seongwoo asks what they are and Jihoon is like “Presents,,,,that people gave me,,,,,,because they like me?” Jisung somewhere: visuals are everything nowadays huh. You were wearing the same cardigan as Jihoon when you passed by and you were like “Cute, I like your outfit!” and he’d blushed because he wanted to say it back but was too shy. 

Woojin: Jisung’s partner in crime, you thought the puns and jokes were over? They’re not. He has nicknames for regulars and is always getting caught trying to change Jaehwan’s ~acoustic coffee shop tracks~ to something more upbeat and fun. Suggests naming some of the signature drinks after other members, how does Kang Daniel’s Delicious Berry Mojito sound? No? He never assumes people pay attention to him, but you ask where he is on his off day and when Jisung tells him about it Woojin feels so happy that he might hit the roof. 

Jinyoung: looks semi-confused most of the time. Mixes up orders and mumbles when talking so sometimes it is hard with him, but no one really complains because he’s so sweet and pure looking it’s basically impossible to get mad at him. Is the one that suggested they play IOI’s songs and everyone was like “Because of Pinky?” and he got red and was like ,,,,,, anyway,,,,. Keeps asking Daehwi to re-teach him how to make vanilla lattes. You were dancing to yourself to “whatta man” while waiting for your order and you and Jinyoung made eye contact and you both just got shy. 

Daehwi: has the most to say during break room meetings because gossip is everything also did you see what that lady with the dog that comes in everyday was wearing - it was hideous. He’s just putting that out there. But also, is always reminding everyone to have etiquette and manners  - most likely to be voted best son-in-law material by all the mom customers. You mentioned that you really liked his hairstyle ever since he changed it and he was like finally, someone with good taste. But also, he’s thought you were cute ever since you first stopped by (everyone else knows it because he wouldn’t stop mentioning you). 

Guan Lin: loves to taste test everything. The owner is always like come here and taste this and guan lin is on his way over. Kind of on the silent side and sometimes customers ask why he’s glaring at them but Daehwi is like oh don’t worry, he’s just sleepy and spaces out like that. Got caught taking a nap at one of the tables with a newspaper covering his face. All he has to do is laugh and the entire cafe falls in love. Is surprisingly good at making coffee though. You actually sat near him while he was sleeping and when he woke up you whispered that you had him covered - you wouldn’t tell and since then he’s,,,,,really liked you. 

Bae Jinyoung | Oblivious

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prompt: you take too long to notice that jinyoung likes you so he takes matters into his own hands.

note: this was requested by a lovely anon and it’s dedicated to my baby love, @whatabrightplace/@tinaneggo! she’s indecisive a baejin stan so everything i write for him from here on out will be dedicated to her LMAO. 

  • you met bae jinyoung when you were in first grade and tbh, you didn’t think much of him then
  • he was just the quiet boy who had weird and wacky bursts of energy when prompted by his friends
  • you were as friendly as first graders could get with each other, but you weren’t so attached
  • you guys were pretty okay friends and when you moved away two years later, you were fine
  • the years went on and you entered high school, only to see a familiar face that first day
  • you weren’t sure if it was him at first because he grew up to be a lot more attractive than you had imagined - he had you squinting and everything
  • but then you heard his name during attendance and you knew you had to go up to him
  • he was talking to a friend that you assumed he went to middle school with when you approached his desk after classes
  • “bae jinyoung! the boy whose face has always been the size of my thumb! i’m glad it’s grown to be the size of my fist now”
  • at first he was shook™ because who was this random stranger attacking him - but then he recognized you and gasped
  • he exclaimed your name in question and when you gave him a nod of affirmation, he smiled, lifting his hand for a high five
  • baejin was definitely still the shy boy you met in first grade, but there was still the crazy weirdo part of him that you were friends with that came out when he was around you and other people that he was comfortable with
  • lunchtime was a blast because you’d make funny faces with your food and he’d clap and cheer for you
  • “oh, yes good!!!”

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bae jinyoung|best friends to lovers|part 1

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member: bae jinyoung
genre: fluffy
summary: you were best friends with jinyoung but you wanted to be something more but in your mind that’s never gonna happen. but the wanna one boys have a plan to set you two together without either of you knowing let’s hope it won’t be end in a complete disaster
requested: yes!! soccer + best friend (can have romance)
part 1 | part 2 (final)

  • you look at the soccer field watching the boys team practice
  • and you can’t help but smile as jinyoung scores a goal
  • you cheer for him loudly trying to embarrass him
  • he looks at you blushes and gives you a heart warming smile and a small wave
  • you wave back frantically with a huge grin your face
  • you can see seongwoo lightly nudging him and smirking him while whispering something into his ear
  • you roll your eyes you’re sure he’s teasing jinyoung about you two again 
  • and on cue jinyoung blushes bright red
  • seongwoo looks at you and winks while you just flip him off 
  • he smirks and chases after the ball once again
  • jinyoung gives you one last glance and smiling at you which makes your heart flutter 
  • even tho you’d never admit it did at least not to him
  • but the game continues and you keep on watching the boys practice
  • and your thoughts wandered
  • you and jinyoung were best friends
  • you had been since primary school 
  • you both loved soccer with a passion and you were both the star players in striker position of your separate teams (1 all girls, 1 all boys)
  • it all started when you wanted to join a game of soccer with all the boys
  • but they wouldn’t allow you to
  • cause you were a girl and girls have cooties plus they’re not as good as boys
  • prove them they’re so fucking wrong sister
  • but jinyoung convinced them to let you play and picked you for his team
  • he told you “i’m sorry about the other guys, you can take centre attack, prove them you’re amazing okay?”
  • making you blush and giving him a dazzling smile at him while nodding 
  • you felt sooo happy that even without jinyoung knowing about your skills at all he still convinced the guys to let you play picked you on his team and gave you the centre spot
  • you played excellently scoring 3 goals and your team won in the end
  • as you scored the final goal from half way 
  • all the guys jaws dropped at your skills
  • you rushed up and hugged jinyoung tightly whispering into his ear
  • “thank you for letting me play”
  • he automatically hugged you back tightly
  • “of course what are friends for? but i also need to thank you for making us win” he whispered back 
  • you both break apart smiling and you both knew you were gonna be best friends jinyoung still wanting to stand up for you basically shouted at all the guys
  • he grinned at you and you couldn’t help just at that moment but admit even then as a primary schooler your heart fluttered just a tiny bit
  • all the guys grudgingly respected you and in the end you became close friends with all of them by middle school
  • but you were closest to jinyoung of course 
  • you both became inseparable 
  • all classes you had together you sat with him
  • you became basically another daughter to his parents
  • and him a son to yours
  • son in law more like it
  • you both were each others best friends
  • he was there for you and you were there for him in every way possible
  • if you had a breakdown jinyoung could calm you in an instant
  • if he was upset you could always cheer him up
  • he’d bring you snacks before and after your soccer practices
  • and you’d attend as many of his practices cheering him on as much as possible
  • you both never missed a game when the other was playing
  • you literally were best friend goals
  • you guys would help each other out with school, friends, family, relationships everything
  • both of you had no idea where you both would be without each other
  • but as you got into high school you weren’t sure your feelings towards jinyoung were entirely just friendly
  • you just couldn’t think any guys could match up to him 
  • he knew you inside out back to front
  • all your secrets, quirks, weird things you do 
  • he knew all of them 
  • jinyoung was the sweetest guy you knew and a complete gentleman
  • always opening doors, trying to buy the meal and you always refused making you guys split the bill
  • but you didn’t know he never did this with anyone else just with you
  • you thought that was just him as a person
  • he always could make you laugh and you had the best time with him
  • he was also extremely handsome and so many girls liked him it was ridiculous 
  • but he really didn’t pay attention to them especially when you were around 
  • but of course you didn’t notice that
  • you knew he was out of your league 
  • and he could pick and choose and girl he wanted
  • which destroyed any and all hope of ever being more than best friends with him
  • plus he probably only saw you as a sister
  • mhmm sureeee he did
  • but all this didn’t stop from you having feelings for him 
  • they weren’t like constantly in your face since you guys are best friends and you spend so much time with him but they like popped up when 
  • things happened like 
  • whenever he went on a date or told you he liked a girl which was still basically never
  • your heart felt a weird twinge
  • but you always ignored it 
  • or whenever you hugged him or he complimented you 
  • you heart would flutter 
  • but you were happy with just being jinyoung’s best friend 
  • hoping your feelings will go away eventually but you were very doubtful you would get over him before high school ended 
  • you tried to get over him so many times but it never worked the dates the very short relationships could never even hold a candle to you and jinyoungs friendship
  • as you were totally lost in your thoughts you didn’t realise practice was over
  • you were snapped out of your thoughts with someone picking you up and putting them on your shoulder 
  • you automatically knew it was woojin 
  • he always did that when he wanted something usually money or food
  • “YAH WOOJIN LET ME DOWN!!!” you screamed while hitting his back
  • “ONLY IF YOU AGREE IN BEING A CHEERLEADER FOR OUR FINAL GAME” he shouted right back being clearly amused by your antics knowing he won’t let you down 
  • you groaned at him “for fucks sake woojin you know i hate being happy and perky”
  • the cheerleaders basically offered you a one game position for the final where you could cheer for the boys 
  • since you were known to be so close with them
  • but since then all the guys pestered you about it constantly begging you to agree
  • but they all had a reason for wanting you to be a cheerleader
  • they were the ones who even set up a special position for you with a little date bribing and they were done!
  • how i wish i was good looking how easy my life would be smh 
  • so basically after they won the game cause they were 100% sure they would
  • cocky dicks
  • they were gonna have you and jinyoung in the middle of the field and they’ll start chanting “KISS KISS KISS”
  • and literally everyone would join cause 
  • 1. people were sick of you two not getting together but being more couple like then actual couples
  • 2. hey who doesn’t like a kiss at the end of a game its cheesy and cute
  • then y’all kiss get together AND BOOM NEW RELATIONSHIP
  • also daniel mentioned the other reason for being a cheerleader soon after woojin picked you up
  • “but you know jinyoung would love to see you in a uniform something short and tight” daniel cheekily butted in 
  • “FUCKKK OFF DANIEL” you flip him off while he just chuckles at you 
  • you see all the guys knew of your crush on jinyoung
  • but they didn’t tell him and you loved them for it
  • little did you know jinyoung had a crush on you and begged them not to tell you
  • so they decided not to tell either of you and be good friends 
  • AND play matchmaker happily 
  • “awwww y/n pwetty pleaseeee can youu be a cheerleader its only for oneeee game can’t you do that for me” daehwi said cutely with a lot of aegyo and puppy dog eyes
  • “stop acting cute it’s not going to work you child demon” you scoff back still slumped on woojins shoulder 
  • “i give up she’s so fucking stubborn” daehwi complains 
  • “you barely even tried??” guanlin says
  • “shhhhhh” daehwi shushes him
  • “LANGUAGE DAEHWII!!!!!” jisung scolded daehwi
  • “oh come on lay off it jisung he lives in the same house as us” minhyun said with an amused smile 
  • “he’s still young minhyun!” jisung said scolding him also for his care free attitude
  • “if you say so” minhyun said while shrugging
  • mother and father goals 
  • “IM STILL HERE PARENTS!!!” you say obnoxiously 
  • “and there goes our least favourite annoying child” jisung sighed 
  • “of course there is, its you and the favourite is me” guanlin says smirking at you
  • “why the hell are you the favourite??” woojin asks trying to face guanlin
  • which meant spinning you around and all the guys trying to dodge your head
  • “cause he’s the swaggy rapper. duh.” jaehwan says like it’s the most obvious thing in the world
  • “I SAID THAT ONE TIME LAY OFF IT HYUNG!!!” guanlin whines
  • “NEVERRRRR” jaehwan screams 
  • making everyone wince at his vocals
  • in the mean time jinyoung, seongwoo and jihoon come over 
  • “whats all this about?” jihoon asks 
  • “basically we’re trying to make y/n agree to be a cheerleader for the final game” woojin says again spinning you around again making you dizzy
  • “STOP DOING THAT!!” you shout 
  • everyone laughs and you just pout 
  • “ahhhh so cheerleader y/n, is this for her to be in something short and tight for jinyoung???” seongwoo said suggestively 
  • making you and jinyoung blush so hard
  • but neither of you deny it lol
  • “HEY THATS WHAT I SAID!!” daniel said grinning brightly 
  • “YEAH ONGNIEL IS SCIENCE YO!!!” seongwoo shouts happily back
  • and they do their secret handshake which takes soooo long with the weirdest details like both their butts rubbing against each other, weird faces, complicated hand motions and they finish it with a bro hug 
  • “i should be part of that, ongnielhwan is science sounds soooooo much better” jaehwan said disappointedly 
  • “but you have meeee” minhyun said cutely while hugging jaehwan 
  • “ew get the fuck off” jaehwan bitch glared at minhyun but he still clinged onto him
  • “y/nnnn please agreee so these idiots can all shut up” jihoon pleaded 
  • “WHO ARE YOU CALING IDIOTS???!!!” all the guys chorused 
  • “JINX”
  • “can y'all just shut the fuck up” jihoon says grumpily
  • “LANGUAGE!! AGAIN!!” jisung scolded jihoon this time while glaring at minhyun daring him to say anything
  • minhyun just put his hands up in defeat with a “i didn’t do anything wrong” face
  • “teenage bloody hormones” sungwoon said rolling his eyes at jihoon 
  • in the midst of all this mess jinyoung gently lowers you down from woojins shoulder
  • making you extremely close to him 
  • everyone’s watching intently like it was some sort of rom-com
  • and everyone knew you were gonna agree to being a cheerleader cause 
  • he’ll ask you 
  • and of course you’ll say yes
  • and you were also basically in love with him
  • and all of the guys were just smirking at each other knowing their plan will work out since the hardest bit of it was for you to agree to be a cheerleader
  • “guanlinah get me some popcorn” sungwoon ordered
  • “hell no do it yourself” guanlin replied  S.A.S.S.I.L.Y
  • “F-” sungwoon started to speak but he got interrupted very quickly
  • “SHHHHHHH” shushed the rest before sungwoon could go on a rant about how the younger generation should treat their elders with respect
  • and then guanlin would mention something about height
  • and sungwoon would go full on hulk mode
  • but you weren’t paying attention all you could hear was your fast beating heart 
  • jinyoung softly pleaded to you with his adorable chocolate brown eyes staring right into yours “y/n will you please please please be our cheerleader for the game? for us? for me?”
  • you knew you couldn’t say no to jinyoung especially when he was looking at you like that
  • “fine” you bitterly said 
  • which resulted in loud cheering and whooping from the guys
  • and the most heart warming smile from jinyoung
  • jinyoung tightly hugged you spinning you around
  • making you squeal a little and his heart warming at your cute antics 
  • you hug back with you eyes closed 
  • you love his hugs so much 
  • you part with everyone smirking at you two
  • before you could say anything daehwi comes between you two and hugs jinyoung 
  • “hes mine” he says cutely poking his tongue at you 
  • with jinyoung shyly grinning and blushing at you
  • you can’t help but smile at the two guys you loved them both heaps 
  • “BUT YOURE MINEEE DAEHWI” you say loudly while grabbing daehwi and tightly hugging/squishing him 
  • he squealed and laughed while saying 
  • “i love you too y/n”
  • everyone but you could see the glint of jealously in jinyoung’s eyes 
  • even daehwi so he parted with you quickly and silently mouther a sorry to jinyoung
  • and jinyoung visibly relaxed and mouthed back it’s okay
  • you were completely oblivious to all of it though
  • “but you guys better win and you also need to buy me pizza” you warningly say to all the guys 
  • “DEAL!” they agree happily 
  • you all prepare to leave and jinyoung wraps his arm around your shoulder while whispering in your ear 
  • “really thank you for agreeing”
  • “it’s all good” you say smiling at him 
  • “i’ll be your cheerleader” you chuckle a little making a cheerleading gesture 
  • which makes him smile widely at your adorable chuckle and cute pose
  • “just my cheerleader right?” jinyoung asks 
  • “just yours” you say sweetly back

BACK FROM MY UNOFFICIAL HIATUS W A CUTIE JINYOUNGG!!!! if y’all want info about the reasons for hiatus, fics to come and MY NEW SERIES please click here. anyways i love jinyoung and there will only be a part 2 to this scenario which will be the game and it’ll be shorter than this and ill be releasing that eventually. BUT THANK YOU FOR READING LOVE YOU ALL FOR STAYING WITH ME AND DONT BE AFRAID TO SEND ME A MESSAGE OR AN ANON!!!

boyfriend! bae jinyoung
  • kind of like??? a perfectionist
  • used to be your tutor and he legit used that as an excuse to get close
  • i’m not saying that he begged the person who was supposed to be your tutor to take their place but that’s also exactly what i’m saying
  • his explanations are always detailed and easy to understand and plus he’s cute af so u were like what did i do to earn this holy opportunity
  • you always catch him staring at you and he always immediately averts his sight to like an eraser
  • confessed to you after a tutoring session one day
  • he kept on fidgeting with his nails and rubbing his neck and scratching his cheek and just plainly STALLING
  • jinyoung: can you—i mean, i kinda—i just wanna say that I—you’re really, like, pretty AHHH i dont mean that in a creepy way
  • you, screaming internally: 
  • jinyoung: ASFHEOIWAFH i just LIKE you
  • and he shuts his eyes real tight and even crosses his fingers behind his back and prays to god for the best
  • when you say yes he SNAPS his eyes open and his jaw DROPS and he jumps up in disbelief
  • you: i should be the one dying rn wtf
  • you two are just like a couple from a shoujo manga
  • every date is cute and innocent except for that time jinyoung wiped a drop of ice cream from the corner of your mouth with his thumb
  • like….rUDE
  • a sucker for compliments and praise
  • it’s a super effective move and also causes him to have side effects of blushing and giggling smh the boy’s lucky that he cute
  • he didn’t understand why you always called him “bae” like?? is my surname that fun to say???? and later when he found out what it stood for he was like!!!!!! and immediately started calling you bae too hehe
  • when he had the stye you were like bOY IF YOU DONT R E ST and proceeded to tell him that he better be taking care of himself and jinyoung was like haha it’s fine not a big deal but he was so!!! happy!!!!! to see you care for him!!!!!!!!!
  • his face was roses and sunshine for the next hour daehwi was like wtf aren’t u sick and jinyoung was like yeah :DDDDD
  • after a while he loses his shyness and can boldly and comfortable hold your hand and often casually rests his head on your shoulder
  • sometimes he’ll come up from behind and back hug you and hold your hands and put his head on your shoulder all at the same time 
  • likes it when you hold his arm while walking 
  • aegyo PRINCE he has like 10% shame bc of the corruption he received from jihoon
  • used jihoon’s jeojang on you and you reported him for plagiarizing 
  • actually you two take pictures doing the jeojang pose all the time and spam them to jihoon
  • he texts with at least one emoji in a message and speaks in a rly cute tone 
  • it’s always “"good morning~ 😊” and “"did you eat yet? let’s get pizza!!! 😚” or even “aww i’m sure that you’ll get a better grade next time!! FIGHTING ❤️❤️❤️”
  • jinyoung generally doesn’t like to tell you about his worries and problems because he doesn’t want to burden you but it’s quite easy to tell when his mood is off
  • at first you insisted that telling you would be better than bottling it up but he just shakes his head no and so the only thing you could do was just…repeatedly tell him all the great things and qualities he possesses and hope that he takes it to heart
  • and he does!! after that he learns to start relying on you for his problems and always gives you a peck to deliver his gratitude
  • the boi has his own way of telling you that he loves you BECAUSE HE’S YOUNG AND NOT READY FOR THAT ADULT LANGUAGE SMH
  • it’s through small subtle things…like wrapping a scarf around you…letting you pinch his cheeks…holding you in his arms for no reason in particular…
  • shoujo manga couple amiright

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hello! what harry potter houses would you place the wanna one members in and what type of students would they be? thanks in advance!

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: mongoose  
Favorite Class: apparition 
Type of Student: is outgoing and silly, which makes people initially assume he’s a gryffindor, but he has such a humble and selfless nature that he’s become the most popular upperclassman in hufflepuff. is so sociable, he has friends in all four houses. likes apparition because he’ll do the thing where he pops up out of nowhere to scare woojin or daehwi. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: sparrow 
Favorite Class: muggle music 
Type of Student: is hardworking and dedicated, but has a strong will to be the best. likes to spend time doing physical magic that involves your body, not a big charms or potions guy. muggle music is his favorite not because of the instruments, but because of the dancing. was recruited by the professors to help teach others to dance for the yule ball. 

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: mare  
Favorite Class: potions 
Type of Student: super sweet and reliable, but is also into some weird hobbies like tarot card reading and ancient ruin magic. wants to know everything there is too know about potions, overwhelms the teacher just a bit. is really nice and shows care for underclassman, but he’s also competitive and smiles to himself when he sees he placed first in his class. (but also apologizes to the house ghost like everyday for forgetting to greet them in the morning, what an interesting boy) 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus:  chimpanzee 
Favorite Class: defense against the dark arts 
Type of Student: the sorting hat wanted to put him into slytherin because seongwoo is greAT at coming up with good plans and schemes, but his personality just yells gryffindor. is a beater for the quidditch team and keeps trying to get the defense against the dark arts teacher to tell him about forbidden curses. which,,,,,,,is not going to happen.

House: ravenclaw 
Patronus: magpie 
Favorite Class: frog choir 
Type of Student: really intelligent and capable of becoming a great wizard, but he’s much more interested in his musical talent. has learned over 200 different songs, all in different languages, from different wizarding schools and sects from around the world. wants to get the school to fund a band aside from frog choir, keeps trying to bribe seongwoo with food for him to be the bands drummer. 

House: hufflepuff 
Patronus: hammer-head shark 
Favorite Class: care of magical creatures 
Type of Student: is the pride and joy of hufflepuff’s quidditch team because they’ve never had such a good seeker in the history of their house. but amazingly, daniel gets super shy when complimented. has love letters from people in all four houses. people think his favorite subject is flying or dark arts, but he loves animals a lot and owns like three copies of fantastic beasts and where to find them. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: salamander 
Favorite Class: astronomy 
Type of Student: relatively day-dreamy in class, always has something cute pinned to his robes, and is a pretty big deal with the local press that visit hogwarts because,,,,,,visual? visual. he likes astronomy because he thinks the stars and outer space is fascinating and probably reads horoscopes at breakfast even though everyone tells him that stuffs fake. people jokingly say he really doesn’t give off a slytherin vibe but he’s the best kept person on campus, with a resourcefulness that sometimes beats daehwi’s. 

House: gryffindor 
Patronus: brown hare 
Favorite Class: transfiguration 
Type of Student: is actually rather talented at dueling with a wand, he can easily catch on to charms and spells, but for some reason he likes to be a class clown along with jisung. he does have a really high interest in human transfiguration, since he isn’t a metamorphmagus, he studies and practices really hard to get the spell down. jisung asked him once why he wanted to learn it so bad and woojin was like so i can transform into minhyun and see what its like to look like that for a day LOL. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: boomslang snake 
Favorite Class: alchemy 
Type of Student: likes to read and spend time in the library, but his choice of material is always quite odd. he thinks slytherin has the most interesting background and therefore has read almost EVERYTHING there is on its history, his personal favorite wizard is Merlin who was also a slytherin so jinyoung was actually super stocked about being sorted into the same house. he likes alchemy because it’s a close study of the elements of nature which is fundamentally where magic comes from. someone once teased him for it, but ever since it got out that his patronus was a literal venomous snake, people have backed off. 

House: slytherin 
Patronus: jaguar 
Favorite Class: charms 
Type of Student: even at such a young age, he’s already become a registered animagus, able to turn into a jaguar which is also his patronus. his love of charms comes from the infinite amounts of ones to learn and perfect, and he dabbles in creating ones of his own. is highly praised by the teachers and people believe he’s going to be on his way to becoming a member of the ministry of magic soon enough. does a lot of flashy charms in the courtyard just because he can. 

Guan Lin
House: slytherin 
Patronus: orca 
Favorite Class: divination 
Type of Student: is a big fan of non-verbal magic and so you’ll never see him actually taking notes. he’ll just wave his wand around and put his head down for a nap while his quill does the rest. is from a pure-blood family who has been a staple of the slytherin house for years but he doesn’t show it off in the least. everyone thinks his patronus is freaking awesome like an orca??? how cool and guan lin is just like “it’s gigantic. i wish it was a gold fish or something.” 

Instagram Famous! Bae Jinyoung

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happy 100+ followers!! in celebration, i’m here bringing you some instagram famous! baejin!

  • baejin never even thought about having 200k followers when he first opened his account
  • it just happened
  • he woke up to 739203 notifications after posting a selfie lol
  • posts once a blue moon
  • but people still follow him juST IN CASE HE POSTS A SELFIE SOON!!
  • “oh bae jinyoung uploaded something do yoU SEE HIS FACE I CAN’T BELIEVE HE EXISTS SCREECHES”
  • everyone highkey thinks he’s an ulzzang because have you seen his visuals??? 10000/10
  • ( Ulzzang translates to “best face” or “good looking” in Korean. This slang is often used by netizens, contests including girls competing for the title of “ulzzang”. However, even if this is true, Ulzzang has developed into a subculture/style, rather than a competition/contest event. thanks google ily)
  • most of his feed is filled with adventures of him and daehwi 
  • it’s adorable fobalbfedos hnng
  • gets flustered whenever someone compliments him ugh baejin is so soft i love
  • to the world he seems like a quiet dude who stepped out of a comic book 
  • but to his classmates, friends and family, he’s just a normal neighborhood boy 
  • his classmates were so hyped about his follower count in the first week but now they’re all chill asf about it
  • if some fan comes looking for jinyoung they’re all like,
  • “a fan of bae jinyoung? he’s in the toliet pissing rn lol you can wait for him if you want”
  • you followed baejin on accident one day lmao
  • you were preparing to move to a better house in a better area 
  • while shoving everything into boxes, you were dyING
  • deciding to take breather, you flopped down onto your bed and starting going through instagram
  • you know the thing
  • is
  • is it called discover ? ?? ?
  • the magnifying glass thing
  • oh it’s called the explore page
  • i don’t go on instagram a lot wheezes thanks once again google
  • you were scrolling through that for some unknown reason
  • and you stumble across a picture of a p u p p e r !!!
  • guess who posted it!!!
  • that’s right!! baejin did!!
  • it wasn’t his dog but it was daehwi’s so it might as well be his tbh
  • you left a like 
  • and it was then that your mother decided that it was the perfect time to check on you
  • “y/n!! how are you going-”
  • until a few days later when baejin follows you back
  • you’re like
  • ???
  • because why is an ulzzang or smt following you
  • so you go on his profile to do some snooping
  • and uh yoU’RE FOLLOWING HIM????
  • HM
  • so you did what everyone would do
  • ask google
  • jk that’s just me
  • you shoot him a dm asking if you knew him
  • jinyoung just simply replied,
  • “nope”
  • ????????????
  • baejin doesn’t follow back unless you’re a celebrity he likes or his classmate
  • basically baejin’s only there for the dog posts
  • “i just like your dog”
  • you don’t really ask him more
  • he seemed intimidating and didn’t seem like he wanted to talk to you,,,,
  • you moved house right
  • so your parents were like
  • “y/n go take these cookies over to the neighbors, we’re gonna be busy all day with adult stuff”
  • ”aiight”
  • the house on your left belonged to a cute elderly couple
  • the moment they saw you they started cooing over you
  • the house on your right belonged to a small family
  • “oh! you look like you’re around the same age as my son!!! he’s out with friends right now but come by anytime soon! we’d love to introduce you to him!”
  • so you return home in glory
  • from surviving awkward neighbor conversations
  • your mom calls you over because youR NEW SCHOOL UNIFORM ARRIVED!!!
  • YES
  • this is like some kind of twilight rip off or smt lmao
  • come monday
  • you were a nervous wreck
  • lord knows if your peers would accept you
  • you woke up super early 
  • more like you didn’t sleep but ok
  • you bid your sleepy parents farewell and shuffled your way to school lol
  • you greeted the front desk and they took you to the teacher’s office
  • where you dealt with 429794 papers
  • it took a while but eventually the bell rings and you follow your homeroom teacher to your brand new classroom!
  • the teacher goes in to make them shut up first lol
  • “good morning kids”
  • ignoredt™
  • achievement get!!! get the attention of your class!!
  • “we have a new student today!! please welcome y/n to the family!”
  • “hi i’m y/n”
  • “oh cuTE!!!!”
  • :c
  • “ok y/n you can sit next to daehwi over there. you know, the one that said something about the knitting club”
  • and then she leaves
  • responsibility at it’s finest am i right
  • so you slide over to the boy 
  • and plop down beside him
  • “hi! i’m lee daehwi!!”
  • but then a dude who looks really familiar to you for some reason drags him away
  • you can’t pinpoint where you’ve seen him before
  • weird 👀👀👀👀
  • the school day goes on with daehwi making small conversations with you during classes
  • you found a good group of people who shared the same interests and you fitted in perfectly
  • there was no point in worrying you worrywart 
  • looking at you making friends so easily :’)
  • everything went off without a hitch
  • at the end of the school day, you waved to your new friends and started the walk home
  • stopping by a convenience store for a snack on the way though
  • there you see your seatmate, daehwi with that familiar boy
  • taking a selfie with the ice cream they’ve just bought
  • awks
  • you make quick work of the store and buy ur snack in 0.2 seconds
  • but uh
  • the two boys were right smack dab in front of you
  • you were lowkey hoping at every corner that they’d turn and stop making you seem like a creep
  • you started nearing your house and you were lowkey relieved 
  • but
  • daehwi and other dude turn to you and ask,
  • “oh daehwi you’re home? with jinyoung too!”
  • “ah! y/n! you’re going to the same school? well, i guess that’s perfect then! daehwi’s my son i mentioned the other day! daehwi, meet y/n, the neighbor i told you about”
  • oh
  • awk x2
  • this might as well be a daehwi scenario fuck i need to add more baejin
  • “h  i”
  • avoids eye contact
  • “uh, you know what i think i hear my mom calling haha sorry i’ll see you next time mrs lee!!”
  • what you didn’t notice was that while you and daehwi were avoiding eye contact
  • jinyoung’s eyes were fixed on you
  • you didn’t even have time to get changed
  • but your mom was like
  • ???????
  • you wanted nothing more but to wallow in a corner of shame and awkwardness
  • but it’s your mom we’re talking about
  • so you obey
  • as you hang up your laundry
  • you get a glance of the lee family’s dog!!
  • you immediately went,
  • screw the laundry
  • go pet the puppy
  • but when you pet the pupper through the crack in the fence
  • you can’t help but notice how much he resembles that one dog you’ve seem on instagram
  • but it can’t be right???
  • the world can’t be that small-
  • pouts aggressively
  • while hanging up your laundry, you could hear laughs from the lee household
  • they kinda sounded like they were dying 
  • but you know better
  • finishing the laundry, you head back in, swiping open your phone
  • oh look your new classmate tagged you in a photo welcoming you oh that’s cute
  • hm, bae jinyoung that ulzzang or whatever posted oH IT’S A PHOTO OF DAEHWI AND HIM WITH ICE CREAM
  • and you’re wondering why baejin and daehwi were laughing like hyenas right
  • well
  • baejin went straight onto instagram becAUSE WAIT YOU LOOK THAT THE ONE PERSON WITH THE 10/10 DOGGO
  • and wow it indeed was you
  • daehwi was like
  • dude what you looking at???? i’m right here??? PAY ATTENTION TO ME PLS
  • baejin tells daehwi the story
  • and daehwi snorts
  • and the two start laughing like the dumb people they are
  • daehwi grabs baejin’s phone as he excuses himself to the toilet
  • for the second time in this fic lol
  • and shoots you a dm
  • ‘hey there ;) wanna hang sometime’
  • baejin returns a moment too late
  • the deed has been done
  • he FIGHTS lee daehwi for his phone back
  • ‘sorry that was my friend’
  • ‘no it wasn’t ;) i just wanna hang with you ;;;;)’
  • but uh
  • you could see the two fighting from your bedroom window
  • and it makes it even more amusing to know that they’re doing stupid shit 
  • smiling, you reply,
  • 'sure lol why not i’ll head over now’
  • because baejin didn’t seem like the intimidating person you thought he was before
  • and while you look around for a jacket to keep you warm
  • a high pitched scream comes in through your window
  • you snapped your head towards it
  • and make eye contact with jinyoung
  • who’s on his back with daehwi lying over his stomach 
  • man that fight was intense
  • but that’s not the point
  • you send him a small smile and wave
  • he cracks a small smile back
  • and as soon as you disappear from your window
  • jinyoung starts hitting daehwi because whAT HAS HE DONE
  • you get interrogated by your parents but you successfully head out
  • and get welcomed by a huffing jinyoung
  • he fought daehwi to open the door lm a o
  • “hey!”
  • “h-hey”
  • “oh! y/n! i wondered who it was!! welcome, welcome”
  • mrs lee ushered you in and fussed over your light clothes
  • “ooooooo baejin has a crush”
  • “no daehwi i don’t-”
  • “then why’d you fight me for the door hm?”
  • shit man
  • knitting boy was right
  • whY’D HE DO THAT????
  • daehwi skips up to you and drags you up to his humble room
  • jinyoung following seconds after
  • bUT
  • so you two just sit there facing each other
  • jinyoung avoiding all eye contact
  • and you just grinning
  • baejin opened his mouth to apologize for daehwi’s actions
  • but you spoke first
  • “if you wanted to hang so badly you could’ve said so yourself!! you didn’t have to get someone else to do it!!”
  • “n-nO IT’S NOT LIKE THAT I-”
  • man teasing baejin would be adorable osodsb
  • “i’m joking, i saw everything through my window”
  • you were melting inside
  • daehwi returns from the bathroom a few moments later and starts chatting with you two
  • the three of you end up getting closer
  • “wait the dog on your insta is daehwi’s dog??? i can’t believe you lied to me”
  • “????the dog on your insta isn’t yours either don’t act like you’re better”
  • and by the time your mom shot you a text telling you to come home for dinner and baejin had to go catch the last bus home, you three were the golden trio™ already
  • the next day at school, you were heading towards your cute gang of friends bUT
  • ??????????????????????????OK??????
  • whenever you hung out with the three, your eyes would keep going to jinyoung and sticking to him
  • you couldn’t help it
  • you blame his visuals
  • oh stop y/n u tsun
  • and jinyoung felt his heart swelling up whenever you smiled
  • you made your debut on baejin’s instagram a few weeks later
  • he posted a selfie of you himself
  • he was looking flawless but you were mid bite into your lunch lol
  • then came the wave of comments asking if you guys were dating
  • but you realize and shoot him a text
  • ‘why’d you delete my debut on your 200k insta :’<’
  • ‘people were asking if we were dating’
  • ‘oh. i quite liked it’
  • ‘you mean the photo????’
  • ‘of course not lol i look like a mess. i meant the comments of us being together’
  • ‘is this a confession?’
  • ‘if you like me back,,,, if you don’t like me that way then lets ignore this’
  • ‘nO I DO LIKE YOU’
  • ‘oH!!!!’
  • ?????
  • baejin’s confuzzled
  • but the next school day comes
  • and jinyoung’s lowkey nervous for some reason
  • “/now/ we’re together”
  • his followers better be ready for cute pictures of you taking over his account
  • baejin would 1000000% have a pupper later on in life fight me on this


i hope y’all enjoyed it though aaaaaa if i don’t seem as sarcastic or dumb as usual it’s because i’ve just finished my exams and i’m tired asf also is this really 2.5k WORDS??? I CANT- IT’S A WHOLE 1000+ WORDS MORE THAN POLICE OFFICER MINHYUN

also am i publishing this when mama’s happening i- apparently jihoon’s in a choker omfg- soMEONE HOLD ME

bae jinyoung - demigod!au; demeter

Originally posted by winkdeep

  • honestly, the boy is just very misunderstood
  • he lived in the big city near the piers and beaches 
  • him and his father ran a flower shop in that city and jinyoung loved it 
  • he loved having the big and busy city life but also being able to see the sea and his flower shop for relaxation 
  • it was a nice balance 
  • he loved his father deeply since they only had each other 
  • so when he was brought to camp he was furious, he hated it 
  • he wanted to go back to his comfortable home, plus his dad was alone when he wasn’t there
  • that’s how he got his cold image at camp half blood 
  • he didn’t talk to many people, he never shared his life, heck people barely knew his last name
  • “bong jinyoung?? bing jingyoung” the hermes cabin would giggle
  • he was exactly what you expected, bad at almost everything 
  • he couldn’t get up the lava wall, sucked at capture the flag, couldn’t carry a sword and slept through greek mythology, history and language 
  • he was good at harvesting of course and had all the basic demeter children skills 
  • one he didn’t reveal was that he could teleport (geeky i know)
  • he can think of any plant to swallow him up and take him somewhere else 
  • he’s still working on the distance (which is why he hasn’t escaped and went home yet) but i mean he loves beating everyone to the showers 
  • so one day he was assigned to fix up all the wall plants along the cabin and change the ones hanging on the porch 
  • head counselor euiwoong was getting sick of him being lazy 
  • as he was throwing out the vines, he didn’t pay attention to the people that were walking about 
  • and you were a bit too engrossed in your book to pay attention to the ground
  • so guess who tripped over the vines?? you! 
  • and he turns around, slightly annoyed cause whats the commotion but immediately feels guilty as he hears people laughing at you for tripping face first into the dirt road
  • he kneels down next to you a little bit of second hand embarrassment is seen on his face
  • “uh hey sorry, are you okay??” he’s kinda awkward cause he doesn’t really talk to people
  • “yea yea,” you get up and dust yourself and the book off “just try not to leave your vines off the main road yea?” 
  • “okay” and he just returns to the plants on the cabin, leaving the vines on the ground
  • you raise a brow did this boy straight up ignore me?
  • and he isn’t he’s just being the normal demeter kid he is  
  • as the stubborn athena child, you don’t accept just an “okay”, you march back up to him 
  • “how dare you, can’t you see that you’re being an inconvenience to the rest of the campers?” 
  • “no one is here?” he turns back at you and motions to the empty ground
  • “but yea, what if someone else comes by and trips like i did?” 
  • “shouldn’t they be more careful? i mean you were the one reading and not paying attention to the road” 
  • you kinda want to stab him at this point, but he really doesn’t give two flying fucks and goes back to wall vine set up thing
  • and you stomped off, a little angered
  • and the next time you guys meet, you guys were having sword training class and were assigned as each other’s partner 
  • you being athena’s child were easily capable of adjusting to any sort of weapon whereas he wasn’t experienced much in sword fighting 
  • so you easily have the tip of your blade at his chest plate in a few swings
  • he just rolls his eyes, admitting defeat and smacking his blade into yours to knock it off
  • “you should try to bend your knees in the first position in order to be more steady as you start” you smirked, remembering the time he tripped you at the cabins 
  • this was payback 
  • but he’s ignoring you he’s actually just spacing out honestly
  • and you’re like “uh hello are you paying attention??” 
  • he shakes his head, snapping back to reality and you’re rolling your eyes 
  • “cmon, the sword isn’t gonna strike without you” 
  • and he’s back at it again,
  • with each defeat, he gets more and more stubborn
  • he isn’t frustrated, he’s much more patient then you expected
  • maybe it’s the way you’re shouting commands and tips at him with each battle 
  • and he hates being told what to do
  • “normally people would’ve thrown their sword and spit curse words by now”
  • he just shrugs, panting and rolling into a ball to rest
  • “hey get up, spread your arms out to open your lungs to take in more air” you kick at his side 
  • and he groans and gets back up 
  • god you were such an annoying know it all athena kid
  • and through out this entire class he hasn’t even spoke a single word to you
  • every week you guys have this class together and it’s the same routine
  • and honestly he gets better but of course with new weapons means a fresh start
  • one time, you guys stayed after class was over just to keep sparring 
  • at a tired moment, you both lied down on the grass, watching the clouds move 
  • “you know, i really hate this place” he sighs, this being one of the only times he ever talked first 
  • “what really? why?” you’re shook because you loved this place 
  • “i like my home, i miss my home, my flower shop, my dad, the city, it’s just so empty” 
  • “man, lucky you” you sighed “you have somewhere to go back to” 
  • and now hes shook 
  • “hUH?” 
  • you explained how your mom, athena, met your dad, a high rank military soldier at one of the bases  
  • they fell in love of course but they only had each other, no other families within reach
  • so when your mom gave birth to you, she had no where to put you and your father refused adoption 
  • at first, you mom had found a cousin of his, but they refused to raise you because you were too problematic
  • your mom had laid out many conditions and rules about you and they just couldn’t handle such responsibility 
  • and her brother apollo already forsaw you’re future with them and lets just say its pretty dark 
  • he would know i mean the dude is the sun god
  • “it must be nice huh? i don’t even know my dad, he doesn’t have time for me” 
  • and it just clicked in his brain, he’s a brat
  • he couldn’t apprecirate what he already had
  • he still has his father, his home
  • and the next day you’ve never seen him so motivated during battle class 
  • his sword swung so fast and you weren’t used to it 
  • by the end of the first spar, you were panting
  • and you saw something you never thought you ever would
  • he was smirking 
  • and you scoffed at his sudden confidence, unsure as to what sparked inside of him 
  • dusting yourself off, you cleared your throat, 
  • “you still need some work” 
  • and you went back to sparring 
  • you started to notice that he was smiling when you guys were getting ready for the next round 
  • he would actually start conversations between battles and he was actually a pretty silly dude
  • he started finding motivation somehow, and it has something to do with you
  • at first he just wanted to defeat you and you’re know it all ass 
  • but you started to realize that he’d always sit by you during the campfire (which he only recently started attending)
  • he also asked you about greek history and mythology
  • so you guys end up studying together as well 
  • wow yall battlin with weapons and books 
  • and you started getting sus 
  • like is he into you ?????? 
  • but he really doesn’t show many signs otherwise
  • not much blushies or flusterness, just a lot of attachment 
  • so maybe he just really saw you as a friend
  • did your heart just fall into your stomach ?? 
  • nO! cause you’re an athena kid ! you don’t fall for anyone psh !!! 
  • aka you’re just repressing them feelings 
  • too bad he actually likes you too 
  • though he may be lookin like a blank rock
  • everytime you two are alone together (all the time) he’s gettin butterflies all over his stomach 
  • like his tummy is a snowglobe of butterflies
  • and he thinks he’s sending signals by being with you and only you 
  • but you’re a cold ice cube too so he doesn’t know how to approach this situation 
  • and guys are just stuck 
  • both too scared to say anything 
  • and one time, jinyoung needs a break from all the book reading and wants to walk in the forest 
  • you go with him reluctantly cause you love books 
  • “god what a nerd”
  • “whatever flower boy” 
  • and he’s walking ahead of you, blushing 
  • why did that sound so cute to him? it just a simple name?? 
  • there’s a flower that you guys spot 
  • and you’re like oh hey gardenias how pretty
  • “yea, you know they mean sweetness and purity?”
  • “no??? they mean secret love u idiot, some demeter child you are dafawk???” 
  • and now he has his eyebrows raised 
  • “my mom literally created the language of flowers, are you really gonna try arguing with me ??” 
  • “books don’t lie sir” 
  • and you both whip to look at each other 
  • the eye contact is overwhelming, it’s lw hot, but also playful??? but you’re both ready to roast each other at the campfire 
  • you guys can’t seem to form words with your thoughts though 
  • you’re both kinda annoyed 
  • not only with some tiny argument, but also those compressed feelings are rising
  • “why can’t you just admit things for once” he bursted before you could you first, 
  • “you’re so stubborn for a boring demeter child”
  • “you’re the stubborn one”
  • “yea, but that’s expected of me”
  • “uuuUUuUUUuGGHhHHhHH yOU aRE sO aNno YinGGG, first, you have to lecture me nonstop, second you’re so self entitled, thirdly you such a annoying knowitall and lastly you’re still so vulnerable and I still have such a strong urge to care for you because you’re YOU. and i like YOU. oF ALL  CAMPERS AND CHILD OF ALL THE GODS, YOU. sOME KNOWITALL ATHENA CHILD”
  • silence, silence so deadly that hades himself must’ve created it his face is as a red a tomato and all he can think about is running away and hiding underneath this sheets and screaming
  • and thats what happens suddenly he’s engulfed in a flower and sucked into the earth
  • for the first thirty seconds you’re speechless, unaware as to what just happened and then you scream 
  • meanwhile, jinyoung sprouts out of a potted plant on his nightstand in his cabin he’s literally thrown out of the flower and rolls onto the floor, covered in petals 
  • everyone is shook
  • “d-did y-you j-j-ju-just c-co-come ou-out of a fl-fLOWER???” euiwoong freaks out 
  • and now everyone is screaming 
  • “i-i can explain..” jinyoung is literally going to become a tomato
  • “but can someone go get y.n in the woods???????” he nervously chuckled
  • and the sound of your name gives him ptsd cause he literally just confessed to you
  • euiwoong takes you back to your dorm, you were no longer freaked at that point but just needed some serenity
  • euiwoong just explains that jinyoung can teleport through plants 
  • “yea, no one has had that demeter power for a while, even we were shook" 
  • you don’t ask to see him though, you just needed to recollect yourself
  • you couldn’t face him
  • you’re feelings were out of the roof now there’s no way you’d be able to look at him without getting nervous 
  • and he’s curled up underneath his sheets, regretting everything he did that day 
  • his siblings think hes untouchable now
  • like yo, he’s all mighty powerful and scary cold 
  • now you guys are extremely awkward 
  • he sees you run off to you siblings asap during weapons class 
  • and he’s kinda hurt honestly 
  • like you could’ve at least rejected him to his face, not full on ghost him 
  • but at the same time he understood since he kinda abruptly said he like you, he probably surprised you 
  • but he still couldn’t help but hear his heart cracking
  • and you’re not even trying to break his heart
  • you’re just too awkward, what an athena move 
  • you can’t face you’re own feelings, and its okai, it’s hard i feel 
  • everytime jinyoung walks past your face turns red
  • when his name is brought up you kinda steer out of the conversation 
  • and the only reason why his name keeps being brought up is because you’re siblings know and looooooooove making fun of you 
  • even you’re quiet brother minhyun finds it amusing 
  • they’d always find any reason to say his name, anytime anywhere 
  • “ooh the strawberries are blooming is jINYOUNG piCkING THEM???
  • him and minhyun end up sitting next to each other in mythology 
  • “oh, you’re jinyoung huh???” he’s making the connections 
  •  “you know me?” the younger asked, very quietly 
  • “how could i not, you’re the talk of the talk in the athena cabin” (old dad terms wtf minhyun)
  • “oh cause y.n basically rejected me” he sighs “i get it, what a joke, can’t believe i thought i even had a shot” 
  • and minhyun blinks his eyes in confusion
  • “she rejected you??????????” he scrunches his eyebrows 
  • “well no, she kinda just left me hanging and ignores me now, so i have to assume it’s a rejection” 
  • and he laughs
  • and jinyoung has math equations all around his head (you kno the meme) 
  • “you guys were made for each other oh my lordy” he covered his mouth with one hand and the other patting the smaller one’s back “send her some flowers or something, i’ll deliver them” 
  • and thats how you find gardenias on your bed, with a small note 
  • ‘secret love” 
  • i see him have some pretty sloopy handwriting and you kinda smile at it
  • and you send one back with a simple note 
  • ‘secret love’ 
  • and he’s squishy and grinning to himself 
  • kicking his bed sheets in excitement, trying to refrain from jumping around 
  • his siblings are so done with him 
  • and so during breakfast the next morning, he swings an arm around you 
  • “hey you” he grinned
  • “jinyoung?????” you look up at him surprised 
  • the entire athena cabin is staring in amusement
  • and he’s immediately back to being flustered 
  • “jihoon said i should be smooth to impress you” he confessed, taking his arm back 
  • and you laugh and he ends up giggling with you
  • everything is back to normal 
  • ya’ll are the very quiet camp couple 
  • but you guys can get pretty wild together 
  • at the fireworks, you guys were pretty chill
  • just on a towel watching the fireworks in each others arms, unbothered 
  • and everyone is like ‘awwwweeeewwew cuuuute” 
  • but one time you guys were alone, just having your own picnic at the edge of the forest 
  • you two were nonstop laughing 
  • he would continuously make dumb faces at you 
  • and the more you smile, the more he would too
  • and it becomes a reoccurring routine 
  • where guys just sit outside 
  • whether it be studying, reading, growing flowers, trying his new recipe for brownies, or just laying in silence 
  • you were reading a book once, and suddenly a small flower grows in between your eyes and the book 
  • and it tickles your nose 
  • and your scrunching your nose at jinyoung and you both giggle 
  • he finds you so adorable during these peaceful times 
  • very unlike your uptight athena side 
  • he has a habit of playing with your fingers 
  • like you’re both on your way to the mess hall and he has one of your hands in his two hands and he’s playing with your fingers 
  • not even like intertwining them
  • just folding them, pressing at the pads of your fingertips and joints, drawing little pictures on your palms 
  • and you help him open up and the demeter cabin sees it 
  • they re-welcome him as an official sibling and are genuine friends/siblings 
  • imagine him taking you back to his hometown 
  • he tours you around the big city and you’re so fascinated by the buildings 
  • but then he even takes you to piers and beach that are like a bus stop away
  • and you’re just in awe 
  • “they’re right next to each other ???? buildings AND oceans ???” 
  • he’s overjoyed to see you appreciate the scenic views that he too fell for too 
  • and plus he fell for you too 
  • as much his dad wants you two enjoy your little couple vacation 
  • one day he needs to do a huge delivery so he asks jinyoung to watch the store 
  • and you’re much more excited than he was expecting cause he was feelin sorry 
  • “babe i’m sorry we ha-” 
  • “omg we get to run the flower shop??!?!???!!?!” you’re squealing and he’s blinking his eyes in confusion 
  • it’s really chill though 
  • he mostly handles all the buisness stuff while you just finish up your book next to him 
  • “jinyoung, i haven’t seen you in so long !” a longtime mom/costumer would greet him 
  • and in that moment you were talking to her 5 year old son, teaching him the meaning of certain flowers which you had learned from him 
  • and you and her son start giggling and you give him one the flowers, sliding it on top of his ear, and hoped that jinyoung wouldn’t mind 
  • “awe, you’re girlfriend seems very sweet” she would compliment 
  • “yea, she’s definitely a keeper” he would blush, smiling and looking down at the register 

if anyone was curious, the city i was basing jinyoung’s hometown was san francisco, ca in the u.s, mainly downtown sf and the ferry building + piers  :-)) 

and sorry i took so long, thnks 4 being patient w/ me !!! 

wanna one as youtubers
  • yoon jisung: "guide to being a hip mom"
  • ha sungwoon: "grow taller fast!! (100% GUARANTEED)"
  • hwang minhyun: "texting 101: asking out my crush gone wrong"
  • ong seongwoo: "IT creepy balloon prank on my roommates"
  • kim jaehwan: "my kpop debut: how i became the main vocal, main dancer, and main rapper of a kpop group??”
  • kang daniel: "workout secrets: tips, tricks & hacks to getting a summer six-pack"
  • park jihoon: "storytime: how i created a career for myself out of a wink"
  • park woojin: "inspirational vid: moving on from the past"
  • bae jinyoung: "makeup tutorial: contour your way to a smaller face!"
  • lee daehwi: "dancing to twice in PUBLIC!”
  • lai guanlin: "how i learned korean in 6 months (with eng sub)”
Bae Jinyoung as your boyfriend

Wanna One Boyfriend ღ 6/11

When Jinyoung first saw you, he immediately was infatuated
“Daniel hyung, do you see them?”

Daniel tells him to go say ‘hi’ to you and Jinyoung does (despite being a nervous wreck)
However, right when he gets your attention, Daehwi yells out “Jinyoung hyung wants to ask you on a date!”
*Glares at Daehwi before continuing* “Yes, hello”

After he introduces himself, you quickly introduce yourself before adding “and I would love to go on a date with you.” and Baejin is like

The day he asks for you two to be official, he is all serious and istg it’s like a scene from a drama
“(Y/N)! Will you be mine?”

Of course you say ‘yes’ and he is like

He always face times you when he misses you
“I miss you~”

His cute way of asking you for a favor
“can I ask you a favor~?”

Whenever the other members gets to close to you he is like “I know where you live” (a jealous baen)
Guanlin: “we live in the same house????”

Or one time he heard Jihoon call you cute so he just

This cutie likes to write you hand written notes bc why not

He gets sooooo excited when you visit him during practice 

his reactions when you compliment him can be either this

or this 

He always makes sure to show you how much he loves you
“I love you this this this much!”

He is such a child and brags about the gifts he got from his fans
“Look at what I got today~~”

But is also such a sweetheart and shares with you
“And it’s for us~”
(ignore that theyre dif products)

Daehwi is always part of your hang outs bc

And you’re always third wheeling bc

One time you told Jinyoung that you were considering getting a pet cat and he was like “why get a cat when you have me?”

He asked you if pizza sounded good for dinner and you replied with “yes good” and he was like

He can’t stay mad at you for long bc you make a funny face that makes him laugh
“(Y/N)! How can I be mad at you when you’re making that face!”

You can’t say no to him bc he get all like this

This sweet child will be all ears when you’re having a problem/ bad day

Will dance with you in pajamas at 3 in the morning

His reaction to your ugly dancing

One time Jihoon sent you a video of Jinyoung in questionable fashion

And so you called him out, saying that his fashion sense was worse than Jihoon’s and he is just

“It was Jihoon’s idea, not mine” 

Boyfriend Jinyoung will be the sweetest sweetheart. He will always show you and tell you how much he loves you. All he wants is for you to be happy and healthy. He is still young, so he can feel insecure and lack confidence that he is being a good boyfriend but it can be easily fixed with lots of love and compliments. Please give this child all the love in the world and keep him happy as well :)

*Gifs are not mine. Credit to gif makers*