bae list

Bae list♡

In ascending order as they were winning my heart.

[Pss, i forgot Yuuji… editing]

- Yuuji Terushima

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- Bokuto Koutaro

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- Tsukishima Kei

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- Tetsurou Kuroo

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- Keishin Ukai

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- Kageyama Tobio

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-  Asahi Azumane

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- Nishinoya Yuu

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|And a bonus, my baby: Hinata Shouyou

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Yall just like legit don’t understand like for real the crush level is on like a thousand with @molotowcocktease // @boobarina real talk like i even asked her permission to post these pics from her snapchat on my page so like this is legit but still, and I did that to show her that I don’t mean no disrespect not no like weird s*** it was just a legit fan reaching out and had she said no I would have respected that also but she bae & she know it lol

Oh hi.  For some unknown reason, I have reached 700 followers, which is pretty damn awesome.  So, to celebrate, I’ve decided to make a bae list.  It’s not a follow forever because I’m a picky lil shit who doesn’t like to follow more than 50 people, so obviously I don’t follow some of the people on this list.  That doesn’t mean I don’t think they’re boss as all hell.  Before I list the hella rad peeps that I interact with/stalk/love to bits, I need to thank a few very special people:

criedwxlf Cassie, you and I have been roleplaying for quite a while now, and I know that no matter what crazy plot I have, no matter what ridiculousness I need to rant about, you’ll always be there for me.  I know you’ve been going through a rough time with your muse, but I’ll stick around because I love you to death.  You’re an amazing writer, roleplayer, and friend.  Thanks for helping me get through some tough times and even tougher decisions.

alphabadassI don’t think I could possibly fit how much Mell’s friendship means to me.  We’ve spent so much time writing together and we’ve been lucky enough to meet in person several times.  No matter what character you play, you capture their essence so perfectly, and you put your whole self into ensuring they’re as accurate as possible.  I love chatting with you, spending time with you, and roleplaying with you, and I know our friendship will last for many years to come.

lilmisslydiamartinI’ve always looked up to you as a writer, and I think I always will, but more than that, I’ve been so grateful to have you as a friend.  You’re a kind soul who puts up with so much, from anon hate to Jeff’s fuckery and your hubby’s nonsense to fussy partners, and you do it all with so much grace.  I love interacting with you, whether it be in character or not, and I can’t wait for the day when you inevitably take over the Teen Wolf writing room and give our beloved characters the plots they deserve.

Below is the list of my baes.  Bold are the lovelies that I interact with regularly.  Italics are the lil spuds that I follow.  And bold and italics are the penises that I follow and interact with, which means they’re the  Also, the ones that have asterisks (**) are super special nuggets that I want to give an extra shout-out to for sticking by me for so long:

A - F

aerodynamiccheekbones  allonsx  andimrobin arxchnerd  bellexmort  betadcoyote  blueeyedregrets**  carrymyobituxry  centricism​**  centuryshaper​ claustrophobicwerewolf​  countessxvertigo​** defenderofthedamned​  derekslament​**  diedfighting​ divincmove​  faceofthefuture​  flyingxgrayson​ foreverphantomlady ➼

G - R

​➼ green-arrxw​  gullnalokka​  itsnotvenison​  ivehadenoughrest  iwontberobin​**  letdemonscontrolme​  littleshitlahey​** lookingforawonderland​** ➼ lupuspaige​​ ➼ malfoah​  marvelousdcheros ➼ morethanjustahoodguy​  notatotalpsychox​  notgonnaparrish​ openmindxd​ playingwhiteknightgilbert​**  pxrrish ➼ redwinterfall​ riighteousman​ rising-skye​ ➼ roythered​  runningprodigy​ ➼ rxdwing​ rxformed​ 

S - Z

scarredbyxhellfire​  scottmchungup​** ➼ servantfromhell​ shroudedxheart​  speedytheaqueen ➼ thegoldengirlsavior ➼ thelockwolf ➼ theoneandonlytommymerlyn**​ thoseamericanguys​ ➼ titaniumallxy​  tougherthanthat​  txntrum​  xinitium​ xkiritsune ➼ youfellforthat 

i know it’s not much compared to some other blogs but i’m happy nevertheless! i’ve been rping kate since july 2012 before i moved her here last march of this year. it’s been quite a journey and there are special people who have made it even more amazing.

so yes, listed below are the people who are not only special to me, but to kate as well.

BAES  (ღ˘⌣˘)❛ั◡❛ัღ)

thewarlikeharry - you will always and forever be our number one bae. we’ve been through so much together–plotting out ideas for henry and kate, making up headcanons and laughing at how cute some of them are, fighting sometimes over little things, and you having to deal with me being really jealous at some point. we’ve been there for each other even though we’ve never met face to face, and i’m so proud to call you my best friend, and i love you a lot, y’know? and tbh when henry had to be inactive for a while kate and i felt so lost, and for a whole week we kept on coming back to your blog and looking through all our threads (yes, even the silly ones–my goodness how we’ve both improved!), and we ended up sobbing while listening to one of the songs. okay okay before i get carried away, we just want to let you and henry know that we’re blessed to have you. *huggles*

herunfailingkindness - ahhh kara i know we don’t get to talk much nowadays but i just want to tell you that i’m always admiring you from afar, of how amazing you are as a person, and especially as a writer. it’s like you’re actually margaery and every time i see you on my dash kate and i are like: omg *proud tears*. stay lovely, and you know that we’ll always be wishing the best for you, and that we’re always here if you need to do some little things or just talk ooc *kiss*

ofbeautyandthetwins - oh my god how do i even begin to explain your awesomeness?! it’s such a joy to see you on my dash and writing with you is such a wonderful experience. and ooc you’re such a nice person, and i wish i could get to know you more (which is why i think we shuld totes skype yes yes), and i’d really love to be your friend, if you’ll let me. *blushes*

stjamcs - and you. yes you. birthday sharer, queen of throwing angst at me at inappropriate times, fellow lover of history especially charles branDONG when we met on sherry i was like wowowowowowowow babe and that never changed, honestly. there’s something about you that stands out, ic,& ooc; you have a certain way of commanding presence, even if we’ve never met in person. and you’re so laid-back too omg. i’m not the best at keeping in touch with people, but you’re one of the people i’d actually make a real effort for, i just wish RL wasn’t so weird and timezones did not exist tbh. *loves on*


kaiiseriin | vivatreginam | seafaringkingx | gentlemanjohngrey | frcddie | frcnkie | indefatigableslieutenant | sncwprince | sheumaisruaidh | brownhairedlass | konigrex | xprinsipessa | mmeserpent | harritudur | theforgottentudorqueen

BLOGROLL  ( ˘ ³˘) ❤

CHRIST ON A CRACKER!!   well, i have been on roger* for just over two months, now,  &  considering i reached a milestone, it seems as good a time as any to show my appreciation!  ◕ω◕

@brownliquors  ( oh, you!!  i can never have enough of you. i’ll hit u up on skype soon as i’ve had a couple of martinis  )   ||   @hollaway / @ofraid  (  my enabler™ my precious my dp. you already know this but you mean a lot lot lot to me. forever in my heart, byn  )  +  @euphorira / @carnivorings  ( eLL sweet child u are incredible and i love you. always.  )   ||   @pragmatiism / @zhestokiiy / @fosteriing  (  cAL you are absolutely amazing on all your accounts, this lame graphic is dedicated to you bc it’s that scene, remember??  )   ||   @hermanogecko + @culebraed  ( you guys are a combo deal. providers of all the gecko needs. i love armie & becca so much! forever heart eyes @ u both omf  )   ||   @dangerknocking aka my friend in miami  ( aka actual mr white!!! seriously nicole how are u so amazing at everything i cannot deal w/ you rip my soul  )   ||   @kinginnuendo / @detectivelinds / @womanwithguns  (  aRI ari u are such a ray of sunshine & forever in my heart. ilysm. so much. also falling skies.  )   ||   @nobodiesgovernor / @sollitary  (  morgan aka the side A to my side B omf. bless your heart & your portrayal of rick. forever fav lbr  )   ||   @yorksmith / @idleprayer / @betterdemon  ( caMI omf you are such a bae  &  so talented. i need to catch up on bs so we can cry about our children  )   ||   @unatlas / @nevershoots / @forethinking / ∞  (  lmao i can never keep up w/ all your accounts but you are v v imp freddie  )   ||   @bxthory / @sasspreme  (  fck me up!! rebecca your accounts are so flawLESS & your muses a+++ sign me up  )   ||   @ofarchaeology  (  kYLIE you sweetheart bringer of joy & feels, stay awesome my love  )   ||   @profanemouth / @soldatzimy  (  bucku i’ll always need you on my dash  )    ||   @queenxcersei  (  caitlin you are amazing & talented & i have loved you since i made oberyn, rip )   ||   @magnetance   ||   @jedimessiah   ||   @drippingredledgers   ||   @thedestrcyer   ||   @iinvulnerable   ||   @adeloes   ||   @desertborne   ||   @killianns   ||   @battlewrought   ||   @rubere   ||   @myshkas   ||   @slytherrus   ||   @heroforhollywood / @italianstalllion   ||   @roaringrevenge   ||   @zabrakmaul   ||   @oftwileks   ||   @ahbutimavillain   ||   @aranearum   ||   @veilled   ||   @ironarmored   ||   @pastlegend   ||   @piiratescave   ||   @purrsuasion / @capedsteel   ||   @arcvnum   ||   @burzxm   ||   @devilout   ||   @ccwboy   ||   @xstrange   ||   @grishildr   ||   @prfssor / @osaelligr   ||   @combatsituation   ||   @hamndgirig   ||   @dealmade   ||   @midnightriider   ||   @mutinousness   ||   @viewtokill   ||   @lantcrn   ||   @abamentia   ||   @harvalle / @wcrmsoul   ||   @vitess   ||   @nerffighter   ||   @oliverqxeen   ||   @bandiitry   ||   @calisvol   ||   @hcwtovogue   ||   @moonbound   ||   @devouringpulse   ||   @barctta   ||   @monsterfucked   ||   @withgall   ||   @stealstime   ||   @mervoyage   ||   @shadcwman   ||   @ofbounty   ||   @lightpaved  / @saidrun  ||   @toshootfirst   ||   @battlcborn   ||   @inkedgrill   ||   @vernalpetals   ||   @peacemaiden   ||   @antagxnized   ||  @unpious   ||   @livingtestament   ||   @onyxsuited   ||   @weathervaned   ||   @evilreine   ||   @medicband   ||   @praesaga   ||   @rvnin   ||   @pexarl   ||   @moranument   ||   @borgiastained   ||   @kniivesandlint   ||   @furiisms   ||   @tornapcrt   ||   @crxella   ||   @promisestoned   ||   @exagent   ||   @kencosgrcve + @petcampbell + @ginsbcrg + @somanypeople   (  yOU GUYS we need to write all the things wth  )

tl;dr:   i   l o v e   y o u   g u y s.   ◕ヮ◕

Okay so technically this is an almost 200 follower list but shh it’s okay. 

So, I know that I took a little leave of absence (against my will), but I’m so happy to be back on Fred, and the response I’ve seen in the last four days has been overwhelming. You guys are all the literal greatest and I don’t know what I’d do without you all. While I love all of you, there have been a few that have welcomed me back with open arms, and a few that I could never see myself unfollowing. Sooo~ 

                                                       THE TOP BAE’S 

pxsterity - You’ve been one of my favorite blogs since I first joined up in February with Fred. You’ve put up with my severe slow replies, and you still seem to love me. I love your character so much bc Vati just understands. But more than that, I love you! Thank you for helping me when I’m down, and fangirling with me. You are da bae man 

chosensavior - You. You cutie pie. Another person I’ve known since my first stint on Fred in February, and they opened me back so quickly with open arms. You are just one of the cutest people ever, like seriously okay. noT TO MENTION YOU KEPT PUTTING ME ON YOUR LISTS EVEN WHEN I WAS INACTIVE. It’s such a joy talking to you, and we really need to set up like. A legit rp. 

 ●shoestobed - Literal cinnamon roll too pure for this world  fIRE AND DEATH. You’re still so new to the community, but you are just  so sweet and I hope you are around 5ever bc I love you okay <3 Uncle Fred is here to love you forever. 

katieannebell - An old rp’er like myself. These young whippersnappers and their complicated formatting confuses old people like us. You are just the sweetest person ever ( even with your gross study blogs ) I’m so glad that I met you and we’ve gotten to talk because you da bomb<3

                                   THE STILL SUPER IMPORTANT BAES (in no particular order)

not–weatherby ● philomathiic ● spankinggoodkeeperholeyweaslxy ● mapiisms ● aspinnxt ● thelovelypansyparkinson ● riidiculum ● unhinderedbutterfly ● preweht ● matcrnal ● sothiis ● leeriverofwordsjordan ● zxbini ● humanbludgers

I have SERIOUSLY only had this blog for two weeks. I mean yeah, I had a side blog for a few days but still.. WOW, I woke up to 101 followers and I am quite honestly floored!  

I’d like to first give a special shout out to @the-old-man-has-the-phonebox​ and @theearthsidioticpresident​, both of which encouraged me to embrace my inner Clara and make a blog for her in the first place. I had seriously waited since Last Christmas to give her a go, and if not for you two, I might still not have gotten her off the ground and out of my head. 

I have to start with people that I love interacting with so, so much. Whether it’s OOC or IC!




@iamaschoolteacher​, @becauseiamimpossible​, @dxctorofliess

@stupidfacedpond@fxrypond @girl-in-the-tardis

People who make my dash a brighter place, even if we don’t interact much if at all.*

@justalonelymonster @xiidoctor @batteredoptimist 

@agooddalekdoctor @kindlydeleteyouropinions @spacedadskills 

@myheartismaintainedbythedoctor @richardxcastle @talktoten 

@thefirstintimeandspace @twinheartxd @twelfthdoctvr 

@twelvestrikesnow @the-tenth-will-see-you-now

Even though I don’t interact with them on this blog, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t send my love to my s/o and my best friend;; Thank you both for everything ever!


* I will admit, not everyone on this list follows me. It is not some kind of attempt to get their attention or gain followers. I just want to appreciate the people who make my dash a pleasant experience while I’m making this list. 

I don’t think I forgot anybody, but if I did it was not intentional! I promise! 


1. All sock monkeys
2. myself
3. pepe
4. left shark
5. ladder infomercials
6. frebreeze
7. Wallace
8. gromit
9. lucifer
10. Ur mum
11. @-animenerd-
12. Ray toro
13. Mikey way
14. Frank iero
15. Gerard way
16. @scientificlies
17. Nick cage
18. Obama
18. Rosalina and her lumas
19. Princess peach
20. Lizards
21. Yoshi
22. Dan howell
23. Phil lester
24. Mario
25. Sonic the hedgehog


TV Shows:
Stanford Pines(Gravity Falls)
Rick Sanchez(Rick and Morty)
Dr.Reid(Criminal Minds)
Jasper(Steven Universe)
Genos(One Punch Man)

Cherry(Studio Killers)

Video Games:
Garrus(Mass Effect)
Booker Dewitt(Bioshock Infinite)
Graves(League of Legends)
Azir(League of Legends)
Leona(League of Legends)
Nidalee(League of Legends)
Sona(League of Legends)
Ekko(League of Legends)
Iron Bull(Dragon Age)

My Bae List

Dave Murray ❤
Dave Mustaine 💘
Anakin Skywalker 👑💞
10th Doctor 💘
11th Doctor 💘❤
Pietro Maximoff 💞❤
Steve Harris ❤
Jeff Bingham ❤
Sherlock Holmes 👑💞❤💕
Sub Zero 👑💘
Benedict Cumberbatch 💘❤
Oreo cookies ❤
Chris Evans 👑💞❤
Martin Freeman ❤
Eddie the Head ❤
Kíli 💞💀
Papa Emeritus 💘
Thorin Oakenshid ❤
Bruce Dickinson ❤
Lindir 👑💞💍❤
Legolas Greenleaf 👑💞❤
Thommy Thayer ❤
Batman (C. Bale) 💘❤
Logan Lerman ❤
Charlie (tPoBaW) ❤
Nick Bateman 💘❤
Liam Neeson ❤
Richard Hammond ❤
Johnny Depp 💘❤
Tom Hiddleston ❤
Aragorn 💘❤
Figwit 💞❤
Éomer 💞
Evan Peters 👑💞💍❤


👑 king of my heart
💞 love
💘 crush
💍 husband (at least current)
❤ bby cutie munchkin cheek pinch
💕 lover
💀 widow

More Bae List Additions

3 new additions!

To the Fairy Tail category:

Laxus Dreyar (rank 4) and Lyon Vastia (rank 8)!

Then I also added a new category for my historical baes, so here we’ve got:

Nikola Tesla (rank 1)!

I also demoted Cronus from the Holy Trinity?????? I never switch around the Trinity so this is a big deal. So Cronus Ampora has been replaced by Carlisle Cullen, and Cronus is now 3rd place in the Other Honorable Mentions category.

Tagged by disreiley (psst my main blog is visulies LMAO basically tagged me twice xD)

The game is top ten husbands/wives. The rules are pretty much to write down top male/female celebrities or characters and then tag at least ten people to do the same.

1) Noiz (DMMD)

2)  Yuya Matsushita

3) Yuegene Fay

4) Nico Yazawa (Love Live!)

5) Kida Maosomi (DRRR!)

6) Izaya Orihara (DRRR!)

7) Yaboku/Yato (Noragami)

8) Hakutaku (Hoozuki no Reitestu)

9) Virus (DMMD)

10) Cheshire (Pandora Hearts) might as well throw in Boris Airay (Heart no Kuni no Alice)

this has no order //sweats

I tag: drachan, extrics, ezila, ravensapprentice, arisapocky-chan, aluchan, and anyone else who wants to do it u o u

So, as of tomorrow I’ll have officially had this blog for a month. Yeah, you’ve all been stuck with me for a whole month. And I just hit 100 followers, somehow. I still suspect you’re all lost, but pls don’t leave me. So, apparently a bias list is a done thing here - consider this my way of thanking you all for staying with me and for making this experience sin-tastic inspiring. Seriously, though. Thank you. I should probably get onto the list part of this list now, before I do a Kit and start rambling. I love you all, okay? <3

@illusoirereveur @nctycurprcxy @stargaziing @asiifisms @destinyislandscutestgirl @taciturnstalwart @yueliangshou @endlxssmelody @praestigii @sora-pugnxre-mxlum @alternate-ienzo @floodedvanity @noexiiistence @seasaltassault @shioncrown @sheatheyoursword @helperlion @burnbabykeyblade @e-xiii-st @corruptedseventh @halfofthekey @hcartbcrn @windbcrn @thedemonkingganon @seventhsentient @blxxdchrxnicles

If anybody was missed, I apologise! Here’s hoping you’ll all still be with me next time around.