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Korvira Fanfiction Masterpost-Updated 12/1/15

I gathered all the stories I could find from three different websites all concerning korvira. People in the past of how asked others on what korvira fics to read or where to find them. Well look no further! 

Disclaimer. If I missed your story(ies), or another link to your story(ies) please know I’m truly very sorry. Send me a link of your stuff, and I’ll put it into my notes. This is the first update since I published this post. So the next update won’t be awhile. I didn’t mention this before, but please give the authors likes, reblogs, kudos, comments, ect. Thank them for all the hard work they accomplished. As a writer myself I know when I receive any notifications on a story I written, I’m always happy (even if a review isn’t a happy one~). Authors take time out of the day to write these wonderful complex stories so a little love never hurt anyone! One last tiny thing- if you link this to anyone or use it please credit me. I worked on this for so long and took the time out of my day to do this. Thank you. 

Until next time everyone. Enjoy the list. (:

Update 12/1/15: The key has been updated and I’ve marked all the new stories I’ve found.

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