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i fucking loved this episode so much!!! imo this was the BEST makeover challenge out of all the seasons. each crew member came into it with such an excited and positive attitude and it made it so much more fun to watch. it made me so happy and i can’t stop watching it over and over again

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How do u color ur art :o

My friend ryden420 asked me about this too so I’m just gonna do this ask too O:!! This is how I color and it’s by no means the “correct” way to color, it’s just my process and how I color, and you should try out your own techniques and methods to get the results you want.

  • First sketch out the bae and I did some value in this one, but I don’t always do it. It helps to define form though and makes it easier when picking colors. (*~*~*~applying art school studies yeah*~*~*)The sketch will most likely be discarded later. I don’t use that technique where people do their whole drawing in black and white and add colors later. 

  • After that, I choose a base color to fill in the whole background. It helps to unify the image.

  • I lower the opacity of the sketch and under that, I block out my base colors. I make sure to choose colors that match the BG color. It helps to pick a color, lower the opacity, and then make a swatch on your canvas somewhere. The color you chose will take on properties of the BG color bc it is lowered opacity. Use your discretion if you think it matches or not.

  • Once I finish blocking out the colors of the bae’s face, I don’t really use the sketch layer anymore, so I just put that at the very bottom of my layers list and put it on invisible in case I need it again.

  • Now I do detail work and try to fix anything that got lost in translation from the sketch to the color blocking stage. I make sure to mirror your image often to make sure I catch any mistakes in my drawing along the way rather than all at the end when I’ve finalized my piece (and become v winded and v tire)

  • The bae’s face is coming together and I just keep nitpicking until I’m happy with it

  • HAIR!!!!

  • and his face is done for da most part!!! If I wanted to do a more painterly look, I would add more value with a low opacity/flow brush to get gradual transitions, but this is how I draw most of the time.


Whoot! Look at this folks…fucking five more years of bloody YuGiOh. Five more years with this muse. Five years I’ve been on Tumblr with him and in this fandom, and wow, do I feel old! Its a magical day! A momentous day! I’ll be hitting five years on the 30th of this month and since Atem’s birthday is on the 26th, I thought why not put it all together! Why not make a terrible photoshop thing and spout out the love I have for all of you!

Five years ago I recreated the muse that I’ve loved for years but never had the heart to pick up until then. I was a victim of abuse and my love for this muse faltered, I almost even lost him completely, but after about three years of picking myself up and filling my heart with more positive energy, I was able to pick him up again. To play this muse I love and cherish. To show this love I have for him, to you; the people who follow me and have supported me for years.

I know many of the blogs that follow me have come and gone, but to me this is momentous day! After five years I have reached 1800+ followers, which is completely crazy and scares the shit outta me everyday. I never expected it. I never even thought of myself even capable of gathering such a large following, but here we are today. SO MANY FOLLOWERS. 

I’m forever grateful and blessed to have you all following me. For adoring this muse of mine as much as myself. To give me the opportunity to show you someone, who is not just a character, but someone who can be relateable and human. Thank you so much for this opportunity and I hope that you may allow me to show him for the many more years to come. //smoochies

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theres no end

no one goes to the light

they go somewhere else and its just as bad

I have no clue how a tiefling works… (i had to redo her colours cause i didn’t realise teiflings were like orange/purple). Uh this is Strix ( @commanderholly’s character) reacting to another characters death. I’ve been obsessed with this one D&D livestream, its like the first time i’ve ever seen D&D actually be played and i am far too emotionally invested.

“Cause I love them bad girls doing bad things
Lookin’ hot with an attitude
Love them bad girls like a bad dream
Shouldn’t want them, but I do…”

eyyy lineless dollface. she’s v fun to draw and i love her, and also like, i wanted her to have more tattoos and so that spiky rose heart happened, and  i know that as an assassin that’s not the most subtle tattoo she could have but, she covers the tattoo with like make-up and stuff when shes on duty, so…