February Book Photo Challenge - Day 12 Fictional bf/gf

Rowan is a beautiful cinnamon roll and thats all I have to say about that!

  • Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas

Cancer x Scorpio

When preparing coffee, it’s guaranteed that no matter what type you’re making, what’s going to be in your cup when you’re done is a bitter, strong substance that’s possibly going to keep you awake and operative and help you through the heaviest ordeals, no amount of sugar you could add would change that. But there you go adding milk, the drink of motherly nurturing, and whatever is the result, cappuccino, macchiato, latte –  the bitterness turns into character, and a beverage associated with stress, desperate deadlines, nervous breakdown and hard work becomes a treat, something fragrant to start the morning with, something sweet to sip during leisure time, a form of art even. That’s in some way what happens between these two water sign, what cardinal Cancer does to fixed Scorpio: when they confront positively, they’re able to merge perfectly and bring the absolute best out of each other.

As friends, basing on their Rising, Moon and Venus signs, Scorpios can go from total weirdos, to coy loners, to straight up intimidating people, while it takes Cancers some very specific nasty combinations to make them variate negatively from the sweet and soft-hearted model they usually offer – so witnessing their first approaches should make for a funny and tender sight, like one of a very small child petting a gigantic black bulldog: Scorpios are hardly extroverted, it should usually take Cancers to make the first move and try to socialize with them. The recipe to make a Scorpio pleased with what he’s shown is a lot simpler than people may imagine: one just needs to stay sincere and keep oneself as far as possible away from superficiality and ostentatiousness, be kind with Scorpios and try to offer them the least possible reasons to be suspicious, and even if they’re not necessarily going to show it, there will go their heart, spying from the peephole of its bunker on this promising stranger. Persistence and coherence will make the best kind of friend out of a Scorpio; Cancers get often criticized for their clinginess, but it might actually be helpful with someone that needs the people in their life to be deeply loyal like Scorpios do. They are both nurturing signs in their different ways: while Cancers become that kind of sweet aunt that buys pastry and knits colorful items of clothing for their nephew/friend, Scorpios will list the wellbeing of their friend among their top priorities for wartime and will become fiercely possessive protective. Cancer keep a cute album of photos and drawings of the friendship; Scorpio will keep one etched in his mind and soul.

As lovers, in bed, Cancer is the unexpectedly kinky, and a Scorpio will be very gladly surprised. Just when Scorpio thought he would definitely scare his companion away forever and ever with his demonic, unhinged true self, there the Cancer will absolutely stay and make once again beauty from the mess. No water sign is ever scared of love – they’re practically made of emotions – but while this has a somewhat desperate and dark connotation of internal conflict for a Scorpio, like an eternal condemn to be in pain, for a Cancer it is simply what they are, what they do and what they want to bring to the world, a statement of dignity and light conveyed through a caressing touch. That’s what completely wins over the heart of Scorpios, which feel like they’re never gonna be seen for what they are and loved at the same time, so they put up a defensive front of unreachability and danger. That is something for loving, unafraid and tender people like Cancers are, to step through the thick curtain around a Scorpio and reveal the fragile creature that lies behind, and they will really feel like they have been created to be put on each other’s road. Hardly other two or three other pairings in the zodiac can pull off the same level of romance and depth that spawns between these two; it really requires the coldest Moon, Venus and Mars matches to prevent this relationship from working.

They could become enemies in a situation where they already have some other precious things or people in each other lives, and the other one is being a problem towards what they care about. Scorpio and Cancer are two signs that make a personal enemy of what is menacing their loved ones, and both of them can be subtle, manipulative and very evil when it comes to get revenge. If one were to bet on the winner in a fight against each other, notoriously ominous Scorpio would probably collect a consistently higher amount of money, but with a robust Moon or Mars, even fragile Cancer can become a real viper; and while someone, as any Scorpio usually is, who’s used to the sight and weight of darkness, should have a good number of control layers before the proper unleashing of mayhem, Cancers are more likely to lose control straight away of the damage they can cause, and that’s precisely because they could lack a sense of knowledge and measurement for evilness. And in the end they are both water signs: they’re sensitive, for them every sword is double edged.

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