This is my first attempt at eating the tasty leather thing in the living room. It was a bit too big to eat in one go, but I got there in the end. My mom and dad threw it out this week, which made me sad. Hopefully they bring me another one to eat soon.

The only trouble with going to the dog park is that I have to have a bath every time I come home. My mom says she can’t understand why I’m always the filthiest dog in the park. It’s mostly because I’ve been working on a secret escape tunnel. Three more dog park trips and I’ll be on my way to China. Ooh, I wonder what the food is like in China…

Check out my new toy! I grabbed it from one of the other apartments while my mom was doing laundry. She can’t give it back because she has no idea which one I took it from, haha! Also, she’s not entirely sure whether Mr. Cheetah was already headless…

Yesterday my mom took me to the vet to get some medicine for my cough. I love the vet! Everyone makes a fuss of me and there’s always a new friend in the waiting room. I had so much fun, I couldn’t wait to go back and hang out. I figured if all my medicine disappeared we’d have to get some more, so while my mom was out I jumped on the kitchen counter and chewed up my pills. They didn’t taste very nice, so I hid some of them between the couch cushions. 

I thought this was one of my smarter ideas, but my mom didn’t agree. Actually, she was pretty mad. She called the vet as soon as she got home, but it did not sound like she was arranging a play date in the waiting room. Today’s visit was not as much fun as yesterday’s. I don’t think I want to go to the vet anymore.

This weekend, my mom and dad took me on a picnic. They didn’t think I was well behaved enough to sit with them on the blanket, so they tied me to a nearby bench.

I don’t like being tied to benches.

Once I freed myself from the big metal bench prison, the picnic was much more enjoyable. Plus, now I have two leashes. I don’t know what mom and dad were complaining about, it’s a win-win situation.